Jolly Monday … Yes, Again …

Hello friends … and welcome to Jolly Monday!!!  Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Anybody go swimming?  Miss Goose and I had such a quiet weekend that we had to remind ourselves to talk to each other!  It rained all weekend, and we had a tornado watch all day on Friday, until 9:00 p.m.  Chris got back from Canada yesterday evening … tired, but happy to be home.

I got up extra early this morning to make a special strawberry shortcake!  We had 3 quarts of strawberries in the fridge (they were on sale) and I didn’t want them to go bad.  A few other treats, too, and I even remembered Benjamin’s juice box!  So, grab a plate and a cuppa and lets find some humour to start out our week, shall we?


You remember that old show from the 1940s-1950s called ‘Queen for a Day’?  I remember my grandmother used to watch that religiously.  Well, Ellen Fleming may not have been queen for a day, but she was a millionaire for 10 minutes!

When Ellen Fleming checked her TD Ameritrade account balance last week, this is what she saw:Ellen-Fleming-tweetOnly problem was that she had opened the account with $50 and had deposited little or nothing since.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh, wow, how neat would this be?’ I could quit my job, do whatever I wanted to do, pay off my student loans. You need to take every opportunity that’s handed to you. But that seemed like an opportunity that could lead me to federal prison, so it didn’t seem worth it.”

So, Ellen called her financial advisor (who has a financial advisor to manage $50???) The mistake was very quickly rectified and the money placed in the account of the other Ellen Fleming!

“I was rich for 10 mins and I can tell you, life was in fact better. Being a millionaire really was a dream come true for 10 minutes. I am very humbled that I lost my money and my family stood by me.”

At least she didn’t lose her sense of humour!

I want one!!!

I want one of these.  Yes, I know, I’m afraid of heights, but I wouldn’t be afraid of this … I would be in control and no way would I go plummeting from the sky to the ground … I want one!  What is it?  It is a jet-powered suit developed by British inventor Richard Browning.  Last week he demonstrated the suit outside of Selfridges in London … here, take a look for yourself …

Can’t you just picture me flitting to the grocery in that?  And wouldn’t it make my 4-mile walks quicker?  Now listen, friends, I have only one teeny tiny problem, and I might need just a wee little bit of help here, for this contraption costs $442,711.  I checked all our bank balances, and counted the change in the jar atop the fridge, and I’m just a smidge short.  How much is a smidge?  Well, um … about $441,120?  Sigh, okay … I hear you.  Tax time is coming up … maybe I can earn it then.

The Tortoise and the … Cop?

OJ SimpsonRemember the low-speed chase in Los Angeles in June 1994, where OJ Simpson was ‘chased’ at some 10-15 miles per hour down the Los Angeles freeway?  An interesting tidbit on that – Dominoes Pizza had record sales on that day, as people sat home glued to their televisions and ordered pizza.  Sheesh.  Anyway, this one tops even that!

Deputy Bryan Bowman of the Marion Country (Florida) Sheriff’s Office was engaged last Monday in a slow-speed chase … of a pedestrian going 1 mph in a 30 mph zone.  I’ll let him tell you the story …

I’m rooting for the ‘Tuga!!!

A House … or A Town???

Remember the Brady Bunch show?  Remember the exterior of the house the Brady’s purportedly lived in?Brady-houseWell, it is up for sale.  I suppose perhaps the asking price of $1,885,000 may be considered reasonable in Los Angeles where the house is located, but it’s way out of my price range!  If I had nearly $2 million, I would rather spend it on that jet-powered suit!  But here’s something else …

Recently, an entire town in Owens Valley, California, was sold for only $1.4 million!  An entire town for nearly a half-million less than the 1970s Brady house!  Now which, I ask, would you rather have?  I’ll take the town any day!  The town, Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill), is an abandoned mining town where silver was discovered in 1865.  But the town has been abandoned for decades.

Think of all the privacy you could have there … room to roam, room for a few animals, a storage building, and of course a house.  Much more valuable, in my book, than the stupid house in Los Angeles!

Okay, folks … time to straighten that tie, spit on your shoes, and head to the office … or construction site … or classroom … wherever you’re heading today!  I’ve really enjoyed our time together and hope you found something to smile about this morning.  Please, share those smiles today … don’t we all feel better if somebody just smiles at us, or says, “Hey, how ya doin’?”  I know I do.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!



not worthless

happiness is

39 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … Yes, Again …

      • Sometimes you just need that, don’t you? I did today. I was working on stuff for the class I’m teaching on making space for the “spiritual” side of our lives and I was looking at the old hymn “How Great Thou Art.” It is one of my favorites. It has a verse in it about forest glens. I’m SO drawn to the forest. BUT I’m also drawn to the ocean. Unfortunately there wasn’t a verse about that. SO I took myself off to a quiet place and wrote my own third verse to the song!

        And when I see
        the sparkling, rolling ocean
        and hear the womb-call
        of its rhythmic surf;
        I’m filled with awe
        to hear the earth’s own heartbeat
        that has resounded
        since its very birth…

        That’s what happens when I get alone and quiet. I become creative…

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        • You are AMAZING!!! You teach a class on making space for the spiritual side of our lives? Wow? I never knew there was such a class. If ‘spiritual’ can be simply spiritual without the trappings of religion, that would very much appeal to me! And your songwriting skills simply floor me! You have some creative talent there, m’lady! Do you write poetry, by any chance? I love your third verse … and I am in awe!

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          • Oh! I don’t like religion! I don’t refer to myself as a Christian. I love the philosophy of Jesus and I think he’s spot on when he talks about loving a creator (however you view that) and one another. For myself, I tend to think when we die we become pure energy again and join with all the other energy (since energy can’t be destroyed). I guess I’m not quite an agnostic but not quite a firm believer. I refer to myself as a bi-polar believer! LOL And I think everyone has a spiritual side. It just doesn’t look the same for everyone. Everyone’s journey is completely you-nique. I dabble in poetry.., That’s about it. That verse was a happy accident! 😀

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            • I told you a few weeks ago that we are soul sisters, and now I am SURE of it!!! I hate labels, and don’t like labeling myself, but if asked, I declare that I am semi-agnostic. I don’t have any use for or belief in the religious rites and rituals. I am too much a pragmatist to take anything on ‘blind faith’, as one must be able to do in order to fit in any religion or believe verbatim any of the religious texts. Yet I stop short saying there is no higher power, for I cannot be sure. The only place I likely differ from your thoughts … and it is hazy … is that I like the idea of reincarnation. I don’t know if it exists or not, but I just like the idea. Some days I want to come back as a human again and try to do better this time, try to make the world a little better place. Other times, I am fed up with the human race and I want to come back as a wolf! 🐺 And you are so right … everyone’s journey is different, and I fully respect that everyone has a right to their own beliefs … as long as they don’t try to shove them down my throat, as many have attempted to do! Hugs, soul sister!!!

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              • Wolf!!! Yes, yes, yes! My Calen is an elvish warrior and she has a traveling companion named Lord Huanare. It means Hound from Hell, but he is a wolf, and they can talk to each other. He is her protector! How’s THAT for a coincidence! LOL As to reincarnation, I have no clue. But I have wondered since all the energy that is in the world can’t be destroyed or more made, it would seem that is a possibility. (I could be wrong about those science facts, but that’s how I’ve understood it to be from a scientist friend of mine.)

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                • Ahhhh … and even more coincidence. I told you … soul mates!!! In another life, we were probably sisters! Science is my nemesis and the only subject I literally failed in high school (well, in fairness, I skipped all the classes that required the cutting open of a critter, and I spent that time smoking in the bathrooms).

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                  • I liked science for the most part but got D’s in chemistry. Finally the last quarter my chem teacher said if I could pass the final he would let me pass the class. Then he worked with me after school for a couple weeks before. I passed with a B-. Truthfully I think he was glad to be rid of me! 😇🤪

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                    • 😀 I know what you mean! I’m sure most of my teachers were glad to see the last of me! I remember an Economics professor in college who I know was glad to be rid of me, for I asked so many questions that he rarely had time to finish his lecture! The only science I liked and sort of understood was physics, and I think that was because the professor found ways to make it interesting. But overall my brain simply isn’t wired for science. My daughter, on the other hand, reads science books for pleasure!!! 🙄

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  1. Excellent way to wake up this morning, Jill. Shared the strawberry shortcake with Gail. She loved it. Smoky doesn’t need a fireplace to relax like that–anytime, anywhere.
    Funny, I don’t remember meeting Maxine before I retired, but I think I met a lot of her long-lost cousins. They were worse than her, they wanted their hot coffees sitting at their desks when they artived at 9:30 or 10:00 AM. Go figure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you and Gail enjoyed the shortcake. Yes, I had some employees like you describe from time to time. I had one who showed up on time,, but then disappeared for hours on end. Finally caught on that she was back in the printing area flirting with the guys. Bye-bye Krissy!


      • You mean bitch. Don’t blame you, though. Gail asked if next time instead of strawbwerry shortcake you bake an angel food cake and cover that with frozen strawberries–no whipped cream please?


  2. Dear Jill,

    I love that meme, “Happiness is a warm butt” except that my butt has been a bit too warm nowadays. It is hotter than Hades in Florida.

    You would hope that the Ellen who was a millionaire for a very short time, was blessed with a reward.

    In Florida, the land of a lot of old folks, there are a lot of tortoises driving on the road who make these last minute turns like they are the only ones in the road. I no longer complain as I may be one of those, soon enough. Like the cop in the video, we even have those real tortoises slowing up traffic.

    I wonder what 70 year old organs are worth?

    Thanks for awesome Monday and for this fun blog.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I hear you on the warm butt!!! It has finally cooled down to the 80s here, but I’m sure it’s much hotter in Florida!

      Your organs and mine will likely be worth absolutely nothing by the time we put them up for sale, for we are living life and getting every bit of use out of our bodies & minds that we can!

      Have a great week, my friend! Hugs!!!

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  3. I am very impressed with the strawberry shortcake! Benjamin is more impressed by the remembered juice and that nothing is burned! For the moment, coffee and a croissant will go nicely with the entertainment. Perhaps, we could have a jet suit for Benjamin and one for you shipped together to save a bit on the shipping charges? Living in California does not appeal to me, in either of those locations. I’ll just let my million collect interest for awhile…along with Ellen Fleming #1’s million! The cop and the tortoise video has a surprising twist, we loved it. My organs are worth more to me if I keep them where they currently reside, but it’s nice to know that there are other options! Benjamin loves the happy cat picture. Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m thinking that Benjamin better marry a girl who is either a gourmet chef, or has the patience of a saint, for he is quite the food critic at only four years old! That said, I’m glad he liked the juice … I wasn’t sure if he preferred apple, grape or orange. And I’m glad you enjoyed your coffee & croissant. And I’m happy that you both enjoyed the post, pics and the ‘slow-speed chase’ video! You and Benjamin have a great week!!! Oh … and this is for him … 🎈🎈🎈


  4. The sort of person who would send that much cash on one of those jetpacks is the last sort of person you would want to be near when they are using it…….mind you we should club together and buy one for the Flabmiester; the results would be well worth it.
    The cop one is so cool!
    Have a good Monday Jill

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  5. I suspect those jet pack things take a lot of practice to use well.

    Cerro Gordo looks to me like it’s probably infested with rattlesnakes and tarantulas. On the other hand, the Brady house area is probably infested with homeowners’ associations and picket fences and property values. So it’s kind of a wash.

    Organs go for a lot? Not if the dognuts are only $2.25.

    Thanks for finding all this stuff!

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    • OH MY!!! Who knew? I thought you just strapped it on, pushed a button, and VOILA! The guy in London made it look so easy, but if I went through what the guy in the link you sent did, I would be in traction in the hospital for the next year! 67 year old bones just can’t take that!

      Ha ha ha … I didn’t make that connection, but you did, and it made me laugh! Good point!

      Have a good week!!!


  6. Kermit might also have said: “it is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” There is at least one politician I can think of who might benefit from this advice! Many thanks for the Fun Monday! I always love Maxine, as you know, but the rocket man reminded me of Saturdays in my misspent youth when we walked to the closest movie house and watched a Western that was always accompanied by a serial — one of which was about a Rocket Man!!

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