ONLY Good Guys With Guns? (Excellent Washington Post Article Link)

We haven’t heard much about gun issues lately … Oh wait! School’s out for the summer break, so there haven’t been any school shootings, and no other mass shootings of late, so the gun issue just rather dropped out of sight in lieu of so many abominations taking place in Washington. Last night, though, I stumbled across a post that I found to be an excellent response to the NRA’s “good guy with a gun” rhetoric, and I wanted to share it with you. We will likely never completely abolish the 2nd Amendment, but we must not lose sight of the battle for much stricter gun laws and for putting the lives of people before the greed of the NRA. Please take a few minutes to read this excellent post by On The Fence Voters. Thank you, Greg, for permission to share!

On The Fence Voters

Link to The Washington Post article, ‘There Were Three Shooters”

The Washington Post recently published an outstanding article about the National Rifle Association’s assertion that ‘The only  thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.’  It details an actual situation in Oklahoma which ended in  the death of an active shooter at the hands of two ‘good guys with guns’, but goes on to explore the many factors which may have led to a very different and tragic ending.  I’ve linked the article at the top of this page and I hope you read it because it’s very eye-opening.

I’ve always had my own thoughts on this subject.

Ever since the Sandy Hook mass school shooting in December of 2012, the ‘mantra’ of the National Rifle Association has been ‘The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a…

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15 thoughts on “ONLY Good Guys With Guns? (Excellent Washington Post Article Link)

  1. Dear Jill,

    These guys knew what they were doing. They had sufficient experience to where they did the right thing. Less experienced good guys could have seen another good guy with a gun and shot him because they didn’t know enough about what was going on with the bad guy.

    The law of unintended consequences is ripe for situations like this.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Okay, I’ve read the recommended post, and it appears there is little to compare, apples to walnuts. Our country has a law against carrying firearms, but that only stops those who are law-abiding, or those who have no need or desire to arm themselves. What happened in Toronto last evening could have happened anywhere, no one nation owns the right to have mass shootings–though the US does seem to have the majority of them. Nor do we have an association like the NRA doing our thinking for us–we are not that stupid (if you will pardon the adjective as referring only to those who listen to the NRA bullshit, even if they don’t pay dues).
    But yet, there is something that can be compared, and that is the belief that it is okay to kill people, especially if they are seen to be “bad guys.” If prisons were into rehabilitation over punishment, they might actually be doing someone some good. Punishment does no one any good, except those that are afraid to do things that might get them punished. Punishment is NOT a deterrant to crimes or even misdemeanours. Rather, prisons are schools to help those incarcerated to learn new ways to commit more crimes. But this is getting away from the topic, much as I love to spout off on punishment vs restorative justice.
    A quick internet check showed 1427 current gun stores, gun clubs, gun ranges, gun repair shops, and gun manufacturers in Canada. In all of Canada. I imagine there are that many in Los Angeles alone. How many in the entire US–uncountable. I think I’ll stick to Canada, as much as I do think there is a lot of room for improvement…


  3. Guess what, Jill. Either you only looked at the US gun crimes page, or you just hadn’t heard yet. Last night, in Toronto, a 29 year-old man walked down a busy street and just started picking off other people walking down the street, sitting in restaurant patios, or just doing whatever they were doing. He wasn’t using high-powered rifles, just handguns. He killed at least two–there are conflicting reports of the death toll–but he put a number of others in the hospital, some of them in very serious condition. Nothing is being given out yet about the shooter (though he appeared to be white in the photos taken of him by witnesses) nor is there any speculation on motive. He certainly did not look like he was suffering from any psychosis. He looked very normal as he went about shooting people. Just like he was out for a Sunday evening stroll.
    Having said that, I will now go read the post you recommended, and see how and if the post and the mass shooting have anything in common…

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    • I’m going to have to wait ’til tomorrow to tackle this one, my friend. We had to have one of our kitties put to sleep tonight and I’m just not up for any deep conversation at the moment. I’ll get back to you tomorrow, though. LuL


      • I’m very sorry to hear that, Jill. Which one? My heart goes out to you, and Chris, Miss Goose, and all the other kitties. Did you allow the other cats to see the dead body. It helps them adjust…


  4. After reading this post from On The Fence Voters yesterday, I thought “I hope that Jill catches this one!” It always seems that gun issues fade away with time…until the next mass shooting brings it front and center again. Is there really any doubt that it will happen again? Avoidance does not make the problem disappear, however much one hopes it would. This is an excellent article and I’m glad that you saw and shared it! Thank-you!

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    • Great minds think alike! As soon as I saw this post, I knew I had to re-blog it if I could get permission (always ask, for oddly, some people prefer you not share their work). I will lay odds, and hope that I am wrong, that there will be another school shooting between September – November. Like I said, I hope I’m wrong.


  5. Good share Jill.
    Actually I think I can help the NRA out here; now all you need in the USA is a law to be passed in which mentally deranged violent folk or criminals will be required to wear large luminescent hats with lights which flash the signal ‘I am a bad guy. If I have a gun please shoot me’
    Should I send my suggestion to the NRA?
    Waddya reckon, uh?

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