The Spin …

Yesterday it was widely reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not particularly excited to have received an invitation to visit the White House.  Top Kremlin aide, Yuri Ushakov, speaking on behalf of Putin, said …

“After the summit, you know what kind of atmosphere there is around its outcome. I think it would be wise to let the dust settle and then we can discuss all these questions in a business-like way. But not now.”

I was pleased by this, mainly because I am deeply disturbed by the relationship between Trump and Putin and Trump’s seeming adoration of our chief antagonist, Russia.  But also, I must admit to a bit of childish glee when I considered how Trump would take the news that his new buddy is likely going to reject his invitation.  I was waiting to hear how Trump would respond to this news.  And I didn’t have long to wait.  I should have seen it coming, should have known he wouldn’t allow the public to see his hurt feelings over being rejected.  Instead, he spun it as only Trump can do:

White House Says Trump Won’t Meet Putin Until Next Year

President Donald Trump will not host Russian President Vladimir Putin in Washington until 2019, White House national security adviser John Bolton said Wednesday, because it is Trump’s preference not to do so until “the Russia witch hunt is over.” – Politico, 07/25/2018 02:42 PM EDT

Who could have seen that one coming, eh?  More alternative facts.  More lies.  Trump cannot ever be wrong, cannot abide rejection, will not tolerate dissent or criticism.  But We the People know the truth.  Donnie only showed us, once again, what an arrogant fool he is.

16 thoughts on “The Spin …

  1. Jill, isn’t it amazing that the US President’s fawning over Putin may have backfired by being too obsequious. Congress is now taking the reins. Pompeo talked yesterday about what others believed, but not what the President believes. Plus, this talk about how tough the President has been on Russia overlooks he was made to place sanctions on them where Congress had the votes to overturn a threatened veto. Keith

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    • Indeed it is, my friend. I suppose all of this is what led him to appear to compromise with the EU on trade tariffs yesterday. But let the buyer beware … I do not trust him and suspect he will reverse course before next Monday. Gee, I wonder why I am such a mistrusting soul?


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    • I know you are right … they will see and hear exactly what Trump tells them to see and hear, and the rest of us will be seen as just being vindictive. Ulcers. I think he has given me ulcers! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  3. “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to his own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan. One must wonder whether Trump spends more time saving face, or saving his a-s-s? It would appear that he fails at both! Thank-you!

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  4. The remarks by Putin’s aide should have been broadcast on every station and printed in every newspaper so people could see for themselves the “back story.”

    I just read that tRumpsky is blaming the Mueller investigation. Surprise! Surprise!

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