Get Educated As To How Russian Trolls Operate In The USA To Suppress The Vote

There is a lot of talk these days about the Russian interference in our last (2016) election and that the intelligence community has already seen credible evidence that the Russians are also planning to inject their presence into our mid-terms in November. If you aren’t worried, you should be. But how, exactly, do the Russians influence the vote? That has been somewhat hazy to many, but friend Gronda has some clarification for us. Please take a few minutes to read this post and check out the short videos she includes. You won’t regret it! Thank you, Gronda, for all your hard work on this and for letting me share it!

Gronda Morin

1EarthUnited  who is a member of my blogging family has recently been taking on the personality of a Russian troll.


Until relatively recently, she would comment on my posts with a point of view of a conservative with conspiracy theory leanings. This was okay with me as she was representing a point of view of peoples who I know and am fond of, except we rarely go down that route of discussing politics when we get together. She has consistently exhibited a strong antipathy towards the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to where she would refer to old conspiracy theories which have been debunked numerous times by credible fact-checking sites. Again, for me this was nothing new. She would use references that are rated high in fake content like WND, Horn news. (FOX TV, Infowars, Breitbart) are examples of right wing media outlets that are also rated high…

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22 thoughts on “Get Educated As To How Russian Trolls Operate In The USA To Suppress The Vote

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  2. This is a tremendous teaching tool and a valuable learning experience that should not be taken lightly. I must admit to getting a bit lost in the comments. I always read the comments and the responses to them, they often provide much insight and information. Understanding the post was not difficult, but the comments were at times mystifying to me. Thank-you for sharing!

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    • It is indeed a valuable tool … everybody should at least be aware of some of these methods. I can tell Xena put lot of work and research into this. I learned a lot from it, too! I find it very frightening … what they are doing goes beyond what I ever imagined.

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  3. I went to 1EarthUnited’s blog once to see what was there, and discovered nothing but pro-Russian babble. I stopped reading her/ his comments after that, but never did I realize she was a Russian asset. Guess I should have said something, but never thought if it. SORRY

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  4. Good share Jill. Once again Gronda has struck the right chord.
    Why folk deny this is happening I do not know. This has been standard political practice since umpteen thousand BC. Undermine your principal foes political systems.
    That was why we had a Cold War in the West (tough luck on the rest of the world)

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    • When I started blogging, I didn’t have a clue about this. But it very soon became apparent that some of the “likes” are an attempt to get my attention, as are some of the “follows” and some of the comments (often spam comments).

      That partly works. When there’s a “like” or a “follow” or a comment, I often do visit the site of the person. But if it isn’t of interest, I quickly close that page. And I do it from linux and with restrictions on the browser, so that the risk is small.

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      • Akismet has done an excellent job of catching the oddball comments, and as for the ‘likes’ … I rarely go check out anybody’s blog unless they actually write a comment. You’ve taken some good precautions. It’s sad that we cannot trust anything any more. Sigh.

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