The Week From Hell

week from hellRarely do I make this blog a personal venue, but this has truly been the Week from Hell, both politically and personally.  Monday, I ran out of insulin because … the United States government in the form of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) decided to detain my insulin shipment at the U.S.-Canadian border … for two weeks!  No explanation was given. Fortunately, my daughter was able to sweet-talk a local pharmacist into giving me an emergency supply, else I wouldn’t be writing this post.  And with assistance from the Canadian pharmacy, my insulin was finally released and arrived yesterday.

Also on Monday, we had to have our eldest cat, Orange, put to sleep.  He lived a long life, just short of 19 years, and I believe he would say a happy one.  He certainly got tons of love, and even his favourite yogurt frequently.  It was sad, but it was the right thing to do.  R.I.P., Orangie.  We miss you.  😿Orange-2Then on Tuesday, my Keurig coffee-maker had a mental breakdown.  I spent hours descaling it with vinegar, ran water through it at least 20 times, fixed myself, finally, a cup of coffee that tasted – just like vinegar!  🤢  Eventually I got all the vinegar rinsed through and it was working quite well.  I stopped short, though, of patting myself on the back, because something about the whole thing was nagging me.

Along came Thursday, and my computer decided to join the coffee pot and have its own mental breakdown.  I was typing along, and suddenly a blue screen popped up …blue screenNothing I tried would halt whatever process it was doing before shutting down.  Naturally, my first thought was a hacker or a virus, and I’m still not sure that isn’t the case, although McAfee has not reported any breeches.  It only took about 30 of my valuable minutes before the thing re-booted, but then my touchpad was activated.  I keep it disabled, for I use a wireless mini mouse (Minnie Mouse?) and in the process of typing, my wrists and hands typically skim the touchpad and throw me off course. So, I had to shut it down again, re-boot, and then all seemed well.  Except the space bar only worked about every 3rd time I hit it.  I sprayed canned air, thinking cat hair or a crumb might be in it, and I also beat it a few times, just for good measure.  And then, around 11:00 last night …blue screenAGAIN!!!  A diagnostics tests shows no problems.  So far today, knock-on-wood, it hasn’t faulted, but I’m just waiting.  And saving my work every 2-3 minutes!

Then this morning … remember I said I had a nagging feeling about the coffee pot?  Sigh.  Instead of the usual 10-ounce cup, I got approximately 2 teaspoons of coffee the first try.  A bit more on the second try, and by the sixth attempt, I was able to get a six-ounce cup.  Of something, though … it has a rather metallic taste.  Still, my body requires caffeine to function, so I’ll grin and bear it until daughter Chris gets home tonight, and then I will be out buying a coffee pot!

And add all of the above to the utter chaos we have seen coming from the White House this week, and I think you can see why I am calling it the Week from Hell.

I think it is time for me to take a day off.  I’m currently not planning any posts for tomorrow (Saturday), and I’m not even certain about Sunday at the moment.  Of course, I could change my mind later, but as of this moment, I will be taking a day off on Saturday.  I hope you all have a terrific weekend and do something fun with your families, as I plan to.  We need to give ourselves some distance from the carnage of the Trump presidency, even if only for a day.  Love ‘n hugs to you all!

58 thoughts on “The Week From Hell

    • It was a storm of bad luck, but when I put it in perspective and think of people struggling to find food to eat, or the families separated at the southern border, I realize that my troubles are minor indeed. The coffee pot is replaced, I have a 3-month supply of insulin now, and the computer hasn’t glitched since that night. I still seem to be missing a few of my marbles, but … what’s new, right? I don’t know what will happen with the next insulin shipment. I’m hoping that this was a one-off thing, but there is a rumour that the U.S. is cracking down on citizens ordering our meds from abroad. I hope it doesn’t come to that, for I couldn’t afford mine if I had to buy them in the U.S.


        • Maybe … maybe not. Much depends on whether it could be proven that me or my family could contribute. Daughter Chris is an RN and more than willing to seek employment in Canada, and I have two friends who have offered to sponsor me, but still … it is a long process and I’m not sure that I have the energy for it.


            • I’m not sure, in truth. Winning the lottery might help 😉 I could spend another few hundred a month to purchase a better insurance policy that would cover more of the cost, but then I would have nothing left each month from my pension. I’m thinking that it will be tough for the FDA to stop us from buying our meds abroad, though, because according to the CDC there are 4-5 million people doing it. Time will tell.


              • Ugh. I really don’t understand your health system at all. Over here we have the PBS – Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Basically, the govt subsidises all the medicines that people need to /live/. Insulin is very much a part of that. Health insurance is just for private hospitals, specialists etc.:(

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                • Sadly, my friend, healthcare in the U.S. is naught but a huge corporate enterprise. It is profit-driven, not people-centric. My daughter works for a large urology group with several offices around the city and 25-30 doctors who own the business. They are selling to a private equity firm that will pay each of the owner-doctors $1 million up front, but then the equity firm calls all the shots. Patients will not be seen unless they can pay up front. Doctors will spend a minimal amount of time with each patient. Already in the healthcare industry, doctors are encouraged to order needless testing to profit the laboratories, and to prescribe needless medications to profit the pharma industry. It is not about health or people … it is only about money and corporate greed. Consider this … my monthly insulin, purchased from Canada, is just under $300 per month. Purchased in the U.S., it is nearly $2,000 per month. Not only that, but doctors will only write a 3-month prescription, and then you must go back and pay for another office visit for no good reason. I have been on insulin all my life … as I told one doctor, I was calculating my own insulin dosage before she was born!!! But yet, every 3 months they want you to come back and pay $500 for the privilege of doing so. It is a giant rip-off and a game I refuse to play. Even when I knew I had pneumonia, I refused to go to a doctor for that very reason.


                  • Dear god…it’s a rip off. A complete and total rip-off. Your reply set off a rocket in my head so I went searching to see what I could find. This is the answer re costs, to someone thinking of migrating to Australia:
                    ‘Although I’m a T2, not a 1, I live in Perth,WA, so will try and answer what I can for you

                    In Oz, if you’re diagnosed D, are a resident and have a medicare card, you can register with the NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) for free. This gives you access to heavily subsidised supplies such as glucose & ketone strips, and pump infusion sets. Once registered, disposable syringes and pen needles are free. Strips work out at AUD$13.40 per 100 strips (every brand). Limits are set per 180 days – 900 strips & 1200 syringes/needles. If you need more, a simple letter from your GP will allow you to go over these limits, and no prescription is needed to buy any of supplies – just show the registration card at affiliated pharmacies (or internet/post/phone order), & get em when you need em.

                    As far as insulin, the cost is also be heavily subsidised thru medicare, about $30 / 10ml (I think, I got that off the medicare website – pharmaceutical benefits scheme [pbs] section)

                    Medical insurance is not usually provided as a standard by employers over here – medicare is a global basic cover for everyone, and private health insurance is paid for by individuals, but the costs for it aren’t sky high – couldn’t tell you the difference in cover compared to other countries though.

                    Diabetes Australia:

                    I don’t know how much that all works out to per month but it would be a tiny fraction of $2000. 😦

                    Migrate down here. SEriously. 😦


  1. Jill, I am sorry about your week, especially having to lose your cat. We are down to one dog and one cat. It is sad to lose a pet. Let’s hope next week offers better things for you. Keith

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  2. I am so sorry you had a bad week, and especially sorry about Orange. I know you will miss him a lot. Take some time to turn off the news….I have turned off work for just over 4 weeks, and it’s been great. If only I didn’t have to go back in a week…sigh. Take care my friend!

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  3. You should take breaks whenever you need them. This last couple of weeks has been hell for me… And it could mean the disintegration of my marriage and current life… I am not sure yet. But suffice it to say, that my world suddenly seems questionable…like all the facades are falling away and the full truth smacking me squarely between the eyes.

    I wonder if anyone else out there is finding that their reality has been a false one?

    As for Windows…. An IT friend of mine calls it ‘Windwoes’ and states that Microsoft is the biggest spywear company of all, calling its operation system a ‘joke.’ He installed Linux on my husbands 8 year old laptop and it works well, with fast updates that take just a few seconds that put the Windwoes updates of hours to shame….I guess it takes a long time to install yet more spywear.

    You can download the Linux operating system, but I honestly don’t know if it is easy for the average layperson to navigate through the installation.

    I hope your restful weekend brings your spirits back up!❤

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    • It has been an interesting week, hasn’t it. I just found out from my dentist that if I want my teeth fixed, I’m looking in the neighbourhood of $20,000 Can. Hmmm…

      As to switching from Windwoes to Linux, having done it twice now, I strongly recommend using the services of a trusted computer geek. Back up everything on thumb drives or a portable hard drive, then save yourself the cost of having them do it. They will format the hard drive and install Linux Mint (ask for that version), usually for a one hour shop charge ($60 here). A smart geek will notice which programs you used with your Windows system and install similar programs from open sources. You want Libre Office, Text Editor, Thunderbird email, Firefox browser, and for my search engine I use DuckDuckGo… To play music or videos, I prefer VLC Media Player. As for image programs… I use Shotwell, Pix and Gimp Image Editor (I haven’t figured that one out yet – seems convoluted compared to Corel Photo-Paint). Other Linux users may have better suggestions, in which case I’d love to hear about them!

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    • I am so so very sorry, Colette! I knew you were having some troubles, but had no idea they were so serious. 😥
      What you’re going through sounds very heavy, life-altering. Please know that I care, and you’ve got my email addy, so feel free any time if you’d like to talk. Big hugs, my friend. ❤


  4. I sympathize with your problems, Jill. It’s patience-testing time when more than one thing breaks down. I have to have my printer checked out. The paper comes out hot and that scares me. I can picture flames shooting up. The White House is a mess. Just be glad we don’t have the problems the President may have. Of course, they are his fault. Have a great mini break. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Thanks Suzanne! Yes, my patience is always on the brink these days with the political situation, so it doesn’t take a lot to make me want to chuck it all and move to a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific! But in the grand scheme of things, my troubles are very small. The coffee pot has already been replaced, the computer is acting find, and we had 19 good years with Orange. Much to be thankful for. 😊


  5. Way past time to say this. The only HAL I know was the computer in 2001, which went crazy. Sounds like a virus to me.
    Goodbye, Orange, onward and outward. With any luck your next incarnation will be as a wolverine. Everything fears wolverines–wolverines fear only man. Fight on, Orange.
    Dumpy, remember, everything that comes out of his mouth is only for his psychophants, and his Trum-Pets. Aint nothing intended for anyone else. Listening to him is like listening to a faulty motor running when a car has no wheels to go anywhere anyway. Take care Jill.
    I’ll be off to watch horses running around in a circle for a few days. Scratching noses. Scratching rumps. Giving away carrots and apples. A wonderful passtime…

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  6. The best thing about your week is…that it is over! When the computer gives me grief, I’m helpless, so I call my oldest Daughter and she fixes it. When my Cuisinart Coffee on Demand fails to meet my demands, I go and retrieve the new one that I ALWAYS have as backup…one can not survive without coffee! Then, I search for a good sale with an extra discount to replenish my backup stock without breaking the bank. This has a story attached, but, I will spare you! Running out of Insulin…not good, not good at all! Perhaps, a backup plan should be hastily implemented to prevent a possible recurrence. The loss of your sweet Orange is very sad and my condolences to all. Hug the other kitties even tighter, it might help a bit. And, of course, a quote! “Never regret a day in your life : Good days give happiness, Bad days give experience, Worst days give lessons and Best days give memories.” – Sukhraj S. Dhillon. Now, go find some of those Best Days or better yet, make your own! Thank-you!

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    • Excellent quote … quite apropos at the moment. Now, I want the story that you tried to ‘spare’ me! I will definitely be purchasing a new coffee pot tomorrow! I’ve been drinking instant espresso all evening. With the cost of my insulin, I cannot afford to buy 2 or 3 at a time, but I had ordered that a month ahead, which would have been plenty of time if not for the bloomin’ CBP. I do hope them holding it for 2 weeks isn’t going to be the norm!

      Have a great weekend!


      • Your post on the trolling was very informative. In the last 6 mos I have had a surge of random email followers, many of who have foreign names. When I try to look them up online I get mostly nothing. I never email them back. One did lead to what appeared to be a dating service overseas. I tried the suggested method to delete them now but they don’t even appear in my email followers list. And in th elast few days I have had random (at the) realtrump tweets just showing up in my Twitter feed. I have it set to ditch political tweets because I don’t like that in my feed. So why now? The only poloticis I ever even mention there are to tweet links to your posts. And not all of them. Take a rest. You deserve it. Go watch the bees and butterflies for a minute. Or two. 😊

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        • It seems that as long as you don’t interact with or respond to them, they cannot do any damage to you. I’m surprised you are getting those tweets on Twitter, though, since you don’t post much political. Check your privacy settings next time you’re on Twitter. And by the way … thank you! I am honoured to be the one political blogger whose posts you tweet!!! 😊

          I did take the day off, went to dinner with the girls, then to my favourite place, Barnes & Noble. Sanity may return shortly 😀

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    • They gave no explanation, but a couple of friends have speculated that they are giving a more intense scrutiny to packages, thus requiring more time. But the thing is, it was plainly marked “Medical — Expidite shipping”. I just hope this isn’t the new norm! Thanks, Robert! I’m sure next week will be better … a day off from it all should put me back to my old obnoxious self 😉

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  7. Enjoy a worry-free weekend. When my coffee maker doesn’t work, I cook coffee on the stove – delicious. When my computer flubs, I kill the damn thing and let it set all alone for a few hours. When trump the twat tweets stupid crap on twitter, I throw darts at him. Hmmmmm, maybe that’s why my computer flubs…..ya think?

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    • Once you get that metallic taste it’s game over; the coils are eating through. I had the same thing happen about six months ago. Fortunately and relatively speaking, coffee pots are cheap enough. As to “the blue screen of death” that’s a Windows issue, hence why I switched to Linux Mint. My last Acer would give me the blue screen several times a day, and I had my system set to save every minute. Each time Windows 10 would give me a different error code for the problem which told me that I was using my computer in violation of Billionaire Rules and I was being punished. That’s when I decided I was done with Microsoft. My next computer upgrade (coming soon) will have Linux installed on it automatically. NO MORE WINDOWS… yeah!!!! Linux of course is open source programming, the only cost is having it installed ($60 Canadian here) and then the time to find all those replacement programs and learn a few different curves but it imitates the Windows environment pretty closely now, so that’s not an issue. Sorry, tech talk… of sorts.

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      • Yes, I decided it’s time for a new coffee pot, even though I’ve only had this one 4-5 years. Sigh. They just don’t make ’em like they used to. My laptop is due for a replacement, but I haven’t had any troubles tonight, and with a bit of digging, I might have found the problem. Linux has some definite advantages, but I’ll stick with Windows for the time being, for I am pretty much happy with the software I use and frankly don’t have either the time or energy for a major overhaul. Good luck with your new machine, though! Let me know how your experience with Linux goes … I may reconsider.


        • Sorry, s’cuse m’French, didn’t make myself clear as usual. I am using Linux, have been for over a year now, the Mint version is just their next step up in emulating a Windows environment so the switch isn’t’ as drastic as it was with Linus Ubuntu without Mint. (Geek talk!) I always run 2 computers, one main, one back-up and my next new HP will be loaded up with Linux, not Windows. For mostly writers, Linux is superior to Windows, cleaner, faster, although the same basic open source programs run on Windows, such as Libre Office which I find better than MS Office; Thunderbird email, probably the best email program ever (I hate webmail!) and I have a little text writer called “Text Editor” that can open just about anything (even old OLE/MSG email files) into plain text.

          I can’t say anything about music or video editing as I don’t do any of that; got a geek friend who takes care of my needs in that area! However there is a lot of software for Windows that remains superior to anything available in Linux, particularly in graphics creating and manipulation. I do miss my Corel Photopaint and Draw, but particularly that really handy little old (free) Polyview program! I’m slowly getting there again, but that part has been frustrating, hence why I haven’t done any image work on my blog.

          I’m off kayaking on the River… enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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