Snarky Snippets From A Grump …

Not having slept particularly well for the past several nights and being particularly peeved by everything in the news for the past two days (or is it two years???), I am in an especially foul humour today.  What better time for a few snarky snippets from the mind of a grump, eh?

Score one for Portland, Oregon!

In 2016, the City of Portland, Oregon, passed a city ordinance that would prohibit new fossil fuel infrastructure, including storage and distribution terminals for oil and gas.  But business groups, including the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council, Portland Business Alliance and Western States Petroleum Association appealed the ordinance to Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA), saying that it was unconstitutional in that it restricted interstate commerce.

LUBA ruled that Portland had violated the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution in that it restricted interstate commerce, but this past January, a Court of Appeals overturned the LUBA ruling, finding that Portland’s ordinance is not unconstitutional.  The coalition of businesses, seeing dollar signs waving ‘bye-bye’ in their sleep at night, took the issue to the Oregon Supreme Court.

Two days ago, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the lower court, placing air quality and lives over corporate greed!  What this means is that existing facilities as well as new ones will be subject to size and capacity restrictions.  Some of the corporations affected include energy giants Shell, BP, Kinder Morgan, Chevron, Phillips 66, and NW Natural.

It is a small step in the grand scheme of things, but an important one.  The region is plagued by sea level rise linked to global warming, in addition to other growing environmental hazards exacerbated by climate change.  Let us hope that other cities follow suit and place a higher value on human life than on corporate greed.

Two thumbs-down to Trump’s trickle-down theory …

According to Donald Trump, we are living in “the greatest economy in the HISTORY of America and the best time EVER to look for a job.”  But, as is most always the case when Trump opens his mouth, this is not quite the truth.

First, while it is true that unemployment is low, the nation is experiencing historically low wage growth.   Take a look …wage-chartNow … what happened to that ‘trickle down’ economic theory?  You will remember that the wealthy and big corporations received a Christmas gift last December in the form of significant tax cuts, and you may also remember that Trump said we would all benefit from those tax cuts, as corporations shared their wealth with their workers.  Guess what, folks?  It didn’t happen.

The beneficiaries of that big tax cut decided to keep it for themselves after all.  Surprise!  Instead, these corporations, for the most part, have spent their additional wealth on their top executives and largest shareholders!

A couple of examples:

  • At Walmart, with 2.3 million workers, half made less than $19,177. Late last year, Walmart launched a stock buyback initiative to the tune of $20 billion in order to boost its stock prices, which disproportionately enriches the biggest stockholders in the company.

  • Median pay at McDonald’s is $7,017, in part because McDonald’s directly employs hourly servers at more of its restaurants. Meanwhile, McDonald’s bought back $1.6 billion in stock in the first quarter of 2018 alone.

  • Gap’s very low median pay of $5,375 per year coincided with the company buying back $100 million in stock last quarter.

There are plenty more examples, including most of the restaurant industry, but you get the picture … it ain’t trickling down, folks, it’s trickling up to those who least need it.  Nothing new here, but it proves the lie, once again, of the theory that giving to the rich will ultimately enrich the poor.

Say WHAT???

The ‘man’ who sits in the spot a president should sit in if we had such a critter, is so out of touch with reality that I’m not sure what planet he even hails from!  I’m sure you have all heard by now that Donald Trump believes a photo ID is required in order to purchase food.  So, how in the Sam Heck does he think people who don’t have a photo ID, and there are many such people, buy groceries???  Oh wait … he doesn’t think … he just opens his mouth and spews.

“You know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card — you need ID,” said he at rally on Tuesday.

Funny that … I’ve been buying groceries for more than half a century, and have never once been asked to prove that I am who I am at the checkout!

Trump’s disconnect with those “American people” he claims to be ‘fighting for’, seems to be a gap about the size of the Grand Canyon.  In addition to believing that buying food requires ID, he thinks that we spend $12 per year on our health insurance!  If you aren’t growling yet, you should be.  I spend more than $130 per month for Medicare that I paid into all my life!  The average American spends close to $10,000 a year on health care.

Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and has never had to enter a grocery store, sit down and figure how to pay a mortgage payment or worry about the electric bill that is more than he can afford.  He has never had to fret over money or do without a single thing.  Not once in his life has he had to do without medical care so that his kids could have food to eat. He is not fighting for the ‘American people’ … he is fighting to preserve a way of life for himself and his rich friends … a way of life that 99% of this country cannot even imagine.

And so concludes Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets, although there will surely be more to come soon!  Have a great evening, friends!

46 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets From A Grump …

  1. I would like to ask King Trump some other related questions to test his viability to represent the common people.

    Have you ever dressed yourself?
    When was the last time you ever drove yourself somewhere?
    How often do you stand in a line of people?
    When was the last time you kissed your wife a good morning?

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  2. Jill, one of the small vignette from the attorney Thomas Welch, who worked with Trump for years. Welch wrote that lies every day even about things of no consequence, also noting Trump has a modus operandi of stiffing contractors. The small vignette is Trump would never have his wallet with him, so people were constantly buying him coffee, lunch, etc.

    So, my guess is Trump has little experience buying groceries. Keith

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  3. You are a bit happiness challenged, we all have those days, they come and go. We are living in very troubling and uncertain times, that seem to be getting progressively worse. Now, more than ever, we must hold onto hope. “Every area of trouble gives out a ray of hope; and the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.” – John F. Kennedy. Sleep well! Thank-you!

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    • If they came and went, it would be one thing, but these days ‘grumpy’ seems to be a permanent state of being for me! Fortunately, I do not take it out on the girls or other loved ones, but I can usually be set off on a rant against Trump & republicans with only a word or two! Ah well … I choose to do what I do, so I can blame none other than myself.

      I came across this short clip tonight and immediately thought of Benjamin. I was afraid I might misplace it before my Saturday post, so I’m sending it to you now!


  4. Jill, after an initial wave of “headline grabbing” token bonuses, some raises and investment, there has been a noticeable uptick in buybacks. The purpose of buybacks is to improve EPS growth by lowering the denominator of outstanding shares. It is actually a sign of weakness. It goes on as other CEOs do it. Again, Trump is taking credit for growth that is in its 110 consecutive month. Keith

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    • It was predictable from the very beginning … we all knew how it would pan out. And yes, he blames Obama for everything, but yet doesn’t hesitate to take credit for the positive results of Obama’s administration. Hypocrite is the word that comes to mind. And he continues to claim he is the most popular president ever! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

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  5. Dear Jill,

    I’ve have just felt paralyzed. You know who upset me more than I care to admit.

    I’ve vowed to do something and so I’m writing my first book. It is going to be a doozy. I’ve already written the first chapter. I’ll share more later. I only wish I knew what I was doing, but I’ll figure it out.

    I am so sick of this guy at the helm. He is beyond clueless. The only time that he actually thinks, it’s when his thinking goes south.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, dear Gronda … I know precisely how you feel! But what an awesome thing that you are writing a book!!! I will be among the first to buy it! If you need help with anything, we have a few mutual friends who are published authors and are always willing to help a fellow writer … Roger Jacob (Woebegone But Hopeful), David Prosser, and John Fioravanti have all written books and self-published, so don’t hesitate to ask them if you need help or advice! Best of luck on the book!!! I can’t wait to hear more!

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  6. If you consider the current unemployment rate and long-term wage stagnation with the current underemployment rate of around 8% (see: and the over 37% who are no longer seeking employment (up from 32% in January 2000 – see:, then the current economy doesn’t look healthy at all for most Americans. That’s nearly half of the workforce who are either not working or want to work more. That’s also much more than half of the workforce who aren’t earning enough money! Combined with the increasing share of wealth going to the richest Americans, and the loss of economic and educational opportunities for ordinary Americans, this paints the true picture of economic inequality in the U.S.

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  7. If he wasn’t sitting in the Whitehouse, fraudulently very rich and a gold mine for the entertainment industry his family right now would be looking for care homes…..

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