Good People Doing Good Things — Above and Beyond

This week I decided to focus on those small acts of kindness people do that are just a bit ‘above and beyond’ … small acts that mean so much.  It’s never hard to find those people … they are all around us if we only open our eyes.

When I read a story about a police officer who rescued a man from a burning car, or foiled a bank robbery, I consider those things to be “in the line of duty”, and do not see them as fodder for this post.  But … jumping off an overpass is, I think, far above and beyond the ‘line of duty’, even for an officer of the law!CavalloMeet Officer Jessie Ferreira Cavallo, who was on her way to work Friday afternoon when she saw a boy running along the Saw Mill River Parkway in Yonkers, New York.  She watched in shock as the boy climbed over a guardrail and jumped. Without thinking, she followed right behind the boy and jumped in behind him!

“Everything was happening so fast, and I think my adrenaline was pumping so high. I just knew, when I looked down and saw him … he looked dead. I couldn’t see anything other than blood. I thought to myself, ‘He needs help. I need to help him’.”

A second woman – this one in a military uniform – stopped to assist and the two heroes began to give the unresponsive boy CPR and strap on a neck brace. The boy was then rushed to a hospital, where he was treated for broken bones. He is expected survive.

It wasn’t until the next day that Cavallo realized what she had done.

“Friday, after this whole thing happened, I went to work and worked to 11 p.m. I didn’t realize what was going on until yesterday. That’s when it hit me. I didn’t realize how high it was. It seemed doable. It didn’t seem that high. I thought I jumped over a brick wall, or a cement barrier. It was so fast. It was more like tunnel vision. I saw the boy and I needed to get to him. I didn’t see anything else.”

The boy had run off from an organization that serves children with special needs or emotional and behavioral issues.  He will survive, and Officer Cavallo gets a two-thumbs-up from Filosofa for her heroism above and beyond the call of duty!  👍👍

Ebony Harris is a cashier at the Wal-Mart store in Burton, Michigan.  Ms. Harris was on her break, about to get a sandwich at the Subway sandwich shop inside the Wal-Mart when she saw a young lady in a wheelchair turned away by the nail salon that is also located within the store.  Employees at the salon said the young lady “moved too much”.  She has cerebral palsy and therefore she has sometimes uncontrollable shaking.

Ms. Harris and a couple of her co-workers took matters into their own hands, buying nail polish and sitting at one of the tables in Subway to paint the young woman’s nails! Ebony-Harris

“I just wanted to make her day special. I didn’t really want her day to be ruined. That’s why I did it. And you know, she moved her hands a little bit and she kept saying she was sorry. And, I told her ‘don’t say that’. I said ‘you’re fine’.

We’re not trying to bash the nail salon. We’re not trying to make them lose customers, make them look bad,” she said. “But maybe spread awareness that no matter the person, who they are, what color they are, disability, whatever, they’re people too. She’s a girly girl. She’s just like you, me, Tasia, my daughter, anybody. She wants to look pretty, you know, and so why can’t she?”

Why can’t she, indeed! Hats off to Ms. Ebony Harris and her co-workers for going above and beyond with so much compassion!  🎩

Sometimes when the ‘do-gooder’ is a celebrity, I hesitate to include them in this feature, for often we think, “well, so what … they can afford it”.  But this story about a celebrity doing a small act of kindness struck a chord with me.

Rapper/actor Ludacris just happened to be shopping in the right place and at the right time.  He was in line ahead of a woman, Therra Jaramillo, at a Whole Foods market in Atlanta, Georgia, when some of the pet food she was purchasing for her rescue pets (and an elderly, blind chicken named Dixie Licklighter) was accidentally rung up with his order.  As Ms. Jaramillo tried to retrieve her items, explaining to the cashier, Ludacris stopped her, saying “I might as well get it”.  Well, long story short, he did get it and all the rest of her groceries, as well!

Ms. Jaramillo goes on to tell us that her father had recently died, and she was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, which took the life of her mother.  She has been out of work, down on her luck, and the only reason she was shopping at Whole Foods was because a friend had given her a gift card, knowing that she needed food.

Ms. Jaramillo told her story through a series of tweets, ending with this one …LudacrisA small act, costing only a few hundred dollars, but … an act of kindness, above and beyond.

Last Monday it was 110° in Southern Nevada.  Bus driver Mike Blair noticed an elderly man trying unsuccessfully to board the bus, but he seemed in distress, unable to quite manage the steps.  Blair helped the man onto the bus and placed him right next to the air-conditioner, then he took a bottle of cold water from his own lunchbox and gave it to the man, helping him get the bottle to his mouth. BlairAfter about 10 minutes, the elderly man seemed to rebound and got off at the next stop, saying, “Thank you.  I’m 92 years old”.  A small act, indeed, but above and beyond the job description of a bus driver.

There are literally thousands of stories like these.  You don’t have to make huge sacrifices of money or time, just look around and when you see somebody struggling, help them.  This is what being human is all about, don’t you think?

Now, I don’t typically do this on ‘good people’ posts, but I came across this video and it was just so darned funny that I had to share it with you and give you a laugh this morning!  And no, before you even ask, this is definitely not how I fold fitted sheets!!!

And on that note … have a great day!  Remember, not all of us can be Mama Rosie, Mohamed Bzeek or Bill Gates, but all of us can do little things that are just a bit ‘above and beyond’.

27 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Above and Beyond

    • I keep saying I’m going to have to put a ’tissue alert’ on my Wednesday posts! Maybe like the “Pinocchio scale” … 1, 2, or 3 tissues required! I loved the sheet video, though the results weren’t worth all that effort, AND … I would never get back up off the floor! 😀 Hugs!!!

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  1. I’m awestruck by these great people doing great things, they are way beyond good! Ms. Ebony Harris and co-workers are my heroes! They just promoted inclusion and have probably never even heard of it. Inclusion identifies and removes barriers that limit a disabled person’s ability to fully participate in society, the same as people without disabilities. Heartwarming stories, one and all. Thank-you!

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    • I think Ebony was my favourite too! No need to think, just let’s jump in and take care of this lady! I love people like that! I have a son who is profoundly disabled with an IQ of only about 20, so I know all about inclusion!


      • It appears that I was preaching to the choir! Inclusion is a topic that remains near and dear to my heart. In my many years of working with differently-abled children, it was a quest and at times a battle for even small victories. Inclusion is one of the many parts of what my Son’s agency provides…they have broken many barriers. Thank-you for sharing this part of your personal life!

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        • Oh yes, I’ve dealt with it all since 1977. My son today is 41 years old, in a special school in Virginia, and still cannot walk, verbalize, dress or feed himself. Inclusion for him is tough, to say the least. Hugs!


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  3. This is wonderful, Jill. I watch ABC news at night and they always end with a nice story like these that show the good in people. I do feel there are more like these out there, but sadly are so under reported in social media or much of the news.
    And I often think would trump or his cult ever do anything like this or the white supremacy groups or other bigotry groups. I think not.

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    • Thank you, Mary!!! I do this feature every Wednesday morning, though sometimes I focus on a single person doing something more major, and other times ordinary people doing small things. I actually get some of my material from ABC News on occasion. And as for Trump & Co … no, you won’t find them on these posts, for they are egocentric and not likely to go out of their way to help another. As a rule, in fact, the wealthy are not among the altruists in our society, although there certainly are exceptions such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

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  4. Wow! These stories are wonderful, Jill! Glad I now know how to fold a fitted sheet. Only one problem… I’d never make it off the floor!

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    • She surely should!!! I’m fairly certain that I would not be able to do what she did. But then, none of us know what we are capable of until something happens that pumps the adrenaline. I actually fold fitted sheets fairly neatly, although I hate having to, so I usually try to strip a bed early in the morning, wash/dry the sheets, and just put them right back on! 😉 You have a great day also!


    • Ha ha … I hear you! I hate heights and even get dizzy on the second step of a ladder! And even if I did jump, I would have likely landed with a splat right on top of the kid! Good to see you, my old friend! Thanks for stopping by!


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