“Say What???” Headlines …

Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re jaw-dropping, sometimes they make you say “WTF?” else just shake your head. You know the ones I’m talking about … those headlines that you just have to click on and read at least the first paragraph of the story.  A couple of them caught my eye yesterday and … I just had to read the story.

PGA Championship Servers Hacked and Files Locked

Wha … wait … doesn’t PGA stand for Professional Golfers’ Association?  Isn’t golf that game that presidents seem to like so much, for it requires little skill or thought … they just hit a defenseless little ball repeatedly until it cries “Uncle!” and drops into a hole, hoping not to be pummeled any more?  So, how does one hack golf???  (Apologies to any of my friends who happen to be golfers)


So THAT’s where all those Big Macs went!

Turns out that the PGA Championship started yesterday and runs through Sunday.  Who knew?  Who cared?  Apparently the files containing marketing materials such as banners and logos were attacked using ransomware and are locked until the PGA pays the ransom.  Funny, though, that the hackers failed to specify how much ransom they wanted.

Golfweek reported that the hackers sent an email address and offered to decrypt two files to prove they could unlock them. “We exclusively have decryption software for your situation. No decryption software is available in the public.” The hackers also warned that any attempts to crack the encryption could cause the loss of the data in question.

golferNo word on whether the PGA plans to try to figure out how much money the hackers want and pay the ransom or not.  If they’re smart, they likely have a backup copy somewhere, and hey – it’s banners and logos for a golf game, not state secrets!

US Drink-Drive Suspect Tells Police She’s ‘Clean, White Girl’

Lauren CutshawI knew as soon as I saw the headline that this one was going to make me angry.  33-year-old Lauren Cutshaw had been drinking when she breezed through a four-way stop in Bluffton, South Carolina.  Although she claimed to have drank only two glasses of wine, her blood test proved the lie, for it came back 0.18 percent – well over the legal limit in every state.  She also had marijuana in her car.  But none of that bothers me as much as what she said to the officer who arrested her.

“I’m a pretty girl, please, don’t make me go.” 

Later, at the precinct, police officer Baker Odom wrote in his report, Cutshaw went further. She said she was also a “thoroughbred” and “white, clean girl.”

“You’re a cop, you should know what that means based on the people that come in this room.”

She could have killed somebody, and yet she should be forgiven because she is a white, arrogant b**ch?  I say, “Book ‘er, Dano!”

Jeff Sessions Wants to Keep Working with This Hate group, So He Told Them They Aren’t a Hate Group

Say what??? The group is called Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), and it is, indeed, a hate group.  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has identified ADF as an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The group has defended wedding vendors challenging nondiscrimination laws, parents and schools that want to reject transgender students, and businesses that want the right to refuse to even employ LGBTQ people. They have even repeatedly advocated for the criminalization of homosexuality. Nonetheless, Sessions empathizes with and supports this group.

adf logoSessions addressed the ADF on Wednesday. He assured them that he does not believe they are a hate group for constantly advocating for discrimination against LGBTQ people. He told the group that people of faith are facing “a bigoted ideology which is founded on animus towards people of faith.” I repeat … Say What???

In a letter to Sessions, SPLC President Richard Cohen wrote:

“If the ADF had its way, gay people would be back in the closet for fear of going to jail. It’s inappropriate for the nation’s top law enforcement officer to lend the prestige of his office to this group. And it’s ironic to suggest that the rights of ADF sympathizers are under attack when the ADF is doing everything in its power to deny the equal protection of the laws to the LGBT community.”

It seems to me that the words ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ are misunderstood by our illustrious Attorney General, not to mention the ‘man’ in the Oval Office.  Apparently Sessions intends his newly created and highly controversial “Religious Liberty Taskforce” to work closely with ADF.  Are you frightened yet?  I am.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Promises ‘A Buck a Beer’

A bit of background … in June, Ontario elected a populist Premier, Doug Ford, who in many ways is a Trump clone, albeit he is more well-spoken (he can actually make whole sentences out of words!!!) and not as outwardly disgusting.  But his platforms are the same, and already he has been busily cutting back on education, environmental regulations, and social services, while cutting taxes on the wealthy.  Another one who failed Econ 101!  But this article is less about his platform as a whole, and more about one ‘promise’ he is keeping to his followers:  cheaper beer!

doug ford

Why do all the ‘populists’ have to be overweight and have weird hair?

From the BBC website …

As leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Mr. Ford ran a populist campaign last spring, promising to cut taxes, freeze spending, and slash the cost of things like electricity and beer. Specifically, he swore to reduce the minimum cost of beer from C$1.25 (¢96, 74p) a beer to just C$1.  Now that he’s in power, he says that “buck-a-beer” will be implemented 27 August. “The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. We’re bringing back buck-a-beer to Ontario,” he announced to applause at a brewery in Picton, Ontario, on Tuesday.

While his proposal may be popular with some, others were less pleased:

“I don’t need a #BuckABeer, I need my fellow Canadians to have a #BasicIncome and to be proud to live in a nation that considers food security, and poverty more important than cheap beer.”

“Instead of a dollar a beer, how about dollar a day insulin supplies, dollar an hour day care, dollar an hour tuition, dollar a book, dollar a public transit ride.”

Well, I guess if he makes the beer cheap enough, he can keep them mostly inebriated and they won’t have their wits about them enough to figure out how he’s making a mucky mess of the province just as his role model Trump is of the U.S.

I’m sure I can find more, but that’s enough to give you some things to ponder this happy Friday!  Have a great day, my friends!

21 thoughts on ““Say What???” Headlines …

  1. Dear Jill,

    Snark away. I see that you already knew that Ontario Premier Doug Ford is the brother of the infamous now deceased nutty brother Rob Ford, the former Toronto mayor. Mr. Ford and President Trump could have quite a bromance.

    We already know that President Trump along with AG Sessions are racists and that their catering to the Evangelical crowd means that any Anti-LGBT group can’t be a hate group. I can’t wait until when this group is booted out of town.

    Ms. Lauren Cutshaw got her just desserts.
    I can’t feel sorry for the PGA crowd.

    Hugs, Gronda

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Gronda! I do enjoy being snarky from time to time 😉 Yes, John has told me quite a bit about both of those “Ford boys” and nothing that makes me think they are much better than Trump. Sigh … where are all these populist fools coming from … out from under rocks?

      This whole ‘religious freedom’ thing is a mess and completely re-defines freedom or liberty. Ah … alternative facts, alternative dictionary.


      Liked by 1 person

    • She is that, indeed. And I’ve got news for her … the rotting within keeps her from being ‘pretty’, at least in my book. I was impressed with the cop, though, for doing his duty and not falling prey to her “prettiness” and pleas.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I laughed at most, but the “pretty white girl” one did make me angry. Come to think of it, I wasn’t all that crazy about the Sessions’ one, either. Sigh. It doesn’t seem to take much to stir my temper these days. I wonder why? 😉


  2. Geez I can remember 10c a beer? That would be a better thing? Politicians like Mr. Ford have been selling beer for votes, a long time. Like kissing babies. When his brother Rob was alive. There was plenty of publicity around how they sold cocaine? Back in their youth. They come from a well-connected background. So ….? Probably?

    The stupid white girl, shoulda’ kept her mouth shut? It is likely true, where she comes from? Now they have to make an example of; how it’s not. Pretty? Not really ….

    If something can be ransomed? It must have some value? My nose twitches, about that content.

    In general, eating meat produces guts like that. The saturated fats have to go somewhere. Big Macs and other cheap meats, have plenty of that; to go around. Cheers Jamie

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought Canadians had to much sense to elect the likes of Mr. Ford! Especially after his brother, who I understand wasn’t exactly a great guy either. You’re right … the “thoroughbred white girl” is NOT pretty … there’s an old saying that “pretty is as pretty does”, and by that standard she is ugly, rotting from the inside out. Yes, where she is from is in the south where the Civil War is still being fought. Sigh. If eating meat creates that blubber-belly, I’m giving it up tomorrow! Oh wait … 67 years I’ve been eating meat and I don’t look like that, so perhaps I’m safe. 😉 Cheers!!!


  3. Yep, the world is turning on its head and running amok with stupidity. It’s prevalent here too in UK. Boris Johnson, our former Foreign Minister who recently quit hoping to incite a riot within the Conservative party, has just further discraced himself with a pointless statement that called women wearing burka’s, as looking like ‘letterboxes or bank robbers.’ What on earth was the point of that??? Besides being insulting, it proved nothing and did nothing.
    Politics has turned into a charade and it is our money that the political system is wasting, our lives that they are messing with, and our children’s future that they are destroying, all in the name of cheap beer!
    Does anyone else smell rotton fish?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I read about ol’ Boris’ comment yesterday and shook my head … in some ways, he has always reminded me of a slightly tamer version of Trump. The only thing he proved was his own ignorance, but I’m sure some applauded his racist remark. Oh yes, there are rotten fish all over the place these days, and I think it will get even worse before it begins to get better. Not trying to be depressing here, but … a realist, I guess.

      How are you doing? Are things getting any better for you?


      • I am doing better thanks Jill. ☺️

        I have to say one thing about Boris. He is honest as is Trump… they speak their mind without any sort of censorship on what comes out of their mouths. That, in any politician, is new. However, they also suffer greatly from the ‘open mouth and insert foot’ syndrome too. If I had to choose between Boris and Teresa May, I would choose Boris because he tells truths. I am not so sure about Mrs May. I don’t trust her at all.

        Liked by 1 person

        • That’s good to hear … I was concerned about you.

          Sigh … I don’t know enough about Boris to make a sound judgment, but I have had more than my fill of ‘tell it like it is’ from Trump. And my friend … there isn’t an honest bone in Trump’s body. Sure, he says whatever comes to his mind, for he has no filter for his mouth. But he has told so many lies that nearly every time he opens his mouth, you can be it will need to be fact-checked. So, I”m not too fond of that sort of governance in general. If he spoke the truth and were just obnoxious, it might be different.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad 5o see you picking on Canada for once, or at least Ontario, which thinks it is Canada anyway. Yup, we’re as crazy up here as you down there. Babies will now be drinking beer rather than milk or formula, mothers won’t be able to afford milk, but beer will be virtually free.
    Sessions, meanwhile, is just as bad, saying that AGBLTQQ etc are an attack on religious believers. Guess AGBLTQQ people aren’t allowed to believe in whatever they want.
    And pretty little white girls believe they should be able to break the law because they are pretty white girls? WTF is our world coming to? Maybe when she gets out of jail (if she even goes there) she will legally start turning tricks to pay her black pimp lawyer…
    What a wonderful world we live in…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, John lives in Ontario and he’s been telling me a bit about Mr. Ford. His ideology, to the extent he can be said to have one, is much like Trump’s, but I think perhaps Ford is even more dangerous, for he is not such a buffoon, and may be taken seriously by a greater percentage of people.

      In Sessions’ world, the only people who have any rights are white, straight, Christians … WASPS, in other words.

      I think she is in jail … or at least was. She made me want to spit in her ugly little face! Yes, what a wonderful world indeed … at least those who choose to bury their heads in the sand think it is. Sigh.


      • Hey, a little bit of spittle never hurt anyone, unless the spitter has AIDS or some such fisease. As for humanostriches, there do seem to be a few (billion) arlund, don’t there…
        And please do gorgive me my little tirade at your blog’s expense, it wasn’t directed at uou, or any of your many friends, but I saw red, and wrote it. I do actually hope those blog-readers Trump spoke about who would read every comment on every post on every blog get ahold of it, and show it to the Demented Turdeater. If I suddenly disappear from the tides of WordPress, you will know how to get to him, the “LITTLE PECKERHEAD”!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well, I’m sure I don’t have AIDS, so I should be safe spitting in her ugly little face! Might make me feel better! And yes, there are far too many who seem unaffected by what is going on in this country, in the world for that matter. I don’t understand how they can do it, but they tell me that they’re not worried, that everything works out in the long run. Or, as one told me not long ago, they will simply pray and “God” will fix it all!!! That nearly gave me apoplexy, as you might imagine!

          No need to apologize for the tirade … I was just concerned because I’m pretty sure it isn’t healthy for you right now to work yourself into such a state! I was more worried about your heart than the content of the comment. I knew it wasn’t directed at me or any of my readers, that you were simply venting, and rightfully so. But I haven’t responded yet, for it caught me a bit off guard and I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I’ll get back to it a bit later.

          Now, for the most important thing … how are you feeling? Did you guys get home today, or did you decide to make it a 2-day trip? Please take care of yourself, my friend. I care. LuL.


          • Thank you, Jill. You are the best. Yes, we made it home with a lot of stops along the way. WalMarts are great places to take a walk around the parking lot pushing an empty cart, lol. No one looks at you strange…
            I was ready with a joke about not being able to find the right aisle, but no one even asked. So much for being prepared…
            Had a verygood sleep lastnight and slept right trhough till noon. I think I needed that. Hospitals wake you up at the ungodliest hours…
            Speaking of which, if god is going to fix anything, it should have started a few thousand years ago when we were still living in trees and caves. That was the best time to fix us, but no one did, so guess you know what that means to me… LMAO.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Hah! I can picture that now! Heck, if the Wal-Marts there are anything like they are here, you could be walking around the parking lot in your undies eating an ice cream cone and nobody would even blink. I’m so glad you got some decent sleep … I’m sure you needed it. Nope, nobody fixed us, and it appears that nobody is going to, and we’re not doing too good of a job at it either. Oh well … next time I’m gonna be a wolf, but I hope not in this country where they kill them for no good reason! 🐺 LuL


              • Come on up to the far north, wolves are sometimes allowed to play their natural roles, cleaning up the land after death strikes unexpectedly. Down south just doesn’t get it. They take the land away from nature, and get upset when nature lays waste to their land. Food has to come from somewhere, and ranchers set the table with cows and sheep, etc. Then they get mad when nature takes their offerings. Crazy society we got down south… and east and west and north too. Humans think they are the royalty of species, when they aren’t even the middle class.

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