One Year After Charlottesville …

One year ago today the nation watched … some in horror, some in glee … as the “Unite the Right” rally took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.  One year ago today … an event that took the life of a young paralegal, Heather Heyer, and left the nation reeling, finally understanding that we have not even begun to conquer racism.  One year ago today, the events of the day would ultimately lead us to realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that the president is a white supremacist, that he is a bigot and a racist.CharlottesvilleToday, there is the potential for a repeat performance, this time in the nation’s capital, only because the city of Charlottesville denied a permit to Jason Kessler, the organizer of last year’s horrible event, for a repeat performance.  It was only three days ago that the National Park approved a permit for up to 400 white supremacists to gather at Lafayette Square, directly across from the White House.  Perhaps Donald Trump will go out and mingle with them, even take them some refreshments.

As many as 1,500 counter-protestors are also expected to show up.  What could possibly go wrong?  Perhaps nothing, as DC police are better prepared than Charlottesville police were a year ago.  Mayor Muriel E. Bowser said, “We have people coming to our city for the sole purpose of spewing hate. It didn’t make sense last year, and it doesn’t make sense now.  While we are opposed adamantly to what we are going to hear, we know what our responsibility is — to protect First Amendment events, to protect Washingtonians and to protect our city.”  Let us hope they are able to do so.Charlottesville-3I really wanted to make this post a “look-how-far-we’ve-come-since-then” sort of post, pointing to lessons we have learned and actions that have been taken to stop such performances, to take violence out of the streets.  But as I reflect and ponder, I realize that not only have we not moved forward, but that we, as a nation, have actually regressed since that fateful day, 12 August 2017.  More than at any time since the 1960s, overt racism is a daily occurrence.  Police are called on African-Americans for  such things as parking on their own street, swimming in their community pool, barbecuing in the public park, and just doing their jobs, such as driving a bus or selling real estate.

Instead of looking at the events of Charlottesville and saying, “We must be better than this”, America listened to the words of Donald Trump a day or so after, when he claimed that some white supremacists and neo-Nazis who marched that day were ‘very fine people’, and blamed the violence on both the radicals and those engaged in a mostly peaceful counter-protest, such as Heather Heyer, who was murdered by a white supremacist who intentionally drove his car into a crowd.  It was the legitimation, the validation that the radicals needed … it was the ‘green light’, the ‘go ahead’.

Under another administration, a more conscionable president, a more devoted Congress, it is likely that a commission would have been established, such as the Kerner Commission that was established by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the causes of the 1967 race riots.  Not a word or a thought of such a commission has been heard from Washington.  Under a non-racist attorney general, racist incidents such as those I mentioned would be subject to scrutiny, guidelines established and communicated to police departments across the nation.  People who called the police because a black person was parking her vehicle on her own street, or walking in her own neighborhood, would be subject to prosecution for calling in a false alarm, or ‘crying wolf’.

The United States has a long history of racism. As recently as 1971, school districts were still trying to find ways to circumvent the 1954 Supreme Court ruling of Brown v Board of Education.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 put an end to segregation … at least legally.  Do you know the year of the last lynching in the U.S.?  1981 … just thirty-seven years ago.  Do you know when the anti-lynching bill was passed by Congress?  No?  Me neither, because it hasn’t been passed yet!  That’s right, folks … during the first half of the 20th century nearly 200 attempts to pass anti-lynching legislation failed to gain support from the Senate despite urging from seven sitting presidents.  In 2005 the Senate took up a rare resolution expressing remorse for never approving a law against lynching, but still no law.

In June, the only three African-American Senators introduced a bipartisan bill Friday to make lynching a federal crime.  Senators Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Tim Scott drafted the legislation which defines the crime as “the willful act of murder by a collection of people assembled with the intention of committing an act of violence upon any person.” It also classifies lynching as a hate crime that would warrant enhanced sentences.  The odds of it passing?  Slim to none, in my opinion.  So far, other than Senator Tim Scott, no republicans are backing the bill.  That speaks volumes, folks.

Violent racism, not to mention other forms of bigotry such as against the LGBT community and immigrants, are becoming not only more prevalent, but more overt, more in-your-face. There is no longer any attempt to wear the mask of political correctness, for Donald Trump has told the nation to just ‘tell it like it is’, and that it’s okay to hate, it’s okay to discriminate.

So no, I cannot say that we have come a long way since the tragedy of Charlottesville one year ago today.  In fact, we have back-pedaled at a rate that should earn us naught but scorn from the rest of the world and from those of us in this nation who do not wish to return to the days of segregated schools and Jim Crow.  If there is violence in Washington today, it will not surprise me.  Two thumbs up to the city of Charlottesville for having the good sense to deny a permit to Jason Kessler and his band of thugs.  Starting a riot where people are injured and killed is not … NOT … a part of First Amendment free speech rights.  I can honestly say that I am ashamed of this nation, ashamed of our so-called leadership, and ashamed of the 40% of the people who support Donald Trump.  Those who can still support the ‘man’ who has encouraged the overt violent racism we see today … I’m sorry, but they are not ‘good people’ in my book.

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  1. This is the 2nd place I’ve heard of this troll. And thank goodness Charlottesville was properly policed and no incident. But that doesn’t mean the evil that lurks isn’t up to anything else. Putin’s assets are everywhere. People with a conscience who step down from the WH are probably replaced by Russians assets. I have to think there are a few in the WH now. But Hair Fuhror wouldn’t even know because he’s so gullible and stupid. And probably part of the deal he made with Putie in Helstinki to do as he’s told because cheeto is forever in debt to the Russian mob for the millions they loaned him when his own country’s bank wouldn’t give him a loan. They own him!


  2. Vladimir Putin wants Americans divided against each other. He has launched an assault on our reality in order to keep Trump in power for as long as he can. The Russian linked accounts recently closed by Face book were fake alt-right/alt-left accounts. One of the fake alt-left accounts was ‘Say No to Fascism’: a Russian backed anitfa group. There is no antifa in the United States or if there is, it was organized by Russian assets. There is a strong chance that today’s protest and counter protests in Washington is in part, a Russian active measure. Think about it: the president is an asset of the Russian government and Putin is very close to winning his prize.

    Read divisive rhetoric and commentary with suspicion.

    Some of it is coming from unwitting Russian assets in America but all of it originates in Moscow.

    America is under attack. The weapon of our destruction is in the White House.

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    • Dear Rob, Jill and Friends,

      Thanks for getting the word out.
      I had been under attack by a Russian troll. Xena of Blackbutterfly7 figured this out for me. So these Russians have their tentacles in WordPress.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Gronda,

        I’ve noticed an extraordinary number of Russian trolls in your comments but I didn’t say anything because you were engaging them.

        What they want more than anything is to litter your blog with logical fallacies
        and cynical lies.

        My comments policy when it comes to politics errs on the side of caution.

        When Russian trolls try to pass themselves off as progressives or concerned conservatives their comments are usually ‘lesser of two evils’ arguments and ‘whataboutist’ arguments involving the invasion of Iraq and the real and imagined ‘crimes’ of the CIA and the FBI.

        Their comments frequently start with lines like ‘I’m no trump supporter but’ or ‘I’m a democrat but…’ or they will focus on the press or the FBI; blaming both for Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

        We are sucked in because intelligent Americans know our invasion of Iraq was wrong just as we know our intelligence agencies aren’t perfect.

        I believe our failure to investigate
        the wrongful Invasion of Iraq made America more vulnerable to Putin’s cynical

        The press helped Clinton win but the people of the press are also victims of Putin’s
        weaponized disinformation campaign.

        James Comey probably did damage Clinton’s campaign.

        But we forget that he was trying to head off a Russian propaganda effort
        to spread lies about Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch.

        Everything comes back to Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack on the people of the United States.

        In the final analyses, the only people responsible for the mess we’re in
        is Vladimir Putin and his allies in the white house.

        Russian operatives infest all social media platforms.

        This is why it’s important for Americans to learn how to defend themselves.

        The NATO Handbook of Russian Disinformation Handbook is updated as of October 2017

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        • Dear Rob,

          Can I say that I love you for your due diligence in figuring this all out?

          Did you note any other troll besides 1EarthUnited?

          Thanks for commenting and for sharing this reference as it will be very useful.

          Hugs, Gronda

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              • I’d report her to WordPress and then I’d ignore her. On twitter I block and report trolls without comment. Think of what they do as domestic violence in the form of psychological abuse. They want to live in your head and frighten you into silence. The fact that you’re getting this much attention means you’re doing something right. Don’t comment on her blog unless you’re using a VPN. You don’t want to make it easy for a Russian operative to get your IP address although I assume the Kremlin has dozens of sophisticated ways of stealing that data.

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              • Gronda,

                I just re-read this and saw you wrote that she re-tweeted. The troll is using another person’s name or it has multiple twitter accounts under that name. You can block and mute it. If it personally targets you report it for targeted harassment but don’t respond.

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        • While I would agree that it pays to err on the side of caution, I would also caution against becoming so paranoid that we turn away from readers who are genuinely only trying to make a point or to connect. It is an easy trap to fall into, I think, and is not much different than Trump instilling fear in his followers by convincing them that all Muslims are terrorists or that all Hispanics are after their jobs, etc. Caution, yes, but fear or paranoia … never.

          Hugs to you both, Rob & Gronda!

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          • I base my guidelines on specific criteria. I don’t block people who use reason and factual arguments that I can verify. I block people who use gas-lighting, whataboutism, false analogies and other kinds of logical fallacies.

            This is a helpful video. Russian propagandist depend on the kindness of strangers. 🙂

            Most Americans want to give people a break and we should continue to want to do that.

            It helps to have a sense of how Putin’s cyber soldiers operate.

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            • Wow! Thank you for sharing that video … eye-opening!!! 1EarthUnited, the troll that Gronda discovered, had also followed my blog and always, when she commented, commented in ways that led me to believe she supported my point of view, so naturally I was quite surprised when Gronda informed me that she was a Russian troll. I shall be more cautious in the future! Thanks again, Rob!

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              • Vladmir Putin views information warfare as a primary weapon against his enemies.

                So these trolls are trained propagandists. One Earth United sounds like a Putin distortion of globalism.

                Certainly, we want World peace and global trade but western democracies don’t have
                an agenda of uniting the Earth under one government.

                Just by commenting, the troll spreads a cynical Russian distortion about the meaning of globalism and liberal democracy.

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                  • If you see a comment that ‘feels’ off it’s worth examining it to see if
                    it meets some of the criteria for Russian propaganda:

                    Does the message use false moral equivalencies?

                    “Trump is terrible but the worst part is democrats are just as corrupt! It’s up to the people
                    to arm themselves and fight back!”

                    Does the message use whataboutism?

                    “Everyone does it. What about the U.S. invasion of Iraq?”

                    Does the message imply that Trump and Putin are too strong to defeat?

                    “Putin is strong. Russia is strong.” This message permeates all Russian information efforts.

                    Does it use gas-lighting?

                    The propagandist mixes whataboutism’ with gas lighting in an effort to confuse the
                    discussion or derail it. For instance:

                    “Trump won’t show his tax returns but neither did Bernie Sanders!”


                    “You want civility from Trump after Hillary Clinton called half the American
                    people deplorable?”

                    None of these things has anything to do with each other.

                    Trump’s base is not even close to being half of the American people

                    Russian disinformation is meant to confuse, dismay and demoralize.

                    It is an attack on our minds and it is lethal to our democracy.


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                    • Fortunately, I have seen very few comments along those lines, but thanks to your enlightenment, I will definitely be on the lookout in the future. Those comments are definitely some I have seen in Facebook ‘discussions’, however, so I will be more observant of those in the future, too. I don’t engage in them very often, but every now and then when I want an outlet for some angst … 😉 Thanks again, Rob!

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    • Quite true, Rob … and thanks for the reminder that the Russian propaganda can appear to take either side of any argument. So far, with or without the help of the Russians, we have done a pretty good job of dividing this nation between left and right and I sometimes wonder if the gap can ever be repaired. I have my doubts.

      Thanks again!

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      • It helps to remember that half of all republicans is slightly more than 11% of the population. If you look at Gallup’s latest poll you’ll see that most Americans identify as Independent or Democrat. Based on the strong showing for democrats in traditionally red states we have to assume the majority of the those who identify as Independents are Greens and ex-Republicans.

        Even if we give 5% of the independents to republicans we’re still talking about a minority of all registered voters.

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        • True, and I know a number of people who have left the Republican Party, largely because of Trump, including several of my readers. The exodus from the party also rather skews the numbers, for when they say that 80% of all republicans approve of Trump, that is a lower number than it was, say a year ago. Fingers crossed for November 6th! How have you been doing, by the way? I haven’t chatted with you lately … hope you are well!

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          • I’m ok. No one is at his best two years into government of the worst and by the worst.

            I view the mid-terms as a referendum on American Democracy.

            I think that most of us are decent people who prefer to live in a world based on respect for human rights and the Rule of Law. We shall see. In the meantime, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will do
            their best to divide us with staged acts of violence and fake extremist groups from both sides of the political spectrum, so we must be skeptical and adopt the habit of verifying what we read and hear.

            Disinformation doesn’t work on people who are motivated to know the truth.

            I apologize for the mini-post, Jill.

            Thank you for asking. 🙂

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            • Don’t apologize … it’s always good to hear from you, and I share your thoughts on Trump, Putin and the current climate here in the U.S. I am hopeful about the mid-terms, but unfortunately not confident, for there are too many games being played by Trump and the GOP … I do not trust that this will be a fair and honest election. Hang in there, my friend.

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              • It’s hard to rig an election if every eligible voter shows up, and by that I mean at least 80 percent of he voters. Every voter is the goal. If at least 80% of the voters show up and vote country over party, we can defeat this Russian attack and restore the rule of law. This election is not about money, the booming economy, or liberal versus conservative. This is about removing an enemy asset from the office of the president.

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                • Right … it for sure isn’t about the economy which, truth be told, is very likely to look less rosy by November 6th anyway, thanks to Trump’s tariffs. But sadly, even if democrats take every seat that is on the block for the Senate, we will still not have the votes to remove Trump from office. Taking away the majority in either, or preferably both, chambers of Congress will tie Trump’s hands to a large extent, which is why he is panicking, and it could possibly result in an impeachment, but not a removal from office that would require a 2/3 majority in the Senate that is not achievable this year. But getting people out to vote is imperative! I fear that in many races people will have that “why bother?” attitude, which was part of what defeated Hillary in 2016.

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                  • Hi Jill. I hear people on MSNBC and other news outlets commenting in astonishment that Trump’s approval ratings are low when the economy is so good. It’s as if they think the only thing Americans care about is pocket change. In 2016 Americans were the unwitting targets of a Russian military operation designed to confuse and divide us and to suppress the vote in general. In 2018 we have access to the kind of information we need to protect ourselves. Everyone must vote and we must vote blue.
                    If the President knew about and assisted the Russian government in its attack on the United States he should be indicted, arrested and removed from office as matter of national security. An unprecedented act of treason may require the unprecedented arrest of the President.

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                    • There is more to life than the economy, but in truth, his overall approval rating has crept up past the 42% mark this week, and among republicans, I believe it is in the 80% range. Contrary to those others, I don’t understand how it can be so high! Even setting aside the Russian issue for just a moment, everything he has done has been horrible, from promoting racism, circumventing Congress and the checks and balances we rely on, denigrating all who don’t agree with him, attempting to de-legitimize the free press, robbing millions of health care, mocking women, the disabled, and veterans, and the list goes on and on … and on!

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                    • Putin’s propaganda relies on us to make the wrong assumptions.

                      Putin wants us to assume that Trump’s support is big and powerful.

                      According to Gallup’s most recent poll, Trump’s approval rating is 39%.

                      56% of those polled disapprove.

                      Trump’s average approval rating to date is 39%. His approval rating of 45% was from
                      January to July of 2017.

                      His overall approval rating, at least according to Gallup, is 39%

                      80% of all republicans sounds huge until you realize that statistically those
                      who identify as Republican are a political minority of 26% of all registered

                      Based on those numbers, 80% of all republicans is a lunatic fringe.


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                    • Yes, I do like the results of the Gallup better, but they all have some inherent flaws. I typically use the aggregate of polls at FiveThirtyEight, which shows him at 40.9 today — not a lot of difference from Gallup. And as to the pct of republicans … we must remember that, as you said, they are in the minority and more and more are leaving that ship these days. But even at 39%, that is higher than I would have expected given all the things I mentioned. I keep asking … what is there to like, for Pete’s sake??? Sigh.

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                    • Agreed Jill. Russian and GOP propagandists want Americans to feel overwhelmed and hopeless, they want us to think we are worse than we are; that we are hopelessly divided and it is not true.
                      One of the reasons Trump has the support he has is Fox News. Fox has gone from merely telling lies
                      to actively promoting an alternate reality designed to trick its viewers into voting against their own interests.

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                    • We all do, I’m pretty sure, feel overwhelmed from time to time, but people like you, me, Gronda and many others are not giving up on the fight! It matters too much. But this is why I fear voter apathy will be a problem in November, for many are just sick and tired of the whole circus act. Yes, Fox, or rather the fact that far too many people believe every word they hear on Fox, is a very real danger. I’m not sure what the answer is there, especially since Trump supports them 100% while at the same time denigrating the legitimate news agencies.

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                    • Fox is a danger and Fox continues to lead among rural and less educated voters over 50.

                      Journalists like Rachel Maddow and Ari Melber on MSNBC are almost as strong as Hannity
                      and Carlson.

                      They regularly beat Fox for most viewers.

                      Again, America’s divisions are not 50/50.

                      Some people Fox watch simply because it happens to be what’s on; we can’t assume they believe
                      every story they hear.

                      When I flew to Virginia in early 2017, every restaurant and hotel with a lobby had a television tuned
                      to Fox.

                      It answered the question of why so many Americans are so badly misinformed.

                      Those of us who understand that Trump is a direct threat to our lives will do everything we can to get voters to the polls.

                      These mid-terms are a referendum on self-government.

                      If the GOP wins, Trump is free to finish the job of dismantling American Democracy.

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                    • Yes, that’s what I’ve said several times too … if we don’t get the boot-lickers out of Congress in November, I believe Trump will be close to being an autocrat by the time 2020 rolls around. I find myself wanting to slap people upside the head when they say things like, “Why bother to vote? They’re all a bunch of crooks anyway. Nothing will change.” Sigh.

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                    • If these folks live in virtual isolation booths listening to nothing by Fox News and RT then cynical
                      BS is all they hear.
                      The brainwashed mind is unable to comprehend that something can be good and bad.

                      Democracy is vulnerable to corruption as all systems are but a true democracy empowers the people with laws to fight the corruption.

                      Our democracy is a true democracy, the social changes we’ve witnessed in the past 50 years attests to that.

                      Our democracy is flawed and it is one of the best ideas humanity has ever had.

                      Prior to the rise of American Democracy most people lived at the mercy of the rich.

                      if Americans kill their government that is how we will live: at the mercy of rich.


                    • I already feel that we are living at the mercy of the rich, and I have thought for several months now that ours is no longer a democratic republic so much as it is a plutocracy. Decisions are made bypassing Congress altogether, which means we have very little voice left unless we can change the demographics in Congress in November.

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                    • I am not, nor have ever been, a republican, although I have voted for republicans from time to time, including Nixon in 1972 and Bush Jr in 2004. But in my opinion, we are seeing the ‘beginning of the end’ of the GOP.

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  3. So very sad and tragic! I can’t believe that we have been brought down by such bigotry and racism. I say it everyday….
    Impeach and Imprison!!!! He has unleashed this monster! Hold him accountable!!! Evil draws in more evil!
    He needs to be kept away from the general population!!!! Locked away forever!!!!

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    • Today’s “Unite the Right 2” rally in DC turned out to be a joke! I am chuffed! Perhaps the bigots are being shown the door after all … or is that too much to hope? Impeach and Imprison … too much to hope for at this point, but I’ll settle for throwing the bums out in November, and then we go from there. There needs to be NO TRUMP even on the ballot in 2020!!!

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  4. If only there could be a cure for the diseased minds where racism and bigotry grow, a modern day magic bullet like penicillin was in 1928. Eradicating hatred and intolerance with the simple swallowing of a pill or a well placed injection in the butt. Perhaps a bit of electroconvulsive therapy for the more deeply afflicted minds. In worst case scenarios, an -otomy or -ectomy of whatever part of the brain is infected or genetically flawed…one or more candidates do come to mind. All of which might result in the successful prevention of more horrific days in the future, such as this day of just one year ago. I’m sure you by now have noticed that Trump can not be there to pass refreshments or shake some hands, golfing in New Jersey took precedence. No matter, his tweet joined Pence’s thoughts and prayers, as well as Ivanka’s heartfelt tweets…all is well, in their minds! Thank-you!

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    • If those diseased minds could be cured, my friend, we would hold in our hands the keys to world peace. Sadly, as we both know, there is no magic pill or injection, no magic words, no panacea to cure the evil that lurks in the minds of us all. Some of us learned to reason, to squelch those seeds of doubt, of greed, of superiority, of … needing to be a bit better, else lose face altogether. People like us learned to be content with what we have, with who we are. Others, though, cannot accept their own shortcomings and must look around to find somebody else to blame. “Oh!!! Lookee there … somebody who looks different than me! It must be HIS fault that I am not happy!!!” Please forgive my cynicism tonight … it is late and I have spent too long in the rabbit hole, leaving me sad and … cynical. Love ‘n hugs, my friend


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Couldn’t say it any better … ‘ One year ago today … an event that took the life of a young paralegal, Heather Heyer, and left the nation reeling, finally understanding that we have not even begun to conquer racism. One year ago today, the events of the day would ultimately lead us to realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that the president is a white supremacist, that he is a bigot and a racist.’

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    • You may not agree with me, but getting the vitriol to the surface where it can be seen, possibly understood, and innoculated against is actually a good thing. Having it lie hidden and festering is not good.
      Think of a forest fire, one that burns slowly and heatedly under the ground–no one knows it is there, so they cannot fight it. Sometimes it burns itself out without flaring up, but not often. Usually it grows bigger and bigger, growing in size, growing in heat until it has no choice but to flare up violently, covering such an area that only the most skilled of firefighters can ever hope to bring it under control, and eventually put it out.
      If racism is allowed to stay under the surface, this will be the result, only there will be no firemen skilled enough to bring it under control. It will burn forever like the supposed fires of hell which would feed it if they were real.
      Meanwhile, bringing it to the surface now will hopefully give us time to learn to combat it–IF WE ARE NOT ALREADY TOO LATE!
      (Oops, just realized Word Press surprised me by putting this comment in the wrong place, and I am unable to move it to the right place. It should have gone after Jill’s reply to “larrypaulbrown” ending in “what comes next?)
      To continue, with the instant media coverage,” it works both ways. It gives the racists a wider voice, but it also exposes their ideas to a wider audience. Racists are about 35% of any group of American citizens, to be on the safe but frightening side, but around the world that percentage drops to hopefully less than 10% of any group. Therefore, the instant media is creating more foes than friends of racism. And that raises the potential to find someone who knows how to fight it, or at least a newer way to try. It might not work, but the odds at least are in our favour…

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      • While I would agree that ‘hidden and festering’ is not good, when exposing it leads to violence and lives are lost, I cannot condone that, either. Beyond that, though, I agree that you do have a point, and unfortunately I have no answers. Perhaps yesterday’s event in Washington was a partial answer, where the haters were outnumbered and basically looked foolish, tucked their tails between their legs and left the party early.


  6. I think the vitriol and hatred we are seeing has always been a part of America, but it has never been forced-fed by instantaneous media coverage as much as it is today. It is soul sickness and it is world-wide, not just here.

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  7. It angers me but ultimately it saddens me that 40% of our citizens support this obscene president and his lack of values, humanity and morals and these are the very people in some cases, that claim to be religious..namely Christian. I call them fake Christians.

    When I grew up in the 50s /60s, I don’t remember all this hatred. I know there was racism and growing up in the south, it was almost a given. And that is when the civil rights movement began. But today the level of hatred and violence is much more than then and it was certainly never supported by the Republican Party. At that time the religious right did not control the Republican Party.

    We are regressing now and it’s very sad and scary indeed.

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    • It angers and saddens me, and almost makes me ashamed to be a part of the human race. I suspect, as others before me have said, that this vitriol, this arrogance of race, has always been there, but it was kept under wraps for fear of being shamed. Now, the barriers have been removed by Trump and his gang of thugs, and the haters are not holding back. What I wonder is this: what makes one person hate others based on superficial differences such as skin colour, while another person sees beyond those superficial differences and opens their heart and mind to all people? If we ever figure that out, we may be able to move past it and work toward global peace.

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      • Probably a combination of upbringing, education, religious views, your peers, intelligence and even if you grow up in a rural small town area or a bigger city.

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        • I’m sure you are right, and I wonder if genetics also plays a role? I’m sure some anthropologists have studied it at length and are far better qualified than I to speak on it. I only know that I do not like what I see these days. Sigh.

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  8. Those who spout this evil are evil themselves.They should forfeit the right to live among decent folk and be cast into the wilderness. That’s my ‘very near’ religious cant for the day.

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