Fools Rush In …

It’s really too bad that fools and idiots don’t come with some physical identifying feature, such as a hooked nose, or green ears … something!

KempBrian Kemp looks like a normal person.  Kemp is running for governor of Georgia this year and is, or at least claims to be, a big Trump supporter.  Apparently the feeling is mutual, for Trump supported Kemp over the current Lieutenant Governor, Casey Cagle, causing Cagle to lose the primary last month by a landslide.  Both Kemp and Cagle were lukewarm about Trump in the beginning, but now … funny, but for some reason they were in a competition to see who could most slavishly support Trump.  Oh … could that be because Trump’s approval ratings among Georgia Republicans are above 80 percent?

So, who is Brian Kemp and what does his platform look like?

Who is Brian Kemp?kemp-gun-JakeKemp has served as the Secretary of State of Georgia since 2010, first appointed by then-Governor Sonny Perdue, and later that year was elected to the position, and re-elected in 2014.  He would be up for re-election this year were he not running for governor.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture – I fail to see how that qualifies him for a governorship, but hey … it’s more education than the president has!

Kemp also had a rather unremarkable stint as Georgia State Senator from 2003-2007.

As Secretary of State, Kemp was responsible for a major data breach in 2015 when his office erroneously distributed personal data (including Social Security numbers and dates of birth) of 6.2 million registered Georgia voters, more than 95% of all registered voters in the state. This data breach occurred when the office sent out a CD with this information to 12 organizations that purchase monthly voter lists from the office.  The office of Secretary of State did not publicly acknowledge the mishap until the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the class-action lawsuit against the office as a result of the data breach.  The breach cost taxpayers $1.2 million in credit monitoring services for those whose data had been compromised and $395,000 for an audit into Kemp’s handling of the unauthorized data disclosure.

In 2016, as evidence mounted that Russian hackers were attempting to disrupt the 2016 elections, President Obama directed his Department of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson to work with states to secure their voting systems as “critical infrastructure.”  Secretary of State Kemp refused, later justifying his decision by saying, “I think it was a politically calculated move by the previous administration.”  He also claimed the effort violated state’s rights.

So, we can see that Kemp is one of those who, no matter how much evidence is presented, will argue until he turns blue, simply because he didn’t like Obama.  Care to make a wild guess why?

What does Brian Kemp stand for?

You may remember that back in May, I included a snippet about Kemp in a post because of a campaign ad he had run where he had pointed a gun at a young man who wanted to date his daughter. In case you need to refresh your memory, here is the clip again …

“I’m a conservative businessman with a 4-Point Plan to put hardworking Georgians first. I’m also the proud father of 3 teenage girls. Here’s the thing: If you want to date one of my daughters, you better have respect for women & a healthy appreciation for the 2nd Amendment.”

Well, then …

kemp-Trump-endorsesGeorgia is a red state … republicans control the state legislature, as well as the governor’s office, but not necessarily because there are more republicans in Georgia. Georgia is a red state because of voter suppression, and quite likely were it not for voter roll purges, refusing to register voters until after an election, and the use of investigations to intimidate groups registering minorities to vote, there would at the very least be a significantly higher number of democrats in office.

Whites make up less than 60 percent of the state’s population but more than 90 percent of people who voted Republican in the primary. The state’s gerrymandered districts, drawn and redrawn by the Republican-dominated Legislature, mirror the inordinate and disproportionate power of this constituency.kemp-deportKemp’s platform seems to consist of three major things:  deport immigrants, protect the 2nd Amendment, and keep minorities away from the polls.  As Secretary of State, Kemp initiated investigations into organizations that registered nearly 200,000 new Asian-American and African-American voters — efforts that resulted in the first majority-black school board in a small town.  Although Kemp’s investigations yielded no charges, indictments or convictions, there was a strong intimidation feature with Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents knocking on doors, some of those people who were erroneously investigated losing their jobs.

In addition, Kemp kept thousands of the newly registered minority voters off the voter registration rolls. Why?  Because …

“Democrats are working hard, registering all these minority voters that are out there and others that are sitting on the sidelines. If they can do that, they can win these elections in November.”

Perish the thought, eh?  Kemp has also blocked nearly 35,000 people from the voter rolls because of misplaced hyphens or a typo on the voter registration card that didn’t precisely match the spelling of the name at the driver’s license bureau.  Mostly African-Americans, it just so happens (60%), but also Latinos and Asian-Americans.  In fact, since 2012, the number of registered voters in Georgia has actually decreased!  Oh yes … and those warnings about the vulnerability of the voting machines in his state?  No worries … Kemp has successfully ignored those pesky warnings, even though the machines, which run on Windows 2000, leave no paper trail; as a result, there is no way to verify whether the counts are accurate or whether the vote has been hacked.kemp-abramsIn November, Kemp will be running against Stacey Abrams, a woman and an African American.  As of the latest RealClearPolitics (RCP) average poll, Abrams and Kemp are tied neck-and-neck with each having 45% of the votes.  Kemp has, it seems, taken every possible step to ensure that the majority of voters will be white republicans.  I sincerely hope his efforts all come to naught, and I want to see his face on the night of November 6th, when he is told it is time to concede to Ms. Abrams.  I just hope he leaves his gun at home!

35 thoughts on “Fools Rush In …

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    • Awesome!!! I hadn’t thought of it, but I believe I will make a small contribution also. If she wins, it will truly be ‘against all odds’, but stranger things have happened. Perhaps Georgians are getting fed up with the likes of Kemp.

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  4. Jill, as you know, I left the GOP over ten years ago to become an Independent. I had several specific reasons, but a general one was a tendency to make things up. Mind you, both parties take liberties with the truth, but what I found with the advent of Fox News is a much more prolific rate of story-telling. And, it has only gotten worse with the most untruthful President in my lifetime by far.

    As I have said before, I don’t mind someone having more conservative views than me, but please base your opinions on the truth and fact. And, it would help to stop the voter suppression efforts fighting a problem that has not been material.

    So, two things are given. If Trump is talking or tweeting, odds are he is lying. If Trump supports someone, I do not believe that is a good endorsement and will consider the opponent. Keith

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    • It would seem that truth and fact have no value these days, at least among Trump and his supporters. People who I thought to be decent and honest, have no problem with the lies Trump tells. I’m flummoxed. And frightened, for if Kemp could win two terms as an elected Attorney General, they what stops Trump from a second term.


  5. This truly is “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” (my apologies to Bobby Russell and Vicki Lawrence)! What I can not understand about this…how can the right for SOME Georgians to vote be denied by this miscreant’s interference and actions? Where are those that have the power to stop and prevent this from happening? That this is happening anywhere in the USA is intolerable and why is it being tolerated…because POTUS endorses Brian Kemp?!? I fear that the light of truth and justice is going out in America. I hope that Stacey Abrams triumphs over this pathetic excuse for a human being!! Thank-you!

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    • Sadly, those that “have the power to stop and prevent this from happening” are all republicans, Trump’s boot-lickers, afraid to buck the idiot-in-chief for fear of reprisals. Fingers crossed for Stacey Abrams!


  6. The white man sees the writing on the wall and “he don’t like it.” My ethnic group will be the minority by 2050 and white folks are running scared. They ought to be. Considering the way we have treated minorities in the past, we need to be praying to whomever we call holy that those black and brown folks have a ton more compassion than we did.

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    • What I don’t get is … why does it matter? Why does it matter if there are fewer Caucasians than others? Is it, perhaps, because they fear the revenge for white man’s past deeds, such as stealing the land from the Native Americans and then murdering them? Or slavery? Or is it just a basic, inbred arrogance? And mankind considers himself ‘superior’ to the animal kingdom??? Ha ha ha … give me a break!!!

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  7. It boils down to one thing. People are stupid. Not all people but many of the supporters of these dirt bag politicians. They hear one thing that fits their hate agenda and off they go to vote. I’m sorry but it is that simple in too many cases. Too many others are lining their coffers or think the officials will help them keep their money, I’m from the South. I know where of I speak. We plan to get out and vote. It eill be the first time for us since We voted for Obama due to living out of country. I’m not excited about going to the polls. My beautiful world has turned too frightening in these last two years.

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    • You are quite right … ignorance appears to be running rampant in this nation. Not long ago, a woman was interviewed and she was asked for her thoughts on the fact that Trump seems to wish to become a dictator, taking more power for himself than the president is supposed to have. She answered that “it might not be such a bad thing”. My jaw literally dropped. This is one good argument for free (and maybe even mandatory!!!) college education! The less educated are more inclined to be the Trump supporters, although there are obviously some highly educated nerds who back him also. Our world has, indeed, turned topsy turvy, and it is up to us to turn it back to rights!

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      • The sadder truth is that no one takes any of it seriously. Our world has been hugely globally disaster free for a long time. No depression, World Wars. People are complacent about the future, especially those who are often well educated and wealthy, feeling themselves to be exempt or untouchable. Regret is the bitterest pillof all to swallow. I pray every day for people to eake from their complacent sleep walking and take action.

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  8. If he is so concerned and feels that strongly, why hasn’t he gone over the border to take on the criminal cartels which are making all this migration happen. Is he gonna go Rambo on them? Shouldn’t be too hard for a good ol’ boy with a pickup and all that firepower, him being White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and doing the Good lord God’s work……

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    • Your language mirrors mine, my friend. Bloody hell, indeed! Or, as you once taught me to say, “Hell’s bells and buckets o’ blood!” 😉 Where, you ask, are the decent, fair & honest republicans? Well, half of them are jumping ship and registering as independents, leaving the GOP behind. The other half are intimidated by the radicals and just keep their heads low and their mouths shut.

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