The Printable Gun: Should We Even Care?

For a couple of weeks now, I have been contemplating a post about the new concept of 3D printable guns. The concept disturbs me greatly, but as yet I was still in the process of researching the technology to better understand it. Meanwhile, tonight I came across a terrific post by fellow-blogger On The Fence Voters, aka Greg, and decided not to re-invent the wheel, especially as Greg has done an excellent job of explaining what they are and whether we should worry … or not. Please take a minute to read this informative and thoughtful post, and also check out the comments, for there is much more food for thought there. Thank you, Greg, for implied permission to re-blog and for this great post!

On The Fence Voters

When I first heard that files would be made available online which would allow people to print guns on 3D Plastic printers, I shared the alarm and anger felt by most people around the country.  What makes this situation very different and scary are that we can now download and ‘print’ an actual gun, and given that the files are on the internet, it would not be unreasonable to assume that the downloads could go ‘Viral’.  It’s only natural then to imagine a headline which would scare any rational person in the room:  “Millions Download Gun Files In First 24 Hours.”  It brings to mind a society in which mentally ill people, violent offenders and other convicted felons could be walking the streets with loaded and ready-to-shoot 3D printed guns hidden in their coats.

But a closer look points to a different reality.  Once I read more about the finished…

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10 thoughts on “The Printable Gun: Should We Even Care?

  1. Even if these guns are useful for one shot only, they are still capable of taking a life.That is a life too many (unless it’s Comrade Trump’s). Given that people can now access these printers for home use a lot of these weapons can be made in a day without the requisite piece of metal that helps security measures identify them.

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    • You are quite right, and I agree that even if they can only take a single life, it is one too many. Additionally, there is the concern that they will be perfected on at some point in the future, and that they can be mass produced in the home without anybody’s knowledge. The 3D printers are costly, but a one-time investment that most who would wish to use these for nefarious purposes would not hesitate to spend. However, all that said, I have more immediate concerns about assault-type weapons, such as the AR-15 or AK-47, for they can clear a room in under a minute. But not to discount the 3D guns, I do have a fear that at some point they are going to be a big problems, and not only in the U.S. with its wide-open gun culture, but also in countries where there are strict laws regulating buns in the hands of civilians.


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