Good People Doing Good Things — California Wildfires

Wildfires have been raging seemingly forever in California. I don’t know for certain that there was even a break between the fires last December and the current batch that started in early April and is still going strong.  Wildfires are almost a given in California on an annual basis, but this year’s fires have exceeded any in the state’s history.  A total of 5,283 fires have so far burned an area of 903,797.6 acres … nearly one million acres!  And the toll isn’t only land and homes, but there is a human toll also. Just two days ago, yet another fire fighter died in the line of duty, the sixth this year.  In addition, eight civilians have also died.

The fire fighters have been working non-stop, sometimes 24-hour shifts with very little time for rest in between, so they haven’t had the time to sit down and tell us their stories, but some day they will and then I will listen and write about their amazing stories, their acts of heroism.  Meanwhile, though, I do have a few stories about good people doing good things in the tragedy of the California wildfires.  Most of these are small, yet heartwarming stories … the bigger ones will, no doubt, come later.

California Highway Patrols across California have deployed officers to help California residents evacuate from the fires.  This unidentified CHP officer rescued this deer and received a deer kiss in return.police rescues deer

Susan and Jeff Grant were evacuated from their home during the Carr fire, the second largest. Luckily, the fire didn’t damage their home and after 10 days in a motel, they were able to return home. When they did, they found a note from one of the fire fighters who had been working to protect the area …firefighter noteHe had watered their flowers & garden, and looked after their turkeys!  A small thing, but consider this man was likely exhausted and yet took a few minutes to do this small act of kindness for people he doesn’t even know.

Last Friday, the Nelson fire was rapidly approaching the Solano SPCA in Vacaville, and there it was obvious that there was a limited amount of time to get the animals out and taken to safety.  There were 67 animals in the shelter, including a python, and only a few minutes to get them out.  All the animals were safely rescued, thanks to the fine work of these men and women.

The shelter was spared and the animals were able to return the next day.  An added side benefit … about a dozen of the animals are now being adopted by their rescuers!

World Central Kitchen is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters that was founded in 2010 by celebrity chef José Andrés.  Along with Guy Fieri of Food Network fame, they are on the ground in Redding, California, near the Carr fire, feeding both the displaced and the crews who are working to contain the fires. Guy FieriFieri and Andrés have combined their efforts with local branches of disaster relief organizations the Red Cross and Salvation Army, as well as Operation BBQ Relief, an organization that rolls up with smokers to feed victims of natural disasters.  Together, they are feeding about 1,600 – 2,100 people a day.

Photographer Noah Berger was on assignment shooting photos of the Clayton fire in Northern California when a firefighter came out carrying a goat.  He asked Berger to please take the goat, as he needed to go back and get the others.  Turns out there were 10 goats stranded in the midst of the flames!goatThe family that owned the goats had been forced to evacuate, and couldn’t get the stubborn goats to come along, so they had no choice but to leave them behind.  Thanks to some heroic firefighters and Noah Berger, the little goats are safe.

These stories may not seem like much … just little things, really, like watering someone’s flowers or rescuing an animal … but these are the things that people with kind hearts, people with compassion, people who care about others do.  We help others, even if only in small ways.  Every single firefighter and rescue worker out there battling the heat, exhaustion, and risking their life has my undying gratitude and utmost respect.  These are my heroes this week. Let us hope for an end to these terrible fires soon before the toll in property and lives goes any higher.firefire-2fire-3


Firefighter gives CPR to rescued dog … the dog lived!

tired firefighters


31 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — California Wildfires

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  2. Rather than go on a rant about climate change and wildfires, and I could, I’ll simply comment on these amazing people in this post. Anyone finding the courage to go into a fire always held me spellbound. I was afraid to even light a match for years for fear of burning my fingers…of course, there is a reason for that. Firefighters are all heroes to me, the fact that they choose to put themselves in danger is in itself heroic. You have gathered together exemplary people, each and every one of them is courageous. So happy to see that you included World Central Kitchen’s magnificent contribution too! “Courage – a perfect sensibility of the measure of danger, and a mental willingness to endure it.” – William T. Sherman. Thank-you!

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    • Thanks, Ellen! Yes, I avoided any mention of climate change, the causes of the fires, or the idiots in Washington, for it was meant to focus on only the good people. I cannot imagine being a firefighter either … I’m not afraid of fire, but just going into a burning building, not knowing if the ceiling could come crashing into you, carrying mega-pounds of equipment and dressed in hot, hot clothing. And these guys battling these horrific fires … I simply cannot imagine how much energy that takes. They have my enduring respect and gratitude for sure.


    • Thirty-three years! Admirable! I don’t know how these guys are doing it, for they’ve been battling the fires endlessly for months. It has to be discouraging, not to mention thoroughly exhausting. My hat is certainly off to them all!

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  3. Great stories. To your last comment, well your brains in Washington do have a solution to end California’s wild fires.  Secretary of the Interior, Ryan “Brain” Zink blames “radical environmentalists” who help protect the forests from over logging for the fires. It’s really simple: cut down all the trees and the fires won’t have anything to burn, see? I’m sure that meanwhile, his orange majesty, also endowed with superior brain power is thinking on a similar track: burn up all the oxygen, end of fires. How ridiculously simple it is to resolve a big problem with unilinear thinking. That’s why the rest of us aren’t in Washington: we can’t think that big and smart.

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    • Oooohhhh … don’t remind me of Zinke’s infernal idiocy! And Trump’s was just as bad, for he said it was California’s own fault because they are pumping all their water into the Pacific Ocean and so they don’t have enough to fight the fires. Oh my head. 🤕 Why are stupid people even allowed to open their mouths??????


  4. Thanks for bringing these heartwarming stories to us, Jill. We’ve had some bad wildfires up here in B.C. and Northern Ontario as well. I don’t know how these firefighters work in those conditions day after day.

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  5. What a tragic story, but with hope and goodness intertwined within. Being an animal lover, this made my heart smile. Such good courageous and decent. Stories like this give me hope in humanity and put the perspective of most people being good into view. I wish the media did more of this.

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    • I agree … I think when these things happen people put aside their own woes and pitch in to help. Remember NYC after 9/11! New Yorkers came together as never before. Sadly, it only lasted about 2 weeks, but still …


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