Michael Drejka Charged With Manslaughter For Killing Markeis McGlockton – Stand Your Ground Law

I have been following with interest the latest use of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law … the same law that saw George Zimmerman go scot-free after murdering the unarmed Trayvon Martin in February 2012. In this case, another unarmed black man, Markeis McGlockton, was shot and killed in a dispute over a handicapped parking space by a legally disinterested party, Michael Drejka. The story was on my list to write about, but had not yet made it to the top of the list when I read this excellent post by blogger-friend Xena. If the evidence in this case is properly presented and considered by the jury, this one should have a different outcome than the Trayvon Martin case … let us hope. Thank you, Xena, for this highly informative post!

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Markeis McGlockton

I saw the video for this case when it first happened, and also read that the Sheriff refused to arrest Michael Drejka because of Florida’s stand your ground law.  When I saw the video, it was my impression that the shooter was an elderly man.  Maybe it was his posture or the fact that he fell to the ground so easily.  It turns out that Drejka was 47-years old on July 19, 2018 when he shot and killed 28-year old Markeis McGlockton.

Here is the video.

Comments were quickly posted on Twitter protesting that Drejka was not arrested.  Thinking that an elderly man might be afraid of a younger man pushing him to the ground, I sighed at the thought that he could avoid arrest using stand your ground in his defense.  Then, I watched the video again and saw where Markeis’ girlfriend Britany Jacobs, was getting out…

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6 thoughts on “Michael Drejka Charged With Manslaughter For Killing Markeis McGlockton – Stand Your Ground Law

  1. We have had several similar incidents nearby although no deaths. Florida and its lawmakers have been in the pocket of the NRA for many years. I have often stated that I feel safer walking in the nearby forest lands with bears, alligators and poisonous snakes then shopping at my local WalMart. Especially in my county which voted 67% trump in the election and sports an extremely vocal support base, I do not feel safe with all these weapons in the hands of idiots.

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    • While we don’t have a Stand Your Ground law here, this state also went for Trump in 2016, and guns are prevalent … far too much so. More than once in the grocery store, book shop or other common venue, I have noticed people with a gun stuck in their belt. Once I even left a store because I felt threatened by a guy perusing gun magazines, with a gun in the side of his pants that he kept touching, as if to make sure it were still there. I’m no longer at all comfortable in crowded venues such as a sport arena or amusement park. And this year several of our schools have armed people, supposedly to keep the kids safe, but …

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  2. Jill, thanks for sharing the link. Stand your ground make less sense as a law when it becomes mobile. It is one thing to guard your family when a break-in occurs, but to interpret on the street makes it more like manslaughter. Arguments should not have to end in the death of the other debater. Too many die just because a gun was present.

    To me it matters not who is more at fault – someone should not have to die, after an argument. Keith

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    • I fully agree. People … almost all people … are capable of becoming angry and acting before thinking. A fist or a boot is one thing … I can recover from those. But a gunshot is usually not something from which one recovers. And why the heck does somebody need to have a gun on their person in a shopping center in broad daylight???

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      • True. There was an incident in Jacksonville, FL where it was ruled the Stand your Ground law did not apply to a man who shot Black teens at a gas station for playing loud music.. No gun, no crime. No gun, the man have just driven away and his and the teens life would not have changed.

        This is not Dirty Harry. People should not be killed for playing music too loudly. Keith

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        • I remember that case … tragic and so unnecessary! You are right … this isn’t Dirty Harry, but there certainly seems to be a basic disregard for the lives of others sometimes, doesn’t there?


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