The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Last night as I was perusing the news, looking for the odd, yet important tidbit that we may have missed amidst all the distractions that have been thrown in our path this week, I came across three headlines. The first gave me great pleasure and I was encouraged. The second, however, offset the warm fuzzy feeling of the first.  But nothing could compare to the rage brought on by the third.

The Good

NYU Offers Free Tuition For All Its Medical Students

The cost of a college education, as most of us know, has become an enormous burden, so much so that there is growing concern that ultimately only the very wealthy will have the opportunity to earn a college degree.  My own daughter, with two degrees, currently has a mound of college debt to the tune of $130,000.  Last December, Columbia University announced it had received a gift of $250 million from Dr. P. Roy Vagelos, an alumnus who is also a former chairman of Merck & Co.  The money would be used to provide full-tuition scholarships to the neediest students, and grants rather than loans, to others. NYUOn Thursday, The New York University School of Medicine went one better and announced that it would cover the tuition of all its students, regardless of merit or need.  In light of the crushing debt that so many students find daunting upon graduation, many med students are opting for specialty fields where the earnings potential is greater, leaving a shortage in general practice, pediatrics and research.  In 2017, the average med student left NYU with debt of $184,000.

“This decision recognizes a moral imperative that must be addressed, as institutions place an increasing debt burden on young people who aspire to become physicians.” – Robert Grossman, Dean of NYU School of Medicine

NYU is raising the money to cover the cost of this plan in part through donations, such as the $100 million that has been contributed by Kenneth G. Langone, the founder of Home Depot.  UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine has a similar program but with a big difference:  it is based solely on merit rather than need.

This announcement is excellent news and I hope to see more colleges and universities follow suit in the coming years.  There is nothing more crucial to this nation than the education of our citizens.

The Bad

Judge Allows Trump Administration to Dismantle Key Part of Housing Desegregation Rule

carson-3Ben Carson, Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is gloating today, for his wish has been granted.  In an effort to enforce the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and eliminate discrimination in housing, there is a requirement that cities and towns applying for housing grants from HUD had to complete a comprehensive assessment explaining how housing segregation exists in their communities, and how they plan to address it.  The requirement is part of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule (AFFH), a 2015 initiative to eliminate discrimination in housing.

Judge Beryl Howell

Judge Beryl Howell

Upon taking office last year, Carson declared desegregation initiatives to be “a failed social experiment”, and in May, the agency withdrew the reporting requirement.  A coalition of fair housing advocates and the State of New York immediately filed suit in federal court to stop the agency from abolishing the requirement.  On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell ruled in HUD’s favour, thus ensuring that discrimination in housing will not only continue, but likely become an even bigger problem in the future.  Way to go, Judge Howell … yet another step backward in the cause of justice and civil rights.

Ben Carson has announced that he intends to further cripple, or eliminate altogether, the AFFH and replace it with some form of ‘zoning laws’.  Carson should have stuck to being a doctor and kept his nose out of politics.

The Ugly

New Jersey School Board Candidate Called Black People ‘Animals’ and ‘Useless Wastes of Life’

jankowski 2Meet Richard Jankowski, candidate for a seat on the New Jersey School Board.  Jankowski is a racist and a homophobe, among other things.  In July 2013, on that day when George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges for killing Travyon Martin, Jankowski posted on Facebook: “Glad the legal system finally got it right”.

After the murder of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, Jankowski posted, again on Facebook, “Hats off to the residents of Ferguson, Missouri … once again you animals showed your stupidity and ignorance by looting and burning businesses in your own town because a shoplifting kid who assaulted a cop was shot … act like a law abiding citizen and this crap never happens!”

And a few days later …

“You are not Americans, you are animals who disgust me. … Get a f—— job and contribute you useless wastes of life instead of constantly committing crimes and protesting when you get what you deserve.”

And a few months later …

“So now I watch videos of the ‘protesters’ throwing trash cans and any other items at any white person they see…….time to start firing bullets into these f—–g monkeys and send them to their graves.”

Over the years, using his Facebook page to amplify his voice, he has made insensitive or insulting remarks about: blacks, gays, people with mental disabilities, protesters, kneeling NFL players and specifically Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, O.J. Simpson, Caitlyn Jenner, Trayvon Martin, affirmative action supporters, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, Cher and “whoever the hell Moby is” — in addition to Obama, James and the protesters in Ferguson. His Facebook page was de-activated earlier this week.

Apparently, Mr. Jankowski only likes straight, white males.  And now he is running for one of the three open seats on the school board in Monroe Township, New Jersey.  I cannot understand where he got the unmitigated gall to even put his name on the ballot.  Jankowski stands literally no chance (wait, didn’t I say that about Trump, too?) of winning the seat, but what disturbs me most is that this person exists.  His uber-bigotry against virtually half of the nation or more, is horrifying.  How do people come to think like this?

Mr. Jankowski is the poster child for “U.G.L.Y.”.  How many more are out there, walking among us?

15 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. Good news? Free tuition? Isn’t that discriminatory? Only for medical students from Merck Chem. Division. A visit to Merck Canada was enough to have me retching. The warm fuzzies of small girls blowing bubbles to the Uncle Tom doctor on another page. Where was my free tuitions? Didn’t Merck make the IUD device?

    Bad? Does it get any worse? Segregation? Yes well that’s to be seen. Why do their need to be rules about ethnic background? “coz otherwise people are exploited. Really … people need segregation laws?

    Ugly? When people like Mr. Janowski seem to think he did it all by himself? Ugly? Society is run by a secret society and there is a front ranking member. We require sympathy for others not vitriol …. but thanks Mr. Janowski, for the milk of human kindness ….

    As long as we have division we are exploited. For one wrong, demands another right and on it goes

    Cheers Jamie

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    • Sigh. No, Jamie, free tuition for med students is not discriminatory, and it has nothing to do with Merck.

      Yes, since people are basically jerks, we need anti-segregation laws, although for the life of me I cannot see why anybody would want to move into a white neighborhood anyway. I live in a neighborhood that is predominantly Middle-Eastern refugees, African-Americans and Latinos, and I like it just fine this way.

      And yes, Mr. Jankowski is ugly. Very ugly. He is also an asshole, but I try to refrain from using profanity in my posts.

      Cheers, my friend …

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      • Dear Jill,

        Snarkiness becomes you. Mr. Jankowski is beyond an ugly human being, he is a total ass.

        Dr. Ben Carson and this Judge Howell have let a lot of folks down by thinking that anti-segregation isn’t a worthy goal; and that it is a waste of time to try to address. I can’t wait until this era of Trumpism is past history.

        Companies and good peoples being generous to donate enough monies to provide for free tuition to worthy students is to be lauded. Too bad there aren’t more rich folks being as generous.

        Hugs, Gronda

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        • Thank you so much, Gronda! I have found that as I get older, snarkiness seems to come more naturally, and now that we are living in the Era of Trump, it is just a normal state of mind … I catch myself being snarky even among family and friends and have to apologize frequently.

          Like you, I cannot wait until we move on from the Era of Trump, but I fear that the damage will remain indefinitely.


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    • In my experience, large donations from philanthropists usually, are a tax dodge? Checking Merck Canada Have you ever met someone who had free tuition? It sounds good. Let’s wait for the graduates, shall we ? I appreciate the delicacy. Most people know what an asshole is? Yup, Mr. Janowski fits the bill?

      My remark about discriminatory is that all students should get free tuition …No? No one came around my house offering it … Cheers Jamie

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      • Actually, Jamie, yes I have met somebody who had free tuition for 4 years of under-grad work … ME! I was struggling to raise 3 children, one severely disabled, and earn a degree, and I got grants and scholarships for my first 4 years. I still paid for books, but through a number of connections within the University of Virginia, I was able to get much assistance. Without it, I never would have been able to complete my education and go on for an M.A. That said, i realize I was the exception, but I DO support the idea of free college for all who wish to attend. The current system discourages or makes it impossible for a lower income person to go to college and that simply isn’t right … it isn’t going to make this a wiser, better nation in the future.

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  2. Jill I just heard a poll that said nearly 84 % of republican voters support tRump’s racist views. That scares me greatly. That is up from 49% in July. In a short period of time it more republicans are agreeing with the racism of this administration. I hope the mythical pink unicorn will bring its dragon friends and help us, because we are going to need it. Hugs

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    • SHEESH!!!! What the Sam Heck is WRONG with these people??? Have they completely lost their bloomin’ minds??? We simply have to get the boot lickers out of Congress in November … there can be no other option! Somebody … a casual acquaintance, told me the other day that she isn’t going to bother to vote because “they’re all a bunch of crooks anyway, so nothing will change”. I wanted to hurt her! And another friend is voting a straight republican ticket because her husband told her to! Can I scream now? Hugs, my friend!

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  3. Some news is good, some news is bad and some news shows why free speech goes too far. How would Mr Jankowski feel if we started attributing ignorance like his to his possible Polish genes. He’d be pee’d off as would anyone with Polish roots.

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    • Of course he would be pee’d off! He thinks his skin colour is a ticket to … whatever he wants. People like him make me ashamed to be Caucasian. He didn’t even bother to make his Facebook posts private, but made them available to the general public, for he had no shame about his ugly hate speech. And then to have the chutzpah to run for a seat on the school board??? I have since heard that he dropped out of the race, but I haven’t yet confirmed. I can’t imagine he would have won anyway, but … sigh … it IS Georgia.

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