From Hero To Laughingstock …

I am quite certain that I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.  I once had tremendous respect for New York’s former mayor, Rudy Giuliani.  Nothing can or should take away from the fact that he, more than any other single person in the U.S., brought calm in a stormy sea, brought reason into chaos, and earned the respect of New Yorkers in the days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  His was the voice of reason, he was the one who said, “Calm down … BREATHE … we can do this … we can get through this.  Yes, we have been hurt, but … we are NEW YORKERS and we will be okay.” Nothing can take that away.  However, at some point between September 11th 2001 and August 19th 2018, the man lost his bloody marbles!!!

Giuliani frequently appears on the Sunday morning news shows to lie for defend Donald Trump, and yesterday was no exception.  Appearing on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd, Giuliani proved once again that “Yes, I am an idiot”. After a question from Todd regarding the Mueller investigation …

“No, it isn’t truth! Truth isn’t truth!”

Say … huh???  Truth isn’t truth?  Kellyanne warned us some 19 months ago that there would be alternative facts, and later she even proved there is an alternative history, when she spoke of the “Bowling Green Massacre” that never happened.  So, it follows that if there are alternative facts, and alternative history, there must also be an alternative language, right?  Up is down.  Black is white.  Left is right.  Candy is healthy, and broccoli will cause your teeth to rot.  Truth is lies and lies are truth.  Donald Trump is wonderful, and Barack Obama was a lying, dirty scoundrel who was born in Kenya.  Applause, applause, applause …

They had fun with this on Twitter, of course …Tweettweet-2


And then, naturally, Andy Borowitz writing for the New Yorker got in on the act …

Putin Reportedly Close to Firing Giuliani

MOSCOW (The Borowitz Report)—Vladimir Putin is reportedly “very close” to firing Rudolph Giuliani as Donald J. Trump’s attorney, a source close to the Russian President confirmed on Monday.

According to the source, Putin allowed Trump to hire Giuliani in the first place because “it’s important to let Trump think that he has some autonomy from time to time,” but now the Russian President has apparently determined that “enough is enough.”

Over the next few days, the source indicated, Putin is likely to replace Giuliani with a handpicked successor, Arkady Lubetkin, a criminal-defense attorney who has represented several prominent Russian Mob figures.

After hearing anecdotal reports of Giuliani’s appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Putin initially theorized that the nonsensical nature of Giuliani’s utterances had to be chalked up to “an error in translation,” the source said.

After reading an official transcript of Giuliani’s statements, however, the Russian President was apparently “flabbergasted.”

“Pravda is not pravda?” Putin reportedly said. “What is this bullshit?”

Today, Giuliani attempted to extricate himself from his own words …

“My statement was not meant as a pontification on moral theology but one referring to the situation where two people make precisely contradictory statements, the classic “he said,she said” puzzle. Sometimes further inquiry can reveal the truth other times it doesn’t.”

Sometimes it is best just to learn when to keep one’s mouth shut, Rudy.

It is rather a sad statement on our present situation that 99.5% of our humour comes from our own government.  Equally sad when a man who was once a hero is now a laughingstock.

48 thoughts on “From Hero To Laughingstock …

  1. This is the exact same feeling I had a few weeks ago ~ he had such a strong legacy with his action on 9-11, and it is as if he has thrown it all away with this current fiasco…which is par for the course for him these days.

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      • I’m usually suspicious when someone shows possible signs as I’ve had experience being around dementia. My mother had Alzheimer’s and my husband was bipolar. Rudy seems manic at times. Have you noticed his eyes? The talk show host Jimmy Kimmel calls it “crazy eyes”. Some bipolar sufferers are clever at covering it up. My husband always was bipolar from what I’ve heard but in his later years he went mentally downhill and it was more noticeable. He was brilliant so was very clever. People often attribute the signs of it to other things. —- Suzanne

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        • You have some experience and insight into such things, where I have none. I’m surprised, though, that he was hired on as Trump’s attorney, for he was acting strangely even as far back as during the campaign. Yes, I’ve noticed his eyes … he’s always had rather ‘buggy’ eyes, but they do seem more so these days. I don’t know … just another of the many mysteries that surround this administration. Sigh.

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  2. “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” – Mahatma Gandhi. Rudy Giuliani should be a well regarded figure in history for his handling of 9/11, but he is managing to overshadow that greatness. He has become a ridiculous clown that is best unseen and unheard. Thank-you!

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  3. Jill, I am amazed, as well. He went from America’s mayor to barking dog to rabid barking dog. When your spokesperson makes unforced error after unforced error, having to clean up his regurgitated mess, he may want to be sent back to the kennels. Keith

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      • Jill, I responded your comment on my blog, that using Rudy’s definition, Trump changes his stories so often, he does not know his own truth. So, of course, he is at risk of perjury as he cannot keep track of his many story versions. By the way, an attorney who once deposed Trump said he got him to admit to 30 lies during the deposition. So, Rudy, if Trump is talking or tweeting, take it to the bank, most of what he says is not true. Keith

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        • Hmmmm … makes me wonder if the goal is to keep us all so confused with his different versions of every story that we finally give up trying to even figure it out? I read that he is angry with Rudy for putting Donnie Jr. at risk. Awwww ….


    • Agreed. 84-year-old Dianne Feinstein of California and 83-year-old Orrin G. Hatch of Utah are actually running for re-election. And look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is 85 and still sitting on the Supreme Court — though I have to admit that I’m glad she is! But yes, I’m thinking since it would be considered age discrimination to set a mandatory retirement age, term limits would serve essentially the same purpose. Two six-year terms for Senators and 6-two year terms for members of the House.

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  4. What’s even more ridiculous than Rudy is Chuck Todd not pushing harder when he said the Russian lawyer wasn’t a representative of the Russian government. I always think of Tim Russert at times like these. Nobody pushed back harder against politicians than him, Dem or Repub. It didn’t matter. Chuck has these guys on all the time. The least he can do is call them out forcefully for their lies. Drives me crazy!

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  5. Giuliani: “Listen very carefully to me, Chuck. Everything Robert Mueller says is a lie. I repeat, everything Mueller says is a lie.”

    Todd: “But what if Mueller admits to lying, Rudy?”

    Giuliani: “Well, then he must be telling the truth… Wait, that can’t be! Everything Mueller says is a lie, so he can’t tell the truth. But if he says he’s lying, then he must be lying about his lying! Oh crap, this is so confusing!”

    Todd: “Ugh…”

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  6. It’s not Rudy’s fault, Jill. Dipstick Toothpick has him so confused, he doesn’t know if he is coming or coming. His tongue gets tripped up, turns backwards on itself, and sounds come out that still sound like words but signifying nothing. After all, if truth isn’t truth, all one has is nothing, and nothing is all one deserves.
    (But actually I agree with him as far as truth being relative. Everybody sees things that others don’t, and yet do not see what others are seeing. It’s all relative to one’s experience.)

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