Jolly Monday to You!

Yahoo, it’s Monday again!!!  What a joy!  What a treat!  I just love Mondays, don’t you?  Okay … in truth I’m a bit tired, but I do love Mondays, because it means I get to spend time with you all!  Did you all have a great weekend?  Me?  Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that.  I’ve been trying to get some spring cleaning done … yes, Jerry, I know that spring has come and gone, but I didn’t have the energy to do it in the spring … so on Saturday, I decided to clean the rack above my washer and dryer.  I only bonked my head 4 times in the process, and then when I decided to use the hand vac to get the year’s accumulation of dryer lint from the wall, rack, corners, etc., the hand vac no longer works.  That was when I lost my cool and … well, you’d have thought I was a truck driver with the language that was coming from me!  Anyway, I pitched the hand vac, along with some empty dryer sheet boxes and a box of recipes from the 1990s that I haven’t look at since … well, the 1990s!

So anyway, let’s see if we can start this week out with a few laughs, shall we?  Oh … there’s coffee and donuts on the table over there … sorry, I didn’t bake this morning … I’m a lazy ol’ biddy!


juice box

Do you guys ever look to see what search terms have led people to your posts?  I rarely do, but every now and then one will catch my eye.  Roger Stone and Ann Stone are regulars, for the post I did about them two years ago is a big hit every time Stone’s name is in the news, and the post has had over four thousand views to date.  But this week, two caught my eye that had me scratching my head.  “snoopy eating eggs” and “roger stone sexuality”.  And I wonder why Google sometimes sends me on a wild goose chase!  If anybody hopes to learn about either of those things, they’ve come to the wrong place!

Price for annoying the neighbors …

We’ve all likely had those annoying neighbors … you know, the ones who play loud music, or have knock-down-drag-out fights late at night.  But a woman in Slovakia annoyed her neighbors just a bit too long, and now she faces a possible six months in jail if convicted of her crime.  Her crime?  Opera.  No, she wasn’t singing it, but playing it.  All day.  Every day.  For the past 16 years!

Yep … seems that 16 years ago, the woman’s neighbor had a dog that wouldn’t stop barking, so the woman, known only as ‘Eva’, decided to play a Verdi opera, La Traviata.  Over and over … and over.  She only stopped when finally, the neighbors said, “Dosť!” (“enough” in Slovak) and called the police.  Eva was arrested and charged with harassment and malicious persecution. If convicted, she could face up to 6 months in jail.

There a few things that puzzle me about this.  First, didn’t it get on Eva’s own nerves?  I love music, but the same song, over and over, loud enough to bug the neighbors, would drive me crazy within an hour or two.  And second, why did it take the neighbors 16 years to finally decide they had enough?


Kaitlin is six-years-old and lives in Ogden, Utah.  Kaitlin is one very smart girl … perhaps a bit too smart.  Kaitlin’s mother is not quite so smart.  Kaitlin’s mom had ordered a Barbie doll from Amazon for Kaitlin’s birthday, and since it hadn’t arrived yet, and Kaitlin was anxious to know when it would arrive, her mom showed her how to get onto her Amazon account and check the shipping status.  Bad idea.  The next day, the Amazon courier van pulled up in front of their house and unloaded …Kaitlin toysYep, Kaitlin didn’t stop at just checking on her Barbie, but ordered some $350 worth of toys!  NEVER give your kid access to your Amazon account!  Miss Goose is 23 and she doesn’t have access to my account!  For that matter, Chris is 47 and even she doesn’t have access, although she has her own account … to which I do have access.  😉

There is an upside to this story, though, whereby young Kaitlin redeems herself.  When her mother said she was going to send the toys back, Kaitlin came up with an even better idea … to donate them to the local children’s hospital so that sick kids could have a bit of pleasure from them.  So, Kaitlin’s heart is in the right place.  Mom is still out $350, but she has the glow of knowing that she and her daughter did something good.


A new interactive exhibit opened in New York City last Wednesday, called Candytopia.  There are works of ‘art’ and sculptures made out of … you guessed it … candy!  All sorts of candy …

“This four-month interactive art installation celebrates the vibrant colors and flavors of our favorite sugary delights across over a dozen environments, from flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami,” the exhibit’s website states.Candytopia

you figure it out

YOU figure it out …

Statue of Libertygummy dragongummy bear unicorn

Candy Sinatra

Sweet Sinatra

candy shark

Candied whale anyone?

candy portrait

How about a bit of fun watching a sheep enjoying swinging in a tire swing?

toon-MaxineWell folks, I know this is a bit shorter than the usual Jolly Monday, but I’m really tired and just can’t do much more.  I love those beautiful smiles I see on your faces … please go out and share them with somebody whose smile is upside down today.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa.

22 thoughts on “Jolly Monday to You!

  1. Dear Jill,

    I’m still laughing over the stuck sheep who looked so annoyed at the guy who couldn’t stop laughing.

    My granddaughter would love Miss Kaitlin’s thinking but no one in the family is so foolish as to let her have access to our Amazon’s accounts.

    I would actually be tempted to buy that farting candied pig sculpture.

    I happen to love Verdi but after 16 years, I’d learn to hate it.

    I’m so glad we have these times together.

    Hugs, Gronda

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought the same about the farting pig sculpture! And I thought the sheep in the tire swing looked like he was actually having fun! Yes, I’m glad too … Mondays have become something that I now look forward to, rather than dreading! Have a great rest-of-the-week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!! I LOVE them, well, loved is more accurate. Once upon a time there was one store in Cranston, Rhode Island…it folded after a short time and disappeared…gone, but definitely not forgotten! Their coffee was not for this or any other New Englander’s taste buds, probably the cause of their demise here, but the donuts were heaven. There is one about 50+ miles from here in Conneticut at the casino, Mohegan Sun. I’ve been known to have folks bring me Krispy Kremes from their visits to the gambler’s paradise. Benjamin chose a sprinkled donut and was pleased with the juice box! He loved the swinging sheep and thinks that all of the sheep should have a turn too. Candytopia in New York is a family trip that all of my offspring have planned together for October. I think that the tickets are pricey, but they are still going en masse! A great roundup for this Monday, especially love hearing Carol Burnett’s song again! Thank-you x 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww … no Krispy Kreme near you? That’s not fair, for we have two within about 5-6 miles! Plus, our grocery store, Kroger, gets fresh Krispy Kreme deliveries daily, which is where I usually buy them. I’m glad Benjamin found his juice box … I almost forgot it!!! I had the post already scheduled, when it hit me that I hadn’t put out any juice for my favourite young reader! I agree that the tickets for Candytopia are outrageous, but apparently they sell like hotcakes! Are you doing okay? I haven’t seen you for a bit and feared perhaps you or Benjamin were ill. Have a great week, my friend!


      • No Kroger stores anywhere in the whole Northeast. I suppose that I will be forced to go to Mohegan Sun, I bet the Krispey Kremes will win my money! So nice to be missed, all is well. Just some family vacation time in Mass. before Benjamin starts his new preschool in September. Thank-you!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • You have Giant, right? Bummer. I hope you buy several dozen … I think they can be frozen, so if you have some freezer space, you could buy extras to have later! Glad all is well. Benjamin is … starting pre-school??? 😥 That means you won’t have him every day and he won’t be coming ’round on Mondays for donuts & juice. 😥 I hope you enjoyed your vacay time, though!!! Give the little guy a hug for me!


          • No Giant stores either! Mohegan Sun is calling me softly, but getting louder by the day. Benjamin was in a half day preschool two days/week this past year, but they do not have summer sessions. He is going to go full days on Tuesday and Thursday near his home in Massachusetts. The other three days will be spent with me. Monday’s will belong to “us” for another year until Kindergarten claims him!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Well, we shall just have to make the most of Mondays for the next year then! Does he enjoy pre-school? He is one smart kid … I can tell that just from the things you tell me he says, like critiquing my cooking skills! 😀


    • I’m not sure that yours is set up the same as mine, but do you have a bar graph on the left of your WordPress screen that shows you the number of views for each of the last 15 days? If so, just under it there is an area for “Top Searches”, and it shows the keywords that were used to get to your posts. If that isn’t there,they try going into ‘Site Stats’, and it should be just a little ways down on the left side of the screen.


    • Thanks Patty! My goal is always to start the week off on a fun note! Of course, I can’t guarantee what the rest of the week will bring 😉 I dunno … I thought the sheep looked like he was having fun! Have a great week! ❤

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