♫ Colour My World ♫

I was thinking about doing a song from the musical West Side Story tonight, but something changed my mind … I’m not sure what, but I just … changed my mind.  It’s a woman’s prerogative, you know  😉

This song by Chicago is 2:58 minutes, but the lyrics are very short, so it almost, in my mind anyway, qualifies as an instrumental.  It was written by Chicago’s trombone player, James Pankow, and sung by Terry Kath. After Kath’s death in 1978, the band did not play the song for several years.

Frank Sinatra, on first hearing the song, called Chicago’s publicist and asked that Pankow write a second verse.  Panko mulled it over, and called Sinatra back and said, “I can’t do it – it’s like sewing another arm on your kid, I can’t do it.”

By the way … I’m just curious … do any of you like classical music?

Colour My World


As time goes on
I realize
Just what you mean
To me
And now
Now that you’re near
Promise your love
That I’ve waited to share
And dreams
Of our moments together
Color my world with hope of loving you

Songwriter:  James Pankow


40 thoughts on “♫ Colour My World ♫

  1. I’ve always liked this Chicago song, but I prefer “If You Leave Me Now”. I love classical music, my favorite is Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”. I have my wake-up alarm set on a classical music station, although I’m always awake waiting for it to come on. However, a warning here, get ready for that propensity for loquacity to take off…I love the analogue synthesizers music by the Finnish composer “Kebu” (Sebastian Teir). In 1986 Jean-Michel Jarre’s album “Rendezvous” was released and it was phenomenal, the best of the 1980’s electronics! I still adore any of Jarre’s music. But, I could listen to Kebu play the Rendez-vous lV track from that album all day…I LOVE IT! I just had to share this with you, I’ve been playing it all evening and now I’ll listen yet again! Thank-you!

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    • My friend … you have broader horizons in the field of classical music than I do! I’m going to have to check some of those out, for sure. I am playing a classical tune this morning, and depending on how that goes over, I will decide whether to offer a few classical selections here and there. If I do, I will definitely add the ones you mention to the playlist! As for Chicago … I agree … I love “If You Leave Me Now”, but played this one yesterday mostly for the lyrics. Have a great weekend! I think Benjamin will like Saturday Surprise … some funky animals and a fun video.


      • I may have misled you, due to my propensity for loquacity! My musical interests contain a broad spectrum of styles and the love of the 80’s electronics is firmly entrenched among them. If you are feeling a bit downtrodden, Kebu’s Rendez-vous lV is guaranteed to lift your spirits…often needed these days for sure. To please me, if you are so inclined, give it a few minutes of your time and let me know if it’s thumbs up or down! Total aside…I grew up listening to an old recording of the Elizabethan Serenade that became scratchy from frequent use, a favorite of my Father’s and then mine. Thank-you and David too!!

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        • I did give Kebu’s Rendevous a few minutes and … mixed review: I like the tune … definitely upbeat and made me smile. The guy has talent, and I enjoyed watching him switch from one keyboard to the next. But the music is just a little too electronic for my tastes. Still, I would certainly add it to my ‘walking playlist’, for it has a great upbeat tune that would keep me going at a healthy pace! Ah! So you’ve heard of Elizabethan Serenade! David will be chuffed … 😉 Thanks!


          • I use this as incentive while biking, it keeps me pedaling uphill and coasting down! Glad that you gave it a listen and it would be great for you to walk to a different tune once in awhile too! I know that synthesizer music is not for everyone’s taste, but I was hooked long ago and love it still. Now, I must go pedaling and listen to Kebu. Thank-you!!

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  2. It depends on the classical those who like it have their own favourites. In the UK we have classic fm which plays most of the popular classics in the course of a year. Often pop musicians dabble in the classics by that I mean ones with memorable tunes. My own choice is what sticks in the mind , modern classics just sound like musical noise to me, but then a lot of pop passes in one ear and out the other.

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    • I am not much a fan of modern classics, but rather love the old ones, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and others. I listen only to classical or jazz instrumentals when I write, for lyrics hijack my thought processes. Such as they are … 😉


  3. Not my favourite Chicago track but the words themselves are beautiful. I find the tempo runs better in my head. I like quite a bit of classical music but have no fondness for piano suites (there’s not enough room in my lounge).
    A piece that should be classical with visions of the Court of Elizabeth I cavorting or gavotting or whetever they did
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWXB2_n3qzU was surprisingly written in 1951 at the ascension of
    Elizabeth II.

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      • A lot of the classification is historical ; early church chant where the voice is the instrument , then baroque where the tunes are bonded into separate parts perhaps this culminated in JS Bach , later came the great romantic age with the big names Mozart , Beethoven, and later Chopin who excelled in piano masterpieces. Italy brought forth opera which is so popular today and we heard the late great Pavarotti.
        So it was a progression in the course of time as all art always is , indeed nothing that man touches stands still.
        All available on utube today and you can drown in it only surfacing for food and sleep. I smiled yesterday when I saw an ad that said chose from a thousand films and I commented to my wife saying that’s approx one a day for three years—what a life eh!

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    • The words were the reason I chose it. The music is not my absolute favourite either, but in this case, the lyrics are.

      Okay … no piano suites, then, that would cause you to have to knock out a wall in your lounge. Thanks for the link … I really like that … light and uplifting.



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