Your Tax Dollars To Buy Guns …

I think that most of us with reasonably sound minds agreed some time ago that arming teachers, having guns in schools, was just a bad … really bad … idea. Those of us, that is, who believe the purpose of schools is to educate.  Those of us who do not believe the NRA mantra that “a good guy with a gun …”. Those of us who have not fallen prey to the horseshit that has been spewed by the NRA that more guns make for a safer society.

We The People also realize that our current education system is falling into disrepair, that not enough money is allocated to do the job our schools need to do, and since Betsy DeVos became Secretary of Education, money has been diverted away from public schools and into her own pet projects, mainly charter schools that serve very few.

gun-pointingSo, what next, you may ask?  Ms. DeVos is proposing to take more money away from schools and use it to buy guns to arm teachers and staff in schools.  After the Parkland school shooting, students and activists urged the government to implement gun regulations, to make guns harder to get, but instead, Donald Trump who is a boot-licker to the NRA, called for more guns in schools!  A child could tell you this makes no sense.

“I want a hardened school. I would like to see true people with great talent at guns, being adept at guns, of which there is only a percentage of people. You can’t hire enough security guards.”

Oh for Pete’s Sake …

Research has shown that arming teachers or increasing the number of armed guards in schools will not keep students safer and may actually lead to more shooting deaths.

  • Armed personnel would have little chance of stopping a shooter
  • The more guns in schools, the higher the chances of deadly accidents or unintended casualties

In March, a month after the Parkland shooting, the House of Representatives passed the “Students, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act of 2018” that would have authorized grants to train students, law enforcement and teachers to identify the signs of school violence before it occurs.  Sensible legislation, especially given that in the case of the Parkland shooting, there were warning signs that were overlooked or misunderstood.  Such training might have saved the lives of those 17 students and teachers who died that day.  But the bill died in the Senate.

The Department of Education currently controls $1 billion that is set aside for Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grants.  The grants are intended for academic and enrichment opportunities in the country’s poorest schools, and can be used for three specific purposes:

  • Promoting a well-rounded education
  • Improving school conditions
  • Ensuring the effective use of technology

None of these would cover the purchase of guns in my book, but in the mind of Ms. DeVos and her fellow fools, they believe that it would be classified as ‘improving school conditions’.  Oh yes, by all means, more guns floating around in lockers, teachers’ desks, and untrained hands will almost certainly lead to improved school conditions.

I no longer have children in school, but as a taxpayer, parent and a grandparent, I have knowledge and am entitled to my opinion.  Frankly, if I did have a child in a public school that was either arming teachers or hiring armed guards, I would remove my child from that school immediately.

The purpose of schools is to provide education, not to become a firing range.  Money allocated to schools should be spent wisely on hiring excellent teachers, purchasing textbooks, renewing and upgrading equipment, providing materials so that teachers do not have to spend their own money to do so.

For once, Congress was spurred to action and yesterday morning (Thursday), Senator Chris Murphy introduced an amendment to a massive funding bill up for a final vote as soon as Thursday afternoon that would block the Department of Education from allowing school districts using federal funds to purchase firearms.

“I’m introducing legislation today to block the arming of teachers, and I do so knowing that earlier this year, Democrats and Republicans in Congress came together to pass a bill that expressly opposed putting guns in the hands of teachers. Congress doesn’t think this is a good idea. Parents don’t think this is a good idea. Teachers don’t think this is a good idea.”

A voice with some common sense, but Senator Murphy is a democrat.  Will this proposal fly with the republicans in Congress?  I suppose it depends on how strong the link between them and the NRA still is.  The ranking Democrat on the House Education Committee, Representative Robert C. Scott of Virginia, said granting state requests to use federal funds for firearms would be “openly violating the spirit of the law as well as common sense about gun safety.”

“Redirecting that money to arm teachers and school staff will recklessly endanger the safety of both students and educators, while robbing underserved students of the support and opportunity they deserve.”

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said …

“We knew Betsy DeVos would try to do the bidding of the National Rifle Association and the gun manufacturers, but to even consider diverting resources used to support poor kids to flood schools with more guns is beyond the recklessness we believed she was willing to pursue.”

There was a time that this notion would have been laughed off the table and DeVos would have been quickly replaced for even suggesting such a thing.  But then, that was a time when DeVos would never have been given the position she is in.  That was a time when we had a legitimate government that remembered to whom they answered.

36 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars To Buy Guns …

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This sums it up neatly!! … THERE WAS A TIME …
    ‘There was a time that this notion would have been laughed off the table and DeVos would have been quickly replaced for even suggesting such a thing. But then, that was a time when DeVos would never have been given the position she is in. That was a time when we had a legitimate government that remembered to whom they answered.’


  2. All these gun discussions are forgetting something. Those police officers and security guards are just as frightened as the students. Two of them, if I remember correctly, refused to go in that school. If someone trained with a gun is that scared, imagine how those teachers must feel. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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    • Agreed! And the other thing is that in past school shootings, it has been the teachers (unarmed) who saved lives by helping the children to safety. Who’s going to do that if the teachers are busy trying to shoot a moving target that they are not trained to do? It’s a nightmare all the way around, and just about the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard!

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  3. My first question…what think tank supplied Betsy DeVos with this idea? If it was her own brilliant thinking, SHE needs some education! Arming teachers has got to be one of the worst ideas ever, taking money from SSAE grants to buy guns just adds to the insanity! Second question…are these guns loaded & ready worn on a gun belt, left on the desktop or in a drawer? Third question…are all teachers armed, kindergarten through high school? Fourth question…how many students, teachers and other bystanders need to end up dead before Betsy or someone else has a better idea? The potential disasters are unlimited if this plan is implemented! Thank-you!

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    • Betsy DeVos is NOT a great thinker, nor highly intellectual being. She bought her position as Secretary of Education with huge campaign contributions to Trump. Contributions he used to buy the silence of his former playmates. If you remember, she posited some time ago that teachers needed to be armed in case of bear attacks!!! The entire idea of guns in schools is a disaster waiting to happen, and I will argue for a boycott of all schools if it comes to fruition. Hopefully Congress will put the brakes on this one.

      By the way … I have not forgotten about the archives … just been so busy lately that I can barely keep on top of things as they are. It will happen, though. Also … wasn’t it you who suggested the peanut butter to me? I am having a heck of a time finding it here! I found it on Amazon for some ridiculous price like $40 for a couple of jars. I shall keep looking, though!

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      • We now get this peanut butter from and have it sent to the closest store to us for free. It is beyond understanding why it is not found on their store shelves. We have also had it shipped to home, which can be free if you spend a certain amount of money on a purchase. In the summer, we only do the ship to store. Good Luck!

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      • Remember Betsy’s brother is Erik Prince. He founded Blackwater a mercenary group. He is trying to convince tRump to take the efforts in the middle east private. I have no love of our being in all these useless war zones but the military has rules and laws to govern their actions. A mercenary group wont have that. I can see atrocities happening and we will pay a huge price for them. Hugs

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  4. People can barely afford to take care of their kids on two incomes and don’t teach them much of anything useful. Meanwhile technology is raising the standard levels of education, and you want to trust parents who are already overworked to teach their kids?

    Sure…that’ll make us competitive with all the other nations we are already lagging behind.

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  5. I had a dream, but I figured you might delete it, so I erased it myself. Nothing too nasty or violent, but, nah.
    How about just boycotting all public schools, starting before she buys the guns. Keep your kids at home! Don’t put them in a war situation…

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  6. What I’ve often wondered about is this … if they arm teachers, are they going to put them through psychological tests to ensure they are mentally fit? Just because a person has earned teacher’s credentials does not mean they are more stable than anyone else. What happens if a rowdy student finally pushes a highly emotional teacher to a breaking point? Oh, you say, that would surely never happen! Really?

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    • I agree. I remember a math teacher back when I was in school who was easily bullied by his own students. One day they were picking on him so bad he stood there and cried.

      That is not emotionally stable in my book. Now imagine that same teacher with a gun. What if he shoots the rowdy class bullies; what if he commits suicide right there in front of the entire class.

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    • Nan it has already happened. A teacher who had a gun in school had a melt down and fired the gun in the shcool. and then there was the teacher from the Parkland school that had the shooting who said he would be willing to carry a gun in the school. But the teacher couldn’t even control his gun and forgot it in a public bathroom.

      I am totally against arming teachers and staff at schools. Trained security staff like police officers are a different matter, but then history shows it doesn’t stop a shooter. More shooters have been stopped by unarmed teachers than by armed security. Hugs

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      • I wasn’t aware of those cases, Scottie. I wrote a while back about another one … accidental, but still … it wouldn’t have happened if the teacher had not had a gun. It’s going to be an interesting year! Hugs!!!

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      • John we need you to speak out forcefully. When I have talked against arming teachers on some blogs I get a response of “well you are not a teacher and so don’t know what they face”. Your voice will carry more weight. I had some really good caring teachers, I can not imagine them drawing a gun on their student and killing them. Hugs

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        • Scottie, I hear you. However, not sure anyone Stateside wants to listen to a retired Canadian teacher. You don’t have to have teaching experience to weigh in on this issue. It is the business of students, parents, ratepayers, and school staff to weigh in here. Arming teachers is not only silly, it is perverse because it flies in the face of providing an environment conducive to learning. Not all teachers are suited to the classroom because it takes a special person to a great job. Some are there for the wrong reasons and school administrations and school boards suck at screening these people and removing them. These are also the ones who would be first in line to get a gun.

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    • Nope, the plan is to teach them to load, clean and shoot the gun, then turn them loose. You make a very valid point, for teachers often face undue stresses in the classroom, and they are, after all, human. No, they won’t get near the training that law enforcement and the military get. And here’s another thought … teacher is trying to teach and she tosses the gun into a desk drawer, then promptly forgets about it. A knock on the classroom door … another teacher wants to have a word with teacher, so she steps out into the hallway. Dopey teenager, wanting to strut his stuff, rushes to the teachers desk, grabs the gun and jokingly points it at a classmate, but the ‘safety’ is off and he accidentally kills the kid. Just too many things could go wrong, and frankly I want the teachers TEACHING my kid!

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