♫ Pastorale ♫

Okay … most of you weren’t all that enthused when I asked if you liked classical music, so it isn’t destined to become a regular here, but I did want to share one of my favourites, just to give you a taste.  Plus Hugh loves classical.  Give it a listen, if you don’t like it, then I certainly understand and my feelings will not be hurt.

The word ‘pastorale’ refers to something of a pastoral nature in music, whether in form or in mood.  Calming, peaceful.  Beethoven was a lover of nature who spent a great deal of his time on walks in the country. He frequently left Vienna to work in rural locations. He said that the Sixth Symphony, aka Pastorale, is “more the expression of feeling than painting”.

47 thoughts on “♫ Pastorale ♫

  1. Unfortunately when I think ‘Pastoral’ I think ‘Cowpat Music’ (Elizabeth Lutyen’s view I think).
    When I listen to music I put on what I fancy listening to.
    At this precise moment I have ‘The Sound Of Muzak’ by Porcupine Tree on the headphones but half an hour ago it was William Walton’s Viola Concerto.

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  2. Beautiful, you just have to love Beethoven! I’ve always been amazed that this man was able to compose these masterpieces while slowly going deaf, starting in his twenties. I believe that he was completely deaf when the Choral Symphony, the 9th was written…that is my favorite symphony. Thank-you!

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  3. Jillybean … yes, I have this in my collection too. As much as I like his music, and yes, his symphonies are sublime. I like Vivaldi and not just 4 seasons, which is a little over blown, with regard to it’s popularity. I have a collection of all of his work and it’s huge. Mozart too has the trick of hearing sound, he combined into fantastic artwork. Requiem in D minor? Cheers Jamie

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  4. The Beethoven symphonies are perhaps the most well known and loved among famous symphonies , they are all great masterpieces of art but for me number five stands supreme. It defies description and stirs the very depth of my being , where does this music come from ? how could it have ever been conceived ? This brings us to the point about great art it cannot be taught, musicianship can be taught and we have some marvellous interpreters , but creativity is a gift . The religious call it a gift from God , it’s not easy to explain in scientific terms.

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    • I always remember our music lecturer at teacher’s college ( the teaching career didn’t work out, but the music learning part was invaluable ) saying Haydn 100 symphonies, Mozart 40, Beethoven 9; what does that tell you?
      I love the fifth, never want it to end and for a while you think it won’t end…

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    • Ah yes … I love Beethoven’s Fifth also! You’re quite right … the technical aspects, the mechanics of any art, whether painting, writing or music, can be taught, but the creativity and in some cases I would even say ‘genius’ comes from within. A person either has a gift or does not. My granddaughter has a gift for art, even though she has never had any formal training. I took art classes in high school, studied it a bit on my own, and the only thing I can draw is a cracked egg! 😉

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  5. Wonderful music and thanks for sharing!…. I listen to classical music, or a form of it, daily… my favorite orchestra is Andre Rieu… I lean towards Strauss myself and of course my favorite is The Blue Danube Waltz… my favorite song, though not necessarily classical but often played in a classical manner by Andre Rieu is The Last Rose Of Summer… again, thanks for sharing…

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      • I see… well, just a suggestion, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, relax, put your fingers on the keyboard and let your heart do the talking.. 🙂 to quote from Aesop’s Fables “if you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one”.. 🙂

        Have a great day today, and every day!!

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          • I know you like peace, unfortunately there are those that you will not please no matter how hard you try and there are those who wish to make live miserable for people simply because they can, thanks to technology… don’t let them dictate to your heart… 🙂

            “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realize how seldom they do”.. Eleanor Roosevelt

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  6. I have been listening to this symphony — along with the Seventh and the Eighth as well. The man was a genius. I feel sorry for those who don’t take the time to listen to great music. It hath charms, as they say!!!

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    • I love Beethoven, third and fifth symphonies I think are my favourites and alll the piano concertos. He inspired my flash fiction ‘Flashback’ which I put on my blog last week – if the great composers came back what would they think of the way their music is played?

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      • I don’t know that the great composers would be too disappointed in the way their music is interpreted and played. However, I DO think they would be horrified by some of today’s music forms, such as heavy metal, rap, hip-hop, etc! They would likely be in a hurry to return from wherever they came! 😉

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    • Agreed. I was just saying to Suze that it seems the younger generation has not developed a taste for classical music, and I wonder if it will simply die out altogether in another few decades. ‘Twould be a shame.


  7. Jill: I grew up listening to Classical music. Mother an organist, so it was almost preordained. Out of all the compositions I have been exposed to over the years Beethoven’s Pastoral is probably the one I most think of when asked about classical music. it is surreal in its beauty, haunting in it’s simplicity, and moves me beyond tears each and every time I hear it. Thank you for posting this.

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