Jolly Has Gone Astray Again!!!


Missing:  Jolly

Hey guys!!!  Good to see you on this fine Monday morning!  I’m really afraid you’re going to be disappointed, though … I struggled to do this Jolly Monday post all by myself last night, as Jolly has once again run away.  I don’t think he’ll be gone too long this time … I think he just needed to get away from me for a little bit, for I’ve not been in good spirits of late.  Without Jolly by my side, none of the stories I came across from my usual sources seemed at all funny.  I did find a couple that made me laugh, but they were … um … not appropriate for this blog.  ‘Nuff said.  So, I did find some humorous pictures of really dumb things people have done while driving, and I hope you’ll forgive me for an abbreviated and perhaps not very jolly Monday.  I’m pretty sure Jolly will return by next week, though.  So, pull up a chair, grab a treat (?) and a cuppa whatever appeals to you, and … maybe you’ll at least get a chuckle, eh?  Oh … and if you see Jolly anywhere, please tell him I’m sorry and that I need him to come home now!

Oops … I almost forgot Benjamin’s juice box …milk

They walk … er, um … drive amongst us

When I worked at Honda, I had a 30-mile drive each morning north on U.S. 33 from where I lived in Dublin, to the Honda plant in Marysville, Ohio.  The Japanese associates were all about efficiency and hated wasting that half-hour or so just sitting behind the wheel, so they managed to multi-task.  It wasn’t at all unusual to see them shaving or reading the newspaper on their way to work (this was before the day of cell phones).  But there are even bigger fools out there, folks …


Hay now!!!!


Such a good book she just couldn’t put it down!


Hello?  Children’s Protective Services???


At least the pooch has a helmet!




Cop texts while driving?   Hmmmm … do I smell a hypocrisy?


What better place to practice the trumpet, eh?


What, no helmet???  Foolish.


Couldn’t afford a tow truck?


‘Snow laughing matter!


Gotta look nice for da ER doc, eh?

And of course I cannot sign off without a Maxine cartoon for Hugh!  Please share your gorgeous smiles today … we could all use one, so if you have a spare, perhaps you could even send me one?  Keep safe, please, and have a wonderful week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


19 thoughts on “Jolly Has Gone Astray Again!!!

    • You are most welcome!!! I’m so glad to have provided you with a wonderful giggle … on Monday mornings, that is always my goal! The rest of the week, I just give people headaches! No, the craziness is a serious threat to lives, but such human ignorance just never ceases to amaze me! Welcome, by the way!!! Have a great week!

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      • Thank you Jill. That ignorance of the fragility of our lives happens on the roads here in Australia too and it gets my blood boiling. I feel guilty for laughing but can’t help how my funny bone works sometimes. Love reading you blog.

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        • These days, both in my country and yours, we need laughter in our days … no reason to feel guilty … it isn’t as if we are hoping for an accident, or laughing at one. We’re only laughing at the utter inanity of some people. Thank you … I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! 😊

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  1. Dear Jill,

    That Jolly’s gone amok with her snarky snippets.

    I know that I’ve seen all those drivers somewhere. There used to be a time when I would forget my manners to give the proverbial finger to a particularly bad driver but those days are gone. I once had some idiot follow me. I swear I could see his mouth foaming. Fortunately, a truck driver brilliantly cut him off as I made a timely exit.

    It has to get better.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Benjamin is sad about Jolly, and he thinks that you “should not cook alone anymore!” Burnt toast, black bananas, spilled coffee, milk instead of juice do not a breakfast make! Quaker oatmeal is banned because of the high levels of glyphosate that were discovered, especially in his beloved Dinosaur Eggs. Quaker, of course, denies that they are high and stated (via email to me) they are within the limits set by the EPA…that really reassures me…NOT!! We loved the photos and videos, what a foolish group! Maxine and I follow the same diet plan! Benjamin and I are going to go “adventuring” and we’ll be on the look-out for Jolly. Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Ha ha … I KNEW he would have some comments about my treats this morning! In face, don’t tell him, but that was the main reason I did it … to get a rise out of him! Thanks for being on the lookout for Jolly … obviously, humour is not my strong suit and I rely heavily on him 😉


  3. Shaving with an electric shaver is quite common, I gather. But there is a commercial going around on TV where we see a man shaving with shaving cream and a double-edged razor! Our local television station did a special several years ago showing people commuting and doing the most bizarre things. If it didn’t involve others it would be funny. But it does and it isn’t! Thanks for Maxine, as usual. She’s always a winner!

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  4. I love the sight of this huge haystack on the car! 🙂 As for Jolly, he might be here in the Netherlands today: first day of school for our region, all the kids are running around on the school yard, greeting their friends. Jolly might have wanted to come and see all those happy smiling faces. If I see him on my son’s school yard this afternoon, I will tell him to stop playing ball as he is needed at your place 🙂

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    • Oh that’s right … Jolly does love the Netherlands and I remember now that he went their last time he disappeared! Well, as long as he’s home by next Sunday night, I guess I can share him! 😉


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