I Never Run Out Of Snarky Snippets

An update on Mollie Tibbetts’ family …

Two days ago I wrote of Mollie Tibbetts’ murder, allegedly by a Latino who had been in this country for at least four years without legal immigration papers.  I reported that Trump was shamelessly using Mollie’s death to promote his quest for funding for his wall and other border security proposals.  The Tibbetts family, however, is not sitting still for that.

Mollie’s father, Rob Tibbetts, gave her eulogy on Sunday …

“The Hispanic community are Iowans. They have the same values as Iowans…. As far as I’m concerned, they’re Iowans with better food. The person best equipped to help us through this is Mollie. So let’s try to do what Mollie would do. Let’s say what Mollie would say.”

Another relative, Sandi Tibbetts Murphy, released an even stronger statement and placed the blame squarely where it belongs … male entitlement …

“Especially for those of you who did not know her in life, you do not get to usurp Mollie and her legacy for your racist, false narrative now that she is no longer with us. Yes, [Rivera] is an immigrant to this country, with uncertainty to his legal status. But it matters not. [Rivera] is a man who felt entitled to impose himself on Mollie’s life, without consequence. He is a man who, because of his sense of male entitlement, refused to allow Mollie the right to reject his advances — the right to her own autonomy. Mollie was murdered because a man denied her right to say no. Our national discussion needs to be about the violence committed in our society, mostly by men.”

I haven’t heard Trump mention Mollie Tibbetts for a couple of days now … without the support of the Tibbetts family, his plan to politicize Ms. Tibbetts’ death for his own ignoble purposes loses its legitimacy.

Bad news for those with student loans …


Mick Mulvaney

When Trump chose Mick Mulvaney to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget and Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), his choice reflected his ongoing policy of picking the worst possible candidate for the job.  One of his first acts was to fire all 25 members of the CFPB’s advisory board.  Then he refused to request funding for the CFPB.  Earlier this year, for no apparent reason other than a whim, he changed the name and announced that the agency would go by the name “Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection” (BCFP).  Confused yet?  I suspect that was the intent.

In May, Mulvaney ordered a dramatic restructuring of the agency, essentially ending the operations of its student lending office.  Seth Frotman was the student loan ombudsman for the CFPB (I shall continue to call it by its original title, for I am too damn old to play these little acronym games). Mr. Frotman’s job was evaluating tens of thousands of student loan complaints, returning millions of dollars to borrowers, and assisting in lawsuits against for-profit colleges and student loan services.  Mr. Frotman resigned his position yesterday, which I am quite certain did not disturb Mick Mulvaney nor Donald Trump, but it should greatly concern any of us who have or are likely to incur student loan debt.  Mr. Frotman was the guard dog who ensured that students were not defrauded or saddled with unfair, unsubstantiated debt.

Mr. Frotman is not going quietly, however, and his letter of resignation makes clear the abuses by Mick Mulvaney.  The letter is long, but you can read the entire thing by clicking on the link above.  Here are a few excerpts:

Seth Frotman

Seth Frotman

“It is clear that current leadership of the bureau has abandoned its duty to fairly and robustly enforce the law. The current leadership of the Bureau has made its priorities clear—it will protect the misguided goals of the Trump administration to the detriment of student loan borrowers. By undermining the Bureau’s own authority to oversee the student loan market, the Bureau has failed borrowers who depend on independent oversight to halt bad practices and bring accountability to the student loan industry. You chose to leave students vulnerable to predatory practices and deny any responsibility to bring this information to light.”

The elimination of the student lending office means that students who are victims of unfair lending practices when borrowing to pay for their college education no longer have any protection, any recourse.  It is the not-so-humble opinion of this writer that this is yet another way to help the rich get richer (many of Trump’s cronies are lenders) and the poor get poorer.  It is also likely to keep some students from being able to go to college, which as I have mentioned before, I believe is part of this administration’s goal.  A less educated society will fall for the lies, not see through the smoke and mirrors, and kneel in submission to their mighty king Trump.

A bit of good news … um … maybe

North Carolina has voted for a republican in 9 out of the last 10 elections, and Trump won the state by a 3.67% margin in 2016.  I don’t know about you folks, but there is no doubt in my mind that most states’ district maps are gerrymandered, and south of the Mason-Dixon line, heavily drawn to favour the Republican Party.  North Carolina is no exception.north carolina gerrymandered mapYesterday, a federal court struck down North Carolina’s congressional map, calling it an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander.  Score one, right?  Not so fast, Pancho!  We are just ten weeks out from the November mid-terms.  Remember that ol’ saying that “the wheels of justice turn slowly”?

This is the second time this case has come up this year.  In June of this year, the case went to the Supreme Court, who vacated the decision, ordering the district court to retry the case.  Which is what led to yesterday’s decision.  A three-judge panel found that Republican state legislators had violated the First Amendment and the equal-protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment when they drew congressional lines that favored their party. Ten of the state’s 13 House districts are held by Republicans, despite the state’s political competitiveness.

So, what happens next?  The court will appoint a “special master” to draw a remedial map.  Meanwhile, the court gave the North Carolina State Legislature three weeks, until September 17th, to propose their own “constitutionally compliant” map.  The problem of time is obvious, but it is not the only issue.

North Carolina has already held its 2018 congressional primaries.  Try to envision the utter chaos of candidates trying to figure out where their district is, what ground it covers, who their potential constituents are.  And imagine the confusion on the part of the voters trying to figure out what district they are in, who their candidates are, and where the polling places are.  Under the best possible scenario, this has to lead to mass confusion.

And to add one more plot twist, the case may well be appealed to the Supreme Court … again.  Stay tuned for more fun and games, folks.

And thus concludes the bits ‘n pieces for this morning.  Have a wonderful day!Political toonTruth isn't truth

14 thoughts on “I Never Run Out Of Snarky Snippets

  1. Do you ever expect there will be a day when there is nothing from Trump & Friends to snark about? That unicorn appearing in my backyard is probably more likely! The family of Mollie Tibbetts deserve admiration for holding onto their principles during their dark days of sorrow. Seth Frotman also seems to be a man that will not compromise his principles. Such a man is most unwelcome among the Trumpians. Racial gerrymandering is despicable and sadly, not surprising. Snark on! Thank-you!

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    • Well, that day will come, but not in my lifetime, I think. I’m fairly certain that even though he is older than me by about 4 years, he will outlive me, and as long as he lives, he will be front-and-center, as annoyingly obnoxious as he is now. Sigh. And so, I suspect that I will be snarking right up to the day I die. As I said to Miss Goose earlier today … this wasn’t really how I had envisioned spending my “golden years”. But … at least I’m not bored and not atrophying in a rocking chair. Sigh. Hugs to you and Benjamin!


  2. Jill, the only way to stop this President is for people to push back on him and point where he is being inappropriate. Sycophants need to see this more than he does, because he will not change.

    Mulvaney and Trump’s efforts to dismantle the mission of the CFPB is as good an example of Trump’s subterfuge to screw common Americans. The tax Bill is too overt, but the CFPB punishes banks and credit card companies for aggressive and fraudulent lending and sales practices. And, over 95% of the fines repay the people taken advantage of. Republicans hate the CFPB because it works. Americans need to know they are being screwed by Trump on this.

    As for my home state, the last several GOP led General Assemblies have had over five laws ruled unconstitutional from gerrymandering to redistricting to voter restrictions et al. They have used their advantage to cheat. Dems did the same, but I have never seen it so blatant. One of the legislators ripped me a new one when I accused a piece of legislation of being “Jim Crow like” before it was passed. It was eventually ruled unconstitutional. I told the legislator after several unfriendly responses from him “I am a 56 year old white man and former Republican; you and I both know what this bill is all about.

    To me, if you have to suppress the vote to win, that should be telling in and of itself. Keith

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    • The first part of your comment hits the nail squarely on the head. We will not change Trump, but the problem goes deeper than him … it goes to his supporters who refuse to let go of their adoration. In the long run, there is likely little we can do or say that will change their minds, either, but … I think the effects of Trump’s policies will ultimately bring him down. I noted on Sunday that the price at the pump is back up to over $3, food prices are on the rise. Come April, they will see that most all of that extra little bit they saw on their paychecks as a result of the tax bill in December will be owed back to Uncle Sam. And when they go to buy a new car, washing machine or refrigerator … sticker shock! And I still think the stock market, and thus all those 401(k)s and pension plans, is due to take a hit. Unfortunately, it takes this to wake his masses and get them to start grumbling, but it will hurt the rest of us, too.

      CFPB was likely doomed the day Trump took office, since it was formed as a part of Dodd-Frank under Obama, Trump’s arch-enemy. That is of great concern, in my opinion, for the greedy and the wealthy don’t seem to ever learn, and as he destroys Dodd-Frank and the CFPB, we are opening ourselves to the very real possibility of another financial crisis.

      How unprofessional for a legislator to treat a constituent like that! I am floored. I have never received a hateful response to any of my letters, and would come out ready for battle if I did! That is simply not acceptable behaviour. I hope you reminded him who pays his salary? You are right … if you have to cheat in any way, shape or form in order to win, then you are obviously not really winning.


      • Thanks Jill. I shared the legislator’s responses with an attorney who works on behalf of those in need. He asked me to do so, after I described them for him. His comment was telling. He said your emails read like the diplomatic politician and his read like the angered constituent. When he got real ugly, I sent him the final retort. He took great offense as he wrote the bill.

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  3. Dear Jill,
    Your snarky snippets are so right on…The NC court ruling is a reminder of the significance of the court system in the US and also why the political animal Brett Kavanaugh should not be nominated to be the next SCOTUS member.

    The CFPB refusal to deal with consumers ‘ complaints regarding student loans should be part of a democratic AD complaint directed at our younger voters.

    The Tibbetts family words regarding Molly ring so true. We both know that there are too many US male citizens who have this sense of entitlement when it comes to women. This includes the US president.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Many thanks Gronda! Yes, what we need on the SCOTUS is a moderate thinker, but we will not get one from Trump. I suspect the CFPB will cease to exist before long, and that’s why it is unfunded and no attempt has been made to hire a permanent director. The agency was started under Obama as a part of Dodd-Frank, so of course Trump is determined to take a sledge hammer to it. Sigh. Yes, the Tibbetts family have the courage of their convictions and they aren’t falling for Trump’s b.s. Thumbs up to them for that.
      Stay tuned for more snippets!

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