Not a damn thing

As you all know by now, I am a proponent of strict gun laws at the federal level … the sort of gun laws that gives the NRA and weapons manufacturers nightmares. We have just had another mass shooting in this country, and I was debating about whether and how to write about it, when I came across Keith’s excellent post. Why re-invent the wheel, right? Thank you, Keith, for this post. Someday, perhaps, people will clean out their ears and listen to us, eh?


What a surprise, yet another shooting in America. This one occurred in my home town at a place where I have visited. That disappoints me, but is irrelevant. It can happen anywhere in a America and the legislators will do what they tend to do – not a damn thing.

As I was learning of the Jacksonville Landing shooting, I saw three more stories about shootings where I live now. To witness the magnitude of the problem, just count the gun death stories in the news for a month. Gun deaths happen everyday and you know what will be done about them – not a damn thing.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome. It could be said about continuing to do not a damn thing and expecting a different outcome. It is apparent doing little to nothing is not…

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31 thoughts on “Not a damn thing

  1. I need to be honest with not just you, Jill, but with all Americans.


    I think it is some kind of sickness or something, but I read all about the need for gun control every time another mass shooting happens, and the kids from Parkland tried, but they aren’t voters yet, so they are depending on American adults to do something about guns… But what do they get? A lot of complaining, but no action.
    When are the sane people of America going to stand up and be counted? November, in the elections? That hasn’t worked yet. Not even under Obama, who was your best president in years, if not decades, lots of decades! YOUR POLITICIANS ARE WEAK! AND AFRAID! AND MORE INTERESTED IN BEING RE-ELECTED THAN IN ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS YOU NEED TO DO! But you sit and wait, silently, or whining, but never winning.
    UNTIL YOU, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, TAKE DIRECT ACTION, no one will take you seriously. Why should they? They may not all be wolves, but you the people are sheep.

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    • Ahhhh, my friend. You are wrong, but you are right, but you are wrong. We ARE mad enough … at least those of us who are mad at all are mad enough. BUT … those of us who are mad and want real change, are the minority and our voices are not heard these days. Yes, our politicians are weak and more interested in re-election, in their own self-interest than the good of the nation and its people. Yes, Obama WAS our best president in decades, perhaps since FDR, but his hands were tied after his first two years in office.

      What do you suggest we do, Jerry? Fighting violence with more violence is no answer, and really … can you picture me, 67 years old with one foot already in the grave, taking my kitchen knife to the steps of the Capitol building and demanding they draft gun laws NOW? What??? What would you have us do? I don’t know what to do but write and hope that somebody reads it. None of us know what to do but vote a new crew in and hope they are better than the last.

      We’re tired and we feel that we have no voice in our government. We’re doing the only things we know how to do.


      • And that IS the trouble, Jill, you have forgotten what the first Ameticans were, revolutionaries. They revolted against England, and they won your freedom. But now that freedom has been lost, and you don’t know what to do about it.
        As much as it may seem like it, I am not preaching violence. I am a pacifist. But I am preaching civil disobediance, doing whatever it takes to disrupt the lives of those who believe themselves in power. Take that power away from them. Some things msy cause havoc, like shutting down the electric grid, but I would save that one as plan C, or even plan D. But you must have hackers on your side, hack the web and shut it down for a few days, and do it again and again, 1 day longer each time. Block major traffic routes, particularly in D.C., and particularly around the White House, Congress, and the Senate. Shut down anything the Trum-Pets use to communicate, especially Twitter. Shut down the FOX Network. Boycott every NRA supporter…

        Really, Jill, do whatever it takes. You’ve got some very good minds on your side. ORGANIZE. BRAINSTORM. ACT. MAN-UP. ACT.
        But do something. Please, Do something.


  2. You need to get Republicans out and Democrats in with the hope that they won’t be tainted by the NRA too. Then maybe some legislation can be enacted to lessen the amount of guns in private ownership and make it harder for anyone new to own one. It seems Dodge City is anywhere now.

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    • I think there are only a couple of Democrats who have accepted NRA money, though I haven’t looked into it since maybe a year ago. But the bottom line here is that even with a democratic majority in Congress, gun regulation is an uphill battle, for the vast majority of citizens in this country are obsessive about their right to own guns. Not just a pistol at home for self-protection. No … that is not sufficient for them. They want the right to own as many of whatever type of gun they want, including assault weapons that were never ever intended for civilian use, but only for the military. They interpret the 2nd amendment to be an unlimited “right” with no accompanying responsibilities. And if a democratic Congress could by some miracle get some sensible gun legislation passed, the current “president” would refuse to sign it, so it would have to be veto-proof, meaning a 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate. Sigh.

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    • My pleasure, Keith. Sigh. I know what you mean. I am tired of it and was so dreading to even start on a piece about this one, but knew I couldn’t just be silent, either, so I was truly chuffed when I saw your post. Perhaps we can take turns … you get odd numbered weeks and I’ll take even numbered weeks. 😦


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