Letter from Newtie!

Yesterday afternoon, as I was flipping through my AOL spam folder to make sure nothing had gotten in there that shouldn’t have, I came across an email from, of all people, Newt Gingrich!  For my non-U.S. friends, Newt represented the State of Georgia in the House of Representatives from 1979 to 1999, and was Speaker of the House for his last four years in office.  Since Trump took office last year, Newt has hung on his coattails and is yet another of Trump’s bootlickers, although he seems to have no official capacity within the administration.

I was fairly excited to see that he had emailed me, for I was a bit stressed and needed a good laugh, which I was sure anything coming from a republican politician would provide.  Here is the text of the letter …


Fellow Conservative,

I have alarming news. This year, Senate Democrats have built a substantial fundraising lead over Republicans. Democrats are strategizing ways to use their fundraising advantage to bombard Republican candidates with attack ads on television, radio, and online.

With only 3 days until the August fundraising deadline, we don’t have much time to catch up.

Unless we take immediate action, Republican Senate candidates in battleground states will not have the resources needed to respond to negative and misleading attacks from the left. Donate today and a generous group of donors will quadruple-match your contribution.

Liberal elites are throwing everything they have towards winning races in battleground states. There is a real possibility that Republicans could lose the majority in the Senate and Chuck Schumer could take over as Majority Leader. If this happens, this would be disastrous for President Trump’s agenda. Please contribute now to stand with Senate Republicans as they fight to stop Schumer and the liberal establishment from taking over.

Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and all of their cronies are utilizing every underhanded tactic available to prevent President Trump from accomplishing his plans for Making America Great Again.

It’s crucial that we have the resources to respond to deceptive attacks from the left. Otherwise, Democrats could sway public opinion towards their side, and President Trump’s Majority could be lost.

Defeating Democrats and securing our Republican Majority will require all of us doing our part. Make a Quadruple-Matched Donation today!

Chip in $250 immediately >>>

Chip in $100 immediately >>>

Chip in $50 immediately >>>

Chip in $25 immediately >>>

I hope you will help us fight back against relentless attacks from the left and achieve conservative victories in this year’s midterm elections.

Thank you,

Newt Gingrich


And I shall now reply to Uncle Newtie …

Dear Newt (I hope you don’t mind that I do away with formalities here),

First of all, I think your information machine needs to go to the shop for repair, or perhaps even be replaced, for whoever told you that I am a “fellow conservative” was dead wrong.  I am, if you insist that I must have a label, a democratic-socialist.  I used to be fairly moderate, but you guys have pushed me far to the left.

I have news for you … Democrats do not need to do a whole lot of work or be particularly devious in order to out-fundraise you republicans.  People are fed up with you guys.  People are willing to give ‘til it hurts to ensure that the sycophants in Congress are sent packing in November.  You guys had a chance to do something good.  You had an opportunity to rise above the trash in the White House and stand for the people you represent.  Instead, every republican in Congress with the occasional exception of the late Senator McCain, sold out our country, failed to stand for doing the right thing, and chose instead to lick the boots of the man whose stench is so bad it crosses oceans.  And that, dear Newt, is why people are donating more to the democrats than the republicans.

Republicans in battleground or any other states don’t need money to win the election so much as they need something that not a one of them has:  integrity.  Sorry, old chap … money cannot buy integrity, it cannot buy respect.  You guys have lost our respect with your constant barrage of lies and your blind support of Donald Trump.

Yes, if democrats win a majority in Congress, we will certainly do everything in our power to put the brakes on Trump’s ignoble agenda.  First on the agenda will be to reinstate environmental regulations, for we rather like having clean air to breath, clean water to drink, and a home that is capable of sustaining life.  Second, we will begin working on serious sensible gun regulations to try to ensure that our children can go to school safely, and be taught by teachers who teach, rather than having to play armed guard.  Other issues on the agenda are: to confirm only people who are qualified for the job for which they are being considered and, in the case of the Supreme Court Justice, are very moderate, non-partisan judges; to protect the investigation by Robert Mueller and his team from the whims of the madman in the Oval Office; to consider a repeal of the tax bill that was passed in December that has cut revenue to a critical point such that our national debt and deficit are inevitably going to spiral out of control soon.  You will notice that I did not mention “impeachment”.  That is not the plan at this time, though I wish it were, but we are smart … smarter by far than you give us credit for, and we realize we could not remove the clown from office just yet.

Trump’s agenda was never going to “make America great again” by any stretch of the imagination.  His agenda was only going to “make the wealthy wealthier” and to hell with all the rest of us.  In order to get and keep the backing of his 40% or so base, he has proven he is willing to give them what they want … a white, Christian, straight society with no room for those of us who are different in any way. Thus far, not a single thing he has done has been to the benefit of the average citizen.  Not. One. Single. Thing.  His agenda needs to be toasted until it is naught but ashes.  He is in the process of selling the soul of this nation for his own enrichment … and yours.

As regards your request for a donation, first of all, you are barking up a dead tree, and secondly, I wouldn’t contribute to the evil that has become the GOP if I did have money to spare, for the reasons noted above.  I’m sure your wealthy donors, as well as your bedfellows in the NRA will be more than happy to continue shelling out money for your agenda, since it benefits them.  It does not benefit me, or frankly anybody I know, and I am appalled on a daily basis by the shenanigans you guys are pulling.  It’s time to stop the madness.


Jill Dennison

P.S.  Your book on Pearl Harbour was very good, as was the one on Gettysburg.  Perhaps you should have stuck with writing historical novels and stayed out of politics?

22 thoughts on “Letter from Newtie!

  1. Newt… is that really a name… his name? I looked up newt and its a salamander, some toxic or extremely poisonous. Maybe it fits, I dunno. What I DO KNOW is I love your response to “uncle” Newtie! 🙂

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  2. This letter would be from one Newton Gingrich of sterling character, who worked zealously to impeach Clinton…while conducting an affair with the woman that became the third wife, while still married to the second?! Also, the same Fig Newton that left being Speaker of the House under a bit of a shadow? But to his dubious credit, after successfully assisting Trump into the presidency, wants to maintain the GOP control of Congress to insure the Make America Great Again plan continues. Such a devoted servant begging for contributions, at least there are those generous donors willing to quadruple-match donations…0 x 4 = 0!!!! Wonderful response! Thank-you!

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    • You got it … the very same one!!! His morals match that of the ‘man’ he is slavishly devoted to, don’t you think? I believe he has been through 3 wives, last I heard. Glad you liked my snarky response! 😉


  3. Jill, well written response. It makes you feel better, but ol’ Newt won’t see it. Your best hope is to make a staff member think. Yet, more powerfully, you have provided words to influence with others.

    Newt is a great example for Donald when hubris gets in the way. Newt’s own party ousted him as Speaker as his come-uppance. At some point, Trump’s past embarassing, fraudulent and criminal behaviors will reveal themselves as a liability to his party and country. Keith

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    • Agreed that he won’t likely ever see it, but … I had fun with it. Sometimes I have to allow myself a bit of humour to dispel the gloom, y’know? You’re right about Newt’s past history, and he shares the same set of morals as The Donald, too! Last I knew, he had finished with wife #3, and had affairs on all three. What a great bunch we have governing our nation, yes?


  4. Great response. Now, let’s copy it and send it to every boot-licking, butt-sucking trump supporter across the USA. In my own little world (Florida) trump and desantis are firing up the BS with desantis, the Republican nominee, tweeting that Gillum, our African-American Democratic candidate for governor will “monkey up the works” if elected. Jill, this is going to be an ugly race here in Florida. I am already fuming and it’s only begun.

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    • Thanks!!! Hmmm … there’s an idea … I was just having fun and didn’t really consider sending it to anyone, but … I must ponder on this one! Yes, I saw DiSantis’ comment a while ago and was enraged by it. You’ll likely see a post about it before long. Gonna be a long 10 weeks, my friend. Better stock up on those beans!

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  5. Excellent. I get fund raising letters from Trump himself. Probably because I’ve sent many letters officially to him complaining about him and his treasonous agenda. Must have gotten me on a “He Writes To Trump; He Must, Therefor, Love Trump” list. It is interesting to see how the other side thinks in terms of campaign fund raising. I find it to be quite repugnant.

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    • Yes, I get the ones from Trump also … I think it’s from the time I sent him a copy of Dr. Seuss’ “Yertle the Turtle” and told him he could learn from it, and that if the words were too big for him to read, perhaps Kellyanne could read it to him. 😉 I had fun with that one! But Trump’s letters just serve to make me angry, whereas some of the others make me laugh. They are all quite repugnant, but I figure it’s fair game to have a bit of a joke at their expense if they are going to clutter up my mailbox! 😀

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