Modern Day Slavery.

Early this morning, I wrote a short piece sharing my angst over the fact that I have been so wrapped up in writing about U.S. politics that I had missed a couple of very serious issues that deserved attention. At that moment, tired and sad, I saw this as an egregious failure on my part. Our friend David, however, one of the greatest humanitarians I know, picked up that ball and ran with it, writing of one of the issues I had let fall through the cracks: the slave trade on the African continent. Please take a few moments to read David’s enlightening and informative post, for the first step in solving this humanitarian crisis is awareness, and far too many of us are unaware what goes on outside our own corner of the world. Thank you, David, for bringing our attention to this massive atrocity.


Eritrea is a small African country in the North East or Horn of Africa. It’s Capital is Asmara. After the Second World War Eritrea was taken away from the Italians and administered by the British until 1952. At that time the UN General Assembly voted to make Eritrea self governing but tied to Ethiopia it’s larger neighbour for a period of ten years. In 1962 the Government of Ethiopia annulled the agreement and tried to annexe Eritrea bringing about armed resistance from the Eritreans and they proved to be difficult to defeat. In 1991 after almost 30 years continual warfare Eritrea got it’s wish. Or did it? It became a one party state under the EPLF which later became the People’s Front for Democracy. In itself, if this didn’t make me laugh I’d have to cry. National  legislative elections have been postponed time and again.

The Government of Eritrea has…

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4 thoughts on “Modern Day Slavery.

  1. Dear Jill,

    Thank you for sharing David’s post. Today, 8/31/18 Reuters did cover the fact that Russia is working on a deal with Eritea for port access. Saudi Arabia is also investing in Eritea. Neither country is likely to demand human rights’ improvements.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful compliment Jill. It means a lot coming from someone as devoted to the World as you are. I hope perhaps a few eyes are opened that didn’t know this story and perhaps someone somewhere may be able to do something about it.

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    • I speak the truth, my friend, but you are most welcome. I sent your post to Rob (he is not on WordPress) and he was so grateful … as he said to me, “If everyone would just care a little bit, it would make so much difference.” All we can do is care and share.

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