I Have A Better Idea!

political toon.jpgIn December, Trump signed into law an ignominious tax bill that gave massive tax cuts to the wealthy, and the peanut shells that were left over were tossed downwind to the working class.  Those of us who have brains and use them to occasionally think, screamed “FOUL”, not because we are not gaining a benefit, but because these ‘donor tax cuts’, are absolutely certain to raise the federal debt as well as the deficit to unprecedented levels.  That, for those who wonder, is an extremely untenable situation.  We reminded Congress that, just like your household budget, the goal is to increase revenue, not decrease it!  We argued that this would give a huge boost to the already-wealthy, and would ultimately hurt the little guy – US!

Well, I don’t want to say, “I told you so!!!”, and so I won’t … but I just did.  The announcement came yesterday: Trump told Congress he was canceling government pay increases scheduled for next year.  Now mind you, this is not the high-paid, alread-in-the-top-1% gang whose pay is being frozen.  Oh no! No, the wealthy directors, secretaries and members of Congress are fine, as is Trump himself.  (And no, don’t fall for the “but, he donates his pay b.s.) This is your mail carrier, the person who scans your luggage at the airport, the nice lady who takes your Social Security application.  This is the nurse that is taking care of your dad in the V.A. hospital. This would affect some two million people!  These are the people who must sacrifice their paltry annual 2.1% increase (that amounts to an average of $850 per annum) so that Trump can give million dollar tax cuts to his wealthy cronies who have millions and even billions of dollars in their investment portfolios!

It becomes painfully obvious that Trump has no viable financial advisors, else he would have realized from the beginning that the budget was in trouble when he reduced revenue last December.  And now, he has no qualms making up that deficit from the people who are making a small percentage of what he makes?

“We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a fiscally sustainable course, and Federal agency budgets cannot sustain such increases.”

trump-golfIn 2017, inflation was 2.1%, and in 2018 thus far, it is at 1.9% and likely to climb higher by the end of the year. Oh, but the budget can sustain all of Trump’s golf weekends and campaign rallies? Let’s look at some other ways the tax cuts might be offset instead of punishing the working class …

  • $26.98 million for flights to Mar-a-lago
  • $13 million for security at Mar-a-lago
  • $8.48 million for flights to Bedminster, New Jersey, for golf games
  • $103,000 for golf carts for the Secret Service (note that this cost goes to Trump’s company)
  • $3.4 million for Palm Beach law enforcement during Trump visits
  • $155,000 for police, fire & emergency services for each and every campaign rally
  • $147 million for personal travel

In addition to Trump’s, Melania’s and Barron’s protection by the U.S. Secret Service, Don, Jr. and Eric also receive protection at a cost of approximately $230,000 per month, or $2.8 million per year. And Trump was considering an ego trip military parade at a cost of $92 million, until his financial advisors told him “NO”!  And he wants to build a useless wall on the U.S.-Mexico border that would cost upward of $67 billion!  Yes, billion, as in more than everybody reading this post combined will ever see in a lifetime.  Billion as in … you and I cannot begin to imagine what it would even look like.  Billioin, as in numbers that Donnie Trump sneezes at … unless it is coming out of his own pocket.

My best guess is that Trump had this planned from the beginning of the year, ever since the tax bill passed and he was told the revenue reduction would need to be offset by reductions in spending.  He signed a 2.6% pay raise for troops into law as part of a larger military spending package earlier this year.  Oh yes, must keep the military strong, and to heck with everybody else.

The possible good news is that Congress has the final say and the authority to override Trump’s decision.  Unions representing government workers are begging them to do so, as should we be.  If you aren’t certain whether to contact your member of Congress over this, compare these two table settings:

And while we’re at it … let’s cut spending for those rich cabinet members!  They truly do not need to jet-set all about the world, but next time they feel the urge to, let them pay for their own travel expenses.  We, after all, have a budget to think of.

Congress needs to put a stop to this … pronto!  Will they?  Time will tell, but I’m not particularly trusting of them, for this wage freeze doesn’t affect them, and they could vote themselves a raise anytime, and no doubt Trump would sign it.  Plus, remember that this is the wealthiest Congress in the history of the nation."But we can't afford to increase the minimum wage if we're going to increase the maximum wage!"

21 thoughts on “I Have A Better Idea!

    • @hirundine608, one of the things that has been proven to work in situations where immigrants are fleeing their countries is to fix the reason why they are fleeing. It has been done before by the US. We provided Columbia with support , arms, and money to fight the drug cartels and it worked. If we want stability in this hemisphere we must invest in helping the poor nations over run by gang / drug gang violent. Remember an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. Hugs

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      • Exactly … there was a dose of sarcasm there … The bankers continue their unfeeling pursuit of resource. Making it impossible for “we the people” to live in peace. The thing to remember is, that the gang/drugs are run by the same bankers. They just make sure they are insulated. It is a racket. War is a racket … BTW Colombia is still the major exporter and global supplier of cocaine. Afghanistan under the US is still the major supplier of opiates. BTW it is Colombia not Columbia. Cheers Jamie

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        • Thanks, I missed the sarcasm, it went right over my head. I would love to see our country put some serious time and money into helping the Central American countries. It is the right thing to do and it works. But I doubt we could even get a 1/3 of the people to agree to the idea of helping others when our government is trying so hard to take everything from the lower incomes and give it to the higher ones. Be well. Hugs

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  1. Jill, the deficit has been climbing all year and will pass $1 trillion next fiscal year. The $21 trillion debt was projected to increase to $31 trillion BEFORE the tax cut. The tax cut added $1.5 trillion and the two spending bills even more. This is malfeasance in my view.

    The tax savings benefits the wealthy, so why not punish 2 million wage earners (and voters). Adding the ACA premium increases he and the GOP Senate caused in separate actions (moreso than they otherwise would have been), the attack on food stamps and Medicaid and it is very clear that Trump and the GOP don’t really care about the people in and just above poverty. By the way, those federal workers have family and friends and all are spread throughout the country, meaning their ability to influence is pervasive. This should give those GOP candidates pause. Keith

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    • This is the very epitome of malfeasance, my friend. What would be saved by this wage freeze would not make a drop in the deficit budget. But … wait … I have a novel idea? What if we made the wealthy pay the same percentage of their income in taxes that the average wage earner pays? Then we might be able to reduce the deficit. No, Trump cares not one whit for any but his wealthy cronies and his own pocket. I can’t help but wonder how much he has profited financially from his presidency. A bundle I’m betting. Let us hope that Congress can put aside their differences long enough to stop him from this abomination. I do wish I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, but right now, I’m afraid I really don’t. Not until the 35% – 40% wake up and smell the coffee.

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      • Jill, your inclusion of the President’s travel costs is pertinent. Then you layer in the nice things and trips that his cabinet has paid for with our money leading to some who have departed or may eventually. The swamp creatures are running the show. Keith

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        • You know one that galls me the most? Junior and Eric travel frequently on business for Trump’s business … all over the world! And we pay … perhaps not their travel costs, but we pay for the Secret Service to tag along and protect them so they can go earn daddy some more money. WHY??? Let them hire their own security detail! Or reimburse the federal government from Trump Industries coffers!

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  2. Dear Jill,

    That stock market that looks great will eventually be faced with a correction that’s cyclical. It’s being built on a house of cards, not a solid foundation. Then let’s see what those wealthy folks say then.

    We all know why the president is pushing for setting the capital gains tax to the rate of inflation. This is a tax cut that would benefit him big time.

    As for his scrooge attitude towards the federal workers’ pay raises, he at least gave them warning before they and their family members vote in November.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Gronda, your last point is an important one. Many of those federal workers reside in Virginia, a state Republicans must hold to maintain control of the U.S. House of Representatives. After they swept the state following the 2010 midterms with a slew of far right-wing candidates, the pendulum has since shifted back towards Democrats. Trump’s cancelling of federal pay increases couldn’t come at a worse time for GOP congress members trying to get reelected this November, and it reflects both his naivete and his blunt and blind approach to politics.

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    • That is exactly what I was just telling Larry … no way the market can sustain its current level, for there is no solid foundation. I wonder how those people who are using the DOW for their measuring stick are going to feel when it tumbles? Who will them blame then? Obama?


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    • Hello Larry. Remind your friend that all the experts say the market is way over due for a correction. When that happens it wont be the biggest getting hurt the worst but all the smaller ones who can least weather the hit. Hugs

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    • Y’know … as much as I hate to see it, for it is going to hurt us ALL, I am going to laugh at people like your friend and a few of my own friends who are using the market as their measuring tool. Because it is going to go down … possibly way down. And meanwhile, let them see what they are paying at the pump and in the grocery, while their 401(k)s and retirement plans lose half of their value. Sigh. The market cannot sustain the level it is now … it has no solid foundation. Surely these rich people have enough sense to understand how this works?

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  3. Great post. Did you read that tRump wants to give another big tax cut to the wealthy before the midterm election? Yes he wants to set the capital gains tax to the rate of inflation. He thinks he can do it with out congress approval and it will benefit only the wealthiest. Basically now if you buy something for $100 and then sell it a couple years later for $1000 you pay tax on $900. They want to change that so if you buy it at $100 and then when you sell it you can claim inflation made the $100 into $400 so if you sell for $1000 you owe tax only on $600. It saves the wealthy and corporations millions and billions. Hugs

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