Only in America …

As I scrolled through the evening news last night, I came across story after story that had me shaking my head and saying, “Only in America”.  Not, mind you, in a good way.  So, after about the third one, I decided to compile them all into this post. Turned out I couldn’t fit them all into a single post, so there may be a follow-up … who knows?  I have a backlog …

Does he or doesn’t he believe in climate change science???

CulbersonJohn Abney Culberson is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the State of Texas.  He is a republican … go figure.  He is a climate-change denier who claims that scientists have falsified data and that “the liberal obsession with climate change… is driven by their desire to raise more money for the government”.

Compared to Trump’s nearly half-million dollars spent from campaign funds buying the silence of his former paramours, Mr. Culberson’s improper expenditure of a mere $50,000 might seem like next to nothing, but a crime is a crime, and the hypocrisy in this one is truly astounding.  The expenditures in question include books, coins, Civil War memorabilia and other collectibles … nobody is quite sure how these were needed for his campaign.  It is well known that Culberson has a personal interest in collectibles and antiques, but he denies that these items were purchased to add to his collection.  Instead … guess what his reasoning is?  According to the Houston Chronicle …

“Culberson’s aides explained the purchase as research material on paleo-climatology, a subject that would help him understand climate science for his position on an appropriations subcommittee that oversees the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They said the materials helped give him a better understanding of the changing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

But … but … I thought he didn’t believe in climate change?

Only in America

A really bad move that will probably win him votes …


Ron DeSantis/Andrew Gillum

In Tuesday night’s Florida primary elections, Ron DeSantis won the Republican Party nomination for the office of governor, and Andrew Gillum won the Democratic Party nomination.  Andrew Gillum is African-American, a fact that I mention only because of what happened after the election.

“The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. That is not going to work. That’s not going to be good for Florida.” – Ron DeSantis

A word.  A single word turned this statement from a typical hot-air bit of political rhetoric into an ugly, racist remark.  Members of both parties, as well as Fox News spoke out against DeSantis’ comment.  The NAACP Florida State Conference responded to DeSantis, calling comparisons to monkeys “by far the best-known racist references to African Americans in our national folklore.”

So, perhaps racist remarks by politicians are not exclusive to the United States, but the fact that the president of the nation defended the remarks and that he will likely gain voters for his remarks is, I think, unique.

Trump said he didn’t hear DeSantis’ racial slur, but then praised him as being “an extreme talent” and criticized Gillum, calling him a “failed Socialist Mayor”.

Only in America

Are you sure you were born?

U.S. citizens – people who were born in this country and have the official birth certificate that proves it – are being denied their rights to obtain a passport, and not only that, but their very citizenship is in question.  Even worse, some citizens are being refused entry to their country of origin, the country the were born in! In some cases, passport applicants with official U.S. birth certificates are being jailed in immigration detention centers and forced into deportation proceedings.

passportWHY, you ask?  Because this is part of Trump & Co’s effort to reduce both legal and illegal immigration, and the State Department claims that “the U.S.-Mexico border region happens to be an area of the country where there has been a significant incidence of citizenship fraud.”  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Guess what, Mr. Michael Pompeo, head of the State Department?  I would rather let 100 immigrants in than to abuse a citizen … or anyone … in this manner.  In my book Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump both earn a ZERO rating on human rights issues!

(Sorry, folks … my blood boiled for a minute there)

Only in America

Alternative Reality?

In January 2017, KellyAnne Conway, some sort of assistant to Donald Trump, though none of us have figured out quite what her role is other than to put her feet on the furniture and dress funny, coined the phrase ‘alternative facts’, when referring to the paltry number of people that attended the inauguration of Donald Trump.  It has become rather the Orwellian buzzword, the joke of the day every day, ever since.  Then we saw evidence of an alternative vocabulary, where up was down, good was bad, red was green, and so forth.  Today, though, I believe we are seeing an ‘alternative reality’.

On September 20th last year, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico … hard!  It is on record as being the worst natural disaster to hit the island in all of recorded history.  The storm caused at least $90 billion of structural damage; the power grid was destroyed, leaving millions without electricity; neighborhoods were flooded; communication networks were down; over 1 million people had no drinking water; 93% of roads were impassible; infrastructure was heavily damaged, more than 60,000 homes were destroyed or heavily damaged, and the list goes on.

Keep in mind that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, and its residents are U.S. citizens.  Yet, response and aid from the U.S. to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Maria was slow … it was nearly two weeks after the storm before the first official U.S. aid arrived on Puerto Rico’s shores.  Trump made a visit in early October 2017 and made a virtual ass of himself by throwing rolls of paper towels to people who were suffering from a lack of food, electricity, potable water, had lost their homes, and in some cases their loved ones.  But yesterday he went one better …

trump paper towelsFor a long time, the death toll was officially recorded at only 64, though we all knew it was much higher, but there were a number of reasons it could not be accurately tallied.  This week, the official death toll is 2,975 people as a direct or indirect result of Hurricane Maria.  Some of those deaths would likely have been prevented with more and speedier assistance from the U.S.  But take heart, for Donald Trump says we did great.

“I think we did a fantastic job!” said he to … whomever believes hisbullshit.

We did a terrible job.  Too little, too late, and for too short a time.  We should be hanging our heads in shame, apologizing to the residents of Puerto Rico.  Donald can toot his horn, but ain’t nobody buyin’ it.

Only in America

Yeah, I know we are not the worst.  Many nations’ human rights violations should give us nightmares, many countries use and abuse their citizens far worse than we do.  No, we are not the worst.  But I’ve got news for you … we are far from being the best.  We are far from being even as good as we once were.  And we are getting worse by the day.  Think about it.

48 thoughts on “Only in America …

  1. Yes, all this is happening, BUT so is the pushback, the outrage, the calls for a more just society based on our ideals. We have fallen short of those ideals for two centuries, let’s not forget slavery, Jim Crow, the treatment of Japanese and Chinese people, and so on, in the past. It’s time for a renewal of the American spirit.

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    • The pushback is there, but the divisiveness in this nation concerns me … it seems possible that we are going to destroy ourselves from within before there can be any sort of renewal of the American spirit!


  2. As soon as I read the title of this post, my mind went to the 1963 song of the same title…”Only in America”! If anyone remembers…the song was written by lyricists,Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, for The Drifters as an anti-racist composition. The recording company Atlantic Records would not release it by The Drifters, probably out of fear of negative publicity. Two of the verses originally read…”Only in America, land of opportunity, can they save a seat in the back of the bus for me. Only in America, where they preach the golden rule, will they start to march when my kids want to go to school.” The two lyricists were joined by two others and the verses were “cleaned up” with a positive spin and given to Jay and the Americans for recording and release. I don’t believe it was ever released with the original lyrics, but you can find The Drifters version and it is the best. My propensity for loquacity is on a tear, SORRY! To address this post…Trump and his pathetic supporters in the GOP are hell bent on destroying everything that was or could be great about America. We are back in the 1960’s, but not the great parts. Only in America, indeed! Thank-you for your excellent reporting of these sorrowful events.

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    • As always, I enjoy your propensity for loquacity and I learned something I never knew! Yes, it feels like we are back in the ’60s, but with no Martin Luther King, no Stokely Carmichael, no Malcolm X. We have only a nation of people who are too convinced that their pink skin makes them superior. Sigh. Thanks for the info about the song … I will check it out as soon as I finish with comments!

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  3. Dear Jill,

    The Desantis story has me fuming. He cannot claim to be a clone of President Trump while not having racist leanings. He has been on FOX TV numerous times and so he can’t claim nervousness. He’s been caught with his pants down

    I worry because I like Andrew Gillum and I voted for him, but there is no way that the republicans en masse won’t be gunning for him. This is going to be a rough ride.

    In my mind, how the president has treated Puerto Rico and our fellow American citizens who live there, has been despicable and reflective of his racist attitude. He is planning to cut off the living allowance for many who have been living in Florida after escaping the hardships of Puerto Rico. He’s worried about their votes because as US citizens, their votes can and do count. Oops!

    Rep. Culberson is just one more corrupt GOP official who has sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver.

    This GOP attack on immigrants who are US citizens needs to end.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Let us hope that Andrew Gillum’s nose is clean and he has no skeletons in his closet for the DeSantis camp to dig up and use against him. I am so sick of the GOP brand of politics, sick of wondering every single day what dirty little tricks they have up their sleeves. I hope … really, really hope that they get their comeuppance in November. Wouldn’t it be funny to have about 2 republicans in the House and 433 democrats? 😀


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  4. It reminds me of The Jim Jones thing years back but maybe a million fold over again. I sincerely hope they all follow him over the cliff that will surely come someday…war, total environmental degradation, race and religious wars to name a few…
    We can only hope the rest of us can hang on before we are dragged over too, by any threads of decency that remain.

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    • Yes, your sentiments mirror my own … many these days use the phrase from the Jim Jones cult, “drinking the Kool-Aid”, for that is what it seems Trump’s loyal followers have done … drunk some potion that allows them to see or hear nothing but him, and as he beckons, they follow. This, too, shall pass, but not without a lot of pain and angst, I think.

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  5. Well, at least while making me read about Trumpton you only showed one small picture of him. I’m grateful because I shall be having lunch in less than half an hour and it’s a waste just to throw up. I’ve just been reading about the pay rises he wants to stop for 2 million people, I do hope that’s 2 million less votes he’s earned.

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    • Hah! I swore a while back that I would not use his picture on my posts anymore, but here I went and broke my own rule! Hope the picture didn’t spoil your lunch! I, too, hope those 2 million use their votes to protest. As … I think it was Gronda … said, at least he gave them fair warning so they can use their vote as their voice of protest in November.

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  6. Well, friend (?) Trump was in Evansville yesterday! I always try to stay away from E’vv traffic and yesterday was no exception, but even my cousin, poor soul who likes the above mentioned person, refused to brave the traffic this time! UN-usual to say the least.
    How ya doin’, Jill? I haven’t been around for a while. Can’t find much to laugh about lately so just keeping my mouth shut for a change.

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    • Hello old friend!!! I was thinking about you just the other day and realized it had been far too long since I’ve heard from you! I hope that the “can’t find much to laugh about lately” is a result only of the political climate, and not an indicator of your personal situation? I am doing fine … keeping busy as usual. But how are YOU? Keeping you in my thoughts, my friend (and there is no question mark after ‘friend’!)


      • My question mark was aimed at Trump, the “friend” of, well, not really sure which country any more. Didn’t the Russians reject him after a few sessions? Not keeping up with much of anything lately.
        Actually I’m going thru some personal rough spots lately, some family related (the worst kind to have), most making me wonder if I actually have family any more. Okay, I’m seriously depressed! Ready to just drop off the planet if there was a way to do it without making any personal effort. That sounds like the ultimate in laziness, but actually the MS is acting up and getting to me right now. Happens once in a while every few years — the getting to me part. I’m used to the MS after living with it for 64 years. Still don’t like it much and would happily send it into orbit if I knew how, and not just my own personal version of it. Maybe just plain tired — doing more than I should, having Anthem deny the therapy I needed to keep my energy level high enough to function. Thanks to having the PT and OT denied four times this year I have lost so much ground that I’m too tired to fight it or even care any more. Just racing the clock to make all of the items I want to make for friends and cousins before the inevitable, dealing with partial blindness, occasional paralysis, choking, inability to swallow, loneliness, etc.
        Sorry Jill. I only dump on people I consider friends, so welcome to an exclusive club! Now I’m gonna try to delete most of this drivel before it goes out.

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        • First off … never apologize, my friend. If I didn’t want to know how you were doing, I would not have asked. Unfortunately, I don’t have any magic words to take your pain, either physical or emotional, away. But, what I do have is an ear that is always open, a shoulder that is broad enough, a heart that is filled with compassion, and a genuine caring for my friends. I knew of your MS, of course, but was not aware you had it for so long! You have my admiration for keeping your sense of humour and hanging in after all you have been through, and are still going through.

          Family troubles are the pits! I do hope those can be straightened out soon. And I can’t understand why Anthem is denying your PT, OT and additional therapy! I’m wondering if you might need to contact SSA and see what they advise? There must be groups out there that help fight these things.

          I do seriously care about you, my friend. My email is, and I would love to hear from you anytime you just want to talk. Also, I see that David responded to your comment … he is a good man with a heart of gold, and I know that he would be glad to chat with you also. Please don’t climb into a shell, being lonely, in pain and sad. Reach out … I’m here for you, and I’ve got a great bunch of readers who would love to chat.

          Hang in, my friend. We’re here for you, okay? Many hugs!!!

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          • Wow! thank you. Not sure what led me to even open my computer yesterday, or maybe day before by now, since according to my clock it’s almost 2 a.m. Sunday in Owensboro now, but I’m so glad I did. Thank you for your email addy — I’ll put that to use. And unloading has had some good results for me. I am pulling myself out of it again and life will return to normal, if I can ever find out what normal is, so I think my inner survivor triggered the meltdown. Now to clean up the mess that has been piling up around me because it takes to much energy to put it away — after I find an “away” to put it of course, Maybe I’ll just move! Take only what I need and leave the rest of the clutter behind. Probably will call St Vincent dePaul to come and haul it all away. Rent a U-haul or maybe an industrious beaver. Now I’m rambling so must be time to sleep for a while. Good Noght,

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            • I awoke to read this comment this morning and it brought a huge smile to my face! Whatever it was that led you to open your computer that day, I am glad it did, and even gladder still to hear you say that you are pulling yourself out of it and going to get back on track! I do hope you will email me whenever you feel like it! You haven’t lost your sense of humour, I see, and personally I think that is perhaps the most important thing we all have. You are only about 3 hours south of me, and if I had a car, I would come down and help you sort through all the things, find places for them, and we would talk and laugh the whole time! Do take care of yourself, my friend, and remember that I am here for you, that I care. Many hugs!!! 🤗

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              • It’s been a long and good day for me. Maybe I just had to know someone is out there, maybe it was leaving on its own already –whatever the reason, the worst of it seems to be lifting now. It would be wonderful to meet you, but I don’t drive now and very few of my fiends have cars, so we have a handicap transportation service here to get us where er have to be i this county. tODAY THOUGH, TWO OF MY FRIENDS HAVE BEEN HERE watching movies with me, all accompanied by the long missing laughter. A lot of the mess was already shoveled out before they got here, so that tells me I just needed some rest and now it’s time to rejoin the living. Many, many thanks to you and David for all the encouragement.

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                • I’m so very glad you are feeling better, my friend!!! And I’m thrilled that your friends spent the day and you enjoyed laughter! Hah … here you had me believing that it would be a week’s work to find places for everything and you did it in a day’s time! Hang in, dear friend. You know you can count on us anytime you need a shoulder or an ear, or just want a bit of a human connection. We may yet meet someday. I’m trying to talk daughter Chris into buying herself a new (used) car so that I can have her old Saturn. If so … I might just mosey down to Owensboro one of these days. 😀 Hang in … HUGS!!!

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                  • YAY! Can I help convince Chris you need that car? And just moving the stuff doesn’t mean it’s put where it belongs — only that there is a path thru it all now. I’ll have to call Goodwill to come in and take down the walls that surround the path.
                    Oh, follow up here on the Kindle I was talking about on my site — the case with this one has a keyboard in it. And the keyboard, being bluetooth, works on everything else that I have, including my laptop where the external keyboard stopped working several months ago. As soon as the bluetooth kicked in to the laptop that keyboard started working again by itself! Strange, huh? My resident poltergeist at work.

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                    • Oh, convincing her really isn’t the hard part … I just have to figure out how to pay for a new car! Hers has been paid for since January 2016, and I’ve really enjoyed not having a car payment every month. But, she will be needing one soon, so maybe after the first of the year. Ahhhh … I understand! It’s rather like when I grab everything up, shove it into the closet, and quickly slam the door shut! Which reminds me … I really need to do something with that closet! 🤣

                      A keyboard built into the Kindle case? Now THAT’S a new one for me … never heard of it! I will definitely have to check that out, for I would love it! That is really strange, though, that it caused your laptop keyboard to start working again. The bluetooth technology is far beyond my understanding … I only know that it allows my phone calls & messages to pop up a notice on my laptop screen, and lets my wireless headphones pick up music from either laptop or phone! Everyone should have a resident poltergeist! Our kitties scared ours off, I think!

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                    • I don’t even try to figure technology out any more.. I used to be able to fix everything that broke but now? If a mumbled epithet doesn’t work I let it set for a few minutes to months, depending on how disgusted I am with what it’s doing. Before the days of high tech a quick kick could do the trick, or at times drop kicking something down the hall, but with this hi-tech stuff you can’t hurt its feelings even or it stops working and just sits there looking at you. It really gave me a hinky feeling when just as the keyboard on the Kindle kicked in my laptop keyboard also started up. Maybe if I had tried using the onboard bluetooth it would have solved that problem 6 months ago when it all fell apart.
                      And yes, like shoving it in the closet only I have a room that just holds all the stuff I have to go thru some day and straighten out so I’ll be able to find the items I know I shoved in there. That’s the problem with having a nice door to close on things. Not for everyone, but definitely for me. If ya can’t see it all is well — until I need it again, buried under boxes and bags of junk that should have been sent out the front door in the beginning.

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                    • Same here! I used to actually re-build computers as a sideline for a bit of extra income, but now I open one up, take a peek, and put the case right back on. I also used to be able to do minor engine repairs on cars, but no more! It’s intentional, y’know … making it all so that it requires a techie with a computer program to fix anything. That said, though, I did replace the apparatus that makes toilets flush on 2 of ours a few months ago, replaced shower heads, and have fixed my own thermostat recently. Plus, I still change my own furnace filters. But my cellphone and I fight on a daily basis, with me threatening to throw it against a wall multiple times every week. 🙄 And I fully concur with your philosophy … Out of sight is out of mind! Now … where is that card I bought??? And how come I haven’t seen my Wolf Shirt for a year or more? And … oh … there it is! 😀

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                    • The worst part about it is that I put stuff where I will be sure I can find it again! Sounds silly even to me since I know deep inside that I might as well toss it all in the garbage when I try to do that. Once put somewhere by me it is guaranteed not to be found until it has been replaced at least 3 times, at which time I find every one of the missing items. For me the best bet would be to never ever move anything at all, even to change the sheets or sweep the floor. I can have a dozen stacks of paper lying randomly around but as long as they aren’t messed with I can put my hand out and pick up whatever I want from any of the piles. Let one stack be put away while I’m still working on them and the stack is vanished! Just Vanished completely. And don’t even mention cell phone problems ! You have no idea how many times I have wished I could get the screen out of my window so I can toss the cell, the laptop, the printer, and every other electronic device in the apartment thru the window and make sure I’m standing there to see it hit the concrete 16 floors below me. If I could be sure pedestrians wouldn’t be hit on the head by some of my stuff and get maimed for life, or worse I would cut the screen! Personally I think they are just trying to make us feel stupid! And my Mama didn’t raise no stupid kids! I’ll admit to crazy because crazy is fun, but not stupid. And now to see who is trying to bang my door down!

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                    • Hah!!! I can so relate to that! I buy birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc., well ahead, but then when it is time to mail them, I’ve lost track of where I put them! Generally I find them a year or two later stuck in a book, but given that I have thousands of books in this house, looking for them in a book would be a monumental task. Much simpler just to go buy another card! Um … my friend, I’m pretty sure that throwing your printer or even your cell phone out of a 16th story window will kill somebody below, so … next time you’re near a lake or a river, take the whole lot with you and throw it in! The fish will make a playground out of it all and have a ball! I agree … at least sometimes … that ‘they’ are trying to make us feel stupid. My latest pet peeve is packaging. Just simple things like a jar of mayo, or a canister of Tide pods … one must ultimately resort to either a knife or a pair of scissors, and I cannot tell you how many times I have nearly lost a finger or rammed scissors into my palm, simply trying to open a package. Yes, crazy is fun! 🙃

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  7. No need to think about it. If Trump says it, you can believe it to be a lie. Was he even born the last time he told the truth? I doubt it.
    But his dogs lap it up, as if alternstive truth was the only kind of truth they could possibly believe. I have been checking out some sTrum-Pet websites of late, and they gorge themselves on Trump-food, then barf it up all over the web-waves. I didn’t write any examples down, because I would have up-chucked, but believe me when I say it was pure bull poo. Trump should be reading some of these wrbsites, he could learn a thing or two from them…

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are a stronger person than I … every time I go to one of those sites in search of a specific bit of information for a post I’m writing, I come out feeling dirty and have to stop the presses while I go take a shower!

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is not strength, but a desire to understand how anyone can blindly follow a man who has no integrity, a man who so obviously lies every time he opens his mouth to speak. And I found what I did not truly expect, though I tell myself I expected it: Trump’s Pets want him to lie to them. They feel so detached from the world they live in, they will grasp at anything that sounds even close to the world they want to live in. I knew they would be square pegs in round holes, what I did not foresee was them mangling those round holes so as to be able to force their square pegs into the holes.
        They cannot stand this world they were born into. They fear it, because they do not understand it. They see reality as unstable, forever changing, and they see the past as not only stable, but completely unchangeable. In the latter desire, they are right. The past had happened, so it is solid, in their minds. What they do not understand is that is that the past can be changed, just by changing what history says about it. Let me rephrase that: They do understand that the past can be changed by rewriting what history said, and Trump is giving them the past they want to believe happened. They feel safer in that past, and they feel safer looking into the future that past will lead them to.
        Am I making any sense? I read the words coming from my typing finger, but they sound like nonsense to me. But they are NOT nonsense. They are fact, as long as they are being applied to people who cannot live in this now. But they are alive in this now, and they cannot stand it. They believe life was so much easier in the past, they want to never have to live with change.
        To them, change is complicated. Stability is simple. They want simple.

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        • Ahhh yes, YOU make much sense, but they — not so much! I have some questions here. I was born into the same world, yet I do not fear it. What, precisely, is there to fear? My fears are generally things like … falling asleep while smoking in bed and setting the house afire. Or some fool smashing his car into mine. But big, international fears?
          I’m confused. Yes, the world is ever-changing … c’est la vie … would they prefer to return to the days when men with big sticks dragged women around by their hair? Nothing is static, the world is dynamic. Humans have spent enough time on this planet by now to understand that change is inevitable, yes? And … while Trump & Co may believe they are re-writing history, they are kidding themselves, for there will always be those of us who see and record reality. And for me, at least, the reality is that Trump will be remembered in the history books as the single worst president in the history of the nation. And I believe that the worst is yet to come from this buffoon. Sigh.

          They want simple? I have a grand idea … let us give them an area of the country … say, 4-5 states all their own. They can keep it simple, live off the land, forgo such things as cars, television, the internet, and simply live very simple lives. I don’t mind.

          I really can’t understand the mentality. I tried, as I read your comment three times, and I ended up throwing my hands in the air and saying, ” ….” Well, never mind … you don’t want to know what I said. 😉


          • Understanding their mentality, understanding their fear, is not for the likes of us. Ours is only to understand that they do fear, they do not have the same mentality as us.
            You forgot to build a wall around the states you are giving them. Don’t let any of them out.

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          • Hi again Jill. When I first answered this reply I was almost asleep, but wanted you to know I had read it and understood your concerns. Thus I gave you a shot answer. I don’t know if you need a longer, more thorough, answer or not, so please let me know. I am always ready to oblige.

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