Ready For More … Snarky Snippets?

There is so much to write about that I don’t know where to start.  I have two posts started, but they are both a bit heavy on the research, so I decided that rather than strain my brain tonight, I would go with some more of Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets to start your Sunday morning!

He believed the “enemy of the people” b.s.

Many of us predicted it would happen, and it damn near did.  When Donald Trump repeatedly, hundreds of times, refers to the press as the “enemy of the people” and his followers, already looking for a fight, believe him, it is a recipe for disaster.  Last week, that disaster almost happened.

A 68-year-old man, Robert Darrell Chain of Encino, California, began making threatening phone calls to The Boston Globe on August 10th, the day the Globe announced a cooperative effort among media outlets to publish editorial responses to Trump’s political attacks on the media.


The face of a Trump supporter …

According to the New York Times

“In one call to the paper’s newsroom, Mr. Chain threatened to shoot the newspaper’s employees in the head, the F.B.I. said. Three days later, in another call, Mr. Chain said: “You’re the enemy of the people.” Using profane language, he threatened to kill “every” Globe employee.”

Altogether Chain made twelve threatening calls, one in which he threatened to shoot employees in the head.  It was at that point that the FBI was called in and Mr. Chain was arrested on Thursday.  As if right on cue, Trump tweeted …trump-tweetMr. Chain was 3,000 miles from Boston, where The Boston Globe is located, and quite likely would never have gone beyond the threatening stage.  Or … would he have?  Maybe, maybe not … we won’t likely ever know, but that isn’t the point.  The point is that sooner or later somebody will.  Somebody who doesn’t care if they are gunned down, as long as they accomplish the deed for their beloved Donald Trump.

Chain was released on his own recognizance later on Thursday, and as soon as he left the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse, he had something to say …

“America was saved when Donald J. Trump was elected.”

Saved from WHAT???  Sanity??? Mr. Chain is not, I am certain, the only one out there who would, as a zombie blindly following orders, attempt to kill journalists, thinking they were doing Trump’s bidding.  And who knows?  Perhaps they are.  All I can say for certain is that if one single reporter is killed “in the line of duty”, his or her blood will be on Donald Trump’s hands.

Hey, republican friends!  Will there come a time that you agree Trump’s mouth needs to be taped before he gets somebody killed?  Or are you still clapping for him?

When will they ever learn????

mark-harrisMark Harris is the Republican Party nominee for the United States House of Representatives from North Carolina’s 9th congressional district.  Mark Harris is also a former minister at the First Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.  And Mr. Harris is among the most bigoted people I have never had the pleasure to meet.

Harris is as anti-LGBT as they come, but that is not surprising in the Republican Party these days, and wouldn’t earn him space on this blog in and of itself.  But Harris is also an unabashed misogynist. The evidence …

  • “Many marriages could save beaucoups of marriage counseling money if they would just understand; husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the church. Wives submit [emphasis added] yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord.” Submit???  Did you say, “submit”, Jack?

And regarding women having careers …

  • “But nobody has seemed to ask the question that I think is critically important to ask: Is that a healthy pursuit for society? Is that the healthiest pursuit for our homes? Is that the healthiest pursuit for our children? Is that the healthiest pursuit for the sexes in our generation?” And I suppose we should bring you your slippers and pipe when you come home from work, huh?

This isn’t religion … this is male chauvinism taken to the nth level, pure and simple.

50s homemakerThe estimated population of the state of North Carolina as of July 2017 is 10,273,419, of which 51.3% are women.  If Mark Harris wins this one … we will know the women were too busy baking cakes, cleaning house, and ‘submitting’ to go to the polls and vote.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

Is he finally going to pay?

Ol’ Alex Jones is back in the news, only not quite on the end he likes to be on.  For some reason (I would call it narcissistic arrogance) he thought that he could snap his fingers and make his troubles go away.  He is, after all, the one and only great Alex Jones!  But guess what?  His magic seems to have worn off and he is now being held to some of the same standards as the rest of us.Republican National ConventionJones’ attorney, Mark Enoch, had filed a motion to have the $1 million lawsuit filed by Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa thrown out on the grounds that he was simply “dispensing political speech”.  You may remember that Pozner & De La Rosa were the parents of Noah Pozner, one of the children murdered in the Sandy Hook mass shooting.  When Jones put forth his conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook was a hoax and the parents were crisis actors, Pozner and De La Rosa were harassed and received persistent death threats by Jones’ followers.  The couple has had to relocate 7 times since 2012 to protect their family, and finally decided enough is enough, bringing a defamation lawsuit against Jones.  Jones’ bid to have the suit thrown out was denied by district Judge Scott Jenkins in Austin, Texas.

This isn’t the only lawsuit that is currently pending against ol’ Alex.  Six other families, an FBI agent, and a Foreign Service Officer have filed their own similar lawsuits.

I seriously doubt Jones will see prison time, even if found guilty in every case, but perhaps the blow to his ego and his career will be punishment enough.  Then again, the fools who fall for his disgusting trash-talk may just put his pedestal a notch higher and his career could soar.  Stranger things have happened.

I could go on, but it’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll give you a break from my snarkiness for a bit.  Have a great Sunday, folks … I’ll be back with more later.

23 thoughts on “Ready For More … Snarky Snippets?

  1. And what’s even more sickening about the incident involving Chain … tRumpsky is probably reveling in the fact that he has so much influence over his “flock.” His ego truly knows no bounds.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh you know it! In fact, if he had followed through with his threats, Trump would have put on his pouty face and said, “See … that’s what they get for being the ‘enemy of the people'” And inside he would have been cackling. Evil!


  2. Forgive me, but I am having great difficulty getting past Robert Darrell Chain’s proclaiming “America was saved when Donald J. Trump was elected.” His behavior alone proves the man is deranged and that statement confirms it, the man needs psychiatric help at the least. Released on his own recognizance, why does this not seem reassuring? Mark Harris will hopefully have to submit himself to smart voters choosing a better candidate and confine himself to his vacated pulpit in an empty church. Alex Jones…there are not words that can adequately describe this poor excuse for a human being, at least printable ones. Thank-you!

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    • I was unable to get past Robert Darrell Chain and decided to do more research on the man. The woman pictured with him is his lawyer and his wife. When arrested by a SWAT team at his home, they found 20 firearms that included a semiautomatic rifle purchased this May. He will have to appear in Federal Court in Boston later this month on the charge. Trump and the NRA must be so proud!

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      • I was aware of the guns they confiscated, but not that his wife is also his attorney! Now that’s interesting! The frightening part is that I have no doubt there are more like him out there. He was caught because of his repeated threats, but what if there are some who are smart enough to act without warning? And yes, Trump no doubt cackled over this, as he would even if the man had managed to carry out his threats. There are a few too many … I’ll be kind and call them “unstable minds” … out there to suit me, and the ‘man’ in the Oval Office is the head of them all!


    • I suspect that the reason he was released on his own recognizance is because he is 3,000 miles from Boston and likely, if his picture is an indicator, hasn’t the means to get to Boston. They did, however, confiscate a large number of guns from his home, so one might think that would have thrown up some red flags, yes?

      As for Mr. Harris … he is, in my book, a grade-A jerk and if I were his wife I would have suffocated him with a pillow in his sleep long ago! 😈 Who me? Cruel? Never!


  3. Mark Harris has picked a few among many controversial Bible verses. The Apostle Paul had to hammer Christianity to fit the times as they were two thousand years ago, and since the early tribal times men ruled the roost mainly due to superior strength. Enlightenment is relatively recent and not long ago even big names like Charles Darwin believed women were inferior to men.
    Listening to Mr Harris I quickly realized he is a black and white man , no shades of grey with him. I have discovered that often black and white types are not so black and white in their own dealings with others.

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    • You are right … with few exceptions, the world is neither black nor white, but shades of grey, and those who have no flexibility seem to me to lack imagination. They need strict rules to live by with no exceptions, no common sense applied. Every religious tome was, after all, written by humans, not deities, and humans sometimes get things wrong. Not to mention that times and circumstances change. I feel sorry for Mr. Harris’ wife. I think the voters are smart enough to keep him out of congress .. at least I hope.


  4. Jill, words matter. Trump and Jones’ followers hinge on every word these men say. Yet, far more than the majority of what they say is untrue. They say everyone is against them. No, the ones that disagree just don’t believe you.

    Living in the same city as Harris, his message has been one of exclusion. This kind of exclusive rhetoric is a reason church attendance is on the decline. My first exposure was his fervent advocacy against gay marriage. His “wife submit to her husband” rhetoric I have heard to often and leads to domestic violence abuse and spousal rape. I strongly disagree with this kind of BS and have spoken against it before. That is not Christ-like, that is tyranny. Keith

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    • I agree, and I also agree that his ilk are why many are turning away from religion. I see that he has a wife and children, and I have to wonder what the poor wife’s life is like. I cannot imagine living with a man who has so little respect for women. I thought we put those ideas to bed about 50 years ago? I guess some people didn’t get that memo, eh?


  5. This isn’t religion …

    Yes it is. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have preached female submissiveness in even blunter and cruder terms than that for most of their histories, and Protestant fundamentalism still does. It’s only in the last few generations that some sects have started twisting their own scriptures into pretzels in order to justify a more egalitarian stance, in order to adapt to an evolving culture. Most religions throughout history have been no better.

    The Abrahamic religions are no friends of women any more than they are of gay people. They never have been, and except when “interpreted” in grossly-dishonest ways by well-intentioned people, they never will be.

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