Blockbuster News: President’s Former Campaign Manager Cuts Cooperating Plea Deal With FBI

This is the news we have all been waiting to hear. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the Trumpian Reign of Absurdity. Many thanks, Gronda, for being on top of this and keeping us informed!

Gronda Morin

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I’ve been waiting to post on the news of the republican President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort until more information was available as to whether he was cutting a plea deal with cooperation or with non-co-operation with the FBI.

It is pretty much a consensus that Mr. Manafort is most likely counting on a presidential pardon sometime in the future which is a reasonable expectation as President Trump has hinted that he would be willing to do so.

It is my hope the the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, head of its Trump-Russia probe would not cut a plea deal without this reality being a consideration.

I suspect that Mr. Mueller would not consider a plea deal without co-operation unless he has determined that he doesn’t need Mr. Manafort’s assistance to build a strong case and without accounting for a possible future pardon.

It is…

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43 thoughts on “Blockbuster News: President’s Former Campaign Manager Cuts Cooperating Plea Deal With FBI

      • Churchill quote after the victory at Second Battle of El Alamein:
        ‘This may not be the beginning of the end. But it is the end of the beginning,’

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            • Yeah, but the big difference is that Nixon wasn’t an evil madman without a conscience, and he didn’t have the backing of Congress, and he didn’t have state-run t.v. (Fox) to convince the world that he was not a crook. Today, Nixon is starting to look pretty good! Evil is relative …

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              • Can you imagine Trump even considering talking to protestors.
                We know that Nixon’s was a strange convoluted incident that demonstrated the complexities of the man, but he tried.
                A difficult and not pleasant man, tormented by his demons who listened to, too much.
                A bit like LBJ really
                But somewhere in those paradoxical men there were pieces of Good Intentions, trying to get out.
                This one….as the old saying goes; ‘Gimme a break!’

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                • No, Trump would never lower himself to talk to those who didn’t agree with him … much easier just to tweet insults than to actually listen to people. And one other difference between Nixon & Trump … Nixon was intelligent and understood diplomacy, not to mention listened to his advisors. It’s really pretty sad when one is nostalgic for a man who resigned in shame rather than face certain impeachment. Alternative universe. I’m gonna wake from this dream sometime soon and find it was all just a figment of my imagination! 🙃

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                  • I disagree on one small point there Jill….
                    Trump would never crawl out of his ditch to talk to people who disagree with him…
                    One day it will all be over and there is nothing he can do about it, not one so shallow and bereft of talent. Not this puppet of 36,000,000 people’s fears and anger.

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  1. Ha! I’m lovin’ it! But will the T-man buy them off, or should I say, succeed in buying them off? Hey, here’s a thought. If Trump spends all his money trying to remain the Prez, he’ll end up like the rest of us, living from day to day and pinching the pennies til they scream! Gotta follow this one. 😇💖

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    • Ha ha … I like the way you think! It brings a smile to my face to think of him putting bolts into a car engine in Detroit for a living, or better yet, scooping manure out of barns somewhere in Iowa! 😀 😀 😀

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      • Oh, I love the shovelling manure idea, but then again, isn’t he already doing that? It’s the trying to pass it off as roses and lilacs and thinking we will accept it without question that upsets me. 😈 He’s just so spoiled, arrogant, stupid and given more time I could think of a few more words, but for now the idea makes my hair hurt! 😇🍋🍅🍌

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        • Hah! He’s shoveling it INTO the White House … there is so much manure in there now that more than once I’ve suggested we will need to burn it down once he and his minions have left, for surely we will never be able to remove the stench — there isn’t enough Lysol in the world! Don’t think so hard that you make your hair hurt! 😀

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          • How right you are there! I took some time off from thinking to give my hair a rest. Happy to say it worked!
            I’m sure they can find enough commercial cleaning agencies to do the job in the White Hous. They will definitely have to look outside D.C. though. Not a single place in DC. has been able to clean anything else up so it might take a whole platoon of Marines, aided by the Boy Scouts to do the job.

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            • Actually, I was thinking more along of the lines of a UN Peacekeeping mission, armed with mop buckets, cleaning rags and blowtorches!!!

              I’m glad you gave yourself (and your hair) a bit of a break! I keep saying I need to do that … but … sigh … it just doesn’t work out. Hugs!!!

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              • Does anyone from the UN still speak to us? Of course to clean up this mess they might have more volunteers than necessary!
                as for the resting, I do it only because I know 5 min is my limit for movement. Experience has taught me that 6 minutes will put me on the floor, usually banging my had on the way down. If I could bounce it wouldn’t be so bad, and as long as I just hit my head (the hardest point on me, according to my son) it’s not so bad. Always the fear that I might hit my hip, back or a rib or two though and also had experience with that! IT HURTS! LOL

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                • I think the UN and every single one of our former allies could supply thousands of volunteers for that mission! And be happy to do it, likely free of charge!

                  Now I absolutely do NOT want you falling and hitting your head (in case you didn’t remember, you really need what’s inside that head to stay undamaged!!!), or breaking a hip or any other body part. Sit down!!! Now!!! Actually, my friend Herb’s dad fell and broke his hip last week, and he’s 92! I thought surely that would be a death sentence, but he seems to be doing fine after surgery to give him, as H tells me, a “titanium ball”, and is exceeding the expectations of the physical therapists. But still, I’d rather my friends not go tumbling about on their heads, if it’s all the same to you! I still owe you a response to another comment … I haven’t forgotten, just been overwhelmed these last few days!


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                  • I’m sitting, I’m sitting! One of these days I HAVE to get back up and shovel out the mess in this place! Not until Tessa goes home though. She’s a sweetheart but she does love to get underfoot at times. Rose is supposed to get home tonight, and hopefully she will pick the baby up as soon as she gets here. Two weeks is a long time for a visit from a young pup! At least she has cured my desire to get one of my own again! I’ll just be happy with short visits from Tessa and Angel, separately of course! Found ut the hard way they don’t play well together.

                    I don’t usually schedule the falls — they just sorta happen on their own without warning. Anything broken in this town would definitely be a death sentence.because of the lack of competent medical help here. Our only hospital has 2 nurses on duty on each floor, the X-Ray department is staffed with people who don’t know how to read an x-ray, the hospital is built on a swamp and a heavy rain six weeks after it was opened caused it to split down the middle, so I will not, under any circumstances, ever go back to it. Had botched joint replacement on left shoulder almost 6 years ago and haven’t been able to use that arm since. Spent close to 40 hours in the same position being totally ignored by the staff, but discovered when I got a printout of what Medicare paid for, I discovered they had charged me for each time I asked for a bedpan even though no one ever brought it. Just stopped asking for pain meds after the third time they said “okay” but didn’t deliver it, yet they charged me for the meds anyway. So I reported them for fraud, they were found guilty and received a hefty — are you ready for this? Medicare tod them they were very naughty and should not do that again, and refused to pay for any more of my future bills there. Only the wealthy get decent care in our hospital — or people who have someone with them around the clock. silly me, I told the kids I would only be in there for a few hours and they should not try to come because of bad weather.

                    Ah, time to get over it–and I will if I ever get over the pressure sores developed there and still with me. We used Barbasol when I worked for Hospice and it was almost always good for a cure, but then the makers “improved” it and now it’s in aerosol cans that don’t work for anything.

                    Take care of you and I’m doing my very best to take care of me, so all is well. Hugs ((())).

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                    • I can tell you’ve really enjoyed Tessa, but I can also understand that you’re ready to get back to your quieter routine! If you ever decide you’d like a pet, but not a rambunctious dog, let me know, for we would happily bring you our little Tiger Lily! She has made it clear that she would much prefer being an ‘only cat’ and frequently tries to make it happen by viciously attacking the other 5! Miss Goose and I have enough battle scars to qualify for a purple heart, I think!

                      What you have told me about your hospital horrifies me, to say the least! I thought we had come out of the dark ages! How on earth do they get by with these things? I was looking at a map, and the closest large city to you is Louisville, which is over 100 miles, so you don’t really have many options. This is infuriating, though. There must be something …

                      I’m glad to know you’re taking care … and when you start shoveling out the stuff, please get at least one or two people to come help you! I can just picture you getting hopelessly lost under a mound of books, clothes, and papers! In all honestly, though, my bedroom is much the same, and I keep telling myself … tomorrow! Scarlett O’Hara sydrome?

                      Have a great weekend, my friend! Hugs!!!

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                    • And Tessa is still here! Rose won’t get back until sometime on Monday unless she decides to stay longer. It’s becoming a whole different situation, like taking me for granted! And thanks for the offer of your sweet little Tiger Lily. My former cat is now my grandcat, because her hobby was hiding outside the bathroom door and springing out in front and under my feet when I came out. That really didn’t work well, so the next time I visited my daughter and grands I took Callie to them. She’s still doing that and I still have a few fading scars from my encounters with her, so I’m sure you understand my reluctance to get another cat, even though I love them dearly.

                      I already have a friend lined up to help me shovel the debris when I get started. I don’t even go into my bedroom right now because I’m always picturing myself buried alive if I touch the wrong spot in any of the piles of stuff in there. We have one young man here who helps everyone in the building when they need him and he keeps asking me if I’m ready to get started yet. Have to wait til Tessa goes home first. She would die under some of those precarious stacks of papers and books. I don’t think it’s ever been this bad but hopefully once I get started it won’t really be as bad as it looks. Most of the stuff just needs to be hauled out of here because when I got new stuff to replace it I just didn’t have the energy to haul the old out. It’s all a vicious circle, mainly caused by my not taking the extra few seconds to put things away in the beginning. Totally shameful!

                      I have some plants to prune and water, so it’s time to get off my duff and pretend all is normal (a relative term). Have a good one, 😇🤭🤣

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                    • Ah yes, I know how easily that can happen that one’s good nature is gradually taken advantage of, and then how do you get out of being a stepping stone without hurting feelings and perhaps losing a friend? And yes … ha ha … I definitely understand your reluctance about the cat. I would not wish Tiger Lily on anyone, much less you! All our babes are rescue kitties, and thus had difficult beginnings, some having been abandoned in garbage dumps, one a victim of “research”, one the victim of a car accident … thus they have oodles of ‘special needs’ and both health and emotional problems. They keep us on our toes, and lately there has been a LOT of aggression that has led to some major fights, and of course Miss Goose and I look like the walking wounded from breaking up said fights, Interestingly, Tiger Lily always seems to be at the center of the troubles. 😦

                      Hah! You remember my friend David who commented on one of your comments a week or so ago? His bedroom and yours sound like a perfect match! He was injured in falling books that were stacked at the head of his bed a while back, and he tells me that he hasn’t seen his wardrobes for a few years now, for there are so many piles of clothes & such in front of them! If he didn’t live in Wales, I would suggest you two get together! 😀

                      At least your plants are still alive to require prunes (wait … you feed them prunes???) and water … mind all bit the dust for lack of proper care. Sigh. My mother-in-law always said I could kill anything just with a look … apparently it is so!

                      Have a great Sunday, my friend!!! ❤

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                    • Oh my gosh! David is a man after my own heart! I occasionally dig thru the piles of clothes just to see what’s there and come up with some real treasures, including a few that have never been worn, just brought home and put down still in the bag. So far I have avoided injury in my bedroom but it has been close on several occasions — oh, wait a minute! My bedroom was where I broke my arm/shoulder/joints or whatever it was that caused the horrible experience at our hospital. But it was neat and clean when that happened! Go figure! 🤔 I just never paid attention to things around me when they were all in proper places. Still, it was kinda strange that I could fall and hit my shoulder/arm/whatever on the corner of my night table/chest when everything was neat and I can get around shakily when it’s so piled with junk that even Tessa stays out.

                      Speaking of which, not sure now how long she will be here. My friend texted this morning that she is just feeling too bad to fly home right now. Next time the rain stops I’ll have to make a grocery run for dog food, pee pads, something for the poor little dog to play with other than my pens and pencils, which she has been trying to eat! This friendship may have a time limit attached if she ever comes home. If not I’ll just put an ad in the paper “pet for sale” and take the highest bid. I’m not sure if I’m joking or not here!

                      Um, I don’t feed my plants prunes, I prune the overgrown parts off with snips and root the trimmings. That’s how one small ivy plant has increased to 6 large pots of ivy, the jade plant now occupies 3 pots here and one I gave a friend who moved into a new house, the succulents have spread into 10 pots, and everything else is getting ready to be repotted. I do make my own fertilizer for them though, using banana peels for the orchids and egg shells for everything else. And I’m the person who a few years ago couldn’t keep a philodendron alive (supposedly they are so hardy no one can kill one but they would take one look at me and commit suicide on the way home!). Even the dandelions in the yard would curl up and die when they saw me coming. Not sure what happened but it probably has something to do with the exposure in my apartment–southwestern afternoon sun!

                      Back to my quilting now. I’m working on a bag I want to use Wednesday, so I have a few more stitches to add before it can be called finished! Have a great week. 😇🐶

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                    • Hah! Yes, I can see you and David together now! He is a clothes fanatic and when he cannot find what he wants, he just buys more! Clothes and books! Now, my downfall is books, and I have them stacked in every corner of the house, despite groaning bookshelves in every room! I even keep 20 or so on the other side of my bed, just in case … 😉 It sounds like you do better with the clutter than with a tidy space, so … leave well enough alone!

                      I cannot believe the nerve of Tessa’s mom!!! Surely she is aware how hard it is for you to have to get out to buy more supplies, yes? Sigh. People! Pah! I hope she comes back before you have to find out whether you were joking or not, for … poor Tessa … 😥

                      I have the most un-green thumb you will ever meet! My mother-in-law once bought me a plant that she swore even I could not kill. She came back 2 weeks later, and it was dead. Sigh. I’m not even allowed to do anything but water our garden in the summer … my neighbors and my granddaughter do the planting and trimming, etc. 😀

                      Enjoy your quilting, my friend! I’ve never tried that, though I used to knit and crochet before I dedicated all my time to writing! Have a wonderful week! Hugs!!!


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