Toons, Toons, and More Toons …

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and since I cannot seem to find 1,000 words tonight, how about a few pictures instead?

pol-toon-1pol-toon-2pol-toon-3Methane Regulationspol-toon-7


This last one is my favourite — what’s yours?

40 thoughts on “Toons, Toons, and More Toons …

  1. At the risk of being repetitious…I love political cartoons! Back in 2008, the multi-talented, Ted Rall said : “As long as there are politicians to insult, political cartoons will be around in some form.” Trump is the poster child for that statement. Political cartoons strike the viewer on an emotional level as well as a rational one. You have chosen well, these are fantabulous! Pinocchio-nose Trump and the last one are my favorites. Thank-you!

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    • I love them too, but when I was digging for these last night, I came across one in particular that was very very very PRO-Trump, and it made me so mad I nearly tossed my computer against a wall! Patience, these days, is not my strong suit. Yes, with the cartoons, you get a quick visual, an immediate understanding. Glad you liked the selection! Have a great weekend!


  2. Jill, Politifacts has continued to measure him as mostly false or worse 69% of the time handing more than a few Pinocchio’s. A telling excerpt from Woodward’s book is Trump’s former attorney John Dowd said Trump did so poorly on a mock deposition that he reached out to Mueller and said it is a national security risk to have this man do a deposition. That is consistent with an earlier deposition in a law suit where at Trump had to admit to 30 lies in one deposition.

    In short, people and the press need to start from the basis of not believing a word he says. I read yesterday, that his staff is ignoring his tweets and just moving on. This Puerto Rico inanity of Trump is a perfect example – he is exercising very poor judgment and lying. Keith

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    • Only 69% of the time??? I would have put it closer to 95%! Judging by Woodward’s book and others, like Michael Wolff’s and the Anonymous Op-Ed, it appears that his staff realizes his level of incompetence and are getting tired of it. And yet, they defend him against the book, the OpEd, and any others who dare to call him out on his lies & lunacy, and they continue working for him. Now, I couldn’t work for him for 5 minutes, let alone 20 months … so I have to wonder what the incentive is? None of his staff are going to go hungry if they walk out of their jobs, so why do they stay? It would speak volumes if they staged a mass walkout … all quit on the same day! Sean Spicer was the smart one.


  3. It is clear that Trump’s ace in the hole is to blame the Democrats for all of his mistakes and “false news,” i.e., truths about his mistakes. It is astonishing to watch the man at work, but even more astonishing to see that so many are taken in by these tactics. But some do seem to be coming out of the darkness and seeing what is going on, he said with fingers crossed.

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    • That’s just it! It is not surprising that he tries to divert the blame to democrats/liberals, but that so many fall for his ridiculous rhetoric astounds me. I think part of it is that Fox News lends legitimacy to his words, at least in the minds of those who get ALL their news from Fox. I do hope that some, at least, are beginning to see reality. Sigh. My fingers have been crossed so long that they have fused together and eventually I suppose they will have to be surgically separated. 😉

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  4. I’ve got to go for the first two and number two takes the prize. I notice elephants feature a lot I wonder if it’s anything to do with the news about ivory smugglers , just a long shot but you know association of ideas. I find it had to believe you were short of words !

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