Jolly Lunes!!!

Hey friends!  Welcome!  It is that time of the week again, isn’t it?  How was your weekend?  We actually had sunshine and blue skies, after a 10-day stretch of rain, but I almost feel guilty, for poor Keith has been besieged by wind and rain from Hurricane Florence.  If any of you guys have some extra sunshine to send him, I’m sure he would appreciate it.  I sent him some earlier. 🌞

Well, since it’s the start of a new week … oh, and by the way, autumn begins on Saturday, so don’t forget to mark your calendars for this all-important festive event!  Anyway, as I was saying, since it’s the start of a new week, let’s start off on the right foot … or in my case, the left one, since I am left-footed … and have a bit of a chuckle, shall we?  Grab a snack and a cup of your choice!  And yes, Benjamin … I remembered the donuts with sprinkles and the juice box — do I get another gold star?  ⭐

I’ve heard it said that there is nothing wrong with the education system in the U.S., despite the fact that our world-wide literacy rankings have dropped.  I beg to differ:

spell-Cincinnati-signspell-disney-epcotspell-Hard-Rock-guitarspell-metrospell-parking-signspell-schoolspell-school-entrancespell-SyracuseI’m sorry, but there is no excuse … simply NO EXCUSE!!!  Surely more than one person looks at these signs during the manufacturing process, and then somebody puts them up.  Now, granted I am not the best speller in the world, but every program I use has some form of spellcheck. If that fails, there is Grammarly.  And if all else fails, my friend Herb edits all my blog posts, post-facto, and catches my errors.  Shouldn’t people being paid for producing signs take at least as much care with their work?  Sheesh.

Sergio Odeith is a Portuguese street artist, and his work will knock your socks off!  Sergio started creating graffiti in the 90s when it was first gaining prominence in his country. He started with simple sketches on street walls and train tracks but then advanced into large-scale murals. He continued to evolve and adopted the obscure signature style, which he refers to as “sombre 3D.” This technique combines angles, lines, and shadows to create an extraordinarily life-like effect. In 2005 he gained international recognition for his anamorphic art series, which looked like something out of a science horror fiction flick, with giant spiders appearing to climb off the walls at helpless passers-by.

Not surprisingly, the Lisbon-based muralist has since been asked to design pieces in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Charleston and Lexington and has even received business contracts with major corporations like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Shell.  Take a look for yourself …


You all know I love knock-knock jokes, and I haven’t done any for several months, so … humour me:

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Amish who?

You’re not a shoe!

Knock, knock.

Who’s there


Amish Who?

Aw How sweet. I miss you too.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Cows go.

Cow’s go who?

No, silly. Cows go Moo!  (Yes, I know I’ve used this one before, but it’s one of my favourites, rather like the next one …)

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Dwayne who?

Dwayne the tub, I’m dwowning!

Okay, okay … I quit with the knock-knock jokes!  I shall end with a funny animal video, ‘cause one of my readers is always disappointed if there isn’t a cute animal video …

Well, folks, I have a ton of work to do today.  The apartment complex is giving me incredible excuses as to why it may be several months before they can fix my dishwasher, but I’m to continue paying my rent, so I will be doing some legwork today with BBB and an attorney.  And, Miss Goose keeps mentioning something about decorating for Hallowe’en, so that means digging through my closet to see if I can find Hallowe’en decorations, dusting furniture, packing away some everyday what-nots, etc.  Please remember to share your smiles with people you see today … and every day.  No use keeping them to yourself, for they are one of those unique things that multiply when shared.  Keep safe and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa jolly(and Jolly!)


This one’s for you, Hugh!  I knew you’d appreciate the reminder!


21 thoughts on “Jolly Lunes!!!

  1. The joys of September continue to accrue…new school year, new preschool, new friends and new germs. The germs earned the gold star for their strength and tenacity. When I taught Benjamin about the concept of sharing, I neglected to eliminate the sharing of germs. What began as runny noses and sneezing quickly became a host of more detestable symptoms, that have lasted through the weekend and beyond. But…YOU earned the gold star, even if Benjamin and I could not enjoy yesterday’s offerings. Thank-you!!

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    • OH NO!!! Awww … I do hope you’re on the mend now? But I remember when my kids were little (amazing that I can remember that far back, when I can barely remember yesterday!) and the beginning of every school year was open season for germs. Take care or yourselves … and thanks for the gold star!


  2. Jill, thinking of The Temptations’ “My Girl,” “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…..” We made it through they deluge, although my daughter and one son may be getting more rain in the NC mountains. The poor souls who live in the eastern part of the state will see more flooding because of the rivers running toward the sea. They have not even crested, yet. The same thing happened two years ago with Hurricane Matthew.

    On a side bar, I am pretty tired of climate change deniers using one hurricane from the past to prove their point. These hurricanes are larger and pouring a lot more water into the ground as well is hitting shore at an elevated level. A retired CEO of State Farm Insurance is saying to listen to the actuaries projection on risk. We must heed their warnings as we rebuild and address renewable energy or be left with more uninsurable properties. I grew up twelve miles from the ocean and I would not buy a property on the coast today. Keith

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    • I barely remember hearing of Hurricane Matthew … I’m glad you’re well and fine, hope your son and his family are also. I have a bone to pick, though … I sent you sunshine, and I got up this morning to a pouring rain! My first thought, on pulling back the blinds and looking out was, “I sent Keith sunshine, and in return he sent me his rain!!!” 😉

      I fully agree with you about the climate change deniers … I’m betting none of them own a house on the eastern shore. My thoughts are that neither you not I need to buy coastal property, for ours will become coastal in the foreseeable future. But take heart, my friend, for perhaps Trump will come toss a roll of Bounty at you. Sigh.


  3. Great start to the week…

    Yeah, those signs are so easy to misspell and become ‘sins.’
    I am guilty of this myself (I blame predictive text because it does alter so much important stuff, but I know it does, so should check thoroughly before posting). Trouble is, sometimes we see a word so often, that..

    As lang as the fi_st and l_st litters are in t_ct, we sti_l k_ow wat the wirds a_e say_ng to us!

    H_ve a gr_ate d_y! 😁

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  4. Happy Monday! I am sufficiently cheered up! Love the instructions on the bacon package…. hysterical!!! The mis-spelled signs were great, too!!!! The cat video made me laugh out loud!!! All gave me a chuckle, today!!!! Thank you!!!! Hope you have a great week!!!! 💙

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