Sign Of The Apocalypse?

When I first began reading Hugh’s post, I inadvertently let out a primal scream, and after another paragraph, slammed the lid on my laptop, got up and reheated a small bowl of rice before I could finish reading the post. This may not sound like an endorsement for the post, but believe me, it is. Hugh has brought to light something that is happening today that has far longer reaching and outlasting consequences than any of the many abominations tied to Donald Trump. The subject? The re-writing of history, the replacing of facts with opinions. Please, please take a few minutes to read Hugh’s excellent post and think about what he is saying. Get your bowl of rice before you start, though. Thank you, dear Hugh, for bringing this to our attention, and for your generous permission to share.


One of the more insidious movements in this country is that toward the rewriting of history– eliminating unpleasant facts from the history books. This movement is perhaps a part of the New History movement about which I have blogged in the past — the attempt to reduce history to a form of literature, giving special attention to minor historical figures that have been ignored in the past (probably with good reason!)

In any event, one does wonder why this sort of censorship is not only allowed, but encouraged — even by the Texas State Board of Education which has decided to erase any mention of Hillary Clinton from the history textbooks in order to “streamline” history. As a recent Yahoo news story tells us:

The Texas State Board of Education voted Friday to remove mentions of Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the state’s mandatory history curriculum . . .  The…

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  1. The more an authority tries to blatantly supress something, the more that subject achieves a cult status.
    Repeating something of the message I posted to Hugh.
    A school board bans something. What are the kids going to do? There will be hordes of them scrambling for information on Hilary Clinton of course. There will be Hilary graffiti all over the place. Watch out for some Texan kids with attitude forming a rock or metal band named ‘Hilary Clinton’ (all lads of course)

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    • To a large extent I agree with you … the best way to get a kid to eat his veggies is to make them the forbidden fruit … errr, veggie. But, I also see Hugh’s point (I checked out your comment on his post, too) that education here has been on the decline in recent years … decades. The upside is that I do not anticipate all states, or even most, following suit here, so won’t kids from Texas be surprised when they go to college in New Jersey? I only discovered a night or two ago, based on some comments on one of my posts, that some school children of my own generation did not learn of the Japanese internment camps during WWII, nor of our shameful role in turning away the MS St. Louis! Two very head-hanging-with-shame moments in our history, and apparently they are not taught in high school curriculum! It’s as I sometimes tell people, often what is left unsaid is more important than that which is said. I like your vision of the rock band Hillary Clinton, though, as I’m sure she would! 😉

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      • Exactly Jill. It is often only the history which suits that gets taught.
        This is why I have little time for groups who romanticize their ‘heritages’ to the degree that they were always heroic folk constantly battling for their own freedom. When you come down to it, every nation, every people have their dirty little secrets, which usually involve selling out/betrayal of each other or persecuting another group smaller than their own. (with the possible exceptions of the Australian Aborigines and the Inuit who had their own problems with the environments)

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        • Not much different than individuals, when you get down to it. We all have things to be ashamed of in our past,but we tend to keep those hidden and toot our horns about the more positive aspects of our lives. Or, as I was telling my daughter the other night, no matter how bad a person is in life, when he dies, then all of a sudden he becomes a saint and all anybody can remember is “what a good person he was”. 🙄

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  2. Dear Jill,

    There appears to be no limit to the republican conservative’s hatred of Hillary Clinton, but this is a bridge too far. What are they going to do next, have the history books depict President Trump as an outstanding US president.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. I have a headache now from banging my head on the laptop when I went over and read Hugh’s post… How big of a saw would we need to just cut Texas off at its border and make it its own country?


    • I agree … I saw red when I read his post and realized that not everybody is aware of this, though they need to be! Heck, in the next edition, Trump will likely have qualified for sainthood!


  4. Annoying as it is, it’s nothing new and it won’t succeed. First, when I was in high school, American history classes never went further than the American Civil War. In many instances there were entire epochs of time abbreviated to a short paragraph. Niccolo Machiavelli was literally reduced to “Niccolo Machiavelli- “”The ends justify the means”” memorized that, it will be on the test”.

    I didn’t find out what was going on the country post Civil War until college. Some of what I learned between high school and college, I learned by reading memoirs and history books on specific subjects by historians that were not part of formal study (for instance, I learned from one such history book that the Inquisition started out originally against Christian heretics, then the Jews, and then “witches” aka unpopular women and midwives). Possibly the reason is because post Civil War through to the Civil Rights Movement, we were horrible, evil people as a society. If I’d read what we did to immigrants, minorities and women, I’d have moved to Canada in absolute disgust on my 18th birthday, no lie.

    And that my friend, was back in the late 1980’s early 1990’s (I’m 46 now).

    Now why do I think this revisionist history won’t work? Because history is not written by hacks lol. Oh sure, the school boards can, if they continue to be locally politicized and cult controlled, see to it that fiction written and touted as “fact” in “history books”, but real historians are trained academics who know how to glean the truth of history from contemporary sources such as newspapers, magazines, and the personal diaries of eyewitnesses.

    I know this because my college history class also involved learning about how historical fact is often collected, from personal diaries and interviews of people who lived contemporary to history events. I was even tasked with interviewing people I knew about specific historical events they lived through such as the assassination of JFK, the Vietnam era, and the moon landing.

    And the class did not even take into account the internet as a recording platform in general, or of whole blogging communities, of which there are several, some of them almost two decades old now. Some of these communities offer the ability to download and print blog content into book form, some offer the ability to upload to cloud storage. Some of them also offer legacy status for when the author dies, the sites can be maintained by family or friends.

    The potential benefit of personal blogs to not only the historians but also to sociologists will be limitless and incredibly valuable. Also impossible to discredit.


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    • Hah … I’ve got you beat, having graduated in 1968 and now being a ripe ol’ 67 years of age! But seriously, yes, you are right that history will be recorded, whether the bigots on the Texas State Board of Education like it or not. But, the real danger is that some of those in Texas public schools won’t do what you and I did, won’t read, read, read, go to college, and learn the truth on our own. They will, instead, believe the biased view of history that is fed to them in high school and perpetuate the myth when they have their own children. And yes, this is one selling point for social media … except that ultimately it, too, can be manipulated. I’m deeply disturbed by the actions of the Texas BoE, but no, I don’t think they can completely re-write history.

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      • True, some will swallow and perpetuate myth….there will probably always be those types of people. But likewise there will always be those who rebel.

        Many years ago now, I was living in Indianapolis Indiana, it was early to mid 1990s, and according to the accepted historical beliefs, there had never been any state sanctioned attempts at a eugenics program at any point in the state’s history.

        So you can imagine the shock, surprise and horror when someone decided to go through the local post offices and clean out long abandoned post office boxes and in one of them, they found a number of newspaper clippings from the 1920s and 1930s about….the state’s eugenic’s programs! Someone had carefully collected and stored proof for decades in what ended up being a scandalous little time capsule.

        We may in the next few years or even decades go through a period where people do as their told and don’t educate themselves but that actually does go against human nature a bit. People naturally resist doing what they are told lol. We always have. That’s how we got into this particular predicament now…society put so much pressure on becoming educated, people resisted. Eventually, that pendulum will swing the other way, and it’s easier to self-educate now than it ever was before. We won’t lose the old ways of archiving and the historical record, and we will continue to come up with new ways. And those ways will largely go unrecognized and undealt with because those doing the adhering will be too ignorant to know or understand those methods. Can’t turn off the lights in a room if you have no idea what a light switch is, what it looks like or how it works.


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        • I love the way you think and the way in which you express your thoughts! And I fully agree with what you say … I have become far too jaded in the past three years and tend toward doomsday predictions, although I try hard not to.

          What you just related about the history of eugenics in Indiana floored me, for I was unaware of this! I must look deeper into it, for I you have piqued my curiosity. And we thought we were an innocent nation back then? Hah! And people wonder why I keep saying that in my next life I’m coming back as a wolf … 🐺


          • Aww Thanks. 🙂 And no worries, the way the last couple of decades have gone, it’s really easy to get jaded and tend toward doomsday predictions no matter how you try to avoid it. I’ve more than done my own share of it lol.

            I want to say it was 1995, but it may have been 1994. I remember it because it was the first time I ever heard the word eugenics myself. Apparently it was pretty open up until they found out what the Nazis were up to during World War II, at which point they shut everything down and went into denial. I believe Florida was another state later proved to have had such programs.

            I’m hoping to escape this planet lol. Let me reincarnate on some other planet altogether .


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            • You’re right … it is altogether too easy these days to fall into the rabbit hole and feel we are in a dark hole with no way out. I’ve always been what I call an “optimistic pragmatist”. A realist, but with the belief that there is nothing that cannot be fixed and made better if we only try. These days, I question that philosophy, especially in terms of what harm we are doing to the environment, for there is limited time in which to turn things around, and we are wasting that time.

              I will definitely be looking into the eugenics … I’ve made note to do some research tomorrow. Thanks so much for the heads up on that! And you have a great idea there … I hadn’t thought of coming back on a different planet, but the idea definitely has merit! 😉


  5. Intriguing…….YES! At the turn of the century I dare to predict that this century will witness the decline…if not demise of the United States of America…..The signs thus far have been…and continues to be indicative of such….😨🤷 Hugs

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