Signs of the Times — The Great Divide

The ludicrous-ness of the polarized political climate came to the fore multiple times yesterday and today, but a few things stand out as being beyond belief.  These are the signs of the times we are now living in, folks.

I received a “BREAKING NEWS!!!” update yesterday afternoon from no less than three media outlets.  I thought that surely somebody must have dropped a nuke as I was folding towels and listening to my phone urgently squawking  “bzzzzt … bzzzzt … bzzzzt”.  What, you ask, was the big crisis?

“Trump feels ‘terribly’ for Kavanaugh”

That’s right, folks … Trump spoke at a news conference …

“I feel so badly for him that he is going through this, to be honest with you. This is not a man who deserves this. Honestly I feel terribly for him, for his wife, who is an incredible, lovely woman and for his beautiful young daughters. I feel terribly for them.”

… and it was BREAKING NEWS!!!  It was so damn important that I was dragged away from my clean towels and damn near given heart failure just to hear Trump empathize with a fellow pervert!  Surely there was something more important going on in the world than this?  And today, it is on the front page of every outlet, Trump’s disparagement of Christine Ford and his empathy for poor little Brett K.  The press’ credibility wears thin when they cannot prioritize any better than this.

And then there was this one that hit my inbox no less than four times:

Ted Cruz claims Beto O’Rourke is ‘going to ban barbecue across the state of Texas’

What … did some brain-eating bacteria invade the confines of Ted Cruz’ skull cavity?  It turns out to be a tweet that Cruz apparently thought humorous …Cruz tweetI don’t find it particularly funny, but neither do I find it worthy of top billing in an email.

Andy Kim-1

Andy Kim

In New Jersey, Andy Kim is running on the democratic ticket for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, against incumbent Tom MacArthur.  MacArthur is a Trump boot-licker and the people of New Jersey may be getting tired of it, for the race is tight, with Kim having a 2% lead at present.  Oh … did I mention that Andy Kim is Asian-American?  No, I didn’t, because it shouldn’t be of any importance.  But alas, this is the year 2018 when evidently ‘race matters’.

The New Jersey Republican State Committee thought it would be cute to target Kim in an ad that can only be considered racist …

Andy KimNeed I say more?  Hopefully this perfidy will only serve to increase Kim’s lead.

I have long believed that those who have never struggled to pay the rent, put food on the table or be able to afford to take their children to the doctor cannot possibly understand what it’s like to be poor.  Unfortunately, throughout history, our lawmakers have never done without anything a day in their lives, but never has this been truer than it is today, with the wealthiest Congress and the richest administration in the history of the nation.  So, it should come as no surprise that Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce whose net worth is estimated at $2.9 billion, said this …

Confirmation Hearing Held For Trump's Pick To Become Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

Somebody slap that stupid grin off his face!

“If you have a 10 percent tariff on another $200 billion, that’s $20 billion a year. That’s a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of 1 percent total inflation in the U.S. Because it’s spread over thousands and thousands of products, nobody’s gonna actually notice it at the end of the day.”

Christmas is around the corner.  Were you planning to buy your kid a new bike, or a new kitchen gadget for your mom?  Be sure to let ol’ Wilbur know how much more you paid for it than you would have last year.  Or … more likely for most of us … send him a picture of your son’s face on Christmas morning when he finds some t-shirts and underwear in lieu of the bike he asked Santa for.

Just as I finished writing this piece, an email from political analyst Larry Sabato dropped into my inbox, a portion of which I thought might interest you.

A series of new Reuters/Ipsos/University of Virginia Center for Politics polls found close races in the key Senate battlegrounds of Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.

The polls, conducted online in English from Sept. 5 to 17 with roughly 2,000 respondents per state (narrowed down to about 1,000 likely voters per state), found the following results for the Senate and gubernatorial races among likely voters in the five states surveyed:

Arizona Senate: Kyrsten Sinema (D) 47%, Martha McSally (R) 44%

Arizona Governor: Doug Ducey (R) 51%, David Garcia (D) 39%

California Senate: Dianne Feinstein (D) 44%, Kevin de León (D) 24%

California Governor: Gavin Newsom (D) 52%, John Cox (R) 40%

Florida Senate: Rick Scott (R) 46%, Bill Nelson (D) 45%

Florida Governor: Andrew Gillum (D) 50%, Ron DeSantis (R) 44%

Nevada Senate: Dean Heller (R) 46%, Jacky Rosen (D) 43%

Nevada Governor: Adam Laxalt (R) 43%, Steve Sisolak (D) 40%

Texas Senate: Beto O’Rourke (D) 47%, Ted Cruz (R) 45%

Texas Governor: Greg Abbott (R) 50%, Lupe Valdez (D) 41%

I found some of these numbers encouraging, especially the Florida governor’s race.

Okay, I could go on and on, but I have ranted enough that I’m feeling the angst and need to get up and do something physical, like punch a wall, or wash some dishes since my landlord still hasn’t fixed my bloomin’ dishwasher!  Have a great afternoon, my friends … and remember, this too shall pass … maybe.light at the end of the tunnel

30 thoughts on “Signs of the Times — The Great Divide

    • Good question? I imagine so, and that could make a significant difference, for all those states have large Hispanic populations, and they typically tend to vote democratic, so perhaps the numbers are even more encouraging than they appear?

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        • It certainly would! No, I was rather on overload and … well, I expected the worst out of Grassley and others, and just couldn’t bear to see it. I would have likely broken my laptop! I have read only a bit about it, for I am running behind, but plan to try to catch up tomorrow. Did anything in particular stand out for you? I think I pretty much believe Dr. Ford, sight unseen, for if she wasn’t telling the truth, why would she put herself through all of this? And Kavanaugh makes me sick with his whining! I’m tired of hearing “Oh poor me!”. Sigh.

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          • The one thing she said that really stood out to me was when they asked her what her strongest memory of the incident was. She said it was when one of them was on top of her and she could hear them laughing at her expense. She said she couldn’t hear the music that was playing, but she could hear that. They didn’t seem too happy with her answer, but in my experience that is exactly the way traumatic memories function.

            My cousin Lonnie was 16 and gorgeous. Looked a bit like Elvis, girls hanging all over him. But everyone called him by his nickname — Porky — because he loved bacon. One afternoon my folks were called to the hospital. I heard them saying Porky had been shot in an argument with his friend over a bike. When they came home hours later, my dad said to my grandmother who was living with us at the time, that “Lonnie” had died. The shock of hearing dad refer to him by his given name totally traumatized me because I knew it meant my world would never be the same. Porky and his sister Becky were with us all the time. But to this day everything that happened that day when we went over to their house is all a blur to me. When I think back to that day all I can conjure us is “Lonnie is dead.” I was 10 at the time.

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            • The story of your cousin caught in my throat and brought a tear. How very tragic. And all over a bike. 😥 Yes, I think that in our memories of anything that traumatic, one thing sticks out in our minds, while all else fades to subtle shades of grey (no reference to the book — honest!) I think Dr. Ford is telling the truth, for why else would she put herself through all this?

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  1. Items 1 and 2, nolo contendre. Item 3, since when can a poll conducted completely in English, then cut in half because half those people might not bote, have any bearing on what is really happening.
    1) Can you not vote if you cannot do so in Anglaise?
    2) On what basis are the half (who could speak English) thrown out while others are kept?

    In my mind, phone up 2000 people, be able to speak other languages or at least transfer the speaker to someone who can speak the language of the person so rudely interrupted in their own home, get that person’s answers, then ask if ghey intend to vote, or are still not committed, or have no intention of voting, and give the public all the true answers, adding up to 2000. Anything less is being deceitful.

    Meanwhile, we have a working dishwasher, but if you want more dishes to wash, I’m sure we could find you some…

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    • You’re right, the poll is certainly not 100%, nor are any polls, for they all have certain limitations and biases. That said, DO NOT send me any more dirty dishes!!! I groused and kicked tonight, as it was my night to do them, and I had managed to dirty 2 pots, plus the crock pot, a number of bowls & plates, and I kicked myself for not waiting to make balsamic-honey chicken until it was somebody else’s night to do dishes!!! 😀


      • OMG, you sound like my eldest step-daughter back when I was married. She bitched about how many dishes and pots and pans were used her nights to do dishes, then her cooking nights she used every dish and pan she could. Except if cooking night and dish night fell the same night, one pot and one plate each.

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          • We have both too, but neither of us like air conditioning, and neither do any of the cats. The dishwasher I could do without, it is an energy-eater. But Gail likes the dishes being sterilized daily. She has a point, but it is an expensive one.

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            • I prefer fresh air too, when it is breathable, but this summer, I have only been able to open my windows and turn the air off 3-4 days, for the temps in the 90s with 90% humidity makes it nearly impossible to breathe. I do miss my dishwasher at the moment, though, for I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink, and with the dishwasher, at least they are out of sight until there are enough to bother with. But, it’s not a huge deal, except the fact that I’m paying my landlord $1,100 a month and they aren’t even making any effort to fix it! That annoys me to no end. 😡


              • Can you not go over their head? Or is there no higher to go? Is there a public official or board you can complain to?
                Or can you get the machine fixed yourself and deduct the cost from your rent?
                Do you keep copies or logs of all your contacts with your landlord, including those of paying your rent on time? There must be some way to keep things working, or getting them fixed quickly when they fail.
                I always told my step-daughters, battle from a position of strength. And know who to battle.

                That is my pep talk for today…

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                • I just wrote and mailed a letter to the property owners, but it being a large corporation somewhere out in California, I’m not sure how much good it will do. I am also planning to report them to the Better Business Bureau. Legally, if I give them 30 days notice, then I can pay my rent into an escrow account and they will not receive it until all repairs are done to my satisfaction. Or, I can hire a lawyer, and I think I have a pretty good case for breach of contract, as they have indicated it could be 5-6 months before they can fix it. But, sigh, I think it would be easier just to have it repaired by an outside company and pay for it myself. I had to do that last year when the defrost timer on my refrigerator/freezer went out. The maintenance man came, looked at it, and said, “I’m not gonna fix that.” And he left. My calls to the office went unanswered, and given that my food was going to rot if I didn’t do something, I had it repaired myself. Sigh. We’ve lived here 20 years, and I have never, ever seen the place so poorly managed and maintained as it is now. Time to move? Maybe, but it’s hard to find a place that would welcome six cats. And yes, I have auto payments set up through my bank, so the rent is always on time and has never once been late.


                  • If your BBB is anything like ours, they are powerless to help. All they can do is leave a note on the company’s file saying they are not a good business to deal with. At least that is what they did for me, the one time I made a complaint. The lady I spoke to said all they could do was tell anyone who asked how many complaints a business has against them, if they are asked. Most people do not ask beforehand…

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                    • It is the same here, but every little bit makes a difference, I think. Not too long ago … perhaps in the spring … I was out walking one morning when a couple pulled up in their car beside me and asked when the rental office would be open. I chatted with them for a minute or two, and told them the office opens at 10:00, and then I told them that they should really look elsewhere, as this place is not well-managed, and I gave them a few examples. They thanked me for my honesty and decided to go look elsewhere. I was proud of that moment! 😉


    • Thank you, Larry! I guess, then, that I could be considered either the Cliff Notes or the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of the ROTN (Reign of Trump News)? I hear you on the physically … I avoid mirrors, for I always wonder who that ol’ hag is and why she is here … but these days when I do look in a mirror, I see circles under the eyes, a mouth always set in a frown, even more grey hair! Add to that the lack of appetite and lack of sleep … this is not healthy! I would recommend sausage biscuits for breakfast instead! 😉

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  2. Jill, and locally, breaking news is a traffic jam. If Donald Trump told the truth, now that would be breaking news! I am fascinated by the amount of lying going on with the Kavanaugh accusation, but not the two participants. Trump said the FBI said they did not want to do an investigation, when they did not say that. Chuck Grassley echoed that. Then, Orrin Hatch said no one has ever asked the FBI to such an investigation, when in fact, he requested such on Anita Hill. Keith

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    • Ha ha … it is often the same here … a traffic jam, especially at rush hour, qualifies. I remember one morning, back when I still worked and traveled the Interstates at rush hour, when a plane crashed on I-275! Talk about a backup!!!

      Yes, there are so many lies swirling about the Kavanaugh confirmation and the accused sexual attack, that I literally had to shut off my phone, for it was something new every 15 minutes! This has turned into a 3-ring circus, hasn’t it? It seems that, if he were really interested in the good of the nation, Kavanaugh would step down from the nomination. It speaks volumes that Grassley and others are so determined to shove this nomination through. What sort of monsters do we have running this country?


      • Jill, the fact that this is a lifetime appointment should translate into taking the time needed. If this is is rushed and others come out later to corroborate, how would that make them look?

        By the way, we need to remember that Kavanaugh was a star athlete and popular. It is hard for a teenage girl to point a finger at someone like that in 1982. Even now, she is getting death threats! Keith

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        • Right. And … I would like to ask Mr. Grassley, Mr. Corker and the others what the difference is between this vacancy and the one left by Antonin Scalia that stayed vacant for ONE YEAR and 53 DAYS? I wonder how they would answer the question? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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