Meet Marion Hammer …

Marion HammerHer name is Marion Hammer.  She is 79 years of age. In 1995 she became the first female president in the 125-year history of her organization.  In 1993 she was awarded with the Outstanding Community Service Award from the National Safety Council, and in 2005 she was inducted into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame.  Impressed?  Don’t be.

Marion Hammer’s is the face of evil. Marion Hammer’s organization is the National Rifle Association (NRA), and in this writer’s opinion she is more worthy of the Women’s Hall of Infamy award. Hammer has helped see some of the most dangerous gun laws pass through the Florida legislature, including the infamous Stand Your Ground law that allowed George Zimmerman to get off scot-free after murdering a 17-year-old unarmed African-American youth in 2012.  She was also instrumental in passing a 2011 statute that makes it illegal for local elected officials to enact their own gun control laws, lest they face a $5,000 penalty and possible removal from office.  How, you ask, does one woman who holds no position in government have such power?Hammer-2.jpgThe answer is first off that the NRA has power well beyond what should be allowed by a single-industry lobbyist group.  The second part of the answer is that in Florida, certain parts of gun laws are enforced by the Department of Agriculture rather than law enforcement agencies.  And the third part of the answer is that Ms. Hammer is an unapologetic bully.hammer-toonRecently, the Tampa Bay Times acquired and published all 298 emails between Hammer and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services from 2014 through early 2018.  The documents show that essentially, Ms. Hammer and thus the NRA are the de facto leaders of the Florida Department of Agriculture, at least as regards gun regulations.  For example …

“Who on earth was arrogant and antigun enough to authorize this?” she asks in one email.

” … put this at the top of the priority list and do it right away,” she orders in another.Hammer-3

After the department of agriculture denied someone’s renewal for a concealed weapons license, Hammer sent an email demanding to know what happened. “Guys, this is your first test from me since Ken moved to his new position,” Hammer wrote, referring to an agency official. “Do him proud and find out what the heck is going on.” Almost immediately, Paul Pagano, the assistant director in the department’s licensing division, replied, “Ms. Hammer, I’ll research it first thing in the morning and provide answers.” Even though the application wasn’t notarized correctly, Pagano went ahead and approved it anyway, because … Hammer had asked him to.

Any changes in the department’s concealed weapons program are sent to Hammer “for your consideration” or “for your review” before even the legislature can look at them. On the off-chance any new proposals or changes don’t go by Hammer first, she makes sure she gets her hands on them.

“I understand some of your people are walking around some new language dealing with [concealed weapons] licensing and Tax Collectors fees,” Hammer wrote an agency official. “Care to share it with me?”

But Hammer’s influence over the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services isn’t limited to gun regulation … she has stepped into other areas now, too.  From the Tampa Bay Times, 22 September 2018:

On the Fourth of July 2016, National Rifle Association lobbyist Marion Hammer fired off an email to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

“This crap needs to stop,” begins Hammer in the first of seven emails she would exchange with the department over the next 48 hours. “You need to figure out how to stop business email spamming.”

Those who work in the Florida agency that oversees gun permits never know when Hammer will command their attention — or what about. Nights, weekends and even holidays, she sends messages to senior department officials with complaints and demands. They often respond within minutes.

Using an email address, Hammer’s emails touch on topics such as spam email, South Korean dogs and a personal problem with a pest control company.

Brusque and demanding, the messages suggest Hammer is rarely told “no.”

In a 2013 whistleblower lawsuit, an employee alleged that the director of Putnam’s licensing division, Grea Bevis, told her she “worked for the NRA” when she tried to draw attention to problems with the gun licensing program. The department denied the accusation, but settled with the employee for $30,000.

It is a playbook that gun-rights advocates have repeated to much success: First Florida, then the country.

gunshine state-2.jpgSomehow, the State of Florida has turned over their state to one of the most despicable organizations in the nation, and in particular to one of their most obnoxious lobbyists, Marion Hammer.  How did this happen, folks?  It is time this nation and its people stand up to the NRA.  They are no longer just a lobbyist group, but they are a very serious threat to the well-being of the people of this nation.

25 thoughts on “Meet Marion Hammer …

  1. Dear Jill,

    You have the picture. Florida has been a republican led state for years. It was the first state in 2005 to enact the ‘Stand Your Ground’ template law that the NRA had been trying to pass for years.

    Yes, Marion Hammer is the face of evil, and definitely no sweet little old lady.

    The Parkland High School mass shooting in Florida has awakened voters to fight the NRA hold on Florida legislators. Let’s hope there is success on this front on the November 2018 elections.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Just out of curiosity, since you live in Florida … do you sense that the republican party is losing some ground there, or are people still supportive of them? I haven’t looked for a week or so, but last I checked, Gillum was running ahead of DeSantis by a point or two, which I was pleased to see, but also know how meaningless the polls are at this juncture.


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  2. I’ve just returned from a family weekend with Benjamin at my Son’s in Massachusetts. So much fun, including a Fall Festival, apple picking, a horse show and yumalicious food! My inbox is overflowing and I was scanning the endless list, until…I read Meet Marion Hammer!! I was introduced to this woman ( I doubt that she is much of a lady) back on Feb. 23, 2018 through an article, that I had archived, in “The Trace” by Mike Spies titled “The Unchecked Influence of NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer”. It was a lengthy article, but mind boggling. In the short time that had elapsed since the Marjorie Stoneham Douglas School shooting, it was all the more shockingly breathtaking. Another article by Spies followed in March, also an eyeopener. Many of the alarming facts that you wrote about are included and more. If you are not aware of The Trace, it is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit newsroom dedicated to the gun violence crisis. Ms. Hammer is definitely NOT good people doing good things, more like a vile virus that plagues humanity. She needs to retire, it would have been better, if she had done so decades ago. Thank-you for shedding light on her nefarious hobby, for those unaware of Marion Hammer.

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    • Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I’m so glad! And I take it this means that both you and Benjamin have gotten over your colds. I haven’t been to a fall festival in years … we used to always go, but it got so big about 10 years ago that it wasn’t fun any longer, it was more like being at a circus. Anyway, I’m glad you had a great time!

      I stumble on The Trace every now and then, but haven’t used them as a source to date. However, I will look into them a bit more and perhaps add them to my source list, for independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit appeal to me … far too few of those around! Thanks for the tip.

      While I agree that Ms. Hammer is vile, the reality is that she would never have had such power & influence if the State of Florida had not allowed it. The Department of Agriculture pandered to her, but why? Because Governour Rick Scott said it was okay? Because there is no governmental oversight? And almost certainly because somebody was getting a nice little bonus from the NRA. The same goes on in our federal government … a number of republican members of Congress are in the pockets of the NRA. I’m curious now, though, as to what additional info The Trace had, so I shall go in search of! Thanks again!

      Benjamin’s juice and donuts are all laid out for morning 😉


  3. Jill, quite simply, the arrogance amazes me. The US will be hard pressed to solve its gun death problem with people like this acting with impunity. Keith


  4. This woman, if she is not a man trapped in a woman’s body, is in need of serious psychiatric help, in my opinion. She must have had a horrible childhood, and probably now hates children. She is setting Women’s Right back by decades.

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    • While I thoroughly agree with all you say, the reality is that she couldn’t have done any of the things she’s done if the governor and other state officials weren’t complicit, if there were oversight, and if there was no corruption. I have no doubt that Governor Scott is fully aware of the power she wields and merely turns a blind eye.


      • So it would seem. That law about fining any government official who ties to pass a gun control law is just undemocratic. Totally frightening.
        Meanwhile I am wondering if your news channels are carrying the story of the high school students in Ontario protesting rolling back the sexual education process. Haven’t heard the outcome yet but schools all over the province took part. It’s worth a look-see.

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        • Indeed, the whole bloomin’ thing is undemocratic. Granted, Florida is mostly a republican state and largely support the NRA, but last I knew, the NRA was not on the ballot! But now my question is … why isn’t there a hue and cry over this since it was printed in a Miami paper? A chat with a friend who lives in Florida tells me that the average Floridian doesn’t likely know any of this. The people in this nation prefer to wear blinders and will be led right into a world of their own making, and then they will look around and say, “Huh? Wha-what happened? Wh-where am I? Who is that evil man with a gun pointed in my f-f-face?”

          My friend John, who lives in Ontario, has told me a bit about Ford and his changes in the sex-ed curriculum. Among other things. I will take a further look-see, as you suggest. Thanks!


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I live in the ‘Gun-Shine State … Flori-duh!!
    ‘Marion Hammer’s is the face of evil. Marion Hammer’s organization is the National Rifle Association (NRA) and in this writer’s opinion, she is more worthy of the Women’s Hall of Infamy award. Hammer has helped see some of the most dangerous gun laws pass through the Florida legislature, including the infamous Stand Your Ground law that allowed George Zimmerman to get off scot-free after murdering a 17-year-old unarmed African-American youth in 2012.’

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    • Well, I don’t know the entire answer, but for one thing, far too little oversight in the state government. For another, the NRA itself has way too much power, too much control over our politicians, and not only in Florida, although this is the most blatant example I’ve come across.

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