Jolly Autumn Monday!!!

yawnGood morning, friends, and welcome!  Take your coats off … oh … you say you’re not wearing coats?  That’s good … that’s good … it’s 64°, so no need for shoes … er, um … coats.  Sorry if I’m a bit addled this morning … sleepy  💤💤💤

jollyWell, it’s officially spring fall now, and for the first time I can remember, the weather turned fall-like on the exact date fall began, Saturday.  Of course, it rained all day, but what the heck … into each life a little rain must fall, right?  Did you all have a wonderful autumnal weekend?  And now, here we are back ‘round to Monday again.  It’s gonna be a roller-coaster week, so let’s try to start out with a smile, or maybe even a chuckle, shall we?

I let Jolly help with the treats today, so grab a plate and a cup of coffee or tea …

For the love of sushi …

You know those ‘all-you-can-eat’ places, usually buffet restaurants?  I used to date a guy who said it was a waste to take me to one, for I can eat only limited amounts at a time, and he claimed he never got his money’s worth if he took me to an all-you-can-eatery. But German triathlete Jaroslav Bobrowski knows how to get his money’s worth. bobrowski.jpgA week or so ago, Mr. Bobrowski went to eat at Running Sushi, a restaurant in Landshut, Bavaria.  Now, I don’t eat sushi, but this must have been some awesome sushi, for Mr. Bobrowski ate … and ate … and then he ate some more.  In just a few minutes, it is said, Jarolslav Bobrowski had put away 100 plates of sushi!  Now, according to what I have read, the average sushi plate has only 3 pieces of sushi, and the owner of the Running Sushi says that the average patron consumes 20 plates … well, they don’t consume the actual plate, but rather the sushi that is on the plate.  Even with only 3 pieces per plate, 20 plates sounds like an awful lot to me, but what do I know?  Most people eat more than I, but still … 60 pieces for the average diner and 300 pieces for Mr. Bobrowski?  Blech. 🤢

Since during all that munching, he drank only one glass of ice tea, the restaurant lost a good bit on his visit, and thus he is now banned from the Running Sushi, according to owner Tan Le.

“I want to win customers and not offend any guests. But … we only earn money on the drinks and he only consumed one tea the whole evening.”sushi.jpgThe meal cost Bobrowski €15.90, or $18.70 USD.  He has since found another sushi restaurant nearby, China City.  Perhaps somebody should warn them?

From the journals of … WHY?

Here’s one I’ve never seen before … a horse-drawn SUV (sport utility vehicle).  It happened last week in the Ballyfermot area of Dublin, Ireland, when people were stunned to see this …

The quality of the video is poor, but you’ll still get a kick out of it.  Again, though, I must ask:  Why?

Drat!  I missed the chance …

A month or so ago, a dear friend insisted that I buy a new pair of shoes.  For the record, I own precisely two pair:  one pair of hiking boots, and one pair of tennis shoes.  It is all I need.  I prefer barefoot anyway.  But when I let slip that my tennis shoes were holey and held together with duct tape, this friend nagged until I bought a new pair.  Okay, I’m glad I did, for my feet seem to stay dryer on days that I go puddle-jumping.  But I should never have thrown the old ones away!!!  Just look what Nordstrom is selling …duct-tape-sneakers.pngYes, folks, this is what they are selling on their website  and get this … the price … $530!!!  Yes, you heard me right.  If I still had my old ones, I could make enough to pay for the new ones and feed my family for a whole month!!!  Obviously, since it says “sold out”, people bought these shoes.  For $530!!!  One can only conclude that there must be a heck of a lot of people out there with more money than brains!

The company came into a bit of criticism, but managed to answer it with a b.s. answer …nordstrom.pngI’m not sure whether to laugh, growl or cry!

Look what the cat dragged in …

Given the neighborhood I live in, I could very well see this happening, but fortunately after an accident years ago involving our cat Tofu and a car and the loss of a leg, ours are all indoor cats.

It happened in Bristol, England, last Monday when a family’s cat came home carrying a bag.  On further inspection, it was found that the bag contained several smaller wrapped parcels of drugs!bag-of-drugsPolice were called and came to take the drugs away, commending the cat for a job well done.  “Forget police dogs, we should start training up cats,” one officer joked.

Okay, folks, Jolly and I are tired, so it’s time for us all to get up and do whatever it is we do on Mondays.  I hope you enjoyed this humorous start to the week, for I think it’s destined to be another whirlwind news week and we needed to at least start out on the right foot.  Remember to share those lovely smiles you’re wearing, for we all feel better if somebody smiles at us.  Unless we’re doing something we shouldn’t be, then we feel guilty.  Keep safe and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa & Jolly!


28 thoughts on “Jolly Autumn Monday!!!

  1. Dear Jill,

    I have a 16 year old grandson who could compete with Jaroslav Bobrowski when it comes to sushi. I took him out to lunch but I put a limit to what I would purchase which included 2 entrees and an appetizer, just for him. We were talking about going to a buffet that offers sushi but even then, I told him there would be a limit.

    The poor horse. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

    Who in their right mind would pay over $500.00 for a pair of tennis shoes?

    Cats deserve more credit for their acumen.

    I’m freezing in Minnesota. I’ll be glad to return to Florida, soon.

    Hug, Gronda

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    • Ahhh … so you are still in Minnesota, eh? Better get home before the snows start to fall! It’s been cooler here the last few days, in the upper 60s and low 70s, but still very humid. I hope you’re having a great visit, though! Many hugs, my dear friend!

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  2. Jolly Autumn Monday is every bit as jolly on Tuesday, although the coffee needed a bit of reheating in the microwave…no problem, I do that all day everyday! The juicebox will keep until tomorrow, as Benjamin is in preschool today and had a Mommy & Me Day yesterday. Mr. Bobrowski is a gorgeous example of the merits of being a triathlete…and you can eat to your hearts content too! I notice, however, the two not so athletic appearing men behind him to his right and left…too much all you-can-eat isn’t for everyone indeed! Benjamin will love the horse drawn car, although the sound requires muting. My guess is that the people that can afford those pricey sneakers have never kept any footwear long enough to show wear, much like torn jeans…kind of a look at how the other half lives, but with style!?! Poor Kitty, but too cute. I just read on the Dodo this morning about a cat named Bella, that brings clothing home,from places unknown, to the owner. No drugs were mentioned though,now that has to have someone somewhere worried. I think Maxine has the perfect approach to leaf raking! Thank-you and a jolly Tuesday to you!

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    • Now, now, Ellen … stop feasting your eyes on Mr. Bobrowski! Yes, he is better looking than the ol’ geezers behind him, but still … all that muscle is not normal! I hope Benjamin will enjoy the post today … I always try to put a little something special in for him! The shoes … argh … to think that there are people who have so much money to throw around, while others go hungry for lack of money. Sigh. A Jolly Wednesday to you … um … you haven’t had a quote for me lately … I miss the quotes! Have a great rest-of-the week!


    • Ah yes … the hills in Vermont … well, all of New England, actually are beautiful in the fall, as are the Great Smoky Mountains, my old stomping ground. And it isn’t just the colourful leaves, but there is a smell and feel in the air that just makes one feel good. I love fall, but am not too crazy about what comes afterward. 😉

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    • I wish I had taken a picture of mine before I tossed them in the trash! They were worse than those! Of course, mine cost more like about $30, and that was six years before they finally hit the rag bin! I believe in getting my use from things! 😉


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the shoes … my jaw dropped, for seriously, the ones I threw away were even worse, with duct tape on the toes and across the heels! I could have made a pretty penny! Have a great week!


    • I agree! Just think … that feeds a family of four for a month, and heck, you can make your $35 shoes look like that easily enough … I know, for I’ve done it (although not in order to make a fashion statement, but merely to get another year or two of use from them!) Have a great week, my friend!!!

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  3. I’m sure I recognise my local area in the horse pulling the car! No, I don’t have any explanation… not one that can be put in a politically correct answer. Happy autumn/fall. We had pouring rain nearly all weekedn, followed buy a lovellate Sunday afternoon. Now my water butts are full and ithe washing is on the line, chilly but sunny.

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    • Ahhh … so if the horse-drawn car was in your neighborhood, too bad you missed seeing it! Our weather over the weekend mirrored your own, and today was still more rain. Sigh. It should not matter to me, for I spend most of the day right here on this computer anyway, but somehow seeing the sun shining in through the windows always makes me a bit happier. Have a great week!!! 🌞

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  4. Happy Autumn Equinox Jill! 😃
    100 plates of sushi????……Err I wouldn’t want to be around Mr. Bobrowski or his bathroom for the next few days!
    I’m glad the poor horse managed to maintain their dignity.
    Oh of course $530 for a footwear that looks worn out! Well they are catering for the ‘More Money Than Sense’ end of the market…. It’s like the Distressed Jeans con all over again……Seesh there’s always a ‘rube’ for fleecing.
    Just well puss didn’t sample anything, imagine the poor owners trying to get their pet down off of the ceiling.
    Great selection Jill

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Roger! Glad to see you found time for the morning chuckles! And yes, the sushi guy … I’m still feeling slightly nauseaus. Blech. We had a kitty once, Pickles was her name, who got her head stuck in an empty corn can, and I lost quite a bit of skin trying to catch her, hold her down, and remove the can. I believe that was when we bought a trash can with a lid. 🤣🤣 Ah, the stories I could tell … I could write a book!

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