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Today’s good people are on a smaller scale than I had originally planned, but they will make hour heart smile, I promise!  I had one of my rare false starts this evening, and had to abandon the ‘good people’ project I had spent 4 hours on!  Needless to say, I was frustrated and panicking, but within minutes I found a whole contingent of other good people.  I was not about to forgo the ‘good people’ post this week … we all need it more than ever, I think.  And so, I bring to you …

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My BrotherNoah-and-LucasNoah Aldrich is 12 years old, and his brother Lucas is 10.  When Lucas was two months old, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic neurological condition called Lissencephaly.  According to his mother, Alissa …

He has severely impaired motor skills (can’t sit, stand, walk or roll-over), he is non-verbal, and is fed by a g-tube.  He is at a high risk of having seizures and pneumonia in the future.  There is no cure for Lucas’s condition and he is expected to have a significantly shortened lifespan.

But Lucas has something very special … Noah.  For one so young, Noah has always shared a special bond with Lucas.  In 2014 when Noah was only eight, the family heard about a youth triathlon being sponsored by the local YMCA, and Noah knew he wanted to do that with his brother.  He began training the very next day!

Before the triathlon, Noah didn’t even know how to swim, but here he is pulling Lucas in a raft …Noah-pulls-raft

And pushing him for the running part of the competition …


And pedaling him for the biking portion …

noah-biking-lucas.jpgThey may not have come in first in the triathlon, but they were the biggest winners, don’t you think?  When asked by a local NBC News affiliate who covered the event if he thought it was a big deal, Noah responded, “Well not really … I’m just doing something with Lucas.”  I wonder if ever before has one so young worked so hard to give his brother a bit of pleasure?

This is a short (2:28 minutes) clip, but do yourself a favour and check it out … it will make you smile … Gronda, get your tissues!

Two Big Hearts …

You remember Hurricane Florence that hit the Carolinas a couple of weeks ago?  Shelli Trench of Garner, North Carolina, wanted to help her neighbors.  When she dropped off some water at a shelter in the local high school, Shelli asked the rescue workers what their greatest need at that moment was, and they replied, “T-shirts”.  Apparently people were stopping by for showers, but the shelter had no clean clothes to offer them.

Shelli isn’t rich by any means, but she had $50 she felt she could spare, so she headed to the local Wal-Mart to see what she could do.

“I went in and asked for a manager, hoping he would give me some kind of discount to make that money go further. Instead, I got a blessing.

When Jeff Jobes, the manager on duty, heard about the plight of the people at the shelter he didn’t give me a discount. Instead, he armed me with one of his associates (Alex) and a shopping cart and told her to fill it… on him.

Y’all… $1,251 later, I was able to deliver 254 items of clothing to the evacuees at the Garner High shelter because Jeff the manager loves his community and he proved it with his actions.”Shelli-Jeff.jpg

Aren’t Shelli and Jeff just wonderful people?  Why can’t everybody in the world be like this?  But wait … there’s more to this story …

I woke up to this morning to this text from Manager Jeff: ‘How is everything this morning? Need anything?’

So I drove to the shelter and ask them what they needed and they gave me a list of fresh fruit for snacks, Ensure, Boost, and Gatorade.

I texted the list to Jeff and his response was: ‘Give me 30 minutes then come see me.’

Y’all when I got to the store, manager Jeff and his co-manager Kelly were busy pulling together the items that were requested.

They didn’t donate bags of fresh fruit. They donated case after case after case after case of apples and oranges and bananas and Ensure and Boost and Gatorade and Cliff bars and pastries and bread and cookies.

My van was loaded to the top.

The outpouring of love and support from the Walmart in Garner is unbelievable.”

Jeff Jobes.jpg

Javier Amos of Watertown, South Dakota, is 9 years old and has leukemia.  He is currently in remission after undergoing chemotherapy for most of last year.  You’ve heard of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, right?  Well, they recently selected Javier to be the recipient of a wish.  Most kids would likely pick a trip to Disney World, right?  Or skiing in Aspen, or meeting Colin Kaepernick, or a new 10-speed bike.  But not Javier!Javier-AmosYou see, Javier has spent much of the past year in and out of hospitals, too sick to attend school, and while he might not have missed long division too much, he missed his friends a lot.  So, Javier decided to use his wish to throw a huge pizza party!  According to Make-A-Wish South Dakota Program Services Director Joe Evenson …

“Out of all the wishes we have granted, this has got to be one of the most unique ones.  For a kid his age to be able to do what he’s doing today, he could have literally went anywhere in the world, chosen to met anybody he wanted to or had anything he wanted.”

But all Javier wanted was to be with his friends.javier-party

And that is all I have time for tonight, but I hope these people helped to remind you that the whole world is not like what we see on television and the internet every day!  Now, let’s all go out and be good people ourselves, shall we?

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  1. Being a retired pediatric nurse for special needs children, the story of Noah and Lucas touches me deeply. The normal brain’s outer surface is convoluted or as easier understood, wrinkled. Lissencephaly is a rare brain disorder where parts of the brain’s surface appears smooth. This causes all of the issues that his Mother describes. In my many years, I only took care of one child with this cephalic disorder and his life span was brief. This family is awe inspiring. Noah is the best big brother ever. Shelli and Jeff are shining examples of what community is all about. Young Javier know what is important, friends. What a wonderful group of good people! Thank-you!

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    • Thanks for the layman’s explanation! Medical terminology leaves me with glazed eyes. The family is incredible. The mum said that they had a choice to possibly prolong Lucas’ life by keeping him safe and protected, but they decided to show him life to the fullest. She is also trying to start Lucas House, which is what I spent 4 hours on before realizing that they aren’t off the ground yet, for parents of kids with life-threatening illnesses. It is a great project, if she can get it going. Meanwhile, Noah is my hero of the day … what a kid, eh?


        • Your cynical nature is not alone, my friend. I no longer view the human race as I once did … these Wednesday ‘good people’ posts may well be the only thing that keeps me from believing that all of mankind is intrinsically evil. Sigh.
          Hugs, sweet Emily! 🤗


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