‘Toons, ‘Toons, and More ‘Toons …

Today I am behind.  Today I am in a black humour.  So today I give you … ‘TOONS!!!

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c181003.tif

Oh, how I wish!

pol-toon-2pol-toon-3pol-toon-4Judge of characterpol-toon-6


Have a great day, folks.

30 thoughts on “‘Toons, ‘Toons, and More ‘Toons …

  1. Political cartoons are one of my favorite art forms. It never ceases to amaze me how these talented cartoonist can portray Trump so realistically at times…the 5th one from the top is incredible. I shall regale you with a bit of history about political cartoons. I risk boring you, if you already know this or may have done a post in the past pertaining to it…see how an archive would prevent such an occurrence? But, I’ll accept the possible risk and continue. The first political cartoon is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. It was published in the Philadelphia newspaper, that he owned and ran, The Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. A woodcut of a snake cut into 8 pieces with each part initialed for one of the colonies. The head represented New England as one part instead of the actual 4 colonies and continued with New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania ( included Delaware, as it was part of Pa. then), Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and the tail represented South Carolina. Georgia was not represented, reason unknown. It was captioned with “Join, or Die” and was part of Franklin’s editorial about the “disunited state” of the colonies and the need for unity. This was at the time of the French and Indian war. The cartoon immediately caught the public’s attention and it appeared in other newspapers. The same cartoon appeared in 1765 against The Stamp Act and again in 1774, captioned “Unite, or Die”. The cartoon continues to be used in various ways to this day, even as a tattoo. Lest you think that I remember all of these facts…I didn’t, but after a brief refresher of some dates, it all comes back to me. Now, my propensity for loquacity is temporarily subdued and I bid you a Good Night! Thank-you!

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    • When you say “The first political cartoon,” are you talking the world, or just America? 1754 is many years later than political cartooning became widespread in Europe, particularly England. Canada had political cartoonists in the 1750s, though I cannot find a year mentioned. That Franklin may have been the first such artist/writer in the States is one thing, but to say he was the “first” is giving him far far too much credit.

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      • My apologies! You are correct, I neglected to say the first in the USA. I did not mean to offend the whole world while my focus was entertaining Jill. I seem to have a talent for insulting you. I am not part of the “America First” movement that is so popular with some these days. Thank-you!

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        • My apologies to you too, Ellen, and to Jill. Donnie Junk Trunk had me riled, claiming “he” negotiated the new NAFTA deal. He had nothing to do with it, never wanted it to happen. Wiser heads prevailed. But he upset me, and I took it out on you. Again, I am sorry.

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          • Apology accepted, although it was not necessary. Your comment was a well-founded criticism. It should have occurred to me to note that I was referring to the USA. If you were able to release a bit of anger, it was my pleasure to give you cause to do so…it is unhealthy to hold anger inside. You are a man of integrity, a virtue that Trump sorely lacks. Thank-you!

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        • You did not offend the whole world, silly! You didn’t even offend rawgod … that’s just his way … he’s a good guy, but he can be gruff sometimes … took me a while, but like I said, he’s a great guy with a good heart.


    • Whew … your propensity outdid itself tonight, madam! And I loved every minute … so much so that I went in search of the image … found it!!! Yes, yes, yes … the archive … keep reminding me, for I am operating on overload at present and keep forgetting the important stuff! Which reminds me … I got up early on Monday to squeeze fresh juice for Master Benjamin … and … not a gold star, not even a word!!! I was so hurt 😥

      Thanks again, my dear friend, for taking my mind to a pleasanter place!


      • Oh, Good Grief…I am offending some and hurting others! I thought that I left a comment on Monday’s jolliness post…because Benjamin loved the little turtle video. Not to beat this into the ground, well maybe a wee bit, if I could go back via an archive I could make belated amends. There are times when I am in a hurry or distracted and fail to hit the post comment button, thus the comment disappears into computer neverland. Other times, I plan on commenting later and life gets in the way. You see, I save some posts for a time, so that I can return and others I delete after reading. My computer skills are not the best, not even close to best…but retirement has seen some improvement of them. Now, the damper on your parade…Benjamin does not like fresh squeezed juice!! Thank-you!! P.S. So happy that I was able to entertain you!

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        • No no no … as I explained in your comment to rawgod, he wasn’t offended … that’s just how he is sometimes. And as for my being ‘hurt’ … I was joking and was laughing as I typed it! But, leave it to Benjamin to NOT like fresh-squeezed juice!!! You always entertain me and make me smile, my friend!


    • I love them, too, but try not to make a habit of using them, for I’m trying not to get ‘busted’. Early in my blogging days, I asked permission to use one and was told it would cost me $350!!! Needless to say, being retired and on a fixed income, that wasn’t gonna fly! But I try to keep it to a minimum, for it is in breach of copyright law. Still, I love them and think that sometimes a picture is, truly, worth a thousand words. Hugs!!!

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      • I only had one company come after me. That was hallmark. But a work around is twitter. You tweet the cartoon from the website which is legal, then you repost the tweet, again legal. Hugs


  2. Jill, as my wife and I were watching the US President mock a sexual assault victim, I was reminded of the voices of twenty women, “Mr. Trump, why did you grab my private parts?” Or ” Mr. Trump, please get out of this dressing room as we are not all clothed.” Yes, Mr. Trump understands how it feels to be accused. There is a reason he is accused by so many. Especially, when he admitted to it. Keith

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    • I read his comments, but simply could not bring myself to watch. What a despicable excuse he is for a human being, and he is the example the world should look up to? I wish every woman he’s ever so much as touched inappropriately would file a lawsuit. How … just how the sam heck did he make it to the White House??? The only good thing I see about his mockery session is that even some republican senators are appalled. Enough so to vote ‘no’? We shall see, I guess. But it said people, the audience, laughed at his little ‘show’ … where are people’s heads and hearts these days, Keith??? I am literally sickened by it.

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