♫ What Becomes of the Brokenhearted ♫

This song was written by Motown writers Jimmy Dean, Paul Riser, and William Witherspoon. They wrote it for The Detroit Spinners, but Jimmy Ruffin convinced the Motown writers to let him try it, and they liked what they heard. Ruffin is the brother of The Temptations’ David Ruffin, by the way.  Smokey Robinson produced the track.

Now, while many artists recorded this song, including The Supremes, I have two favourites and I am torn between the two, so I’m interested in your opinions.  The first is the original by Jimmy Ruffin, released in 1966.  This version hit #6 in the US and #10 in the UK.

In 1992, Paul Young recorded the song and, while it didn’t do as well as the Ruffin version, I still like it.  What do you guys think?  The Jimmy Ruffin version …

Or the Paul Young …

What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
Jimmy Ruffin/Paul Young

As I walk this land with broken dreams
I have visions of many things
But happiness is just an illusion
Filled with sadness and confusion
What becomes of the broken-hearted
Who had love that’s now departed?
I know I’ve got to find
Some kind of peace of mind

The roots of love grow all around
But for me they come a-tumblin’ down
Every day heartaches grow a little stronger
I can’t stand this pain much longer
I walk in shadowsm searching for light
Cold and alone, no comfort in sight
Hoping and praying for someone to care
Always moving and goin’ nowhere
What becomes of the broken-hearted
Who had love that’s now departed?
I know I’ve got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
Help me

I’m searching, though I don’t succeed
But someone look, there’s a growing need
Oh, he is lost, there’s no place for beginning
All that’s left is an unhappy ending
Now, becomes of the broken-hearted
Who had love that’s now departed?
I know I’ve got to find
Some kind of peace of mind

I’ll be searching everywhere
Just to find someone to care
I’ll be looking everyday, I know I’m gonna find a way
Nothing’s gonna stop me now
I’ll find a way somehow
And I’ll be searching everywhere
I know I gotta find a way
I’ll be looking

Songwriters: James Anthony Dean / Paul Riser / William Henry Witherspoonn
What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

18 thoughts on “♫ What Becomes of the Brokenhearted ♫

  1. 1965-1968…”It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. The worst included loss and sorrow. The best was the three years of nursing school, on my own amidst the best group of girls that I’ve ever known. We lived, studied, worked and explored the city together. Among the memorable moments was assembling in the long hallway of our dorm floor, placing the 45 rpm records on the record player and dancing our 2-wall modified Madison line dance to songs that included this one by Jimmy Ruffin. This was line dancing long before the Electric Slide, and while I no longer recall exactly what the Philadelphia dance was called…I can still perform each step, though less gracefully. So, please excuse me, while I replay Jimmy Ruffin and dance in my hallway as no one is around to watch/laugh! Thank-you!

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    • Ahhhh … Charlene Dickens! Sounds like mostly the ‘best’ of times from what you say! The good ol’ days before the reality of life set in? Um, Ellen … I am watching you dance in the hallw … LOOK OUT FOR THE … Oops … too late!


  2. If you’d asked me to listen to that 6 months ago I’d have refused. What I always claimed was the only Motown record I hated.It was played non-stop when I was ill and it first came out, I went from liking to loathing. I’ve just found out I like it again so thank you. I quite like Paul Young but Jimmy Ruffin is the master of this song.

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    • Well, I’m glad I didn’t play the song six months ago, then! Overkill of any song can make it sickening, so I fully understand that, for I can remember many songs, back when I used to listen to pop radio, that were played so much I would finally turn off the radio when I heard one come on. I think Jimmy Ruffin is everyone’s favourite except rawgod’s girlfriend, Gail. They are both good, though …

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