27 thoughts on “A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

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  2. Jill, your cartoons paint the picture. Donald Trump is Leader of only 1/3 of the country. The remaining sycophants just fall in line.

    As for his misogyny, nothing has changed. Trump is acting like he always has. His five biographers have each noted that Trump has a problem with the truth. Twenty accusers say he is more than a misogynist, he is a sexual assailant and harasser. He has had at least two affairs, likely more. Plus, he is known as a bully dating back to his school days.

    He is only acting now like he has always done. One reason the press is holding his feet to the fire, is they failed to do so during the campaign. Keith

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    • Hello Keith, sadly due to the way our system working that 1/3 minority is in fact ruling the entire country. See the congress is to be a check on the presidency. But because the cult of tRump has made any not full endorsement of him a fail in their primaries, every republican must be pro tRump or lose reelection. So the entire republican party because they value reelection more than their oath to protect and work for the country supports the very fascist the system was designed to prevent. Yes our republican party has given up its normal role of checking the president because tRump has acted like a mafia don, insisting his way or you well get hurt and lose all you have. So republican congress people go along with him in order to keep their jobs and enrich themselves even more…at the same time you and I, the lower income 97% just try to keep our heads above after, paying our bills and medical needs and maybe have enough left over for food. But remember the Judiciary committee chair man Grassley said us poor people do not deserve a tax cut like the wealthy because us poor only spend our money on “movies, booze, and women”. Think on it. Hugs

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    • Remember back in 2016 when people said, “Oh he will change once he is in office … he will become presidential”? A leopard does not change its spots and Trump will never change … he will always be a loud-mouthed, obnoxious, lying & cheating bigot. They can spin it however they want, but he should be almost anywhere BUT in the Oval Office.

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      • Jill, Scottie, good comments, although sad in nature. The best indicator of Trump is his past behavior. What we saw in the rallies is what he did before and after. Scottie, I forgot about Grassley’s inane comment. I actually spoke to oe his staff about how inappropriate that was. I was frustrated with him on how he failed to admonish Kavanaugh for his attacks on several Senators. Grassley should have stepped in said, Judge Kavanaugh, you are here to answer questions not ask them. So, please do so. Having been in so many, meetings that was a breech of decorum.


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  3. What a sad commentary on our times. I love political cartoons, but the truths depicted in these make me sad. The flag of our divided states speaks loudly and clearly…we are a torn and tattered democracy at present, wondering where do we go from here and how can we repair the damage? Earlier today, I read an article in Market Watch dated Oct.6, 2018 by Chris Edelson titled “Opinion : With Kavanaugh vote, McConnell and Republicans strike a blow at the U.S. Constitution.” If you can take/find the time, it is well worth reading. Thank-you!

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    • Yes, the cartoons portray the very sad state of this nation, and yet I am told that the republicans believe all is well in our country. Sigh. I did check out the piece by Edelson … very well written and confirms what I’ve thought for a few weeks now. Try to have a good week, my friend!

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  4. That last one is the most discouraging one. People knew he was saying this hate filled junk before he was elected. What is the saying, when someone is telling you they are, believe them the first time. Worried hugs

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    • It is, indeed, a summary of what we already knew, and is discouraging enough. But I felt the header image, the Constitution burning, was the most devastating, for that is exactly what I see happening and … without it, we are toast.

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        • You’re probably correct. It is a lot to read — although it sure hits the nail!

          Not so sure I agree with you on the flag. I see the meaning, but I tend to think many tRumpsky supporters would dispute it and claim it’s just a “liberal’s” viewpoint since, in their minds, everything is going just hunky-dory.

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          • Those who believe that everything is hunky-dory are delusional … nothing is right in our nation right now, and I seriously fear we are just a step or two from bloodshed in the streets. I think that both the shredded, divided flag and the burning constitution tell the whole story in a nutshell. In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined … today. 😥

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  5. Yeah, let’s enjoy these political cartoons while we still can. I like the moral compass. I think you know how I feel about this political Christian-Conservative “morality.” I was going to write a piece on “moral compass” the other day but filed it. I’m sure I’ll have another chance to use it. How about the comment he made to Cecilia Vega which the WH altered the briefing notes.
    I saw a meme the other day that said: “Life is to short to get into arguments with strangers over politics.” Yeah, I need a break. I’m sure they will be there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

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    • You are like me … so many pieces started, and then tabled … maybe another day, maybe not. Too much to cover, too much to write about … only 24 hours in the day … was that too harsh? Did I get the right message out? Are my readers getting sick of me pummeling Trump? Another glass of wine, anyone?


      Someday this will be a blurb in the history books, and we will no longer care.

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