The GOP Ain’t Atticus Finch!!!

In the past weeks, and especially the past few days, I have seen some of the most asinine comments come from the mouths of men and women who are supposed to be well-educated, reasonable human beings. Men and women who are paid a sizable chunk of money by us to represent us.  That would be … us … all of us … as in, We The People.  It isn’t bad enough that they are not doing their job, that they are playing games with our lives, gambling away the future of this nation, but on top of that, we have to listen to them spout ugly and stupid rhetoric!

Tonight I focus on one such fool, John Cornyn III, a United States Senator from the State of Texas.  A brief bio …

John_Cornyn_(cropped)Cornyn is a graduate from Trinity University and St. Mary’s University School of Law, receiving his LL.M. from the University of Virginia School of Law. Cornyn was a Judge on Texas’ 37th District Court from 1985 to 1991, until he was elected an associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court, where he served 1991 to 1997. In 1998, Cornyn was elected Attorney General of Texas, serving one term until winning a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2002. He was re-elected to a second term in 2008 and to a third term in 2014.

Cornyn was the subject of a number of controversies during his single term as Attorney General of Texas, involving deals with the Koch brothers, injecting religion into schools, and others that I wish I had the time and space to delve into, but for tonight I shall stay the course.  What has set me off now is his inane comment about the republican senators who shoved Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation through, despite at least five valid reasons not to do so.  He had the unmitigated gall to compare these jerks to the fictional character Atticus Finch, from Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mockingbird.

atticus-finch-qoeAtticus Finch, you may remember, played by Gregory Peck, was a lawyer in a small fictional southern town of Maycomb, Alabama.  Finch was representing a black man, Tom Robinson,  falsely accused of raping a white woman, Mayella Ewell.  The character of Atticus Finch represents morality and reason.  He is soft-spoken, believes in fighting for justice and equality, and is a moral hero in every sense of the word.

John Cronyn and his bunch are definitely not Atticus Finch.

“Some commentators have called this our Atticus Finch moment. We all remember that Atticus Finch was a lawyer who did not believe that a mere accusation was synonymous with guilt. He represented an unpopular person who many people presumed was guilty of a heinous crime because of his race and his race alone. We could learn from Atticus Finch now.”

The comparison is 180° off base, for while Atticus Finch was defending a Black man from a white woman who had accused him of a rape he didn’t commit, in the Jim Crow South, the GOP are trying to ensure a privileged white judge gets an even more privileged position on the Supreme Court.

And while Cornyn’s is the most bombastic comment, others in the GOP, now that they have gotten their way and feel they have nothing to lose, have dropped the masks of decency and are showing their true colours.Mitch McConnell said that the allegations made against Kavanaugh were “uncorroborated mud” and that blocking his nomination would be a “fundamentally un-American precedent.”  Never mind, I suppose, that McConnell was the force behind blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland, a highly qualified candidate, under President Obama, for more than a year!

Lindsey Graham, meanwhile, has accused Democrats of spurring an “unethical sham”, and is insisting that democrat Amy Klobuchar apologize for the “smear campaign”.  Such nice language these so-called professional men use, eh?

It’s funny, isn’t it, that the republicans got their way, by hook or by crook … mostly crook, for the FBI investigation was not an investigation, but a farce, and many credible allegations were simply ignored … and yet they still feel a need to push conspiracy theories, lie, and denigrate innocent people.  At first I was confounded by this behaviour, but then I recalled that they are only talking to their own base, the minority, if you will, of the population of this nation.  Remember that, folks, when you are tempted to lose heart, when you feel like the guys in the black hats are winning the game.  They are only winning amongst about one-third of the country, for the rest of us are not buying their snake oil pitch.  The thing we must do is take away their rosy glow next month at the polls.  It’s our last, best hope … our only hope for a semblance of sanity, of decency to return to at least one branch of government.mlk quote

35 thoughts on “The GOP Ain’t Atticus Finch!!!

  1. This is twisting dear Atticus Finch into an unrecognizable figure…Harper Lee must be spinning! That Kavanaugh has been talking out of both sides of his mouth throughout the confirmation hearings has been proven. One consoling fact is that this is how he will be remembered throughout history. This shadow will follow him all of the years of his life and beyond. John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Trump are pathetic little men with power, but lack integrity…because it can’t be bought or stolen. Thank-you!

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    • I’m sure Harper Lee is spinning in her otherworld, as are the Founding Fathers, and all those who have gone before … presidents, SCOTUS justices, decent men and women of Congress. This era is simply beyond the wildest imaginings. So much to hate, so little to love. It tends to make us jaded, cruel, unsympathetic. I’m not liking the ‘me’ I am seeing these days. Sigh.


    • I know, right? There is no comparison and you are spot on that Atticus would be outraged by Cornyn’s comment. I wasn’t sure, given the nature of the book, the times and the dialect, if it was popular on your side of the pond, but apparently it was. It is one of my favourites too, for it teaches so much, in such an interesting, can’t-put-it-down manner.

      How are you, my friend? I simply must email you soon …. I have been so lax. The boys? Are they enjoying the new school year? And how’s the book coming?


      • All good here, thanks! (Apart from annoying political news …) The books is coming along very well! In fact I finished the first draft last week 🙂 So now I need to revise, revise, revise. And revise. 😉 I have a big flip chart paper where I plot timelines and check if all works together. Fun! (Keeps my mind off the stupidity of mankind… on both sides of the pond.)

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        • Awesome news!!! Now I hope that it is such a big hit that it is translated into either English or Spanish within a short time of publication so I can read it! Anything that can take your mind off the stupidity of mankind is a great thing!


          • You are sweet! But it will take some time until it gets published, if I find a publisher at all … We will see. – It is sunny and calm weather here today, a real “golden October day”. Have a good time and don’t let your spirits be to much trampled down by the above mentioned stupidity!! 🙂

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            • Will you consider self-publishing if you cannot find a publisher? I have several friends here on WordPress who have gone that route and are very knowledgeable and always willing to help a fellow author, so let me know if at any point you need some help! My spirits? I think somebody shot them out of the air a few months ago … I’ve noticed in the mirror recently that my face seems to be set in a permanent scowl and I look like an old hag … oh wait … I AM an old hag! 👵


  2. Jill, to have so many attorney asking Kavanaugh questions, or just using their time to promote him, he was not pressed when he obviously lied, evaded or criticized. He lied several times in both of his testimonies, but no one called BS. For example, he said Devil’s Triangle was a drinking game, yet in common vernacular it is sex with two men and one woman. He blew off a derogatory reference to a poor young girl who was used. And, that was just two of many lies he was allowed to get away with.

    There are several things that are bothersome about this process. The only allowed one accuser to testify and the President (who also lied about exactly what he did) restricted rhe FBI from talking with the third accuser.

    To be frank, this has been a railroad job from the get go. I believe the women. I find Kavanaugh not credible. Keith

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    • I fully agree with you. There was never any doubt that he would be confirmed, and the obstacles were merely shoved aside, quite unconscionably. The whole thing was a sham and what sickens me today is to hear them patting themselves on the back.

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  3. That’s the key…education and in the US it is sadly lacking plus fought against by religion, not only in science, but in learning to think rationally and for yourself.

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    • Hey Mary … this is off-topic to this post, but I just wanted to thank you for your comment to James Singer. He is an old antagonist, and I usually block all his comments, ever since one time when he wished death upon me. But I decided to let that one stay, just so he could see that nobody here has time for his nonsense. Thanks again!

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  4. A very good friend of mine listened to the hearings on the SCOTUS nomination and commented that he was astounded at the low levels of discourse and the absolute stupidity of so many of our elected officials. I admit I did not listen, but I don’t doubt he was right. As education continues to suffer stupidity will rise: it is inevitable.

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