Shhhhhh … Don’t Tell, But It’s Jolly Monday!


Hmpgpf … OH … Hi!  Heh heh … forgive me if I look a bit disheveled … I’m so sleepy this morning!  But … don’t worry … I’ve got it all together …

It is Monday, right?  Come in, come in … don’t be shy … grab a seat … oh … let me just get those dirty socks out of your way …dirty socks-3


Okay, so maybe I don’t quite have it all together, but I’m trying … gimme just a minute here …


Alright … I think I can do this now.  So, how was your weekend?  Ready to tackle an all new week with a smile and a positive attitude?  But of course you are … wait … why all the long faces this morning?  Yeah, I know, me too, but we have to rise above the detritus and make our own happiness, right?  Tell you what … let’s see if we can find something to laugh about this morning, shall we?  Grab some coffee and a donut … sorry I don’t have anything more to offer this morning … and lets go find humour!


The Gold Standard in Chicken?Popeyes Do you guys have a Popeye’s chicken place where you live?  We have one just down the street and we pick it up every now and then.  I like it … just the right amount of kick in their Cajun spiced chicken.  But I’m not sad to have missed their one-day promo last Thursday.  It was in honour of their 3,000th store that opened in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The ‘treat’ was called 24 Karat Champagne Wings and features wings dipped in champagne and then tossed in ‘edible’ 24-carat gold flakes.

Popeyes gold chickenNow … I thought, in all my ignorance, that gold would be toxic to the human body if ingested, so of course I had to go in search of how gold can be made ‘edible’.  Turns out that pure gold isn’t toxic and will pass harmlessly through the human digestive system in its natural state.  It only becomes toxic when copper or other metals are added to it to make gold leaf, etc.  Still …

The wings were six for a mere $10 … or $1.67 per wing … oh, and you get a warm biscuit to go with them.  Um … no thanks.  If the promo was a hit, and I have no idea if it was or not, Popeye’s is considering offering them at some locations as a regular menu item.  Blech.

You Couldn’t Even Drink It!!!

I have come to the conclusion that some people have a whole lot more money than sense.  I am not a whiskey drinker … I like an occasional glass of wine, or a cold Sam Adams on a hot summer day, but whiskey I don’t care for.  But, even if I were a lover of whiskey, and even if I had lots of money to burn, I would not pay $1.1 million for a lousy bottle of booze!

Yep, you heard right.  An unnamed private collector placed the winning bid via telephone when a bottle of Macallan whiskey was auctioned in Edinburgh, Scotland last week.  The whiskey was distilled in 1926 and bottled in 1986 … now what the Sam Heck was it doing for those 60 years that included the Great Depression (when people really could have used a drink) and World War II, to name a couple?  Any of my savvy friends have a clue what all this means?  And … if it’s over 90-years-old … I for sure don’t want to put it in my mouth!  Hey … I’ve got some leftover something unrecognizeable in my fridge … I wonder if I let it hang around for 90 years if it will be worth a mil?

Anyway, I hate to tell the dude in Asia this, but I found this bottle …macallan… online for only $59.99 … and they will deliver it to your home!  I still think that’s too much to pay, but a heck of a lot more reasonable than $1.1 million.  But what’s the guy going to do with it, anyway?  You couldn’t possibly drink something you paid that bloomin’ much for, so does he put it in a safe and pull it out when he has company so that he can brag?  I’m sorry, but I would have to laugh if, as he was bringing it out for show some night, he dropped the bottle!  Yes, I am mean, but … think of how many hungry people could have eaten for a year for what one man paid for one bottle of booze.  I have no empathy there.

From The Book of WHY???

Mona Lisa rice-crackersTake a good look at the picture.  Yes, yes, I know it’s the Mona Lisa, albeit not the original.  What do you think it’s made of?  No … nope, not that either.  Rice crackers!!!  And just to add to your knowledge, in case you weren’t aware, according to Wikipedia, a rice cracker is a cracker made from rice.  Sigh.rice crackers.pngAccording to Guinness World Records …

Around 200 people gathered in Soka, a city just north of Tokyo in Japan, to create the replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece using the surprising ingredient.  A total of 23,360 of the neatly-layered round objects covered 116.02 square metres to help Soka-Senbei Promotion Conference set a new record for Largest rice cracker mosaic.

Mona Lisa rice-crackers-2

12 local producers of rice crackers provided seven different flavours and colours to create the palette for the Mona Lisa mosaic, including soy sauce (brown), sesame (black), and matcha (green).

Once the record was set the rice crackers were distributed (as part of the requirement for food-related records) to the participants as well as children of Soka.

All that work … and they ate it???

Kool Kars …

In pursuit of another story yesterday, I came across something so cool that I just had to share these pictures with you.  The biennial Paris Motor Show in Paris, France, which first started in 1898, is taking place from October 4th thru the 14th.  Here are a few of the entries …

Bugatti ChironBelieve it or not, folks, this Bugatti Chiron is made from … Lego blocks!!!  Yep … one million pieces and no glue!  Take a quick look at this video and see this car actually run!

Smart Forease

I just thought this one was cute … has a personality, y’know?  It’s called the Smart Forease … no idea why.

1st Renault

The very first Renault, dating back to 1898!

And, of course, there were the usual collection of BMWs, Porsches and Mercedes, but I liked these more interesting ones better … the others … meh … status symbols.

That about wraps up Monday morning for me … I do hope I was able to help you find a smile … at least a grin, to start the week.  And please, please share those smiles, try to make somebody else’s day just a little bit happier if you can.  Keep safe and have a great week, my friends!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!toon-Maxine

19 thoughts on “Shhhhhh … Don’t Tell, But It’s Jolly Monday!

  1. I’ve been trying to get my head round that bottle of whiskey all weekend – one can only assume it spent 60 years in a woodnen barrel absorbing the flavours of an ancient oak tree? But what is the point and what would it taste like? One of the many jobs my younger son has had was World Duty Free at Heathrow; he told us about VERY Expensive whiskeys that had to be ordered then put in a safe until the customer was ready to fly out. Of course they came in beautiful wooden cases, in turn wrapped in protective casing so at least the bottle wouldn’t get broken… and then two trusted staff were sent; the door to the secure area needed two ID cards swiped to even start opening it. I was inspired to write a short story about attempted theft airside.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you on the bottle of whiskey … blech and why? Your son’s stories are fascinating … Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, eh? Who knew … just who the heck knew? And people are going hungry all over the world … sigh. Is your story on your blog?


  2. A jolly Columbus Day to you! Some of my jolly is missing. Benjamin is having a Daddy & Me Dude’s Day, as Mommy does not have the holiday off. I was delighted to have him Saturday, else he would not have been here from last Thursday afternoon until this Wednesday morning…Benjamin withdrawl would surely have set in. After numerous hugs&kisses upon impending departure, he always calls to me from the car window, as it rolls down the road until they are out of sight. I will stand in the rain or snow to hear that little voice until it fades into silence, shouting “I love you Gem!” and “I miss you already!” He will be happy with the juice box and sprinkled donut upon his return, he loves to see what “Miss Jill” serves on Monday morning. The cars will be a hit too, especially the video of the Lego car. I prefer that first Renault, what fun it would be to ride in that car! But, Jill, you are not reading your ThoughtCo. Not long ago was a piece about Whiskey not going bad. Pure alcohol properly stored and with an unopened seal will last forever. Opened, air causes evaporation and taste changes. If memory serves me, that was the gist of it. That said, $1.1 million of my dollars would never be spent on a bottle of whiskey, never mind that I’m lacking the full amount required. There was a Popeye’s Chicken near me once upon a time, Colonel Sanders sent him packing! I prefer my gold dangling from my earlobes, circling my neck and adorning my fingers…not touring my G.I. tract! Rice crackers as art may be better than rice crackers as food. I’ll just take my coffee, yumalicious pastry and lose myself in a book. Later, Maxine and I will have that wine party…if she will share! Thank-you for adding sunshine to a cloudy day, literally and figuratively!


    • Although, one might think that my propensity for loquacity should already be satisfied…I must be further indulged. My eldest daughter took me to task upon my wishing her a happy Columbus day, as she was departing for parts unknown…lower case letters intended. To quote her : “That is so Trump!”, she was referencing his Columbus day sale of his Maga merchandise last year while promoting Columbus adoration. She reminded me that it is now “Indigenous People’s Day” at Brown University here in R.I. and many other cities across the country. She lived in Belfast, Maine where it was a celebrated day years ago. Thus I am reminded that Columbus did NOT really even discover America. Leif Erikson Day, which is October 9th and is rightly celebrated for said discovery. I was aware of the United Nation’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous People that is celebrated on August 9th, since the mid 90’s. I must have missed the boat on this one…get it, missed the boat?! I realize that I have gone beyond the limits of tolerance for my PoL. However, in view of these facts being brought to my consciousness and not ever wanting to appear the least bit Trumpian…Happy Indigenous People’s Day to one and all! Thank-you!


      • I’ll keep the verbiage to a minimum this time! Just had to return to tell you that Benjamin was ecstatic about the Lego Bugatti, he watched it over and over squealing with joy…and he “wants one just like this one!” He also wants to say : “Thank-you, Miss Jill, for the juice box and sprinkles donut! I love them!”

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’m so glad he liked it!!! I thought he might, and frankly so did I! I nearly forgot the juice box and sprinkled donuts, but don’t tell Benjamin … I thought about it 15 minutes before the post was scheduled to publish and quickly went back in and added them. 😉 Gotta keep that lad happy and well fed!


      • I don’t know how I missed this comment a few days ago … I’ve been behind for days now and a bit under the weather, but that’s no excuse! I was in the dark too, until reading your comment … I thought it was still Columbus Day, although I was aware that we figured out early on that he didn’t discover America. I am not only behind on my blog, on emails, on house chores, but also on cultural changes! HELP!!!! It has to be a conspiracy! Blame Trump! Blame Kavanaugh! Blame Lee Harvey Oswald!


  3. Whiskey! Bleh! I’d rather eat all those rice crackers and take my chances on a ride in a car made out of leg bricks. Of course, all three, rather a waste of money for the ‘Wow’ factor. However, it is a really good distraction from reality! ❤️😂😂😂

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