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A Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Michael, has hit the Florida coast, killing at least 6 people, leaving 1.1 million homes and businesses without electricity and damaging thousands of homes.  A journalist for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, is missing and word is that he may have been murdered in Turkey in a hit ordered by Trump’s friend, Saudi Prince Khalid bin Salman.  Global markets have plunged for two consecutive days, leaving the Dow some 1,400 points lower than at the close on Tuesday.  Immigrant children are, despite a court order, still separated from their parents and being held in detention centers.  The IPCC report issued earlier this week is an eye-opener and the U.S.’ policy of ignoring climate change needs to be seriously re-considered.

Those are just a few of the things that the ‘man’ sitting in the Oval Office must be very concerned about, must be meeting with advisors and asking for more information about, yes?

No.Kanye West-TrumpDonald Trump’s big achievement, if one chooses to call it such, yesterday was a meeting with a rapper, Kanye West, where the two discussed such important issues as West’s sleep deprivation, street gangs, and ‘male energy’, whatever the heck that is.  Apparently West went off on a monologue that lasted nearly ten minutes, and at the end, he and Trump declared their mutual love for each other (won’t Kim Jong-un be jealous?).  Here are a few snippets …

  • … you know, I love Hillary, I love everyone, right? But the campaign “I’m With Her” just didn’t make me feel, as a guy that didn’t get to see my dad all the time, like a guy that could play catch with his son. How did he get from point A to point B here?  Does anybody follow this sentence?  All I’m getting out of it is a huge dose of misogyny

  • It was something about putting this hat [maga hat] on, it made me feel like Superman. You made a Superman. That’s my favorite superhero. And you made a Superman cape for me, also as a guy that looks up to you, looks up to Ralph Lauren, looks up to American industry guys, non-political, no bulls—t — put the beep on it, however you want to do it, five-seconds delay — and just goes in, and gets it done! Does he think he’s onstage? 

  • So I had the balls – because I had enough balls to put on this hat. I thought only a head was requisite for a hat …

  • There’s a lot of things affecting our mental health that makes us do crazy things that puts us back into that trap door called the 13th Amendment. I did say abolish with the hat on, because why would you keep something around that’s a trap door? If you’re building a floor, the Constitution is the base of our industry, right? Of our country, of our company. Would you build a trap door that if you mess up, accidentally something happens, you fall and you end up next to the Unabomber? Huh? What is he even talking about???  🙄

  • I’m gonna go ahead and drop some bombs for you — 98 percentile IQ test. I had a 75 percentile of all human beings, but it was counting eight numbers backwards, repeating something. We’re gonna work on that one. The other ones, 98 percent — Tesla, Freud. You know. No wonder he and Trump get on so well … they are both idiotic, delusional, self-proclaimed geniuses.

I think you’ve heard/read enough to realize that … this was probably among the least important, least relevant people that Trump could have spent time with yesterday, and why he did is beyond me.  Oh … wait … no, I get it.  It was the praise thing.  Kanye West is a huge Trump fan (though he didn’t vote for him – didn’t vote at all, actually) and they had a few moments of mutual admiration.

Not a fan of rap music, I know almost nothing of Kanye West other than I knew he was/is a rap singer and I knew he was/is married to one of those Kardashian bimbos.  I heard enough, however, in this little impromptu speech to know that he is definitely not somebody I admire, so you might imagine my horror when somewhere near the end of his little soliloquy he noted that he might consider a run for the presidency, but not until 2024 because …

“Trump is on his hero’s journey right now. He might not have thought he’d have a crazy [expletive] like him.  I love this guy right here.”

Impossible, right?  Yeah, well, that’s what I said in June 2015 when Trump announced his candidacy, too, and look how well that worked out.  Meanwhile, perhaps Trump can give him a cabinet position … or perhaps he might even replace Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations!

If you’ve the stomach for it, you can read the full annotated transcript or watch the entire video of the Kanye & Donnie Show here.


19 thoughts on “The Kanye & Donnie Show

  1. Dear Jill,

    It’s obvious that Kanye West suffers from some sort of mental illness and so I reserve judgment. But as for President Trump, Mr. West was just a prop to be used like he uses everyone else.

    This was just another desperate move for President Trump to get access to some more free TV time.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • During his rant, he said his psychiatrist first thought he was bi-polar, but then decided he was only sleep-deprived. Whatever it is, there is something not right about him, but Trump seems to love him in spite of it … or perhaps because of it?


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  2. I would not have watched this deranged duo for any amount of money. They are a mutual admiration society that feed each other’s super inflated ego. It is impossible to choose which one is the worse…a lesser of two evils, as it were, except only one of them occupies the White House. If any contribution, by either of these pathetic individuals, is Making America Great Again…enlighten me. It appears that Trump’s elaborate comb over is not working, at least not in the top photo. Camera angle is everything Donnie! Thank-you!

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    • I didn’t waste my time watching it either. If he thinks that is what we are paying him to do, he is sadly mistaken. What makes a rap singer think he knows how to solve the world’s ills, anyway? His great admiration for Trump makes me feel extremely ill. 🤢

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  3. No stomach at all for this. What rubbish! The world has gone mad. The New York Times gave credence to Melanie Trump and her whiney story about being the most bullied person in the world. Pleeeeeeaaaaaz! There are real tragedies unfolding, and we have to listen to incoherent mumblings from these two. It is time for voters to actually vote for something better than the supposed backhander ($100 per month in a paycheck) they received to vote in this sorry pair of ‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee.’

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    • I agree … sickening and disgusting. I almost took the bait earlier today and wrote a post about Melania, her whining about being bullied, but I reminded myself that there are more important things going on than her. My friend in Ghana wrote to me a week or so ago when she visited his country and said it was very low-key, for nobody really cared about her one way or another. That and any criticism she gets, she brought upon herself. I agree … I hope this nation can overcome the bully … and for most, it was far less than $100 … more like $20 … not near enough to cover the price increases of food and household goods because of his tariffs, and not near enough to cover the increase of their health insurance premiums.


  4. I saw more than enough on a 30 second news clip. Putin’s the one who is gonna be jealous–he never got a maga hat!
    Meanwhile, Donnie Junk Truck did take the time to tell god to bless those poor people in Florida. In fact, he said it twice, just in case god didn’t hear him the first time. God bless them? What good does that do? Absolutely none! Might as well have spit on Kilauea.
    Meanwhile, in the background behind Kanye and King Donnie sat Jim Brown, a once-great football player. What the hell was he doing there? We’ll probably never know…

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