6 thoughts on “And Speaking of Climate Change …

  1. Dear Jill,

    We need to move the needle on this issue of climate change from off the faux science page of the Republican Party’s playbook.

    I’ve written the auto and property insurance company that I used to work for to get their top brass to take some action. They have the actuarial numbers to prove absolutely that extreme weather conditions have become more intense and infinitely more expensive over the past decade. The peoples who lose homes, etc. are the ones paying (added taxation) so that the powerful can bury their heads in the sand by not addressing this inevitable catastrophe heading our way and/ or mitigating for it, for example, with infrastructure improvements. It’s time these insurance companies come together to share this reality.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • What a great idea, to contact the insurance company with their actuaries who can provide unarguable statistics. You are right … the republican’s denial has been disproved to my satisfaction many times over by skilled and highly competent scientists. And you know what? I think they know damn good and well what the reality is, but they will deny, deny, deny, simply because a large portion of their base is heavily invested in fossil fuels. They apparently cannot see beyond the nose on their face, else they would realize what a disaster we are leaving to our children.

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  2. Unless this country of ours does not soon or more preferably now, admit and address the reality of Climate Change with much needed reforms, our children and grandchildren will suffer…if they survive. I grew up in rural southeastern Pennsylvania, a beautiful area. I was shocked when I first visited the home of friends from the coal regions of Pennsylvania. Above ground coal mining had stripped areas of trees and vegetation, streams had a gray cast to the water, black dust settled everywhere and miners were suffering with Black Lung disease. This was in the late 60’s and mining was in the death throes there, but the devastation was evident. Coal was considered a necessary evil…it is still evil, but not necessary. Expanding coal is wrong for everything and everyone, but it still puts money into greedy hands that care little for the future of the planet. Coal causes 46% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, that is leading to increased global temperatures and Trump wants to increase coal!?! This is only one part of immediate change that we need and probably won’t see if the present administration continues on it’s chosen path. Thank-you!

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    • You are very right. Most of the years of my marriage were spent in a coal mining community in Virginia, and my late ex-husband operated heavy equipment on a strip mine (surface, above-ground, mine) for much of his career. The problem … part of the problem, at least … is that the people in those communities know no other skills, no other trade, and additionally, every single business in the counties rely heavily on the coal industry. Obama was pushing a program that would have provided education and re-training for those who lost their jobs as the coal industry vanished, but Trump killed that and attempted to breathe new life into a dying industry.

      If we don’t wake up and do our part, the next World War may very well be about climate change, for what we do today affects the entire globe, not just the U.S.


  3. Jill, we have reached the bewitching hour with a twelve year window to make even bolder changes. Quite simply, we voters must find out where the politicians stand on battling climate change – if they spout the hoax BS or say it is not man-influenced, do not vote for them. Many good things are happening in spite of the President and GOP’s head in the sand stance, but the world needs them to leverage what is going on. Either that or just get out of the way. There are groups called Conservatives for Renewable Energy, but they try to keep climate change on the down-low.

    Young folks reading this – Climate change and debt are being left to you by the GOP. You may inherit a problem that is insurmountable. Vote accordingly. Keith

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    • You are so right, but I think the next most important step is going to be convincing ALL voters that they are being fed a line of b.s. by the climate change deniers, and that the figures provided by the U.N. report are true, the scientists are NOT just making stuff up for the heck of it, but are using facts and scientific reasoning to draw their conclusions. If the people believe and , then the politicians will fall in line. We have no more time to waste, and most of us knew this 3-4 years ago! As you said, either help or get out of the way!


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