Saturday Surprise — Beards, Beards, Beards!!!

Hey folks!  Here it is, the weekend once again.  I have something fun in store for us today!  We are going to the Great American Beard and Moustache Championship that took place on September 29th in Richmond, Virginia.  Yes, yes, I know that was two weeks ago, but that’s the cool thing about the Filomobile … we can go backward, forward, or whichever ‘-ward’ you wish!  Personally, I like beards on guys and there was a time I wished I had been a guy for that sole purpose – so I could grow a beard.  But some of these beards … well, I have trouble imagining cuddling with some of them. The event is sponsored by the RVA Beard League, of which I’ve never heard, and all proceeds are donated to the Humane Society of the U.S.  Hop aboard and let’s go take a look …











Aarne Bielefeldt

Aarne Bielefeldt took 1st Place in the Freestyle Category.  Last October, Mr. Bielefeldt’s home burned to the ground in the Redwood Complex wildfire that swept through Northern California.  Gone was the barn, the workshop, the garage, the biodiesel generator, the old trucks, the vegetable garden. Gone were the little cabins he’d built himself the old-fashioned way — with hand tools and 27 years of sweat equity.Aarne burnt homeWorse yet: He had no insurance.  He was devastated … but before he knew it, along came his bearded buddies to help, and this humorous piece turns now into part ‘good people doing good things’!

The RVA Beard League in Virginia set up a PayPal donation site. Wisconsin’s Brew City Beard Alliance held a beard contest in Bielefeldt’s honor and gave him the proceeds. In England, the Wessex Beardsmen sold T-shirts with a drawing of Bielefeldt’s face on them. Bartender Mark Beneda, of the Omaha Facial Hair Society, donated a night’s worth of tips.  Billy Braker, of Michigan’s Bearded Sinners club, organized a raffle and sent catnip for Bielefeldt’s cats (I just loved this one!).  Most of Bielefeldt’s tools perished in the fire. So tools the beardsmen sent.  Bryan Nelson, president of the Austin Facial Hair Club, set up a GoFundMe page.

For months, guys from various beard clubs across the country have been driving up to help Bielefeldt rebuild. They fix broken waterlines, repair solar panels, clear debris. They assist Bielefeldt with the gnarliest of the backbreaking tasks.

“Every two weeks, I have two beards show up here with a camper or a trailer. They don’t ask for anything. They drive a distance. They say: ‘We don’t need a guest room. We have our own bathroom.’ They spend some days here and help me.  They helped me with shoveling here, shoveling there. They have taken down endless burned trees.”

Awesome camaraderie and a great bunch of people, even if their beards are rather strange.  Just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover or a man by his beard.  I must say, though, that I don’t think I would risk cuddling with some of those beards … a few looked positively lethal!

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed our trip the the Great American Beard and Moustache Championship and seeing the fun facial fur!  And now, get out there and enjoy the weekend!  Weekend




14 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Beards, Beards, Beards!!!

  1. This Saturday Surprise is a Satwedurnesday post in disguise and I love it! And, I have a true beard story for you. My Son started wearing a beard many, many years ago. I was not surprised, as he often complained about shaving…this from the boy that once needed a magnifying glass to track the growth of his first facial hair. I remained silent during the initial growing process, then the beard kind of “grew” on me as he shaped it into a neat trim form. When the beard finally achieved its desired state, I asked what made him decide to grow a beard now and the response was most unexpected. When he was a young man just making his way in the world, I had given him a framed quotation for his desk that has been on every desk since. It reads : “There is but one way to learn to do a thing and that is to do it.” – Daniel Carter Beard. It seems that as he was working at his desk one day, he looked up and the frame caught his eye. As he read it, the name Beard popped out at him and he thought : “I should grow a beard!” and so he did! The quote and the name are to blame (retired poetess in action)! Thank-you, whether a Saturday Surprise or a Satwedurnesday…your post never fails to bring Saturday Smiles!

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  2. Incredible creations ; there is no limit to man’s creativity . Our old honoured friend Charles Darwin explained the beard as a sign of dominance ( beware ladies ) , and many religions insist there male members sport long beards to show their masculinity. I noted you wanted to grow one Jill and I’m sure your not the only female with such secret desires. There is also the association of long grey beards with wisdom so perhaps Donald Trump should be encouraged to throw away his razor !
    My uncle long deceased used a cut throat , to him safety razors were for wimps who had succumbed to modernism. Father had broken the rules and used a Gillette safety razor but the blades were separate and needed to be cleaned and dried after use to prevent rust.

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    • A sign of dominance, eh? I suppose just because the male can and the female can’t. 😉 Which is rather like the rest of nature … consider the peacock/peahen, or the robin … the guys always get the vibrant colours. PLUS … as I was conversing with another friend a few days ago … guys tend to age more gracefully Sigh.

      Ah yes … nearby there is an Amish community and the men do not shave, although in the past decade or so, I’ve noticed that some do.

      I well remember my grandpa shaving with a straight razor, and taking it out on the back porch to sharpen it with a strop! And the double blade ones that one had to clean and dry the blades.

      OH NO!!! Donald Trump is ugly enough … well, perhaps a nice bushy beard would cover some of his ugly face … hmmm. 😀


  3. The beards are coming Hooray, Hooray,

    They’ll fix your problems and arrive every day

    They’ll go fund you

    Nothing they can’t do

    Beardies show kindness in every way

    What a great Saturday Surprise – it has left me smiling. ☺️❤️

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