Jolly Monday — Autumn Leaves

falling leafGood Monday morning, my friends!  Come in … come in out of the cold!  Can you believe this?  A week ago, the temps were in the 90s and this past weekend the highs were in the 50s.  No fall again this year, straight from summer to winter!  So, tell me, did you have a great weekend?  Are you rested and ready to face the week ahead with gusto?  Nah, me neither.  But, I have found some fun things for us to start the week … I think you’ll find something to smile about here this morning!  So grab a snack and a cuppa whatever you prefer and come have a seat by the imaginary fire 🔥. 

treatscoffeejuice boxcoffee-teasprinkled donuts

Prank Caller?

Dr. Claire Simeone, director of the Ke Kai Ola Marine Mammal Center, a monk seal hospital in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, began receiving disturbing mysterious phone calls when she was away from the hospital on October 3rd.  She received 9 calls within a 15-minute period, all from a phone located in the hospital.  Concerned, she immediately returned to the hospital.  When she arrived, she found many confused employees, for several had gotten calls similar to Dr. Simeone’s.

Simeone said she contacted Hawaiian Telecom, which confirmed there had been “a bazillion calls” originating from the hospital but could not explain them or tell her from which line they originated.  Simeone put on her detective hat 🕵🏼 and went in search of the prank caller.  And she finally found him …gecko on phoneThat’s right … a gecko had somehow gotten into the facility and, using his tiny little paws, made hundreds of calls to people on the hospital’s contact list.  I do not know the gecko’s name, but I really, really like geckos and so I shall name him Ralph.  Ralph was safely relocated to an outdoor plant where he will no longer be able to call his friends … guess the party’s off, fellas!gecko-1

Who’s Da Fattest Bear?

Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska was asking Facebook fans to use their likes to vote on which of their bears, which have been putting on weight to prepare for their upcoming hibernation, is the fattest, in a contest that ended last Tuesday.fat bear weekFacebook users were asked to choose between “Round-Rumped 32 Chunk” and “The Jelly-Bellied Jumbo Jet, 747 (Bear 747 for short)”. The winner of the showdown would then go on to the finals and face down a bear known as “409 Beadnose”fat bear week-2Turns out that Bear747 was the one who went to the finals …Bear 747.jpgBut 409 Beadnose was able to hold on to his title … albeit bearly … 🤣 🤣 🤣

bear finalists

Dr. Seuss Runs Late …

It was 1998 when Vera Walker of Orlando, Florida, ordered a set of Dr. Seuss books for her four-year-old granddaughter.  The books finally arrived just last month … Vera’s granddaughter is now 24 with a 4-year-old son, Cameron, of her own!  The postal service claims the package was found in an old, abandoned mailbox.  The nice thing about Dr. Seuss books is they never go out of style and Cameron will get every bit as much pleasure as his mom from them.Dr Seuss books-2.png

Rewind twenty years to an ad for books in the mail.

And a grandmother, with a smile, and an eye for a sale.

“I ordered some Dr. Seuss books for my granddaughter, and they never came,” Vera Walker, a great-grandmother described.

A box that would not, could not get here.

Not in a car, not in a year!

Twenty times over it failed to show.

Until one day it was ready to go!

“And when I opened it up and saw the date – it was October 1998,” said Walker.

How and why is certainly weird.

Inside an old mailbox is where it appeared.

A mystery that just goes to show, there’s truth in “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

Timeless at twenty, the books have survived.

Bought for a girl at four, with a son now almost five.

Perhaps he’ll start with just a little bit.

Little words like “if” and “it.”

So one day he’ll be able to read big words, too.

Like Constantinople and Timbuktu.

That is a story no one can beat.

And to think that it all happened on Mulberry Street.

(No, I did not write that, and I’m not sure who did, but I’m guessing David Belleville, the writer of the article.)

The Greatest Skater – Benny!!!

Meet Benny, a 5-year-old yellow field lab who was rescued from a shelter in Utah where he was on the schedule to be euthanized.  A Las Vegas rescue group saved him, and days later, a woman named Cheryl DelSangro adopted him.  Now, Benny leads a full life, thanks to Cheryl, and he has a new talent … just watch (Gronda, get your tissues!)

Thnif.  Didn’t that just make you want to get out there on the ice and give Benny a big ol’ hug?

falling leafAnd that’s all I’ve got for today, my dear friends!  Please remember to share those gorgeous smiles with others who didn’t get to see Benny!  I’ll leave a few extras by the door for you to share.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!jolly



I can sooooooo relate!!! 😼 😺 😾 😿 🙀 😹

22 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Autumn Leaves

  1. I agree with Gronda, bear 747 should have won. But your hug for Benny should have been a “bear-hug,” courtesy of either 747 or 409, what a hug that would have been. Got here too late, Hugh already drank the tea, but thanks for the donut. Temperatures up here in the far north took a turn for the better after a month of winterlike weather. 50 F feels just wonderful!
    One question: what was Ralph’s telephone bill

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought 747 looked to be the fattest also … I wonder just how much those guys DO weigh! Oh drat! I cannot believe I let “bear hug” escape me! There was more tea in the kitchen … next time just help yourself! Ah yes, I forgot that you’ve already had snow this year … I should stop my complaining! They didn’t say what Ralph’s bill was, but since he’s basically unemployed … I think Geico fired him … then he cannot pay it and will be forced into insolvency if they present him with a bill. 🙂


  2. Benjamin is unwittingly going to make your Monday a little more jolly! Enroute to my house with Daddy this morning, Benjamin said : “Daddy, today is Monday right?” When Daddy told him that yes it is, Benjamin said : “Oh good, Miss Jill will make my breakfast, she makes sprinkles donuts and has my juicebox.” Daddy was confused and wondered aloud why Gem isn’t making breakfast. Benjamin laughed and said : “Daddy, it’s my pretend breakfast that Miss Jill makes on Gem’s computer every Monday!” I might add that Benjamin is quite happy with the choices for this Monday’s pretend breakfast…he wants one of each, but noticed that “Miss Jill forgot the half&half!” We enjoyed the gecko story and pictures, the bear contest and the beloved Dr. Seuss books “just like mine”! I recently purchased the new one, “You Are Kind : featuring Horton the Elephant”. Benny the skating dog was watched several times. But, Benjamin loves the “little dancing leaves bestest” and kissed Jolly. Maxine and I agree. Thank-you x 2!!

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    • You are so right! Benjamin made me actually LAUGH!!! A bit rusty-sounding, but still recognizable as a laugh! Give that young man a big hug for me! Half & Half??? I NEVER put out half & half … and what might he be wanting that for? Surely not to mix with his apple juice? Awww … he kissed Jolly? I must tell Jolly in the morning, for it will make him smile and blush. Hugs to you and young Benjamin!


      • Benjamin knows that to Gem coffee without half & half is intolerable…”it just isn’t done”! One of our morning routines has been Benjamin “assisting” me making coffee, as he has grown the assistance has too. He stands on a chair next to me and pours the measured water into the chamber, places a filter in the basket, dumps the required scoops of grounds into the filter, closes the lid and presses the on button of my Cusinart Coffee on Demand. Then he gets the half & half from the refrigerator, pours the perfect amount into my mug and places the mug where it is ready to access the fresh brew…from that point it is only Gem’s touching the coffee. Benjamin knows well Gem’s mantra of “But first, coffee”!

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        • You have taught young Benjamin THE MOST IMPORTANT skill in the entire world!!! Tell him I’m so sorry about the oversight of the half and half, and yes, I knew how you took your coffee, but Jolly laid out the treats and he wasn’t aware. I told Jolly about the kiss and he sends back a kiss and a BIG hug!!! But first, coffee. My mantra is … don’t talk to me until I’ve had coffee and a smoke! ☕ 🚬 But don’t mention to Benjamin about the smoke … I’ve a feeling he wouldn’t approve 😉


  3. Jill, well Dr. Seuss is timeless. Question – do you want a fat bear chasing you? It obviously likes to eat, but if you may be able to outrun it, unless you are like the average Ametican and carry a few extra pounds. Keith

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    • Yes, I think that if the human race survives, kids will still be reading Dr. Seuss 100 years from now, for it is timeless. Well, I’d prefer that NO bear be chasing me … frankly, I don’t think I’d run away, but would try to reason with him. Bears are not carnivorous, so unless it felt somehow threatened or had young nearby, I should be pretty safe. I don’t have many extra pounds, but I have very old joints and my running days are behind me. 😉


  4. Dear Jill and friends,

    Don’t hate me for living in Florida. I still have to use air-conditioning.

    You are talking to someone who lives in the Land of Geckos and they can get themselves in the strangest of places but that’s another story.

    The fattest money is on Bear 747.

    The Dr. Seuss books never wear on the readers. I still love reading them to little ones. What a pleasant surprise to get several in the mail, many years late.

    Thanks for this Monday pick-me-up.

    Hugs, Gronda

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t hate you for living in Florida … I’m just moving in next week! 😀 I adore geckos, though I might not if I found them in my bed or kitchen! I thought Bear 747 looked fattest, too, but apparently we were in the minority. Or … perhaps there was an electoral college … ???

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  5. Fun stuff, as always! Your use of the term “bazillion” reminds me of the joke about “W” when he was in office (ah, those were the days). He was being told the latest toll in the war in Iraq which included a great many dead, though he seemed not to care much — until it was mentioned that it included “two Brazillians.” He snapped to attention and nearly had a fit, paused, and asked the group: “Remind me again, how many is a Brazilian”? Have a great week.

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  6. Love the pic of the gecko with the cookie! :-))) (And also the one sitting on the phone). – It is cold over there at your side of the pond? … We have a spell of summer: 25 degrees Celsius on Saturday, 23 yesterday, probably also today and tomorrow. It feels weird to have the leaves falling around you while sitting in the garden in your t-shirt! But before you get to envious: they say that from next week on (fall vacation week here) we will be back to typical Dutch weather for this year: wet and cool.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love geckos … I’m sure it’s a result of them being featured in Geico Insurance ads for years and years doing cute things, but still … they are so expressive! Yes, it’s cold here … at least relative to the 90s of a week ago … and it looks like summer and even fall are officially over. We nearly got down to freezing last night. Oh well … what the heck do I care … I’m most always in the house anyway! Have a great week, my friend!


  7. Weather has just turned cooler here in UK too, with arrival of storm Callum that is just slithering off, leaving rainy cool weather in its wake. Up until then, it had been unusually warm. And Portugal (followed by Spain) were just hit by Hurricane Leslie (quickly Downgraded to Tropical storm on landfall). This almost never happens there. Hurricanes go from East to West, but Hurricane Leslie wandered around all over the place in the Atlantic, catching the eye of every climatologist. This seems to be what feedback loops are doing due to global warming. The polar Vortex is a feedback loop, and no doubt is part of the abrupt change in temperature. 😕

    I love the Gecko story… 🤣
    Shame they couldn’t use his talents to monitor calls and cut off any annoying ones. 😉

    I can’t watch Benny, but I know the likely story… Hooray for dog rescuers. They give so much to animals who deserve better than they started out with.

    Have a great Monday Jill… And hopefully not too much grief from the GOP and you know who. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww … I forgot you cannot watch videos, but yeah, Benny was rescued and his new owner is an ice skating trainer, so she trained Benny to skate and play ice hockey.

      Global warming is having a visible effect everywhere, but some are still too afraid to open their eyes and look around. I can only imagine what another 10 years will bring.

      Thanks, Colette! I try to find ways to balance the stress, but sometimes it is hard. You take care, and don’t let things get you down. Have a good week!


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