Rainy Day Snarky Snippets

I slept poorly last night, waking about every 20 minutes.  I awoke to a number of unpleasantries, such as a set of dirty sheets in the hallway because Princess Nala had an accident in Miss Goose’s bed, an extra large package weighing about 5,000 pounds being delivered in the rain, and a cat fight.  As such, I am feeling rather snarky this afternoon and so, you know what that means, right?  Snarky Snippets!

heineken-lager-beer-amsterdam-netherlands-10519080A portion of the population in the U.S. and Canada scoff at the notion of climate change.  Rather than believe all of the highly-educated scientists worldwide who have studied the data and done the research, they follow Donald Trump’s lead 🙄 and claim it is a hoax, it is a scam, or that “sure, the weather is changing, but that’s a natural phenomenon – remember the ice age?” No, actually I don’t … it was a bit before my time.  But take heart!  I have found something that is going to make those skeptics sit up and take notice!  Check out this headline from The Guardian

Trouble brewing: climate change to cause ‘dramatic’ beer shortages

Extreme heatwaves and droughts will increasingly damage the global barley crop, meaning a common ingredient of the world’s favourite alcoholic beverage will become scarcer. Key brewing nations are forecast to be among the worst hit, including Belgium, the Czech Republic and Ireland.

The researchers said that compared with life-threatening impacts of global warming such as the floods and storms faced by millions, a beer shortage may seem relatively unimportant. But they said it would affect the quality of life of many people.

“There is little doubt that for millions of people around the world, the climate impacts on beer availability and price will add insult to injury,” said Prof Dabo Guan at the University of East Anglia, one of the research team. “There is something fundamental in the cross-cultural appreciation of beer.

“If you still want to still have a couple of pints of beer while you watch the football, then climate change [action] is the only way out. This is the key message.”

This, even more than food and water shortages, even more than un-breathable air, even more than the threat of extinction, will be a wake-up call to Trump’s base!

I typically think that it is wrong for the media to critique a politician’s family.  Wives, husbands, and children ought to be off-limits, for they are not responsible for what their political spouse or parent says or does.  There are exceptions, however, in the case of either grown children or spouses when they act in ways that seem to invite criticism.  Melania Trump is one such exception.Melania-jacketWhen she went to visit the New Hope Children’s Shelter in McAllen, Texas, on 21 June, wearing a jacket (it was hot that day, no need for a jacket at all) that read, “I really don’t care, do U?” she came under fire by the press, and many of us were seeing red, myself included.  Her staff insisted there was no message intended, but nobody fell for that.  The jacket was ugly, and Melania typically dresses like a high-class call girl, so it was quite outside her ‘norm’.

Now we get the real story.  In an interview with ABC News on Saturday morning, she said …

“It was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me. I want to show them I don’t care. You could criticize whatever you want to say. But it will not stop me to do what I feel is right. I often asking myself, if I had not worn that jacket, if I will have so much media coverage. I would prefer they would focus on what I do and on my initiatives, than what I wear.”

So, first of all, her ‘initiatives’ amount to nothing.  She is against bullying, but thus far has done next to nothing toward ending bullying, and in truth, she is the exact wrong person to convey that message, for she is married to the biggest bully the world has ever seen.  Secondly, let’s think about something for a minute … she was on her way to visit a detention center where, because of her husband’s actions, 55 immigrant children were being held apart from their parents, and her primary thought is to send a message to the press and by extension, those of us who don’t support her husband.  Okaaaaaayyyy

In the same interview, she claimed that she is the most bullied person in the world.  Back up a minute … Hillary Clinton was slammed by the republicans, most notably Donald Trump, for her husband’s affairs.  It was claimed that she “enabled” him, although I always felt that what was really being said is the same tired old story that if a man cheats, it must surely be because his wife isn’t taking good care of him at home.  But has anybody blamed Melania for Donald’s affairs?  Not that I’ve heard.  Michelle Obama was slammed for wearing a sleeveless dress … a dress that was quite conservative but just happened to be sleeveless.  And yet … Melania, once a nude model, cries because her style of clothing is critiqued?  It sounds to me like somebody has some growing up to do!

As I said, I don’t typically believe in picking on the president’s family, but in this case, Melania is getting exactly what she deserves from the press.

More than once, Donald Trump has belittled Senator Elizabeth Warren for claiming Native American ancestry, even going so far as to routinely refer to her as ‘Pocahontas’.  Nice way for a nation’s leader to behave, right?  He even went so far as to renew his diatribe against her at a November 2017 White House event honoring Navajo code-breakers.Trump-Navajo-code-breakersIn July, Trump again returned to the attack, offering a $1 million personal donation to Warren’s favorite charity if she took a DNA test and it confirmed her Cherokee ancestry.

“I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian [sic].

This morning, Senator Warren called Trump’s bluff and released a genetic analysis done by Stanford University geneticist Carlos Bustamante who stated that the facts support her claim to Native American ancestry.  So, Trump picked up his pen and wrote a check, right?  Surely you jest.  Kellyanne Conway responded …

“I haven’t looked at the test. I know that everybody likes to pick their junk science or sound science depending on the conclusion it seems some days. But I haven’t looked at the DNA test and it really doesn’t interest me…”

And Trump simply denies he ever said it, despite the fact that his statement, made at one of his annoying rallies, was recorded by none other than Fox News!  Senator Warren has requested that he make the check to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.  Any bets as to whether the check ever gets written?trump-native-Am-toon

Thus concludes another episode of Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets, as I have sheets to wash.  Have a great week!

27 thoughts on “Rainy Day Snarky Snippets

  1. There has always been climate change, Very true. What those who say we shouldn’t worry about it tend to forget is that lots of species tend to get ‘extincted’ when it happens, even very well-established ones with large and apparently stable populations; actually some of those very well-established ones with large and apparently stable populations contributed to the climate change OR turns out where not so established when the change came.
    When considering World History….I mean from the beginning of the World…y’know this bunch of clowns running about the place claiming they are in control or that Trump is wonderful……err…..like nothing.

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    • I keep having this thought … say 400-500 years from now, maybe even 1,000 … after the human race has managed to extinct itself … some new ‘superior’ life form with opposable thumbs comes along … and they start digging through the ruins of the cities … imagine what they must think of some of the things they find, like gold toilets in the rubble of Trump towers, all the gizmos in the remains of Apple headquarters … the possibilities are limitless! And I will be looking on from the sidelines in my new incantation as 🐺

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      • Give it a couple of thousand Jill, to appreciate the true insignificance of this current crew. Just dust and
        let bard have the last words
        Percy Shelley’s “Ozymandias”

        “I met a traveller from an antique land
        Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
        Stand in the desert… near them, on the sand,
        Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
        And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
        Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
        Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
        The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed;

        And on the pedestal these words appear:
        ‘My name is Ozymandias, king of kings;
        Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
        Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
        Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
        The lone and level sands stretch far away.”
        Meanwhile you just ‘Ahhwooooooh’ away 🐺

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    • Roger, I heard a great analogy be a scientist on NPR this week. He said the climate has always gone through cycles, but what we have done with the industrial age is give it higher cholesterol and sugar content. In other words, the climate is approaching diabetic stage. We have altered what is happening. Keith

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  2. Jill, Trump’s reneging on the $1 million donation to honor his wager with Elizabeth Warren reminds me of having to remind him that he promised to donate a fundraiser proceeds to vets when he ditched one of the debates. Apparently, he forgot that one too.

    What is not known as much about Trump because his bullying, lying and ego overshadow everything, is he likes using other people’s money rather than his own. He used his Foundation, not for charity, but to pay vendors for events and the painting of himself. He also was furious at Chris Christie for raising money for a transition team as Trump considered that his money. This was reported in “Fear..” Keith

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    • The fiasco with him pledging monies to the vets that he only paid when confronted by the media was exactly what this reminded me of also. And now he denies he said it when it was recorded for all to hear. And I do remember when he bought a portrait of himself with money from his ‘foundation’. As I recall, his foundation has since shut down … I believe the New York Attorney General filed a suit and there were penalties and restitution. His son’s charity is no better … they raise money and it gets filtered to Trump’s golf club! What a great bunch of humanitarians, yes?


  3. The Queen of Snarks strikes again with direct hits! Beer may be just the incentive to get more people on the Climate Change program, whatever works…use it! Melania has become quite the little “Trumpet” of late hasn’t she? I can’t wait to hear her next installment of “why I wore this ugly jacket”! Now, I will agree that President’s young children should not be objects of scorn and ridicule in the media. Children that are old enough to knowingly place themselves in the firing line must accept what comes with it, hello Ivanka! A president’s wife who takes on her own projects should also be open to praise or ridicule as earned. These projects are done on the taxpayer’s dime and are open to judgement by any taxpayer, media included. I applaud Senator Elizabeth Warren for having withstood the insults that Trump has hurled at her. She has shown great restraint in the face of his attacks. If Trump doesn’t label the genetic analysis as fake, I’m sure that he will be able to find another insult to throw at her…it is the nature of this beast. Snark on! Thank-you!

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    • ‘Queen of Snark’ … I LIKE that!!! Thanks! Yeah, take away their beer, and as Emily mentioned, their porn, and they might start to take notice, eh? Melania hasn’t ‘become’ the little trumpet … it’s what she’s always been, I suspect. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that she married Trump for his money and to gain citizenship, so in a sense she deserves what she gets. Every now and then I feel empathy toward her, but then she does something so arrogant, like wearing that jacket, that the empathy goes “POOF” into oblivion. No, Trump won’t stop his vendetta against Elizabeth Warren. I suspect the real reason is that she is a strong woman and he is threatened by strong women with brains. He prefers his women to be mindless twits.


    • Hey there, old friend!!! Long time-no see! Hope you are doing well. Yes, Trump just keeps on taking … our sanity! They say that the reason Elizabeth Warren opted to do this is she is planning a presidential bid in 2020 — no surprise there — and wanted to clear out any potential problems, such as Trump continuing to refer to her as Pocahontas. But I suspect the effort was futile, because Trump is still calling for Hillary to be locked up, and for how many years did he raise the issue of Obama’s birth certificate? He is like a dog with a bone. Sigh.

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