Ambassador WHO??? WHAT??? WHY???

It costs a $200,000 initiation fee to be a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club in Palm Beach, Florida.  Annual dues are $14,000 per year.  I was considering joining, but I came up a bit short … quite a bit short, actually.  Point being, only the rich waste that much money for hedonistic ‘pleasure’, if it can be called such.  Really, I would have to take it a step further and say that only the mindless wealthy who don’t realize how many starving people in the world could eat for a year for the money they throw away just for the ‘privilege’ of eating a steak, swimming in a pool, hob-knobbing with other mindless rich people, and perhaps seeing Donald Trump in person.  It is naught but a tacky status symbol.

One of those mindless wealthy is this woman …Lara Marks.pngWho in the Sam Heck would wear that abominable dress with all those frills and frou-frou???  Her name is Lana Marks.  See all those ugly purses, pocketbooks, handbags … whatever you wish to call them … on the table in front of her?  She ‘designed’ those.  Take a gander at the top of her website .

handbagsYep, folks, for only $20,000 you can own one of these ugly things.  Actually, I am told that some actually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, the most expensive going for $400,000!  To add to the abomination, her products are made of alligator skin … alligators were killed to make this bimbo rich!!!  And people buy these?  While other people go hungry?  Oh, my poor head!

alligator baby

Please don’t turn me into a purse?

But back to Ms. Marks … she is somewhat less than an honest person, as I suspect is the case with most members of Mar-a-Lago.

“I did ballet with the Royal Academy of Ballet’s South African affiliate in East London. I started my tennis career in East London. I have played in Wimbledon, the French, and South African Open.”

Turns out, there is no record of her ever playing in any of those tennis matches, and when questioned, her memory was hazy as to who she had played against, and even the year or years she played.  I am pretty sure that if you played at Wimbledon, you remember the exact date! But her dishonesty doesn’t end there.  According to the Palm Beach Daily News …

“Marks has repeatedly been accused of stiffing her attorneys, accountants, landlords and employees. She is also embroiled in bitter, international legal battles in South Africa and Israel with her siblings over a family trust and the care for their 89-year-old mother.”

Whoa … back up a minute — “… stiffing her attorneys, accountants, landlords and employees.”  Who, I ask you, does this remind us of???  Exactly … none other than the snake in the Oval Office, Donald Trump!

All of which explains why he is reportedly planning to nominate Marks to be the next U.S. ambassador to South Africa!  Granted, Marks was born in South Africa, however she has not returned there for at least 40 years, and if being born in South Africa qualifies her for the ambassadorship, it is the only thing that does!  She does not have a college education, has no experience in foreign policy, no government experience.  All she has ever done is draw purses and live the ‘lifestyle of the rich and famous’.

The ambassadorship to South Africa has been vacant since 2016 after Patrick Gaspard’s resignation. It is not one of the most challenging or demanding ambassadorships, however it is a bit more so since Donald Trump took office and called South Africa one of those “shithole countries”.  Then, he later added insult to injury when he instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “closely study” alleged land seizures from white farmers in South Africa. The issue is racially divisive almost a quarter-century after the end of apartheid, the system of white minority rule, and Trump is woefully ignorant of the politics of South Africa.  It appears his information comes from white nationalist groups and he didn’t bother to look for facts.  Who knows … perhaps Sean Hannity fed him the false information.  Former ambassador Gaspard said of the situation …

“The President of the US needs political distractions to turn our gaze away from his criminal cabal, and so he’s attacking South Africa with the disproven racial myth of ‘large scale killings of farmers.’  This man … has no discernible Africa policy.”

At any rate, while relations between the U.S. and South Africa have not been particularly contentious in the past, they may be becoming more so unless Trump can reign in his ignorance, and it might pay to have a real human being, one who understands the political, cultural, and economic situation in the country, rather than a rich bimbo who lacks honesty and integrity.


Cyril Ramaphosa

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is said to be considering Marks’ appointment.  He would be justified in declining to have Ms. Marks in his country and demand somebody who at least understands his country.  Likely the position would remain unfilled if that were to happen, but under Trump, perhaps that is for the best.  If President Ramaphosa doesn’t nix the appointment, hopefully the U.S. Senate will have enough savvy to decline to confirm her.  Then again … if she is confirmed, it might save the lives of a few alligators.

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33 thoughts on “Ambassador WHO??? WHAT??? WHY???

  1. I don’t know if I can take much more of this decline in morals. Evil seem to seep from the people in power. Today I saw (on a video clip) a man, with a pick axe beat an adorable looking dairy calf to a pulp and eventual death on a farm in Texas. It’s crime? Being born… They only want Mom’s milk.
    Honestly, the abhorent cruelty, the lies, the greed, the psychopathic nature of some of humanity has left me longing for a plague to wipe them off the face of the earth. I am not a violent or hateful person, but you see some things, and there just are no words to describe the grief.
    Trump and his minions are a sign that our society is crashing. If he and his like are the survivors that dominate evolution, the planet is doomed.

    Today, bombs sent to Clinton, Obama and CNN. Three weeks ago, Kashogi, a reporter, murdered and dismembered. A few days ago, Trump pulls out of nuclear weapons proliferation. What will be tomorrow? God help me, I don’t think that I want to know! 😩

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    • I know how you feel, my friend. I am not a violent person either, but recently I had the thought that if Kim Jong-un wishes to lob a missile at us, he should aim it directly at the White House and in to cut down on any potential confusion, I would even go paint a big red target on said building. Humanity as we once understood it is faltering, or perhaps has already fallen completely over. If Trump and his minions have their way, we likely won’t have much to worry about in the future, for his environmental policies and perpetuation of coal & oil will make the planet uninhabitable for human life. I suspect mankind is on a path of self-extinction either by destroying the environment or by an all-out nuclear war if we don’t get some sensible leadership soon.

      Like you, I often find myself asking, “What next???”, only to realize that something will, indeed, be next and it will cost me another night’s sleep or more. We just have to keep on doing our best to get people to listen, to see, and to elect better leaders who have values, who care about the people they are supposed to represent. For if we let despair overtake us and we give up, then we are doomed for certain. Hang in, my friend.


  2. Dear Jill,

    Now we both know that for President Trump, Lana the perfect candidate to be S Africa’s US Ambassador. She’s a proven liar, lacking in education and skills required for the job, etc. There’s no surprise here.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. It poses the question when is enough enough ? It’s a troublesome question to which we often reply enough is never enough. Technology has given us more than our not to distant ancestors dreamed of but it won’t stop.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch hundreds of Indian sewer workers die each year as they clean out , by hand , the sewers of the Indian big cities.
    But don’t worry the Indian space program is booming and plans to send someone into space.

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  4. Nice lady, just the sort you’d want to push into a bayou
    Ambassador eh?
    We had Joe Kennedy ..luckily for the world FDR ignored his despatches about Britain’s capacity to survive Hitler.
    If I had sssooo much money I would love to join that club and see how long it would take for them to expel me (Could I borrow Tiger Lily to take with me? 😼)

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  5. It has always been beyond my comprehension why anyone wants to carry an alligator skin around, or wear it on their feet either. I could also get into the wearing of some poor animal’s fur, but I digress. It appears that many celebrities like carrying Lana Marks little reptilian clutch purses with them on the red carpet, the list is endless. Other than this lucrative business, she seems qualified for little more than the country club life at Mar-a-Lago…undoubtedly paid for by her money-filled alligators. To Trump, where there’s money there’s a way for anything…even an ambassadorship. Thank-you!

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      • Quite true. And there was a time when men could justify killing deer, rabbits and the like, but for some reason they still do it, even though there is no longer a need. And I don’t think an alligator purse was ever necessary! Sigh. Humans are such an arrogant lot, thinking that every other life form was put here for the convenience of mankind to do with as he wishes.

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        • I did quite a bit of hunting as a boy and could do it again without compunction if the need arose. Recently an old friend from those days was surprised to learn that killing had long ago become distasteful to me. “Your dog does it!” was his argument to me. “Yes,” I replied. “He does. But he also shits in the yard. And while I would shit in the yard if the need arose, like hunting I no longer do it unless I have to.”

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  6. Status symbols are expensive, even though no one else gives a crap about them. As for the purse, so some pest has to die, big deal, it’s just a parasite. $500 for a steak, I got lots of money, I tip my shoe-shine boy a quarter, don’t I?
    The stinking rich, drowning in the stench of money, yet everyone of the Trum-Pets wants to be like them, so they can turn up their noses at us slobs. Their carcasses will stink as bad as ours do, or worse. As for now, I’ll take poverty. I don’t need to worry about anyone breaking into my home, and if they do, they won’t find much to steal. Except maybe my Trump dartboard…

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  7. Jill, voters should have paid more attention to the Newsweek article about the lack of due diligence and vetting the President did in his business, especially his foreign partners. This has continued in the White House. The only requirements are to have enough money to donate and be a sycophant. This candidate is par for the course. Keith

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      • Jill, you said you had read Bob Woodward’s book “Fear.” I was just finishing the part where Kushner was convincing Trump to pay attention the young Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia. He was the rising star, but twelve months later, the bloom is coming off that rose. What I just read today was Trump’s advice to someone who had been accused of sexual assault. Trump’s advice – deny, deny, deny, deny, deny. Don’t ever admit to anything. My guess is he gave the same advice to a certain Justice nominee recently. Keith

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        • I think bin Salman is either going to grab the brass ring, or go down in smoke after the Khashoggi fiasco. You don’t just murder a Western journalist and the world shrugs. But … I am feeling an odd sensation that, like Trump, bin Salman will do WHATEVER it takes to maintain his power.

          No doubt Trump advised Kav to deny, Kav did, and now he sits on the bench. But he has sullied the bench. It has lost at least a degree of respect. And Trump? Nobody ever said they respected him. I certainly don’t.


  8. Hello Jill, I liked your mention of the pricey steak. The minimum yearly dining expenditure is $ 2,000 per member. Now I asked Ron about that and he said that really was a small amount as the meals are expensive. Ron just told me that the prices are not posted but an average dinner would be $350 to $500 and up per couple. Wine was additional and bottles ran from $300 to 4 or 5 grand. He told me that when the Hilton’s would come they would bring the kids and it would cost them about $2000 a meal and then an extra price for whatever the entertainment was. Plus if Ron got them something or helped with the kids, he would be tipped between $250 to $500 dollars. So yes it was not a cheap place to eat and the steak was very pricey. Hugs

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    • I don’t know whether to cry or throw something! $350 – $500 for a single meal for two people! My entire grocery budget for a MONTH for 3 people and 6 kitties is $500, and I stick to it … have to. I realize there ought to be rewards for people who work hard and create a product or a business that makes them some money, but … this isn’t a reward, it is a lifestyle of greed. What’s a steak, for Pete’s sake? A bit of a cow. We eat steak twice a year, and that at Longhorn Steakhouse for birthday celebrations. Our total bill for 3 is under $100 on those occasions. These people have no idea how the real people in this nation live, do they? The one thing that did make me happy about what you told me, though, is that they tipped Ron so generously. At least that. Hugs!!!

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      • I agree with you Jill, they don’t know how the lower 98% of the country lives. You say these peopel got their money by hard work, but that really is very rare. Most of the high money people have inherited their wealth. They do nothing for it. They live the life of ease and privilege while looking down on all of us. I remember once when the hilton boy was acting up on a plane, really being a drunken shit. He was arrested. He laughed at the people on the plane as they were taking him off. He said his dad would make all the charges go away so arresting him meant nothing, he also told them he could buy and sell them many times over, that he had more money than they would ever see, and that he was better than all of them because he was a wealthy kid in a really wealthy family. Guess what , his dad did make the charges go away. Too many people that are wealthy today got it like tRump did , they inherited it, it is invested so it will continue to grow and they wont ever be poor. Hugs

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        • You’re right, most of them were born with the proverbial ‘silver spoon’ in their mouths and feel a sense of entitlement because of their wealth. I only pointed out that those who did earn their wealth were entitled to reap some rewards, but not to the point of extravagance when people are dying of hunger. I have immense respect for people like Bill Gates & Warren Buffett who have committed to spend a large part of their wealth on humanitarian causes. Equality? Not in this country. Hugs!

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      • I know it seems like a lot, and it sure was for us, but to these people at this wealth level, 500 dollars is pocket change. I remember I was mowing a lawn and cleaning the pool for a wealthy family in Jupiter FLorida because Ron was overseeing their home. This home was so large they had a $ 10,000 a year tax bill way back in mid 1990’s. The family only came for about three weeks every few years. Other than that the home was empty. One time I was mowing the lawn and the owner came up to me. He reached into his pocket and took out a wad of bills in a money clip. Peeled off $400 dollars and just gave them to me. I thanked him and he walked away. He didn’t want anything, just gave me a tip. They really have no idea how we live. Hugs

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        • What a colossal waste … en extravagant home sitting empty 95% of the time, just so they can go there on a whim. And somewhere close by there are people sleeping on park benches or under overpasses, living from a cart with their meager belongings. I don’t understand what pleasure that home even brings the owners. I don’t understand how they sleep at night, knowing their greed could be turned into something good for those in need.
          Hugs, my friend.

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  9. Are you surprised? It has been quite obvious thus far that the primary qualification to be appointed for a position in the current cabinet is to be (1) a wealthy donor to tRumpsky’s campaign and/or (2) simply wealthy. Experience or intelligence be damned.

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