Jolly Monday, Alegre Lunes!

Good Monday morning, friends!  Come in, come in … I see you’re wearing jackets this morning … I guess I better drag the coatrack back out, eh?  It has definitely gotten nippy out there, and I heard that someplace in Michigan had snow already this past weekend.  And rawgod who lives somewhere way northier in Western Canada, had snow a month or two ago!  I rather hope we get at least one decent snow this year, for last year I missed watching the kids build snow people and having snowball fights with my neighbor Ali!

So, did you all have a nice weekend?  Mine was a bit hectic and frustrating, but then I tend to have less patience these days.  We attended an Arabic birthday party next door on Saturday night, and I have to tell you … our Arabic friends  know how to enjoy life, how to have fun, and they do it all without a smidge of alcohol or drugs!  They just take pleasure in each other, in music, in camaraderie, in just being alive.  We could take a lesson or two from them!

I put Jolly in charge of treats this morning, so let’s go see what he has for us …

JOLLY!!!!  WHAT THE …kitchen-disaster-2

Oh Jolly … what have you done?

What has gotten into you?


Ahhhh … that explains it!  Folks, meet Jolly’s girlfriend, Joyful.  He’s never quite right when she’s around, for some reason.  But now, I’m sorry, there are no treats to offer today.  I’m so so sorry, and I’m sure Jolly is too.  Sigh.  Young love.

Location, location, location …

It is the mantra of real estate agents around the world, meaning that the value of a home depends more on its location than its construction.  Last Wednesday, as most of you probably know, Canada’s ‘Cannabis Act’ went into effect, opening numerous marijuana shops in the provinces. Elina ChildsElina Childs is a 9-year-old girl scout in Edmonton, Alberta, who was selling cookies for her Girl Guides troop, and she must have been advised of that old real estate mantra, for she found the perfect location, right outside an Edmonton dispensary.  Elina sold all 30 boxes of cookies she had within a matter of minutes.  The line to enter the shop was long, and patrons waited as long as four hours, so … why not buy a box of cookies to munch on while you wait?Nova Cannabis

Da nose, knows …

Y’know … I actually despaired tonight, not sure whether I could pull myself into the right mindset to write Jolly Monday, but determined not to let my friends down, I persevered.  Thankfully, there are enough bloomin’ eejits in the world to keep me in fodder for this gristmill, even when I’m not feeling humorous!

walking spiderThe headline read:

Family Pleads for Return of 50-Pound Nose Sculpture

What the … ???  The Albert family, of Portland, Oregon, had a giant nose on their porchgiant noseThey came by it last October, when Mr. Albert, an advertising guru, plucked it out of the trash at his ad agency where it had been used in a photo shoot, and then discarded like so much trash.  The Alberts have three children, ages 5,7, & 11, who were devastated to find the nose had disappeared overnight one morning last week.  The kids initially wanted to offer a $2,000 reward, but mom & dad said any reward would be limited to whatever the kids could collect from their piggy banks.  The reward stands at $6.27.  I guess the piggy banks weren’t exactly overflowing.lost nose posterLast Halloween, the family placed a bowl of candy beneath its nostrils with a sign that read, “pick one please.” This year, they had plans to decorate it with a mustache and pair of giant black-rimmed glasses.  I wish them the best of luck in getting their nose back.  The oldest son has vowed to bolt the nose to the porch if it finds its way back home.

And speaking of noses …

Winter is on its way, and there are certain body parts that just seem to get cold quicker than others.  For me, it is the hands, ears and nose.  A British woman, Sally Steel-Jones, has come up with a solution (and is making a bit of money for doing so).  Knitted nose-warmers!

“I got the idea in 2009 when I had a genuine cold nose (is that as opposed to a fake cold nose?). Our business started small, with one nose warmer made specifically to do the job of warming up a nippy nose!”

The company is called, predictably, The Nose Warmer Company, and is based in Sheffield, UK. The nose mittens sell for about $10 each, and come in a variety of colours, falling spiderpatterns and materials.

And because I think you still need a bit of something more to bring those smiles into full bloom … take a gander at this bear cub … it is an older video, but so very heartwarming

And that’s all I’ve got for today, my friends!  Please share your smiles, be compassionate toward your fellow humans this week, for it’s tough times for many of us.  Keep safe and have a terrific week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

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  2. I remeber wearing a nosewarmer as a kid, but it never caught on. I guess the world wasn’t ready for them yet.
    Elina lives in the closest big city to me, and has been all over the news. I’m surprised you heard about her down there. Actually, I’m surprised you are hearing that cannabis has been legalized up here. I thought Trump would ban that news…

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    • No, I cannot imagine that nose warmers are destined to become the fashion statement of the future. Frankly, I don’t give a whit about fashion, but do care about being warm vs cold. But, a nose warmer is NOT on my Christmas wish list, because I cannot stand anything over my nose or mouth. I feel like I am being suffocated!

      Actually, I think I found the story about Elina on the BBC website. My first sources in the a.m. are not U.S.-based media outlets, but UK, Germany and Spain. They are far more likely to pick out the important things from the rubble, and to get it right the first time.


  3. Miss Jill may find herself incurring the wrath of young Benjamin…no pretend breakfast! Fortunately, Benjamin is home with Mommy again today and will not be here until Wednesday. Friday and Saturday were busy days. Benjamin was the ring bearer at his Godmother’s wedding on Friday evening, Mommy was a bridesmaid and Daddy a groomsman. Benjamin was too cute in his tuxedo! He came to spend the night with me, so that the parental units could party at the reception. Saturday was our search for The Great Pumpkin, along with his Auntie. We go to a fantastic place called The Farmer’s Daughter. So much to do and see, plus the apple cider donuts are yumalicious! We will return there on Saturday, Nov. 3rd, for the Pumpkin Launch. My propensity for loquacity is spurred on by everything and anything Halloween! Jolly is one lucky guy, Joyful is a vision of elfish beauty! A lovely round-up of jolly for this Monday. Thank-you!

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    • Benjamin was, of course, the first one I thought of when I saw what a catastrophe Jolly had made of it all! Please pass these along to him, and tell him I promise to do better next week — hopefully he will at least like the bear video! 🍩🍩🥤 And for Gem … ☕ You might also show Benjamin the video that Roger (Woebegone) included in his comment … it is a compilation of cute animal videos and I adored it!

      Your Great Pumpkin venture sounds like so much fun!!! And I do wish I could have seen Benjamin in his tux!

      Have a great week, my friend! Hugs to both you and Benjamin!


    • Idiots? People die from black market pot laced with fentanyl. They smoke it anyways, may as well give the money to government than criminals. The weed is clean, you won’t end up in jail for possessing it, and it’s still a choice. Alcohol is much more dangerous, but nay-sayers don’t seem to care about that. Pot smokers are too busy laughing to beat on each other. In my opinion, the idiots sre the ones who don’t want it legalized.

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    • Keep warm, my friend!
      The way I see the cannabis thing … it is a relatively harmless substance, far less destructive to the body than alcohol, and the bottom line is that people go to great lengths to get it, whether legal or not. Legalizing it is very unlikely to increase the consumption, only to hopefully reduce some of the criminal elements in obtaining it. Personally, I tried it a few times in high school and didn’t like what it did to my head … I felt that I had no real control over my thought processes. I do, however, like a nice glass of wine. 🍷 Hugs Jack!!! ❤


  4. Wow! Two Maxines today. That more than makes up for the lack of a treat. ButI do have my decaffeinated coffee near at hand (sorry Maxine) and the week should be busy. This weekend we spent the hours trying to brace ourselves for the upcoming Winter. So it goes. Have a great week, my friend.😊

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    • Yes, I felt the need for a double-dose of Maxine today for some reason! Brrrrrr … I feel guilty for whining about it being between 35-50 degrees when I think about the sort of winters you get! Who knows … it may climb to 70 in January! Nothing surprises me these days when it comes to the weather. Have a great week … keep warm! ☕

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  5. Dear Jill,
    Thanks for your jolly Mondays. I loved the video of the baby bear.
    Ms. Elina has a business career ahead in her future. In front of a cannibus store was the perfect place to sell Girl Scout cookies.
    The case of the missing nose? Nose warmers?
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, the baby bear captured my heart! Check out the link Roger included in his comment … it’s delightful and will definitely make you smile/laugh! Are you feeling better? I see you didn’t slow down a bit! Have a great week! Hugs!!!


    • Thank you so much for the link!!! I watched every bit and found this to be the perfect thing to bring a smile to my face! I’m saving this one … it is a cure for what ails!
      Yes, nose warmers are a bit off-putting … but think about it … dressed in snowboots, heavy coat, mittens and a ski hat is not quite dignified, so why not add a nose mitten? 🧝

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