All New Episode of Snarky Snippets!

I was in a bit of a time crunch … where do those hours go???  I get just a bit ahead, and BLAM!  I’m behind again before I even said ‘hello’ to myself!  I think there is an overall conspiracy to rob us of a few hours each day, thinking we won’t notice, for I am not the only one complaining about the lack of time.  And I’m retired … I don’t know how I ever found time for a full-time job!  Anyway, I digress.  Being a bit short of time, and having seen a few stories that made my blood boil, I am opting this morning for an all-new episode of Snarky Snippets.  The snark is in full-throttle mode, so be forewarned.

Welcome to America …

It happened at Andy’s Restaurant in Lovettsville, Virginia.  A woman and her family, who have asked not to be identified, were eating dinner.  Some members of the family were here visiting from another country and, since the visitors do not speak English, they were conversing in Spanish.  The visitors got a good taste of what Americans are like when a woman began screaming and cursing at them for speaking their native tongue, and demanding to see their passports.


Angry bigoted white woman

“Get the f—k out, back to your f—ing country. Go back to your f—ing country. You do not come over here and freeload on America. I’m tired of this s—t.”

This story made me so angry that I was shaking.  I was raised in a bilingual family and frankly I enjoy speaking Spanish … it is a beautiful language and much simpler than English.  When I get the opportunity, I speak Spanish, whether at a restaurant, store or in my own neighborhood, for I have several Latino neighbors.  The family members visiting from Guatemala will no doubt always remember their first encounter with an American, as will the 7-year-old girl that was with the family.

Nice, white woman … real nice.  Hope you slept well that night.

Two stamps or one?

A few nights ago, the girls and I filled out our mail-in ballots for the November 6th election.  It is a fairly simple process, the instructions were clear and concise, and we had no problem.  But when we placed the ballot into one envelope, and that into a slightly larger envelope as directed, something caught my eye.

“Affix proper postage.  Post Office will not deliver without sufficient postage.”

Typically, one stamp would suffice.  But something niggled in the back of my mind, so I went in search of.  Guess what?  In my county, two stamps are required, although in the county just south of us, and the two to the east and southeast, only a single stamp is required.  I wonder … surely that wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that this is a predominantly African-American community, would it?  Oh no, perish the thought.

It wasn’t the fact that the extra stamp was required that bothered me, but that nowhere did it tell the sender that if you lived in this county, two stamps are required.  How many people in my county will place a single stamp on their ballots, not knowing that two are needed?  People, if you are filing a ballot in absentia, no matter what state or county you live in, take an extra minute to find out how much postage is required in your neck of the woods!

SCOTUS protects another liar …

wilbur rossWilbur Ross lied.  He lied about the citizenship question that is being proposed for the 2020 census reporting form.  He said that the Department of Justice requested it, but in fact it was Ross himself who decided to add the question.  Ross claims the justification for the question is that it will help enforce the Voting Rights Act, but that is yet another lie.  What it will do is intimidate some from participating and result in an inaccurate census.  If the question makes it to the census form, this writer will not be answering the question.  Period.

Several states and civil rights groups have filed a lawsuit to stop the administration from adding a citizenship question.  When the case comes to trial, Wilbur Ross, having lied and been caught in the lie, will be expected to answer questions.  Or, perhaps not …

The government had asked the Supreme Court to block questioning of Ross, and on Monday the Supreme Court complied with the wishes of the Trump administration.  For now, at least, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, who had no business ordering a change to the census form, and who lied to cover his mischief, will not be deposed when the case is heard.

I will have more on this later, but for now, suffice it to say that the United States Supreme Court is no longer a branch completely independent of the executive.  Great job, guys.  Let’s protect a few more lying, bigoted cheats, shall we?

And thus concludes this episode of Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets.  Have a great day, friends!

19 thoughts on “All New Episode of Snarky Snippets!

  1. No words really. Injustice, hatreds, criminality, cruelty, and general demonic behaviour is surfacing everywhere. It is like being in the Dance of the Zombies, from the ‘Thriller’ Album (and song of the same name). Michael Jackson must have been prophetic. 👺💀🤫
    This crap is just oozing out of the ground all around us. 👎

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    • It is … it really is. People who once seemed so ‘normal’ are proving themselves to be uber-bigots. I don’t understand it, and in once sense, I’m not sure I want to, for if I can understand it, I think that would make me a little bit like them.

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  2. Dear Jill,

    If I’m ever in that situation where I witness anyone berating another for speaking a different language, the bully will get an earful, in plain English. My Mom was native Italian and like many Europeans, she spoke several other languages. I can just imagine her being mistreated to where I would lose it.

    These peoples deserve to be cut down to size. They’re the bullies of this world.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You are right … and I am the same. I really think I would probably end up in jail for what I would do if I ever saw/heard someone treating others like that! These bullies feel empowered now that the “man” who is the “leader” of the nation is, himself, a bully.

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  3. Loose tongues are all the rage in the era of Trump. Not only in the US but in Canada, and probably all over the “white world.” You would think these people would know they would not survive in a pure white world. This world would be dirtier than it already is, with less food to eat, and dirty air to breathe. I pity them, I really do. They have no sense of reality. All they can see is their own noses.
    What the Supreme Court is doing is exactly what we expected with the elevation of Kavanaugh to its ranks. No, it is no longer non-partisan, and probably never will be again.
    And last but not least, another way to disenfranchise voters. I would put ip a sign in your front yard, IF YOU ARE VOTING BY MAIL, STAMP IT TWICE! ONE STAMP SENDS IT DIRECTLY TO THE GARBAGE DUMP!

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    • I have read, listened, and pondered, trying to understand just what gives people a sense of entitlement based on their skin colour, race, religion, language, gender identity, or anything else, and I must be a moron, for I simply do not get it. Apparently, these beliefs were existent all along, but the bigots only felt empowered to act upon them when they elected a “man” who spewed hatred and vitriol every time he opened his mouth. I tell you, if I had been in that restaurant that day, they would have taken me out in handcuffs. I absolutely hate what this nation has become. The Supreme Court? I believe there are still some very fair-minded judges on the Court, and it’s a damn shame that their reputations have taken a hit also by Trump turning the confirmation proceedings into a three-ring circus. There are some cases coming up that I really don’t want to even see them decide now that Gorsuch & Kavanaugh are on the bench. I just keep my fingers crossed that Ginsburg doesn’t have a heart attack or some such, for she is 85! Not a bad idea about the sign! LuL


      • “White male” privilege goes back to the colonizing of the world. Whites were human, coloured people were not. God gave “Christians” dominion over all the animals, etc. So when white men went to places occupied by people of colour, they called them savage beasts–which gave the whites the right to slaughter them, or turn them into slaves, as they saw fit. As long as coloured folk were animals, there was no sin in what they did. Further, at that time the only “important” Christians were the males–women were for breeding and cooking.
        These feelings gave those men those feelings of privilege, and they still exist today. Just that the white males have to be rich too now. Wage slaves are beneath their notice, no matter the colour.

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  4. Donald Trump has put a lot of time and effort in transforming DIVERSITY into a dirty word, and judging by the tirade from this Virginia woman, he is succeeding. His rallies promote both hate and fear of anything that does not fit into his vision of “Make America Great Again.” It has become my 6 A.M. habit, along with my first cup of coffee, to quickly check the overnight news via Yahoo on my computer. I came across this bit on Mashable about a recent tweet from Stephen King…”Donald Trump’s campaign in two words : Be afraid. My campaign in two words : Be brave.” Generally, I avoid reading comments as they are often hateful and upsetting. However, right beneath was one tweeter’s response showing a red MAGA hat and the words “You can’t spell HATRED without a RED HAT.” Needless to say, the comments to that tweet ranged from support to harsh condemnation. I used to proudly proclaim my participation in the Red Hat Society, a true red hatter…before Trump gave a new undesirable meaning to a red hat. Now, I just wear purple! Thank-you! P.S. I find taking Zantac at 5:30 A.M. makes reading the news easier on my stomach!

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    • I got so involved in the previous comment that I forgot to add the other thing that I read in the New York Times opinion newsletter. The New York Times is partnering with comedian Nicey Nash on a satirical hotline…Nicey Nash New! A Hotline for Racists. If you have not watched the video, DO, you will love it!

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      • I will check out Nicey Nash New before going to bed tonight! Thanks! I think I just answered your other comment for the second time, for it showed up on a list of unanswered comments. Sigh. I’m tired.


    • You are quite right … he has re-defined the word ‘diversity’ for his new Alternative Language Dictionary. My goodness, woman … you are as much a glutton for punishment as I am, checking my phone at 6:00 a.m. for breaking news. You really should wait until past noon to allow the news o’ the day to assault your senses!

      There’s a new saying on me “You cannot spell hatred without a red hat” how very apropos.


    • Stephen King is a man with a great deal of sense! Yes, that tirade … well, we’ve all seen others like it over the past year or two, but it was so blatant, so ‘in-your-face’ that I really wanted to cause damage to that white sow’s face! This is no longer a nation I recognize and frankly I am not at all proud to live here. Hah! I’m like you about the red hat, although I have never heard of a red-hat society! But for my birthday this year, the girls gave me a Mario hat, red with a big M in the middle. I don’t wear it out in public, for I would not wish anybody to mistake it for one of those abominable maga hats. Sigh. That Zantax … can you buy it OTC?


    • Ah, well, perhaps they grow them almost everywhere, my friend. Did you see David’s comment about the man who objected to sitting next to an elderly black woman on a plane? And that was over on your side of the pond. Bigots are everywhere. Hugs Jack! ❤


  5. My country is maddened because an ugly fat white guy didn’t want to sit next to a lady of colour on a flight home. He issued a tirade of abuse. The airline didn’t throw him off and they moved the woman not him. The police force her were informed but it looks like they can’t do anything because the plane wasn’t in flight. aIt was badly handled but all the sympathy is with the lady as it should be.You should have a aw that prevents some loud mouthed shitehawk like her from abusing people as she did.

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    • I only saw that news story this morning when, after reading your comment, I went digging and found it on BBC’s website. If I had known about it last night, I would have included it in this post, for it is every bit as much of an abomination as the woman in the restaurant. A sense of entitlement, I suppose, is the explanation for both, but I still do not understand! Why does it matter what language someone at the next table is speaking … was she trying to eavesdrop and got mad because she couldn’t understand them??? And the man on the plane … what the sam heck difference does it make the colour of the skin of the person sitting next to him??? She was an elderly lady, to boot! And the airline should be boycotted for moving her instead of asking him to disembark! Grrrrrrrrrrrr …
      Cwtch Mawr

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  6. Jill, where to begin? People who feel they are the annointed natives giving them the right to berate people for not speaking English, need to be reminded. The English language came from England, which means it came with immigrants. The first natives spoke a variety of dialects. But, we should also recognized they came here as immigrants over an ice bridge in the Bering Sea. Then, came the Vikings, Spanish, French, English, Irish,West Africans, Eastern Europeans, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Syrians, Philippinos and so on.

    One of America’s strengths is its diversity. We are indeed a melting pot of people with all of their strengths and weaknesses. Keith

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    • You make excellent points here, Keith! Thank you! Yes, this sense of ‘entitlement’ is bad enough to begin with, but when they think that their ethnicity or the colour of their skin gives them carte blanche to tell the rest of the world how to dress, what language to speak, it goes entirely too far.


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