Whole Damn World Gone Crazy!

secret-service-press-release.pngLet me just give you a few samples from this evening’s headlines:

Limbaugh on bomb threats to Democrats: ‘Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing’The Hill

Reports that suspicious package was sent to White House are incorrect: sourceReuters

Trump supporters cook up wild conspiracy theory about George Soros bombing himself as distraction from caravanRawStory

Fox News expert claims mail bombs could be sent by liberals ‘trying to get the Democratic vote out’RawStory

The View’s Meghan McCain compares bombs targeting Dems to Republicans getting ‘heckled at restaurants’MSNBC

Trump decries ‘political violence’ after years of stoking it Politico

Trump: ‘Do you see how nice I am behaving tonight?’Politico

Let’s take a look at Limbaugh.  Apparently, he was studying under Alex Jones, the master of conspiracy theory, for several years and now that Alex has been essentially neutered, Limbaugh has taken over.

“Republicans just don’t do this kind of thing. Even though every event, like mass shootings, remember, every mass shooting there is, the Democrats in the media try to make everybody think right off the bat that some tea partier did it, or some talk radio fan did it, or some Fox News viewer did it. Turns out, it’s never, ever the case.”

Hmmmm … anybody remember Pizzagate?  Charlottesville? He went on to say that, since none of the bombs actually went off, it was the work of a ‘democratic operative’ trying to give the appearance that there are ‘mobs everywhere’.  It should be noted that there is not a shred of evidence to support any of his statements.  Alex could have done it better.

Then there was the suspicious package allegedly sent to the White House … a package that never was, but that was briefly reported by CNN with no immediate retraction.  Well, in fairness, CNN was dealing with their own problems at the time.

george-sorosAnd what about poor ol’ George Soros?  This guy gets the blame by conservatives for every single thing that happens for which they have no other explanation.  Soros, for those who may not know, is a keenly intelligent investor, business magnate, and most of all, one of the top philanthropists in the world.  He has an acute understanding of how the stock market works, how governments operate and why, and just about anything else you might ask of him.  But he’s always the heavy.  I suspect that long after he is dead, certain elements will continue to blame him for the world’s ills.

Some Trump supporters are claiming that the bombs sent to prominent enemies of Trump are part of an elaborate plot, orchestrated by Soros to shift the 2018 midterm elections.  One Trump fan even went so far as to accuse Soros of trying to bomb himself to distract America from the migrant caravan that he believes Soros is funding. Ay ay ay ay ay!!!  Chinga**! (Horty Rex will understand)

Donald Trump once suggested that “Second Amendment people” could take matters into their own hands if Hillary Clinton won the election.  In 2016, he encouraged the roughing-up of protesters at his campaign rallies. Last year, Trump tweeted a video of himself tackling a man with a CNN logo superimposed across his face, adding the hashtag #FraudNewsCNN. And just last week, he actually praised republican congressman Greg Gianforte who was convicted of assault for body-slamming a reporter with The Guardian who simply asked him a question.

And now … last night, after a day of chaos amid the lies, speculation and conspiracy theories from only the republican side of the aisle … he has the unmitigated gall to say …

“Those engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective. By the way, do you see how nice I’m behaving today? Have you ever seen this?”

Was that supposed to be a joke?  Was it meant to be funny?  If so, it fell flat. Where, I ask you folks, is the captain of this ship?  Where is the president who should be leading the nation to peace, who should be trying to heal the rift between right and left instead of stoking it?  I will tell you where he is NOT … he is NOT at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  For the past nearly two years, we have been a rudderless ship, adrift with little or no direction.  Today, however, we are no longer adrift, but are in the middle of a tempestuous storm that is threatening to take this ship down.

Let’s get the pertinent facts clear here:

  • George Soros did not fund the migrant caravan, and he did not send a pipe bomb to either himself or anybody else.
  • The democrats did not send pipe bombs to Secretary Clinton, President Obama, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, CNN or Andrew Cuomo. I do not know who sent those bombs, but to assume a conspiracy among democrats in hopes of somehow increasing their odds in the November mid-terms is beyond ludicrous.   It makes as much sense as saying that Trump himself did it, that this is his version of an ‘October Surprise’.
  • The migrant caravan is comprised of people — you remember them, right? Ordinary people fleeing violence in their home countries and seeking asylum in a country where they hope to be able to work hard, to take care of their families in relative peace.

I end this rant with a suggestion — a plea, actually.  I’m tired.  You’re tired.  We’re all tired, no matter what party affiliation, skin colour, religion or gender.  Too much pure bullshit erodes our psyche.  When you come to the end of this post, do me and yourself a favour … go hug someone.  I don’t care who you hug … your neighbor, a stranger passing by, your spouse, kid or significant other, the family dog … just go hug them tight and say, “I love you”.  Please?

44 thoughts on “Whole Damn World Gone Crazy!

  1. Dear Jill,

    The lies by President Trump and his sycophants are off the charts. The latest conspiracy brouhaha is that democrats in Ga. have hacked into Georgia’s voting infrastructure. But the GA. supervisor of elections Brian Kemp who is also running against Stacey Abrams for the governorship is the one making the accusation without one piece of evidence or without even calling the FBI. He’s the one who has played every trick in the book to suppress the votes of those who are most likely to vote for Democratic Party candidates.

    It’s a good thing President Obama has been campaigning with democratic candidates as there needs to someone who can counter all of President Trump’s lies.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I know … there are dirty tricks being played by the republicans in every state, but Georgia seems to be the worst. Surprise. With all the corruption, the incendiary rhetoric by Trump, and the illegal voter suppression tactics, if the democrats are able to win a majority in the House despite it all, I think that speaks VOLUMES!


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  2. I throw my arms around your virtual shoulders and give you a loving hug. 💕

    The nut case found and charged with all these pipe bomb mailings (found by finger print and DNA samples) already has a criminal record. He is indoctrinated completely into the Trump philosophy of divide, destroy and kill. His rabid devotion to the ’cause’ now decried by Trump. Well that is really a hard swallow. Trump must secretly be rubbing his hands with glee at his mass hypnosis over the GOP. He has, single-handedly turned the Republican party into would be terrorists willing to kill for the Lord (of the Flies). 😖

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    • Thank you for the virtual loving hug!!! It brought me a smile!

      Yes, Trump’s modus operandi is ‘divide and conquer’ … heard that one before somewhere? But let’s face it, he couldn’t successfully do all the damage he has done if he didn’t have the support of the bigoted and greedy masses that support him. I was at the bookstore today and I was truly appalled by the number of Pro-Trump books I saw that have been published in just the last couple of weeks. What was it P.T. Barnum used to say? “There’s a sucker born every minute.”?

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    • I know, John … believe me, I know. But, I keep reminding myself that is what he wants. He wants to wear us down so we will just give up, sit down and shut up. I won’t. I will fight, even though it sends me scurrying back into the rabbit hole. I will fight until my heart finally says it’s done. 😥 Hugs John ❤

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      • Interesting point. Yesterday I saw an interview on CNN where a Democratic official said that Trump has been behaving this way since the 80’s and he’s not going to change. I’m just dismayed about how many people adore this guy and hang on his every word. That bomber was a prime example – and I’m sure that Trump was giving him high approval ratings in private. Hugs to you too, Jill. It won’t be long until the 6th.

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        • Yesterday they caught the bomber, and then this morning another, similar creep shot up a synagogue, killing 11. Trump’s response was that if the people in the synagogue had been armed it would have ended differently. What a guy, huh? Bah, humbug! The 6th is almost in sight, for sure, but I am worried. If it’s an honest election, the democrats will no doubt gain a majority in the House, though not in the Senate. But, from all indications, the GOP is going all out to lie, cheat and steal, and I fear the integrity will be sacrificed. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  3. ‘The Blood libels’
    ‘Titus Oates’
    ‘The Protocols of Zion’
    Limbaugh & co…..Sons of the above.
    Of course how would they like to know that ‘over here’ there are a whole bunch of rabid-mirror image left wing folk who can blame ALL of the USA for every bad act in the world.
    Currently I am (for my own amusement) working on re-writing Warren Zevon’s ‘Werewolves of London’….’Werewolves of Washington’ (or ‘Werewolves Making America Great Again’) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIPvljWfH00

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  4. Jill, quite simply the worst sources for facts in this country are Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Trump is on record as lying 69% of the time, but it has actually gotten much worse during his pep rally speeches to his cult. Jones is on recurs as lying 80% of the time, and Hannity lies 51% of the time. I have not seen numbers on Limbaugh, but I stopped listening to his BS long ago. Limbaugh has gone from being a novelty to an agent of disinformation.

    If anyone cites these individuals as sources, you need to simply say do you have other sources as he is not known as a credible source of information. As Gary Cohn (Trump’s former economic advisor) said about Trump after catching him lying about what he told the Australian PM, Trump is a “professional liar.”

    I also liked when Cohn was CEO of Goldman Sachs, he has a standing rule for his company not do business with the Trump organization. Why? Because he was known to refuse to pay or sue you. If you really know Trump, you do not trust him. Just ask any GOP leader about that. Keith

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    • Right … but then, why are the GOP members of Congress still licking his boots? Surely they all realize that he is acting only in his own best interest, or what he perceives as his own interest? Surely they can see the path he is taking this nation down? Surely by now they know that if he opens his mouth, odds are that what comes out will be a lie? So why … why in heck are they still falling all over themselves to do his bidding? Sigh.

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        • And it is exactly that which keeps me awake nights, my friend. They are afraid of the ‘king’. Trump does not perceive himself as the president of a democratic republic, but rather the ‘owner’ of a company called the United States, and everyone either does his bidding, else “You’re Fired!!!” Remember a man named Adolph Hitler?

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        • Trump’s response was indeed ludicrous, and the conservative pundits are still spouting their conspiracy theories. But what’s even worse … This morning, a synagogue in Philadelphia was the scene of a shooting where 11 died. The gunman was heard to say “All these Jews must die”. Trump’s response? “Well, if the people inside had been armed, it would have come out differently”. Really compassionate guy, yes?

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          • So said Trump, a spokesman for the NRA. He also said gun laws had nothing to do with it. I think I read where there were six policemen and four were wounded. Even with all those guns, it took all to wound and capture the gunman. Who can stop a man with a multiple-firing weapon of war? 😦 — Suzanne

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            • Now THAT is an excellent point! Yes, four of the policemen were wounded, though I thought there were more than six in total. The world does not want to have armed guards in every place of religion, every place of business. Period! I get nervous when I’m in a mall or a store where there is an armed guard, for usually they are police wanna-be’s, not highly trained law enforcement officers, and I remember Trayvon Marting. I’ve been known to leave a store if I saw somebody there with a gun. Personally, I’d opt for destroying every gun in the world except those in the hands of military or law enforcement. And I’d also opt for destroying those who encourage such acts as we have seen in the past week. I’m bracing myself for the coming week. Sigh.

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  5. I am sure sooner or later they will find the person who sent those “packages” … and I do have a theory about gender/race/age/political affiliation – but no, I am not going to shout any accusations. Feeling tired too. What I am going to do now, is follow your excellent advice, Jill. I will go over to my boys and give them a huge hug. – Hugs to you too, my friend!

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    • I’m curious about your theory … email me? Yes, I think Trump and the partisan politics of the U.S. are wearing thin on the world. Many here don’t realize that what happens here has a global effect and in the case of Trump, typically not in any good way! I’m so glad you went and gave those boys an extra hug … and thank you for mine! You made me smile 😊 And a hug for my dear friend Jeannie … 🤗 Just think … if we could start a movement for everybody to give hugs instead of angry words!

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          • Mmmmmm, NOT hard to guess! Might it be the same person I cannot even stand to watch on TV?
            Anyway, they seemed to have found the person who sent the bombs … exactly what I have thought: white, middle aged, angry, Republican … The type of “angry citizen” we also have here in Europe. Thank goodness so far they have not been sending out bombs here so far, but still they are bad enough. Sigh. – Fittingly, it has turned chilly over night, with (hail)storms and rain. For the first time the air smells of winter.

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  6. It does feel like this whole country is going crazy, that we are teetering on the precipice and about to tumble into the abyss of insanity. Most of yesterday’s news was troubling, to say the least. The one bright spot that I found was the follow-up of a story by Lisa Lerer in The New York Times. I had read Lisa’s column on October 15, 2018 that highlighted Mary Rose Brown of Iowa Falls, Iowa. This 92 years-young Grandmother of 6, Great Grandmother of 10 and counting, and Great Great Grandmother of 1 resides in an assisted-living facility. She is a lifelong Democrat and her life has been an inspiration. Ms Bowen has been busy writing notes by hand on pre-addressed, pre-stamped cards urging people to please vote. At that time she had completed 650, with a goal of 1000. Yesterday’s “On Politics with Lisa Lerer : Season of Fear” included a note from Mary Rose Brown saying that she had just finished the 1000th postcard, adding these words : “Our country is in such a mess, it’s scary.” I would venture to say that Mary Rose Brown is “good people doing good things”, but I suppose that might depend upon your politics…she’s a “good people” to me! Thank-you and one of Benjamin’s “neck-buster hugs” too!

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    • Your story of Ms. Mary Rose Brown actually brought a tear to my eyes! What a wonderful woman … I just want to hug her!!! I’m with you, that she certainly qualifies as a good person. I try to keep the feature apolitical, but it isn’t always possible, so I shall dig a bit into Ms. Brown and see what I can do! Either way, thank you for telling me about her, for she made my day! And tell young Benjamin ‘thank you!!!’ for the neck-buster and give him one back from me, please! Was he upset by the lack of donut & juice this week?

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    • Yes, it can and, unless I miss my guess, it will get worse. But … we hold the keys in less than two weeks. It is our last chance for the next two years to really make our voices count. And you’re already doing your part, my friend. Unless I miss my guess, Trump will never see the inside of a prison cell, but I’ll settle for getting him out of office and taking away his larynx so he cannot keep spouting hatred.

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  7. Oh, Jill. I knew someone would make that bonkers claim when I saw the news. Yeah, Democrats did it to get the voters out… Barmy, bonkers, bananas. But what you’ve come to expect. Big hugs to you. And more hugs.
    (PS: I know it’s hopeless to suggest you take a break… but you could pop over to mine – skip the words, go straight to the pics – if you fancy some sunshine and fun!)

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    • Hi Mary! Yes, it was only a matter of time, and it took them only an hour or so to start spinning the tall tales. I definitely plan to pop over to yours and share your lovely pics and a hug or two from one of my most favourite friends! ❤

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