18 thoughts on “It Would Be Funny, If Only …

    • Exactly right! His tweets are every bit as toxic as what comes out of his mouth. Never before has a president been so juvenile, had such a potty mouth and such a foul temper. I’m ready to get rid of him, how ’bout you? 😉

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  1. Jill, too true to be only funny. It is amusing and sad to see his blatant efforts to change the topic. Unfortunately, his followers don’t see it so clearly. The three domestic terrorists attacks (counting the killing of two black men in Kentucky) of last week are painting Trump in a bad light due to his hateful rhetoric and demonizing of the media. So, he is trying to shift it back to “foreign invaders” by painting families seeking asylum as criminals and wanting to deny citizenship to people born in the US to illegal immigrants.

    This is what he does twice a day which is why he watches so much news and pseudo news. He takes stock of the media messaging and changes the subject when it is making him look bad. It is no simpler than that. While other Presidents spend their days governing and knowing the issues, he spends it on managing perception. Keith

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    • You are quite right, of course. I was thinking only yesterday … between the time he spends watching television, holding campaign rallies (the never-ending political campaign), eating (which he must obviously spend a bit of time on), and playing golf, when the heck does he find time to do any work? Is this what we pay him for? Sigh. When I consider that there is a very real chance he could win again in 2020, my appetite goes out the window and I get a truly sick feeling.

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  2. I’m guessing an interlude is being reached where folk are no longer laughing at the cartoons but saying (or growling) ‘hmmmm- that’s damn true!’

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